Are you looking for the best final cut pro title plugins to use on your video editing projects? In this post we curate the best final cut pro title plugins that are both easy to use and very affordable.

Before we go through the best final cut pro title plugins, here are some of the metrics we have used to filter in order to curate the best title plugins. First, we prioritize the variety mix of final cut pro title plugins available in the plugins, from Kinetic titles, minimal titles, category titles, lower thirds, call outs, stomp titles etc.

Next from these titles, we compare the quantity that is provided in the titles plugins as this would mean how useful the plugin will be to your video editing projects, since you wont want to be constantly seen using the same old titles in your final cut pro videos on youtube or elsewhere.

After which we look at the ratings and reviews from certified buyers as well as reviews from other youtube channels. These ratings and reviews from different sources cannot be made up of and lied about, hence these ratings form an important part of our curation process.

Lastly, we look at how long the final cut pro title plugins have been created and maintained in terms of quality updates by its creators. This is a very important factor to take note before you invest or buy any final cut pro plugins as you would want to buy something that the creators have not abandoned development. This will also coincide with how well they provide support to users with issues. Sometimes it is inevitable to face issues especially in using final cut pro with plugins, so support from authors are quite crucial in ensuring what you invested in, is adding value to your video editing process.

FCPX Titles Graphics & Transitions

FCPX Titles Graphics & Transitions - contender for best final cut pro titles plugin

The FCPX Titles Graphics & Transitions plugin is definitely one of the best final cut pro title plugins in the market. Just looking at the titles component inside the plugin pack, it has 700 titles, comprising of your daily basic bread and butter titles such as minimal titles, kinetic titles to corporate titles and you have 100 titles per category. Imagine how much options and variety of styles you can utilize.

This titles plugin pack is very handy as it also has 90 category titles, 70 lower thirds, 50 call outs and 200 stomp titles, providing you a wide range of titles to apply on the different types of scenes you might have in your video editing projects.

What we like about this final cut pro titles plugin is the thoughtfulness of the author in catering not just titles, but also motion graphics and transitions in the plugin pack. A video needs titles but it also needs good transitions in order to keep your audience attention going alongside the long duration of your video. Proper and adequate usage of motion graphics help to bring out tasteful illustrations and these will improve the quality of the video many folds.

If you are just starting out on your video editing journey or as a new youtube channel, then the 140 social media graphics will be of great use to you as you can apply the subscribe now graphics at the start and end of your youtube video to increase probability of your viewers subscribing to your channel or even reminding them in a very pleasant and professional way. Instead of spending too much time designing such icons, it may make better time-money trade off sense to use such motion graphics and spend more time on thinking about how you would be presenting your masterpiece.

If you are a professional or advanced youtuber or video editor, then this final cut pro titles plugin is an immense time saver for you when you have tons of videos to work on. Easily utilize the 700 titles in your clients video projects and the many transitions to make an otherwise boring scene into an eye catching one.

To top it off, the author of the pack goes the extra mile when it comes to customer support and you can see it for yourself with these certified buyers.

This final cut pro titles plugin has been around for 4 years and recently updated again, so if you were an old customer, you would have the bonus of a lifetime update despite the price increase due to 2x more value. With a 4.9 rating out of 5.0, it is no wonder this plugin has been rated as the best final cut pro title plugin in the final cut pro category as at the time of this writing.


The Ultimate Titles Pack – Final Cut Pro X & Apple Motion

The Ultimate Titles Pack - contender for best final cut pro titles plugin

The Ultimate Titles Pack – Final Cut Pro X & Apple Motion is one of the other contenders for the best final cut pro titles pack.

This plugin is solely focused on titles plugins and templates only, with a whopping 222 items over 9 categories in this pack. The selection of these 9 categories are quite interesting as you have the modern titles all the way to retro vintage titles. Such a wide selection coverage range of titles allows video editors to use just one titles pack for a large range of video genres. So you have titles in these categories: cartoon, retro, wedding, slice, vintage, broadcast, kinetic, minimal, modern and the newest addition of animated captions. Just imagine the range of client videos that you can now edit with this title plugin.

What we like about this final cut pro titles plugin are the cartoon and slice titles, which are not very common yet pleasant to the eye and special looking. If you know how and when to use these titles, you can be sure to make your video stand out. Another thing worth taking note of is the recent newly added animated captions. This will help you to keep up on trend with the latest developments in video editing.

Reviews and ratings (5.0) wise, this author has been proven to be reliable despite being a relatively newcomer.

If you just lack a great final cut pro titles plugin, without transitions or graphics, this plugin is the best final cut pro titles plugin for you. Whether you are just starting out on video editing or you are a professional who needs to enhance your video title effects for your demanding clients, you are getting high end visual titles effects from this plugin.


Graphics Pack

Graphics Pack - contender for best final cut pro titles plugin

The graphics pack is another giant pack which consists of not just titles, but also motion graphics, elements and transitions amongst other elements.

Its titles quality is good despite only having five categories from titles to big titles to typography to lower thirds to call outs. Within these categories, there are quite a lot of variations that video editors can make use of .

What impressed us about this graphics pack is the very eye catching typography titles and it comes in many different shapes and sizes with different styles, you can be sure to find something you need.

On top of such good typography titles, it contains more than 500 sound FX too with a html library for users. This is not to mention the other elements making up 1250+ elements for this final cut pro plugin. So you get titles plus other elements that you usually would need in your video editing projects and this is quite a steal.

Although this pack is fairly new launched in 2020, the author is not a newbie, in fact one of the oldest authors around. Reviews have been good and ratings of 4.89 also assures you that this is of good quality.

Graphics and elements comparison wise, it can be very hard to say which plugin is better than the other as aesthetic needs can differ from one to another. If other than needing the 5 categories of titles, you find the other elements useful to your video editing projects, then you will like to consider this against the first plugin above.


FCPX Mega Graphics Pack

FCPX Mega Graphics Pack - contender for best final cut pro titles plugin

This Mega Graphics Final cut pro pack is another pack that provides not just titles but motion graphics and it made it into our curated list for the best final cut pro titles plugins.

The titles category in this plugin includes typography, titles, callouts, lower thirds, message titles. In the 2050 elements coverage, you do have quite a lot of options when it comes to titles. The typography segment probably contains one of the biggest category for titles, so be sure to check that out before you decide if this plugin meets your video editing needs for final cut pro titles. It does look colorful and attractive.

What stands out for this final cut pro title plugin is the popup titles. That is quite special and we can definitely imagine how useful it will be as you drag and drop the titles into your title inspector. You do need to take a look and see if this style matches your video editing format.

Another element that caught our eye is the sidebar element that is very useful when you add information in relation to the scene.

Reviews and ratings wise, it stands at 4.44 with some unhappy customers as usual. But in terms of side by side comparison, it pales in comparison to the first and third plugin above.

To decide if this final cut pro plugin meets your needs for a titles plugin, it is best to look at their home page and determine if the elements provided fits your style. Again, other than purely titles, do take into consideration if you need the other elements. In our ranking, this plugin is the 4th best final cut pro titles plugin.


What is the best final cut pro titles plugin?

This question can be answered differently depending on your current budget and needs. If you only need purely a final cut pro titles plugin (assuming you have other elements already), then go for the Ultimate titles pack final cut pro plugin with 222 items focused on titles only.

However, if you are starting out and dont have any or much good plugins or templates yet, it will be good to consider the Titles, Graphics & Transitions plugin or Toko Graphics plugin or the Mega Graphics Plugin. Amongst these 3, if you place heavy emphasis or you do need great transitions, go for the Titles, Graphics & Transitions plugin.

Should you need to use graphics more often than transitions and titles, and you take a liking for either the graphics in toko graphics pack or the mega graphics plugin, then go for either one that resonates with you better. These final cut pro plugins are definitely the best titles plugins available in the market now.


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