If you are a bar or pub owner and you’re looking for a wordpress theme that caters to your bar or pub business in helping you to reach out to more customers during this pandemic, you are at the right place.

With the pandemic limiting social physical footfall, pub-going customers will be heading online onto Google or Safari to search for their choice of pub or bar, instead of ‘window shopping’ from shop to shop. Appearing online will help you be seen and even better in some cases to get reservations from potential visitors. This strategy would definitely help beef up your revenue in addition from the usual footfall walk-by customers.

Most of these themes are pub and bar design ready with templates for your one-click installation, whereas some go further with basic booking systems for reservation. I have researched and put together some of the best bar and pub WordPress themes as they are quick to install, with no coding knowledge required, and some of them help you save money by coming with premium plugins to equip you with everything you need to get your website up and running.

9 Best-rated Bar and Pub Themes for WordPress: A Quick review.

Jz Pub & Bar WordPress Theme

Jz Pub & Bar WordPress Theme

If you own a bar/pub during the COVID-19 pandemic, you need an online presence to reach your customers. The Jz Pub WordPress theme provides all you need to get your business up and running. 

This Pub & Bar WordPress theme is modern, clean and sophisticated pub & bar theme for the WordPress Platform. Its super elegant design, powerful functionality and ultimate customization is suitable for your bistro business or purely pub business. 

Additionally, the Jz pub and bar WordPress theme has useful tools such as sliders, social media icons, event managers, contact forms, and many other exciting features. Don’t throw your money away on flashy plugins; Get an all-In-one solution that will support your online business. 

Cool features and functions 

  •  Unyson Compatible extensions: 

Unyson is a modular MVC framework for PHP 5.4+ that supports PHP7. With 100% test coverage & inbuilt object mocking. You’ll find it easy to build your websites with this tool as it comes complete with a clean, modern design, extendable architecture and community support.

As a business owner, this framework ensures that you’ve got tools such as manage dynamic sidebars, page building, built-in SEO framework, a beautiful portfolio module and backup your changes to your theme pages as you make them. 

  • Event management: 

If you own a pub, you’ll want to hone your event management systems for the event rush of the post lock-down period where many customers will look to splurge on offline experience. To this end, this plugin offers a seamless event management portal for all your needs. 

  • Translation ready with WPML plugin:

The WordPress multilingual plugin makes it possible to provide a global experience to your potential customers by delivering your content in their local languages. This means that once you’re all signed up, your pub can provide tailored services to international clients. 

Pros and Cons 


  • Web responsive on all platforms 
  • One click installation 
  • Built-in event management platform 
  • Google fonts for the platform 
  • Cross browser compatibility 


  • This theme is not Gutenberg optimized 
  • No specific section for blogs

Porter Pub – Restaurant & Bar WordPress Theme

Porter Pub - Restaurant & Bar WordPress Theme

Porter is a pub theme for WordPress with a great design and powerful features for any type of restaurant or bar website. It lets you create a fancy look for your beer pub or tavern, introduce new meals and special offers, and lets you build a comprehensive menu.

When it comes to food, drinks or other edibles, customers are generally sensitive to aesthetics/design and rely on them as a marker for quality. The porter pub theme offers a “full stack” experience of your virtual store. 

With this WordPress theme, you get a rustic, simple layout that can be adapted to suit your tastes. You also get special sections for an online shop, a seamless events plugin and a blog to help you find and refine your business and its voice through text and images. 

Cool features and functions

  • Up to 99 Shortcodes for your webpages

Shortcodes make it possible to display dynamic content such as ads, forms and sliders on your website with little to no hassle. Want to display your services and packages in a visually interesting way? This theme page comes complete with 99, quick shortcode options built just for that purpose. 

Besides, the Porter pub theme enables you to  power a media-full, rich custom experience on your pub website on the go. With special days and commemorative events, this feature helps you deliver relevant user experiences consistently. 

  • Animations for specific sections

Is there a cause you’re interested in promoting or an offer you need to drive traffic to, the Porter pub theme ensures that you get the very best in class in terms of dynamic transition and animation to ensure that you can redirect your users attention across the visual hierarchy of your websites with ease. 

Once you’ve got the hang of it, animations help you to create a more interactive experience and one which will more likely than not, be positive for your customers and your business over the long run. 

  • Color management and Google fonts 

The Porter theme has been designed from the ground up with a modern and colorful look. It also includes various features like color management and access to google fonts for a rich and expansive customer experience. Ultimately it’s a highly flexible theme that lets you easily customize your website, giving it a unique and welcoming look.

Pros and Cons 


  • 99 shortcodes and a content composer for creative freedom and topical relevance 
  • Form builders make it easy to collect feedback and other bits of information
  • Web-responsive and retina sensitive so it looks good everywhere 
  • Translations & WPML for expats and other international customers 
  • SEO optimized


  • Pricey option for small businesses 
  • Feature overload for small businesses that require a lite web build

Pubzinne – Sports Bar WordPress Theme

Pubzinne - Sports Bar WordPress Theme

Pubzinne WordPress theme is expertly designed for the food and drink industry. Whether you run a pub, restaurant or bar, you can create recipes for your customers, show off your interesting beer selection, or showcase upcoming events. 

This WordPress theme is equipped with features such as an easy to use shortcode, table reservations and the usual payment options but also a payment alternative for cryptocurrencies. From this forward thinking perspective, you can tell how updated and advanced the creators are.

If you need to create and build a successful website for your pub, this theme is user-friendly and easy to set up, so even non-specialized designers and webmasters will be able to create a great site without any help from a developer.

Cool features and functions 

  • 4 home page designs 

With 4 home page designs on offer with this theme, you’ve got the option to change your website up whenever you want. Also, there are pre-built options here for you to help you import your own pages and layout in no time. 

If you’re looking to get the best value from your hero section, having 4 home page options provides a lot more range for your iteration and feedback process. Besides, having that much variety ensures that you’re able to keep the visual experience on your website fresh. 

  • Crypto-currency payment option

Crypto-currencies have become an important mechanism for value exchange among people all over the world. Although most people are not exposed to the technology, having the integrations that support deposits to your crypto-wallet ensures that you’ll be able to reach and provide value to demographics that your competitors cannot. 

  • Extensive plugin support

If you’re on the market for a theme that offers extensive plugin support to tools such as elementor, contact form 7, and Mailchimp. Also, you’ll get a theme that’s GDPR certified and compliant with data-sharing laws in Europe if you’re looking to participate in that economy. 

Pros and Cons


  • Comes complete with full-suite events management tool 
  • Retina image support 
  • Mobile device optimization 
  • Custom layout builders 
  • GDPR certified theme 


  • This theme is not Gutenberg optimized 
  • Ready made home page(s) limit your ability to create 

BrewHouse | Brewery / Pub / Restaurant WordPress Theme

BrewHouse | Brewery / Pub / Restaurant WordPress Theme

Brewhouse WordPress bar and pub theme is a user-friendly theme that allows you to showcase your restaurant’s menu in a beautiful way. You can also accept reservations and bookings online, reserve tables and manage upcoming events right from your website. 

The menu can be changed as you wish due to the 100% WooCommerce integration. The theme is also compatible with the Booked! plugin, allowing you to create online reservations and appointments due to its responsive design, and beautiful reservation and booking system.

If you own a pub/bar, you need a beautiful WordPress theme to save you the excess cost of a custom, ground-up build of your digital assets. If so, make sure to consider the Brewhouse WordPress theme as it comes fully packed with many useful features. 

Cool features and functions 

  • Online menu management

Wondering how to build a fine-dining menu using WordPress? Well, Brewhouse pub online Menu management theme has everything you need. If you need a solution to automate the process of adding menu items, editing existing ones and removing those that are no longer available. You’re reading the right material.

This theme elevates menu management to a completely different level by offering both categorization and recipe management. Once you’re all set up with this theme, you can segment your recipe creation process by demand, health conditions and other variables that matter to your business

  • Built in Event management tools 

Have you ever wanted to run an event for your pub? Maybe you’ve already done so, and you simply want something that will make it easy to do so again? If so, you need the Brewhouse Pub Online Event Management plugin. The Brewhouse Pub & Restaurant WordPress theme is a comprehensive online management tool that offers you the ability to manage your events and grow your business.

  • 6 premade home pages 

This theme has 6 home page designs. This means you have the ability to try out different layouts and get as much feedback as possible, without having to worry about losing your progress.

When it comes to the design of your pages, or in this case, homepages, it becomes even more important. You’re defining the style that you want to define to your site, the tone of voice of which you want your site’s content to be delivered and how you want to structure your experience for your users. 6 premade homepages is a quick and easy way to get things started quickly and collaborate with your customers to define your brand. 

Pros and Cons 


  • Extensive online management capabilities 
  • Woocommerce store is available if you’re looking to run a delivery service 
  • One click installation for the premade design 
  • Mobile optimized layout 
  • Visual composers and shortcodes for dynamic content placement 


  • Sparse aesthetic experience with premade designs 
  • Doesn’t offer an unlimited coloration experience 
  • No advanced payment plugins
  • No GDPR certification 

Madison | WordPress Restaurant Theme

Madison | WordPress Restaurant Theme

Let’s say you run a restaurant and you want your site to be not only beautiful but also very functional. You don’t want the design to take away the attention from content and functions. Madison is a WordPress theme specially designed for restaurants, cafe sites and any kind of business that has to do with food. 

Everything in Madison is well structured – it’s easy to maintain, update or change anything you like. You can find an overview of some of the key features here. Please take a minute to take a look at the live demo where you can see this theme in action.

Madison includes tons of amazing features which make it a very powerful and versatile theme. You can use it for Restaurant, Cafe, Bar, Pub, Hotel, Food, Night Club etc. Madison is a multicolor and super flexible theme that gives you full control to modify every detail of your website. 

With its easy installation process and extensive documentation, anyone can build amazing websites using this theme. The theme is One-Click demo content installer ready built with all the features you will need.

Cool features and functions 

  • Fully responsive design 

Madison is the perfect choice for your restaurant WordPress theme because It features a fabulous responsive layout which allows it to fit on devices of all sizes. This means that you can display all the details of your dishes in the WordPress custom menu without any worries about what devices your customers use or how they will experience your website. 

  • MailChimp integration 

Have you ever tried to conduct a survey on your website? Do you know how to analyze the data? Have you ever used automation in your business, whether it be through your Facebook page, blog, or website? 

The Madison WordPress theme  is unique because it offers its users seamless integration to MailChimp which is one of the best tools for email marketing automation. The rise in digital communication means it has never been easier to reach out to your audience and thus elicit a response. 

With Madison WordPress MailChimp integration, you can be sure that your online presence is as efficient as possible at driving traffic, keeping customers engaged, and converting them into paying customers.

Pros and Cons 


  • 16 custom VC add-ons included in the package 
  • Free Google fonts 
  • Amazing MailChimp integration 
  • Full documentation and cross browser support 


  • No GDPR certification 
  • No advanced payment options 
  • Limited event management capabilities 

GutenBerg – Beer Pub and Brewery WordPress Theme

GutenBerg - Beer Pub and Brewery WordPress Theme

GutenBerg is much more than a beer pub and brewery WordPress theme. It’s the gastronomic expression of your product and the values that define your craft. How? 

GutenBerg is a fully editable responsive WordPress theme intended for bringing beer restaurants and taverns on the web. The layout is optimized for space and easy-to-scan. The front page is focused on a remarkable presentation of pub snacks and beer menu. Also, WordPress live Customizer is integrated to manage the layout of a brewpub on the fly.

For one, you can get set up with the best in class in terms of design, aesthetics and navigation without any need for a programmer or complicated software. This theme can be installed on WordPress CMS versions like – WordPress 4.2 and other upcoming versions.

Cool themes and features

  • WPML enabled 

WPML lets you translate your site into any language on the planet. Whether it is Spanish, Chinese, German or Russian – WPML gives you the option to pick the language of your choice. 

Post in your native tongue and let search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo! know about it.

If you’re starting an online store, WPML is one of the most vital tools out there for you. 

If you’re based in a multi-cultural area, it’s an advantage for you and your clients since you may have expats who are based locally who want to enjoy your product or immigrants who use search engines in their local languages. 

  • Background video

Background video is a new web design trend where a video plays in the header of a website. What does that mean? Instead of having text in the header, the entire space is taken up by a high-quality video with audio. 

This is a trend that’s here to stay, and there are already some notable examples of fancy video headers. The major advantage of this technique is that it enhances the user experience and increases the time users spend on the website. It keeps users on your site longer, building trust, loyalty, and improving your organic search rankings.

Pros and Cons 


  • Video powered hero section 
  • Retina ready layouts 
  • SEO friendly with a google friendly structure ‘
  • Live customizer 


  • Fairly expensive for its range of features 
  • No GDPR certification 
  • No advanced payment plugins included 
  • Limited color options 

Restabook Pub WordPress theme

Restabook Pub WordPress theme

There are many WordPress themes available out there, so how do you know if Restabook is the best choice for your site? Well, the section below has some information that might help you make up your mind

For one, with Restabook,  it’s easy to turn your demo into a fully functional WordPress website, ready for business. Off the bat, you’ll find all the tools you need to build a great site from the Drag and drop Page Builder which allows you to edit everything from the smallest element to your headers, navigation menus, unlimited colors and even a MailChimp subscription

Cool features and functions 

  • Single and Multi-page versions

The Restabook WordPress plugin is a perfect marketing tool with which you can turn your website’s home page into a full screen, one-pager masterpiece to showcase your awesome brand story. 

Once you’re ready for launch, you can use the multi-page version of your Restabook to create more pages, categorize and offer multiple products to your audience. This dynamic feature ensures that you’re able to build hype into your product even before you create a single functional page. 

  • Drag and drop page builder 

WP Bakery Drag & Drop Page Builder plugin allows you to create visually appealing web pages without having to write a single line of code. The drag & drop backend editor simplifies the tasks of inserting content elements on your page and you can easily manage them. You can change the layout, add widget areas, customize headers and footers, insert social icons and much more.

  • Dark and light mode option

If you’re looking for something different to the regular light display most websites have, this theme offers dark mode. Dark mode is where your normal view has been inverted and all of the light colours become dark. 

Dark mode interfaces are intended to be easier on the eyes in low-light settings and reduce the impact of screens on sleep patterns. By licensing and executing this theme, you’ll get the option to provide a dark mode experience for your customers and improve your reputation as well. 

Pros and Cons 


  • Fully responsive design (Retina ready) for different devices
  • Unlimited color palette for a truly unique experience
  • Multiple style home page designs (Up to 6)
  • Search engine optimized for superior organic search results 
  • MailChimp subscription and integration 


  • No builtin payment options 
  • No video-prioritization in the layout 
  • No GDPR certification 

Offbeat – Nightlife, Pubs and Bars Theme

Offbeat - Nightlife, Pubs and Bars Theme

The Offbeat WordPress theme will help you attract countless customers, thanks to its cutting-edge features. You can use it for businesses such as: restaurants, clubs, concert halls, nightlife spots, movie theaters – any business that has to deal with entertaining your customers.

Call your customers to go out and have fun! Entice them with special offers and upcoming events. Allow them to make online reservations or buy tickets for a desired gig or event in just a few mouse clicks, thanks to the OpenTable plugin integrated into the Offbeat theme.  

Also, the Offbeat comes complete with a layout that adapts itself automatically to a wide range of media devices and displays and allows you to play with all of its settings so you can deliver the best possible value for time and money. 

Cool features and functions 

  • Integration with Open table 

This theme offers an integration with Open table network which makes it possible for your customers to make online reservations, read restaurant reviews from diners, and earn points towards free meals. Since many customers already use the open table network, you’ll get access to a powerful network of paying customers and enjoy the benefits in terms of increased revenue and profits. 

  • Seamless shortcode functionality 

Do you want to display your services and packages in a visually interesting way? This theme page comes complete with tons of quick shortcode options built just for that purpose. With just a few clicks, your website can feature short codes for elements such as; Portfolio’s, galleries and blog sliders. 

This means that if you so choose, you can radically alter the positioning of certain elements to give your website a look and feel of novelty. 

Pros and Cons 


  • Once click import of demo site so you can get started in no time
  • WPBakery page builder included at no extra cost 
  • Extensive collection of shortcodes that power a dynamic user experience
  • Video and image background in several sections 
  • WPML compatible 


  • No built in payment options 
  • Limited color palette
  • No GDPR certification 

Liber – Ultimate Restaurant & Bar WordPress Theme

Liber - Ultimate Restaurant & Bar WordPress Theme

All the features that you know and love in WordPress, have been added to Liber, and then some. In Liber, one of the first things you’ll notice is that the layout is different. Also, the layout and structure is ideal for websites of restaurants, bars and pubs. 

The theme comes packed with standard WordPres features such as posts, pages and child pages as well as extensive video support so you can create your visual elements and amazing looking headers in a matter of minutes. 

Cool features and functions 

  • Mobile responsive layout 

According to the latest statistics, mobile traffic has surpassed desktop traffic. If you have a WordPress website and use the default theme, chances are your website will not be compatible with mobile devices out of the box.

This is where Liber comes into play. It’s a fully responsive and completely customizable theme that follows the latest trends in mobile responsive design. This means that regardless of where your users are clicking from, you can deliver the same smooth, hitch free experience that’ll set your business apart. 

  • WooCommerce support 

WooCommerce themes are very popular among WordPress users. Why? They’re easy to use and offer terrific support. If you own a pub or bar, Liber WordPress theme is the perfect choice as you’ll get the option to go far beyond mere information and offer your products directly to customers from your website. 

Pros and Cons 


  • Translation ready so you can serve minority communities just as well
  • WordPress customizer makes the building process simpler than most 
  • Simple and fast for a much improved SEO and user experience


  • Lack of advanced payment options 
  • No GDPR certification 
  • Simplicity comes at the expense of feature richness 


If you own a bar or pub, investing in the right visual experience can make all the difference. More importantly, the speed and efficiency with which you’re able to improve and iterate on your product presentation will define your business in the long run. 

While it is useful to build your website from the ground up for a variety of reasons, it also costs a lot more and takes more time to perfect. To this end,  the WordPress bar and pub themes on this list are crafted to provide a dynamic experience of visual brilliance. 

Inciting the right emotions and using sensory text, the correct transitions and presenting the solutions to your customer questions are key and despite having a few shortcomings in each case, all of the themes above are a worthwhile consideration. 

As you collect the information you need to make a decision, it’s important to factor in what your customers need the most for satisfaction and enjoyment. We hope this post has been useful for you in shortlisting the best Bar and Pub wordpress theme for your website. You might also be keen on the best multi purpose wordpress themes and the best appointment booking plugins.


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