FlipBook web presentations have become increasingly common in recent years. Flipbook presentations used to be the arsenal of premium publishers, corporates, and other high-end publications as only they could afford their relatively costly implementations, but now they are more accessible to any publisher through cool modules and plugins that can cost as little as $20. In this post, we researched and curated the 6 best flipbook plugins for wordpress.

What requirements do you need in a flipbook wordpress plugin?

Depending on the plugin or module used, flipbook presentations can give publishers a good deal of animation and interactive elements that stimulate and bring out the experience of a real book page being flipped. Some come complete with the ‘book flipping sound’.

Overall, implementing flipbook plugins or modules in your content presentations adds to the ease of reading, interactivity, and professional presentation.

If you are using a WordPress website, there are tons of WordPress flipbook plugins that you can use for a book-flipping experience. Some of these are quite robust and include various interactive elements. They are also versatile enough to be used for different types of content including HTML, PDF, or even images.

What can wordpress flipbook plugins be used for?

WordPress flipbook plugins can be used to publish online magazines, books, e-books, brochures, booklets, and much more. They offer a more natural presentation, the quality of which varies depending on the robustness of the plugin. Overall, they are attractive and make a great impression on your WordPress presentation.

Here is a review of the 6 best flipbook plugins for wordpress that you can choose for the perfect flipping presentation.

  1. WordPress 3D FlipBook Plugin
WordPress 3D FlipBook Plugin

WordPress 3D Flipbook Plugin is by far the best-rated WordPress flipbook plugin. It precisely models the book just like in the real world complete with the shape and volume. It is a WordPress and 3D jQuery plugin that you can use to browse different types of content be they HTML, PDF, or images as if you are naturally flipping through the real book pages.

The WordPress 3D FlipBook plugin probably gives the most realistic flipping functionality yet. You will be flipping through the pages very naturally and flawlessly as if you were doing it in real life with super-fast page loading times. It works nicely with magazines, booklets, and brochures.

Its user behavior prediction system even predicts the pages that you are likely to browse next based on your actions. It then loads those predicted pages in the background and renders them to you enabling you to flip with ease without any lag.

This is a 3D flipbook WordPress plugin with a very intuitive and realistic view and allows you to even implement a flipping animation in your presentation. The animation creates a great impression and helps capture user attention.

Beyond the organic flipping functionality, the 3D FlipBook plugin also offers a clean and professional presentation with a premium and top-quality feel. This high-performance plugin has good versatility so you can even use it to customize the shape of the pages to be flipped.

It is built with a physics engine that allows for different types of user interactions. The physics in the engine exhibits an almost lifelike behavior for mass, gravity, flexibility, and a page-flipping velocity. These add high-level realism in the flipbook functionality and in the other animations.

You can use this WordPress flipbook plugin to drag and then drop the pages at once. The collisions of the pages are quite realistic and seem very natural. It packs various supporting skins that you can pick from to easily customize your flipbook renditions. These skins are available in different themes including the universal light and dark themes.

Beyond the robustness and sophistication, the 3D FlipBook is relatively easy to use. It has a very familiar user-facing page flipping control. The corners are flexible, allowing the user to instinctively know that they can flip through pages using a drag and drop functionality.

Its Smart pan smart algorithm will provide a maximum and the most appropriate renders of the book pages for users. It automatically selects both the scale and alignment of the book or magazine depending on the viewing device. It discourages dragging the book from port view and enhances smooth flipping moves. The 3D FlipBook WordPress plugin supports the fullscreen mode, search in PDFs as well as brightness settings that you can use to set optimal brightness for your eyes.

The WordPress 3D FlipBook Plugin is a nice-looking but smartly built WordPress flipbook plugin that you can use to easily create volume books for web presentations. The books appear with real page thickness and it naturally simulates the book flipping or book page opening process. It works just like a real book prototype with the cover page closing the book and deforming just as it would happen if you were closing a real book. If you are looking for a flipbook plugin with these type of effects, this is it. You can customize this book-closing deformation by opting to either turn it off or contract it.

This is a top-tier, premium WordPress flipbook plugin and goes for $44.

  1. Responsive FlipBook WordPress Plugin
Responsive FlipBook WordPress Plugin

A top-selling WordPress plugin with close to 10,000 sales and top reviews, the Responsive FlipBook WordPress plugin is, no doubt, worth the consideration if you are shopping for a premium quality WordPress flipbook plugin.

We love its simplicity that allows you to implement a FlipBook on your WordPress website with relative ease. It has lots of features and functionalities that enable you to implement a versatile presentation. These include the zoom, pop-up and bookshelf presentations. 

It also features various extensions that you can implement to expand its capabilities. There is the Print FlipBook extension and a PDF to FlipBook Extension both of which must be bought separately. It features hardcovers, a table of contents, lazy load, custom styles, and a flat design. It supports multiple books, deep linking, and unlimited UIs. These features make for a smooth flipbook render.

Implementation is super-easy and does not require any Flash Player as this WordPress flipbook plugin is fully driven by HTML and jQuery. It will work seamlessly on both mobile and desktop viewing devices. This is a powerful responsive plugin so you can expect to get a uniform viewing experience across a multiplicity of screen sizes.

The responsive design of the Responsive FlipBook WordPress Plugin gives an optimal viewing experience on all platforms that will look good, no matter the screen resolution. This plugin is also easily customizable thanks to its advanced admin panel. Factor in its many flipbook features and functions and you will see why we recommend it for your flipbook needs. It goes for $36.

  1. Real3D FlipBook WordPress Plugin
Real3D FlipBook WordPress Plugin

With close to 15,000 sales, the Real3D FlipBook WordPress plugin is massively popular with publishers and provides one of the most powerful flipbook implementations on your WordPress website. As the name suggests, it renders your content in very realistic 3D flipbooks within a website without the need for a Flash Player.

This WordPress flipbook plugin is also easily customizable and easy to use. The design is fully responsive. It gives readers an optimal viewing experience across a multiplicity of devices and screen resolutions. From the publisher’s side, it provides a ton of features that allow you to create the best and most powerful flipbook renders for your website.

The first thing that we love about this WordPress flipbook plugin is that it is fully customizable. You can use it to create flipbooks that will be perfectly suited for your content, be it images or PDF. It allows you to customize lots of the flipbook features including the page flip speed, camera angle, page shininess, page flip sound, zoom levels, page flip sound, and paper thickness to create a most realistic flipping experience.

It’s fully optimized for mobile with separate mobile viewing options that allow you to build flipbooks with optional sizes that you can insert pretty much anywhere inside a webpage, including in blog posts. You can easily change the flipbook layouts depending on the type of viewing device. You will have the option for a single-page view for smaller screen devices on top of the standard double-page view, enabling your readers to get the best viewing experience irrespective of the devices they are using.

The pages are super-interactive and allow you to insert any HTML content. You can also incorporate video albums, music and links into the pages. They feature other interactive and navigational elements such as music/audio players, buttons, and iframes.

Other supported features include dynamic HTML, PDF text searches, interactive pages, lightbox, PDF hyperlinks as well as unlimited books and pages among others. The retina-ready icons in the Real3D FlipBook WordPress plugin make for gorgeous flipbook displays.

Grab this powerful WordPress flipbook plugin for just $44.

  1. iPages FlipBook for WordPress
iPages FlipBook for WordPress

The iPages FlipBook for WordPress may not be as robust as flipbook plugins above but it is still feature-rich and allows you to accomplish a lot and deliver powerful flipbook renders. Use this for super-interactive HTML5 flipbooks. It’s a good choice for any publisher wishing to create engaging flipbook content.

The iPages FlipBook for WordPress makes it easy for publishers to easily convert their PDF documents or images into highly interactive digital flipbook pages in just a matter of minutes. It is versatile enough and easily deployable on mobile viewing devices and current browsers.  

 Relatively lightweight, it won’t give you everything on your flipbook wish list. The flipbook displays are satisfactory but you can only choose between two themes and three render book modes. You also have only two data choices: PDFs and images.

It is still a responsive and interactive plugin that allows you to add several markers including links, sticks, images, and text to any of the pages. You can incorporate as many items as you wish into a page. The display features thumbnails showing page miniatures on the side panel.

You can navigate through the pages with the keyboard. A multilevel zoom functionality enables you to scale the pages for the best viewing experience. The iPages FlipBook for WordPress can be toggled between the standard double-page view and single-page view. It also allows you to download the PDF document.

This is a lightweight budget option that goes for only $25.

  1. WowBook flipbook jQuery Plugin
WowBook flipbook jQuery Plugin

WowBook is a flipbook engine for jQuery that creates impressive flipbooks from PDFs, images, and HTML. It offers a top-notch PDF file rendering with a premium look and feel. You can even incorporate external HTML links, internal links, selectable text, and index into your flipbooks of PDF documents. It also includes beta PDF search support.

This is a responsive plugin with plenty of features that you can use to manipulate the flipbook. You can resize the book and make it fit different screen sizes. There is also touch support for zooming the flipbook on mobile.  It is fairly easy to use and allows you to automatically add a toolbar, thumbnails, and table of contents. It also features a responsive container and page numbering.

It includes many of the features that you would find in the top-rated flipbook plugins such as a responsive single-page mode, lazy loading, lightbox, curling of the page corners when you hover, support for major browsers, and page-flipping effects.

The page-turn effects are quite realistic with page-turning sounds to boot. It is compatible with all modern browsers. You will get a uniform and optimal look on both mobile and desktop devices. On mobile, it supports the popular touch gestures we use to read such as zoom and pinch. WowBook adds a premium edge to your flipbook displays and doesn’t cost you a fortune.

  1. Flipbook WordPress Plugin Diamond
Flipbook WordPress Plugin Diamond

This WordPress flipbook diamond plugin has been around for close to a decade but it remains a favorite with many publishers. It has undergone frequent updates over the years and stays current with the latest trends in flipbook design, features, and functions. However, the graphics still look a bit out of date compared to those of the top-rated flipbook WordPress plugins above.

It has many marvelous features and functions, though. The plugin allows you to seamlessly create a flipbook from a PDF file. You can also use it to directly convert JPG files into a flipbook. You simply have to upload the images at once to create a flipbook. You can also add the pages manually.

The FlipBook WordPress Plugin Diamond has plenty of features for a seamless flipbook creation experience. These include PDF support, multiple files upload support, mobile compatibility, and three options for showing the flipbook including via a shortcode, a template, and lightbox.

Other features including deep linking, zoom functions, full screen mode, unlimited pages, and lazy loading. Overall, you get pretty much most of the features that you’d get in the top premium flipbook plugins. The page displays work smoothly but they don’t look very sleek. It lacks that premium edge. However, for the price, you are getting an incredible amount of flipbook features and functions for a smooth flipbook display.


What is the best flipbook plugin for wordpress?

It is hard to answer this question with a straightforward answer, because you would need to consider the needs that you have. Some of the above plugins come with a lot of features and it would be great if you need those features. However if you only need a few features, then getting a flipbook plugin with tons of features may be overwhelming for you and it also inflicts an unnecessary financial cost on your business, which I personally would not recommend.

Also, do not let the pricing cloud your judgement too much. In my opinion, the price range here are not too significantly different from one another for a one-time off sunk cost to the business. Instead, run through the live preview and be sure it meets your needs for the core features you need then take a quick look at the reviews on post sales support. If the post sales support is good, then go for it.

We hope this post has been useful for you in helping you to shortlist or even decide on the best flipbook plugin for your wordpress site. You may also be interested in the best spin wheel wordpress plugins and the best newsletter wordpress plugins.

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