In the past year, with plenty of people working from home and finding their confinement has started to come at the detriment of their health, many have come to be more interested in fitness and improving their lifestyles. We’ve even looked at this briefly in our yoga WordPress themes article and found online fitness classes for all kinds of exercises have seen increased enrollments. Even if the situation is lightening up where you are and gyms are slowly reopening, you’ll see that this change in lifestyle has had a long lasting effect.

You’re likely here to try and get ahead of the curve, which we applaud since this is no easy feat but still an important one to carry out nevertheless. Starting out fresh by building a site can be a challenging grind, especially since that this can be the front door to your business in a more digital age. Worry not! Because we have plenty of tips to help you through this, and themes to give you a head start in this process.

In this article, we’ve found our 21 best fitness WordPress themes for fitness sites of all kinds. Whether you’re a health coach, therapist or an online gym, you’re sure to find the best theme for your website. When looking for a good theme, you will need to pick out one whose identity matches the identity of you and your business; design and layout are things to watch out for on this front. Functionality is just as important however, so keep an eye out for plugins that offer media sliders, workout modules, and appointment schedules. Pricing tables and eCommerce capabilities are a great bonus too; which we go into a fair amount of detail in our yoga WordPress themes article.

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1. Gym X – Fitness & Sports WordPress Theme

Gym X - Fitness & Sports WordPress Theme

Gym X is a WordPress theme that will attract new members to your fitness business by empowering you with a site that draws them in and encourages them to sign up for classes or services.

As a WordPress theme built for fitness, you’ll get all the features you’ll want your site to have to conduct all manner of fitness business. Demo layouts and modules enable you to create lists of classes, trainer profiles, and even hourly timetables so that prospective members know just what they’ll be getting into upon joining your gym. This easy user experience ensures that they’ll get all the info they need quickly so that they can much more easily make the choice to subscribe to membership packages. They can even very quickly get in touch through contact forms on a membership signup page that asks for key contact information; all readily accessed on the front page of your site.

Gym X also makes it easy to get your fitness site up and running with no web design experience required, so you can focus on all your business matters first and foremost. You can design a professional-looking site without touching even a single line of code, with demo content and some useful shortcodes that handle all the gritty details of making functional site elements. This theme offers a decent amount of customization, while keeping the website creation process simple and straightforward.

Why not build your site with Gym X by clicking here or checking out its preview!

2. Kalium – Creative Multipurpose Theme for WordPress and WooCommerce

Kalium - Creative Multipurpose Theme for WordPress and WooCommerce

Kalium, a multipurpose WordPress theme with plenty of demos that cater to subjects outside of fitness too, shows that you might just be able to find good fits for your site if you look deep enough.

Kalium is a multipurpose theme for a huge range of topics, each of them well tailored to suit said fields and its fitness theme is no exception. When it comes to showing off products and services, you’ll have 30 different portfolio pages that can help do just that. Beyond that, the theme even offers plenty of customisation features to do more with what’s already built into the theme’s package. With the amazingly intuitive drag & drop Visual Composer, you save on time and money as the site building process is streamlined to be as easy for people of all levels of experience with WordPress site building.

The WordPress theme ships with 15 header styles, customisable post types, various fonts in abundance, and much more. The theme looks beautiful on every device, using high-definition and responsive images, as well as a number of hovering effects that can be changed out and are entirely responsive as well. This theme’s well documented and clean code means that the fitness site you build will have faster loading times; perfect for when you have customers coming in droves to start the grind and get fit. However, it does lack features like dedicated timetables and booking functions that can handle online payments, so do keep that in mind when comparing this to other fitness websites’ themes.

So get into the theme’s page and check out the demo to learn more today!

3. Prowess – Fitness and Gym Theme

Prowess - Fitness and Gym Theme

Prowess is a great WordPress theme for your fitness site that helps streamline the task of designing your webpages.

While fitness and exercise is all about the grind and feeling the burn, design is more about speed and finding the tools that reduce the work you need to put in. This WordPress theme helps you do just that with 9 different home pages built for different fitness-relevant sites. Layouts include ones for personal trainers, supplement stores and gyms. Each design is presented boldly, with fonts and colours that evoke strength. You can even change up the layouts entirely or just generate new ones all on your own with the packaged WP Bakery Page Builder plugin.

You get more than just showy layouts and cool visuals with this theme, as it’s pumped full of great features that help it go the extra mile. The plugin Timetable Responsive Schedule for WordPress will be of great benefit to trainers and gyms by managing bookings entirely online. This theme is also compatible with the WPML plugin that makes the site more accessible to international audiences.

So learn more about this theme’s prowess through its page and live demo!

4. TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

TheGem - Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

TheGem  is a WordPress theme that works hard to build great fitness sites so that you can work hard to build your customer’s fitness!

This WordPress theme has all the functions and features you need to get your gym or fitness establishment packed full of patrons. You get to choose from a huge assortment of demo templates, 150 of them, in fact. And if they don’t match your specifications, reshape them in any way you want or even start from the ground up with the packaged Visual Composer plugin. Pages get to be equipped with elements such as timelines, accordions for displaying FAQ sections as well as gym timetables, and animated counters to show statistics relevant to your business like how many customers or patrons you currently have.

Adding on to the site’s visual look, you also get to have additional flairs like a widescreen display to make images pop, animated hero sliders and calls to action utilizing the premium plugins Slider Revolution and LayerSlider that ship with this WordPress theme. What’s more, there are over 2,500 icons to choose from, and a selection of Google Fonts so you can really personalise your fitness site.

Start sculpting your fitness site into a true gem with this theme by getting it here or trying out its demo!

5. Gym Edge – Fitness WordPress Theme

Gym Edge - Fitness WordPress Theme

Gym Edge boasts a bolder and heavyweight style in a great WordPress theme built for personal trainers, gym owners and all kinds of fitness industry firms and professionals.

Fully responsive and retina ready, Gym Edge comes with 10 home page layouts, hundreds of great Google Fonts, and almost infinite colour scheme options. It’s extremely user friendly of site building newbies too, with Visual Composer, a drag & drop page builder packaged with a host of other great plugins. Among them is the WP Logo Showcase plugin, which allows you to display images in different visually engaging ways.

Aside from showing of a strong sense of style, this WordPress theme also goes the extra mile with the timetable functionality it provides. You’ll get a rather simple schedule table layout that customers can pick their classes out from rather intuitively and quickly based on time and date. The added bonus of a 0built-in BMI calculator means that our clients are also able to use the site to monitor their weight when away from the gym. With WooCommerce compatibility as well, selling membership packages and other products is easily handled as well.

So get to work and check out this theme’s page here on top of its demo!

6. Athlete Fitness | Gym and Sport WordPress Theme

Athlete Fitness | Gym and Sport WordPress Theme

Bold and strong in design, Athlete is a solid, modern-looking WordPress theme for fitness sites of all creeds.

It ships with sharp parallax effects and clear text to develop a great look that will appeal to fitness afficionados due to the aura of strength it exudes. The plugin package that this WordPress theme comes with is also incredibly worthwhile and valuable. Upon purchase, you get access to 3 premium plugins: Master Slider, Event-on, and Visual Composer. The trio all come together to a grand $160, and by purchasing them under this theme with all of its pre-made layouts and pages you save a huge amount by buying them at only $49 instead! You even get to have WooCommerce integration to assist with ecommerce management such as selling supplements, fitness paraphernalia or your membership packages on bold storefronts.

The default seven homepage layouts, theme visual panels that let you switch up the look of the site, one-page support, several prebuilt headers & footers, and three post layouts all add on to the Visual Composer’s sheer functionality, meaning you can really build the site to your specifications. So, start punching up with a solid fitness WordPress theme like Athlete today!

Head on over to the theme page and its live demo!

7. Gimox – Gym and Fitness WordPress Theme

Gimox - Gym and Fitness WordPress Theme

Gimox might be the right choice if you want a WordPress theme that isn’t all just bells and whistles, but actually builds a strong fitness website.

From a design standpoint, Gimox is unfussy. The theme includes three full website demos for different kinds of training facility websites. All share a clean aesthetic coloured with blues and blacks to give it a modern look. However, where the theme really shines is the built-in custom calendar and body mass calculator sections, both of which work perfectly out of the box.

Beyond this, Gimox also bundles together several premium plugins, including the WP Bakery Page Builder, Slider Revolution, and Contact Form 7. Plus, the theme integrates with the free WooCommerce plugin seamlessly, which makes it an excellent option if you want to sell training equipment or supplements.

In a nutshell, while Gimox doesn’t offer ground-breaking design, its included layouts work perfectly for simple, modern gym websites. Combined with its advanced features, you have a theme that’s definitely worth trying out for your next project.

Take a gander at Gimox’s page and navigate the preview now!

8. Powerlift – Fitness and Gym Theme

Powerlift - Fitness and Gym Theme

Powerlift is a WordPress theme that will make sure your fitness site strikes a good first6 impression for your business to stand out in the fitness industry.

This WordPress theme’s base visual theme features angular and geometric designs with an overall dark background that will make your images really pop. If you’re the type of instructor that makes motivational posters with striking, vibrant visuals, this theme complements them well; even if you’re going to be just posting pictures of you and your classes too. Even better, you get to access plenty of elements to attract clients and potential subscribers, such as class timetable layouts, and e-commerce functions.

Body Mass Index (BMI) calculators are provided to help students get a better feel for how much progress they’re making in their fitness journey. It’s also highly customizable and includes sliding images and portfolio list shortcodes. You also get to choose from a great library of inner pages and demo content.

In a nutshell, Powerlift is a stellar WordPress theme for all manner of fitness websites.

So check it out on its product page and live preview!

9. TopFit – Fitness and Gym Theme

TopFit - Fitness and Gym Theme

TopFit boasts bold minimalist aesthetics alongside a huge array of features, marrying the two into what is one of the best WordPress themes for fitness in this list

Right out the gate, you get a plethora of wonderful page layouts that may be edited and altered as much as you need. The WordPress theme implements a great selection of eye-catching graphics and background videos that are responsive and stay high-def on whatever device that loads the site up; meaning visitors can even access your webpage from their phones. Parallax backgrounds, as well as options for adding image zooms and content entry animations, are all at your fingertips via its in-depth and fleshed out theme options.

While there are plenty of plugins packaged into this WordPress theme, the most pertinent of them is the very useful Timetable Responsive Schedule, which lets you build and edit session and class calendars. Just like some of the other fitness themes in this list, there’s also a specially made BMI calculator included to help with fitness monitoring for customers’ easy use.

Though 6 homepage demos makes for a rather limited load out to pick from, its outstanding visuals, drag & drop interface, and extensive customizable features outweigh the downsides of that by a large margin. Whether you are starting a new fitness site or upgrading your old one, we strongly recommend TopFit.

So click here to visit the theme’s page and check out its demo!

10. Gimnas – Gym Fitness WordPress Theme

Gimnas - Gym Fitness WordPress Theme

Gimnas gives you all the right tools you need in a solid WordPress theme to build a well-rounded fitness website to make sure that you work smart.

This WordPress theme ships with plenty of pre-made page layouts ready for you to get started on getting your site up and running fast and smooth. Pre-configurated pages made for regular gyms, yoga studios, pages for individual trainers, and more are all included. Gimnas’s visual look is defined by a strong sense of contrast, using limited but contrasting colours that catch viewers’ eyes and draw them to all the important parts of the page. Keeping them visually interested is a key thing to achieve to ensure that you’ll get a higher conversion rate to net new members.

The WordPress theme also ships with many premium plugins. This includes the Slider Revolution and Visual Composer duo that, when combined, enable you to customise each and every one of your fitness website’s pages with great ease through intuitive drag & drop interfaces. Plus, the theme integrates with MailChimp from the get-go so you can also start with email marketing and newsletters easily and quickly.

This theme features some very stylish one-page gym website designs, so we’re inclined to say that Gimnas is one of the most ideal fitness themes here!

Visit the theme’s page and navigate its demo for more information!

11. Deadlift – Fitness and Bodybuilding WordPress Theme

Deadlift - Fitness and Bodybuilding WordPress Theme

Deadlift manages to make a name of itself among fitness WordPress themes with innovative design features that make it stand out from the rest.

The overall design thesis of this fitness WordPress theme is incredibly well thought out. Its best preview is the Interactive Links one (pictured above) that showcases its dynamic and interactive typography that brings up different and very eye-catching hero images that change depending on what the highlighted text is. This works great if you want to make a strong impression on first-time visitors.

The theme ships with 9 different pre-made layouts, ranging from store sections to blogs. Deadlift also includes several unique widgets perfect for frequent visitors to make use of, including color-coded timetables, Body Mass Index (BMI) calculators, meal plans, and others.

And to really bring it all together, Deadlift comes bundled with its own special version of WP Bakery Page Builder that ships with many additional modules that are perfect for gym sites. Plus, with the free WooCommerce plugin, feel free to create an online store to supplement your business too.

Overall, Deadlift is an incredibly stunning fitness WordPress theme, and works very well on top of being a great visual experience.

So head over to the theme page and its preview today!

12. Stamin – Fitness and Gym WordPress Theme

Stamin - Fitness and Gym WordPress Theme

Stamin works well in building all kinds of sites, making it a solid fitness WordPress theme to install to get your business ahead of the rest.

Pick from the modest selection of high-quality demos that’ll help you quickly start work on your site through a quick and easy installation process. This fitness WordPress theme’s demos cover websites for gyms, personal trainers, and even for online fitness content to conduct classes digitally, making this an incredibly flexible fitness theme. Stamin also offers some very sleek blogging templates for fitness bloggers interested in writing more about the topic; and also helps boost site exposure too. Although the Stamin demos can help quicken the site design process by working from them at the start, you could also get into the inner workings of the theme and change them up.

With the packaged Elementor page builder plugin, that is made much easier as you can interface with and customise page elements through its very intuitive editing system. Once you’ve installed either a free or premium version of Elementor, whatever templates this fitness WordPress theme ships with can be edited and altered straight away. As this theme comes with some additional elements for this page builder plugin, you can supplement the current theme’s content with your own additions.

The theme lets you alternate between multi-page and one-page modes so that you’re free to make your site as compact or as complex as you desire. Single page site may work for smaller establishments and getting straight to the point with what you have to offer in your business. Meanwhile, a multi-page layout is great if you’re offering plenty of different packages that are hard to summarise in a single webpage. You also get to have full ecommerce support that can help manage memberships and subscriptions very easily on your site as well.

So learn more about Stamin here and through the demo!

13. Entrepreneur – Booking for Small Businesses

Entrepreneur - Booking for Small Businesses

Entrepreneur is a multipurpose WordPress theme designed for all kinds of small business niches, and even has 3 for fitness professionals like Yoga instructors, fitness coaches and even personal trainers.

This WordPress theme is largely very simple, but its neat minimalist style is sure to entice visitors with stylish and unobtrusive typography as well as a smooth scrolling experience down its one-page layout. This is a great fit for smaller businesses (exactly what it says in the tin in fact) and even individual trainers running smaller classes or one-to-one training sessions.

One of the theme’s best features, however, is its very effective and efficient calendar and booking plugin. Interested visitors can easily see your available dates, fill in their details and book an appointment with your business a very short amount of time. Other features include 1000+ icons, very quick loading times, and very attractive and smooth CSS3 animations for various page elements.

Entrepreneur is a WordPress theme that is sure to endear your clients to your business and get to work on their fitness.

Learn more about what this simple but powerful theme can do here and here.

14. FitPro – Events Fitness Gym Sports WordPress Theme

FitPro - Events Fitness Gym Sports WordPress Theme

FitPro is a specialty WordPress theme for gyms, trainers and fitness professionals that is incredibly responsive to whatever resolution or device it finds itself on.

With this WordPress theme for fitness, you get to choose from 8 custom post types — trainers, classes, facilities, events, sliders, galleries, pricing plans and testimonials — that are each tailor made for all kinds of fitness industry related businesses and professionals. The theme also offers a nigh infinite amount of colour customisation choices, parallax and video features, flexible heading styles, calendar, WooCommerce integration and plenty of icons.

Learn more about this theme and check out its demo!

15. Activia – Gym and Fitness WordPress Theme

Activia - Gym and Fitness WordPress Theme

Activia has plenty of ways for you to present content that’ll rope your customers in by telling them all about the attractive services you have to offer in your fitness establishment with this very well-designed fitness WordPress theme.

The theme comes bundled with plenty of pre-made layouts to utilise from the start, with 5 visually distinct home pages and 12 inner page designs to flesh out your site with various informational segments. There’s a strong sense of unique style in each of the theme’s pages too that still manage to remain rather in sync with the overall aesthetic of the theme. Designs are all neat and well organised. The homepages, most of all, are incredibly pleasing to look at, making them great at keeping customers on the site to increase likelihood of conversion.

Beyond these very attractive design options, the WordPress theme also provides several premium plugins bundled in, including the premium Slider Revolution and WP Bakery Page Builder plugins. Add that together with the absolutely solid assortment of 65 different shortcodes and pre-made page modules, you can build the site in a near-infinite number of different ways.

This is among the best of the fitness themes you can find in the market, coming close to trumping even the stellar selections in this list due to how cool it look son top of its very informational structure that’ll be a boon to customers that they’re sure to appreciate.

Get in the know of what Activia has to offer here as well as browse its live preview!

16. Fitness Zone

Fitness Zone

Fitness Zone is a great fitness WordPress theme for establishments like fitness centres and sports clubs. 

The theme is responsive and showcases a rather nice design. With its stellar typography and vivid scrolling animations, your site will be filled with very eye-catching features that’ll hold visitors’ attention. Fitness Zone comes with Page-Builder: a premium drag and drop plugin packed with a solid arrangement of useful elements. That way. You’ll also be able to just build upon the ready-made home page layouts instead of building a new page completely from scratch.

This fitness WordPress theme even comes integrated with (or at least supports) multiple helpful plugins such as the famous WooCommerce, bbPress, WPML, and Timetable to add to the variety of features that your site can have.

It also comes with the fairly common BMI calculator function to engage your visitors as soon as they land on the site and even provide additional use for them when they sign up later on. There’s also the helpful custom post type to feature and showcase workout programs. Several different gallery options also ensure you can showcase your photos of classes and various services in any way that you want.

Learn more about this theme here and here!

17. Yoga Fit – Sports & Fitness WordPress Theme

Yoga Fit - Sports & Fitness WordPress Theme

Yoga Fit‘s more elegant and attractive visual theme highlights this fitness WordPress theme’s skew to the more soothing and slow aspects of the fitness industry such as yoga and dance studios. 

This fitness WordPress theme’s developers have focused more on design aspects that complement less high intensity exercises due to its catering to yoga-related sensibilities. The site comes with smooth scrolling, gentle hover effects, and softer and more pastel-like colour schemes that all give rise to a more charming design that isn’t as “in your face” as some of the other entrants in this article.

This fitness WordPress theme isn’t at any disadvantage against the others, though, as it is jam-packed with a great range of features. The theme offers its developers’ specially made Visual Content Composer plugin, which features among the most diverse and well-curated shortcode libraries on the market. The added bonuses of a custom form builder, support for one-page websites, and two premium sliders (Slider Revolution and Layer Slider) are provided upon purchase too. The premium Timetable, a plugin as well, is also included so you can indicate operating hours and available dates for booking and class schedules to take note of for members and curious potential customers.

WooCommerce and the Events Calendar & Events Calendar Pro plugins, along with several social media widgets and two custom post types are some of the other neat features that you’re sure to appreciate to make the site-building process as seamless and stress-free as possible.

So learn more about this theme’s various functions on its page and through the preview!

18. Ironfit – Fitness, Gym and Crossfit WordPress Theme

Ironfit - Fitness, Gym and Crossfit WordPress Theme

The fitness WordPress theme Iron Fit  features a modern and aggressive style that’s a good foundation to build a fitness site on.

Opening the preview shows you what this fitness WordPress theme is all about. Its design can be summarised into blocky typography, dark colours, bold images and punchy animations that are rhythmic and impressive to view in tandem.

Iron Fit is especially great in its provision of solid built-in features. You get access to 5 premium plugins — Visual Composer, PO Composer, Essential Grid, Swiper Slider, and Revolution Slider — that come at a lot more affordable prices when purchased under this theme. 15 custom widgets ranging from Flickr photo streams to Twitter feeds to advertisement placement, as well as over 20 shortcodes and two sets of font icons (Fontella and Images) all also add to the functionality of your fitness site. This translation-ready, search-engine-friendly theme is more than ready to power your fitness site.

So start the grind on this theme’s page and its live demo.

19. WizeFit – Fitness and Gym

WizeFit - Fitness and Gym

If you’re looking for a fitness WordPress theme that’ll stand up to the challenge of heavy site traffic and all manner of other website rigours, WizeFit is up to the task.

This theme will equip you with a host of custom-designed perfect for gym and fitness sites. Among them are product and service showcases, personalised trainer biographies, signup and contact forms that can sign them up for newsletters, and much more. You also get to make use of many inner-page designs, including options for class timetables and pricing tables.

You don’t much in the way of extra functionality that most other fitness WordPress themes here can net you, as the concept that this theme works as a strong base that can be sculpted for whatever purpose you have for it. But with the packaged Elementor page builder, you at least get to have an easy time adapting the site to your needs.

Much like any gym newbie, you’ll have to work to make this theme evolve with you. The tools and ingredients are all here, but only you know what your site needs to bulk up and do well.

Learn more about this theme here and by browsing its demo.

20. GymBase – Gym Fitness WordPress Theme

GymBase - Gym Fitness WordPress Theme

GymBase is a gym fitness WordPress theme that is a little more simple, yet fairly functional.

Its responsive design features a slider as well as affordances for commenting, portfolio pages with any additional details you wish to add, a tool for constructing timetables full of lesson plans and contact pages with a map to show where your base of operations is. This WordPress theme includes plenty of widget areas to slot in the built-in widgets as well as social media tools and icons.

If you’re a designer with tools to access them, you might even get soe extra customisability with the theme’s packaged PSD source files to work on.

Take the time to read more here and visit its elegant demo as well!

21. Gameplan – Event and Gym Fitness WordPress Theme

Gameplan - Event and Gym Fitness WordPress Theme

GamePlan is a fairly well designed fitness WordPress theme that can meet the base needs of any fitness business and professional.

The WordPress theme features a responsive design that is retina ready and WPML supported. You can also choose between dark and light colour schemes, letting you have some customisation choices to personalise the site. With the Revolution slider plugin thrown in together with features like an event calendar and WooCommerce tools, you get a great assortment of tools to get your fitness website off the ground!

Take a read through the theme page visit the demo!

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