If you’re shopping for a great theme that will help you conquer the brave new world of cryptocurrencies then you already understand the opportunity. You probably recognized that being knowledgeable in this area puts you in the minority. For most people, Bitcoin, Etherium and others are recognizable as buzz words but ask them to explain what they are and you’ll most likely find yourself in a see of blank faces.

This means your site will have to educate as well as sell and that’s where our list of the top 10 CryptoCurrency WordPress themes come in. Each has been developed with an eye toward building an audience that is continually learning to prosper in the brave new world.

These themes are ranked by the number of sales each has racked up and then by the ranking of the developer that is offering them. I’m listing them from the lowest to the highest but the fact is, there isn’t much daylight between them and given the newness of cryptos, none has racked up very many sales yet and that means this entire range of themes is still evolving and our list will likely evolve too.

Let’s get started. We’ll cover each of these CryptoCurrency WordPress themes in the details that follow.

1Crypterio – ICO Landing Page and Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme
2Cryptic – Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme
3BitPal – Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme
4Lymcoin | Cryptocurrency & ICO WordPress Theme
5Cryptonite – Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
6MineBit – Bitcoin Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme
7TradeBit – Bitcoin-Trading WordPress Theme
8Bitcrypt – Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme
9Capitex – ICO Marketing WordPress Elementor Theme
10Cryptword – Cryptocurrency WordPress Elementor Theme
11CryptoHub – Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme
12Cryprate – Cryptocurrency Blog WordPress Elementor Theme
13Rebyte Bitcoin Templates WordPress Theme
14Dgtaka – CryptoCurrency WordPress Theme
15Bikaro – Financial WordPress Theme

15. Bikaro – Financial WordPress Theme

This is a new CryptoCurrency WordPress theme from a well respected developer Andromeda Themes, with an 81% positive customer rating. It’s newness is reflected in the low number of sales and lack of ratings and comments.

This theme is focused on all sorts of financial sites and with the inclusion of WPBakery for page building, Revolution Slider for all sorts of revolving content, and Contact Form 7 for customer care and marketing, it is well set to meet your needs.

The theme includes 4 home page variations you can install, modify and put to quick use on your site and they are all 100% responsive, as will any other pages you build on top of this theme. That’s because the entire theme is built on the latest Bootstrap version.

It is consistently kept up to date and is fully supported by the developer. Those updates are inclusive of each site license. The cost per license is $72 and that includes the first 6 months of technical support. That can be extended to 12 months for an additional $22.

There is a live demo available and in that demo you will see a wealth of demo data you’ll also be free to download and use.

14.Dgtaka – CryptoCurrency WordPress Theme

The CryptoCurrency WordPress theme is another that is relatively new which helps account for the low number of sales and the lack of ratings and comments. In this case it is the strength of the developer’s reputation that puts it on our list. They enjoy a 94% positive approval rating across all of the theme and plugin products.

The theme is designed to be responsive, light and SEO friendly and includes integrations with special cryptocurrency plugin features, along with Elementor for page building, an Instagram widget, Contact Form 7, and WPML for multi-language requirements.

The theme has been successfully tested on all of the leading browsers and both Android and iOS mobile devices so your site will be reachable and look great no matter where your visitor is coming from.

This theme requires a license for each site you will use it on and that license includes demo data and a mobile site layout to get you off on the right foot. The license is priced at $98 per site and that provides you with 6 months of technical support. That support can be extended to 12 month for an additional $29.

That makes this theme the most expensive on our list but on balance, that premium may be justified. Have a look at the live demo and see what you think.

13.Rebyte Bitcoin Templates WordPress Theme

Another CryptoCurrency WordPress Theme that hasn’t garnered much attention yet is this fully responsive theme from the team at Rock Theme. They are rated a very solid 91% with nearly 5,000 themes, plugins and other useful software products available in the market. This depth of experience makes them an easy choice on our top 10 list.

This is a flexible theme that is excellent for all types of finance related websites but can also be used quite easily for most any other business or blog site. This flexibility is achieved using the included Elementor page builder that makes page design extremely simple. One other important factor is the theme’s mobile-first orientation. It is responsive but unlike others that build for the desktop and adjust for mobile, this one starts in the opposite direction.

One more thing to like with this theme is the library of images that are included for free. Most others show images but only deliver place holders. You need to find images to fill those spaces. This one gives you the images so you can keep them if you like or change them if you prefer.

The theme is delivered with 24/7 lifetime support. You can add premium support if you’d like but with this theme, that isn’t necessary. The cost for a single site license is $75 with extended premium support for 12 months as an option that will add $23 to the total cost.

For a live preview you can visit here.

12.Cryprate – Cryptocurrency Blog WordPress Elementor Theme

This is another CryptoCurrency WordPress Theme from the folks at Rock Themes. Again, this is a fully responsive theme that brings a lot of design flexibility with it. It’s also another in our list of themes that has not gotten much attention, though this one does have more sales.

This also comes inclusive with Elementor Page Builder and that is the first and most important element in making this theme so flexible. It is easy to take what they have designed and changed it to meet your specific needs or completely redesign without having to write a single line of code.

This theme also takes a mobile-first approach to their design strategy. So, instead of building for the desktop and adjusting from there, this theme builds from the mobile and then up from there to the desktop. It includes a full set of licensed images, and Jet Pack to keep your site running fast.

A single site license includes 24/7 lifetime support at a cost of $75. You can add premium support for as much as 12 months for an additional $23.

Check out their live preview and see what you think.

11.CryptoHub – Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

From  the developers at ThemInBox, this CryptoCurrency WordPress Theme comes from a fairly new developer with just 5 products but an outstanding 93% user satisfaction rating. In fairness, the rating they do have comes from just one customer so it probably doesn’t count for all that much but still, their overall rating is worth a place on our list.

The theme is built on the latest version of Bootstrap so you can rest assured that your site will be fully responsive and compatible on all of the top browsers. It will be easy to customize as well with the inclusion of Visual Composer for page building. It is also marketed as a creative multipurpose wordpress theme, so you are getting more value for your buck including very flexible theme.

It is compatible with WPML so language won’t be a problem and the theme also supports RTL so Arabic and other RTL languages can be supported as well.If you intend to sell with your site the theme is Woocommerce compatible and for customer communication you’ll find Contact Form 7 is also integrated.

This is also the first theme on our lit that has been built very specifically for cryptocurrency, including all forms of digital currency so what you unwrap in this box is good to go right from the start. A single site license is priced at $90, making it the second most expensive on our list. It includes 6 month of technical support that can be extended to 12 months for an additional $27.

Explore their Live Demo and see if this CryptoCurrency WordPress theme fits your site development plans.

10.Cryptword – Cryptocurrency WordPress Elementor Theme

This is another entry from RockThemes and this time they have a CryptoCurrent WordPress Theme that has been very specifically designed for cryptocurrency / digital currency websites. They are also one of the best sellers on our list so there is some sense that this theme has been tried and tested in the real world.

The first thing you will probably notice with this theme is the modern design that is rich in data presentations which is the first sign that this theme has been purpose-built. The inner pages, with even more data presentation is the next sure sign. Then they include Elementor of page building so you can pick up from where they have left off and do even more with your digital currency requirement.

This is also a mobile-first design orientation because that is where most people are working today. That doesn’t mean it won’t look and work great and desktops. It does and has been tested successfully on all of the leading browsers. 

All of the images in the demo site come with this theme at no additional cost. Also included in lifetime customer support. The license costs $75 and that includes 6 months of premium support. You can extend that to 12 months if you wish. Just add this $23 item at checkout.

For a full demo click here

8.Capitex – ICO Marketing WordPress Elementor Theme

If it seems like Rock Theme is dominating our list you are correct. They have focused a lot of attention on CryptoCurrency WordPress Themes and this is another great example of what that kind of focus can deliver.

The theme is 100% responsive and is built from a mobile-first perspective. Sample designs and data are included and this includes all of the images presented in their demo. Elementor for page building is included as well so it’s easy to make any changes you need or to completely redesign the pages you want.

In comparison to the other theme designs from this developer, this has more of a corporate / minimalist feel to it, with lots of white space and concise data blocks. Still, with the strategic use of color in the design, it grabs attention in all of the right places.

As always, this developer includes lifetime 24/7 support and various Jet elements that help make your site run fast on any platform. A single site license is still $75 and that includes the first 6 months of premium support. That premium support can be extended to 12 months for an additional $23.

Visits their Live Preview site to get a better feel for this CryptoCurrent WordPress theme and see how well it fits with your vision.

8.Bitcrypt – Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

With 44 sales and a sterling 95% approval rating, this developer and this CryptoCurrency theme has clearly earned a place on this list. Their focus on business related themes and software are another good reason for their position here. What seems to be most attractive with this theme is its simplicity, both in the design and the ease with which it is installed and modified.

It is a full responsive theme, with many designs and lots of demo data that will get you well on your way to a complete new crypto site. Even with the great design, there are things you’ll want to change and add and for that the theme includes WPBakery page builder and more than 100 predefined elements that you can mix and match.

The theme is also integrated with WooCommerce so you can sell coins, subscriptions and more, and for international reach, this theme is WPML ready. They also include Slider Revolution that adds lots of additional design feature you can customize.

This theme costs $72 and that includes all future updates and 6 months of technical support. You can extend that support to 12 months for an additional $22.

Have a look at their Live Preview to get a better understanding of what this theme has to offer.

7.TradeBit – Bitcoin-Trading WordPress Theme

This is one more from Rock Themes and like the others that have made our list, the CryptoCurrency WordPress theme has a very definite business vibe to it. It is clean, with included images that are corporate from start to finish. Information is cleanly presented in concise blocks that allow business execs to quickly find what they are looking for, and see what you need them to see.

The theme is responsive and has been built on the mobile-first design approach that Google loves to reward on searches. It included Elementor for page building that makes it easy to maintain that design sense while making this site uniquely yours. They also include many of the JetPack elements that help your site run at maximum efficiency.

As their standard, this developer provides lifetime 24/7 support. A single site license is still $75 and that includes the first 6 months of premium support. That premium support can be extended to 12 months for an additional $23.

The demo site is available for your review and the data you see on that demo is available for you to download when you purchase this theme.

6.MineBit – Bitcoin Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

The last CryptoCurrency WordPress theme on our list is the one with the highest sales in this specific category. It has been specifically designed with Bit Mining in mind but you can do that and a whole lot more with this theme as your starting point. Not surprisingly, It is one more from Rock Themes but I assure you, we are not playing favorites. They just happen to be the dominant player in this category.

Interestingly, this theme includes all of the design elements from all of the other themes we’ve listed so buy this one and you effectively get them all. That means you get the same responsiveness, the same mobile-first design approach, and all of the same tools that will make your website build a breeze.

The theme includes Elementor for page building, licensed images that you are free to use, JetPack plugins and addons that will improve the performance of your site and lifetime 24/7 support that will help get past any bumps in the road as you work to implement your new site.

Like the others, a single site license will set you back $75 and that will include 6 months of premium support. You’ll also have the same option to extend that support for an additional 6 months for $23.

The Live Demo for this site can be found here.

5. Cryptonite – Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies 

The developers set out to build this CryptoCurrency WordPress theme to reflect the best practices being developed by the growing business sector. The result is a theme that covers all of the key elements related to both crypto currencies and blockchain processing. With that range of coverage, this theme opens a world of possibilities for your website.

It is a fully responsive theme that includes 6 fully functioning demo sites that you can copy to get you started and each provides focus on a specific business area. These include a focus on marketing, news, mining, and even cloud management.

The theme comes complete with WPBakery for page building and that’s expanded upon with the inclusion of Massive Addon, a library of functional blocks that give you most everything you will need to complete your website. It’s also designed to be lightweight so it run fast on most any device and on all of the most popular browsers.

The cost of this theme is $59 for a single site. The license fee includes the right to install the CryptoCurrency theme on one WordPress site and it includes 6 months of technical support. You can extend the support to 12 months for an additional $17.63.

Check out the Demos and consider how well they may fit with the vision you have for your website.

4. Lymcoin | Cryptocurrency & ICO WordPress Theme

Ancora Themes, a highly respected development team, brings this CryptoCurrency WordPress theme to the Theme Forest marketplace and based on the rating and all of the comments, this one is a real hit with those that are serious about playing in the digital currency and blockchain world.

They have taken this theme beyond the norm by including a number of crypto specific plugins that allow you to effectively conduct trading and other digital currency related activities. This means the theme is very much like a trading or e-commerce platform.

This theme has been built with a mobile-first approach so you can be assured that it will work well on anything from a smartphone to a full desktop. It’s also been successfully tested on all of the leading browsers so your site will be fully compatible. WPBakery is included so it’s easy to customize and it is designed to be SEO friendly.

There are several demo sites available when you purchase this theme and they are all installed with a single click. Customize them with your logo and content and you’ll be off to the races.

A single site license costs $59 with extended technical support available for an added $17.63. That gives you the theme, access to all of the demo data, and up to a full year of tech support.

The full demo is available here.

3. BitPal – Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

This CryptoCurrency WordPress theme comes from a well respected software development team yet this theme has received a less than sterling review. It seems though that these negatives are isolated and rather old. Given the advanced functionality offered by the theme and the generally excellent rating of this developer we have included it for your consideration.

To start with, this theme delivered a wide range of page designs and loads of plugins that address all of the key requirements for a digital currency website. These designs can be easily installed on your site and then customized to meet your specific needs.

It comes packaged with WPBakery for page building and customization so creating responsive pages requires no coding skill at all. The shortcodes that are included take this even further, so you can add functionality within content blocks with reasonable ease. In fact, this theme offers the longest list of shortcodes so it’s unlikely you’ll come up short on your requirements.

A single site license costs $59 and that includes 6 months of technical support. You can extend that to 12 months for an additional $17.63 when you checkout.

Take a look at their Live Demo and explore the depth of this CryptoCurrency WordPress theme’s offering.

2.  Cryptic – Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

If you’re like me cryptic is something indecipherable but that certainly isn’t what you’ll be getting with this CryptoCurrency WordPress Theme. With its focus on ICO (Initial Coin Offering), this is also a fairly unique theme. Others address this as well but not with the same level of attention, especially including their ICO Directory functionality.

Included in the purchase price is WPBakery for page building, along with Slider Revolution and the Essential Grid addon, The theme is fully responsive, and there is a wealth of demo data you can use to give your site build a great jump-start.

This theme is multi-language ready and has been designed to support both RTL and LTR, Than means you can work in just about any market and most any language, including Arabic and Hebrew.

Licenses are sold singly at $59 and that includes 6 months of tech support. That can be extended to 12 months for an additional $17.63

Explore a Full Demo of this theme and imagine how it might work for you.

1. Crypterio – ICO Landing Page and Cryptocurrency Theme

This CryptoCurrency WordPress Theme is the grand daddy of themes in this category and the number of sales is only part of that story. This theme has existed for almost as long as Bitcoin has existed so it has grown right alongside this brave new world of digital money.

It includes ICO listings, a real-time exchange rate tracker, a virtual coin widget and the ability to build an ICO pre-signup whitelist. This is all built into a full responsive theme that is GDPR ready. Combines with WPML compatibility and you’ll be ready to go in most markets.

The design is based on evolving industry standards and this is another plus in this theme’s favor. Their experience helps them stay on top of these trends and update the base theme so it remains at the top of the game.

The theme is fully responsive, it’s packaged with Visual Composer and Slider Revolution and is ready to work with WPML.

The license cost for a single site is $59. This includes one-click access to a wide range of demo sites and 6 months of technical support. That support can be extended to 12 month by adding the option and paying an additional $17.63 at checkout. For more info, you can check out their sales page.


While Rock Themes has the majority of CryptoCurrency WordPress themes on this list it isn’t actually my favorite. I actually prefer BitCrypt as they seem to have stayed on point with the crypto / digital currency support I am looking for. That doesn’t mean the others can’t deliver as well but I think that one comes closest to hitting the mark right out of the gate.

I also like Dgatak, out number 9 entry for the same reasons. It may actually hit the mark even better but with the $98 prices tag, it is comparatively expensive.

Have a look through all of the live demos and see what you think.


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