For those of you planning to build a site full of attractive and eye-catching images, you’re probably wondering: what’s the best possible way to display my pictures? Whether you’re a property owner looking to sell or market rooms for rent to vacationers, or a creative compiling your visual portfolio of videos or photographs, presentation is important to making sure that your content has an impact on site visitors.

Here, you’ll find out list of the best full screen WordPress themes on the market right now. While each of them has own unique style and features developed for certain niches, they all have several key features in common. These themes are fully responsive and look great on all devices both mobile and on desktops. They also come packaged with premium plugins, fonts, icons and widgets that typically cost a fair bit more to purchase on their own. They’re all also very well documented and supported by developers, so you can always ask for help to troubleshoot should any issues come up.

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1. Kinetika | Photography Theme for WordPress

Kinetika | Photography Theme for WordPress

Kinetika is a gorgeous full screen photography WordPress theme that looks incredibly chic and sleek all over; from its general visual appearance to its various additional features.

Bold and brash themes such as these really give your media content the space needed to breathe and puts an emphasis on them over any text. Past Kinetika customers, in fact, have all lauded this WordPress theme’s design quality as being the central hallmark of this theme. This is shown all over the site from its integration of the premium Revolution Slider plugin to the hybrid event tracker and image gallery that can be easily embedded within your website. The high-contrast light and dark displays also generate a strong sense of class and elegance.

Pitched specifically for photographers of all levels, but also great for a videographer and maybe even artists, the theme gives you 11 layouts, offers 40 different ways to spruce up your homepage, and even allows you to easily sell your work. So, boast your artistic skills in a dignified, beautiful full screen WordPress website, framing your works as though they were museum pieces in their own right.

Check out the theme page and its preview now!

2. Photography WordPress

Photography WordPress

Clear as day as indicated by its own name, Photography is another full screen WordPress theme made for placing photography portfolios full of beautiful works onto visually striking sites.

Myriads of page configurations and layouts are offered that animated gallery grids, feature vertical menus, and full screen video make it easy to pick out the exact build that complements your very own unique sense of style and aesthetic. 24 distinct demos and 70 portfolio, gallery and blog layouts packaged into this theme net you a beautiful display for your portfolio right out of the gate!

Photography also provides a neat set of additional features to really add value to your full screen website. Among them is a photo and design proofing section, allowing you to upload your content into a password-protected segment on the website. Professional creatives may opt to invite clients to check out which images and/or designs they want to keep or reject during various projects; all on that very same website. Build a sleek infinite scrolling gallery to show off your best work to your site’s visitors with ease, and with e-commerce plugins bundled in as well, you could even sell copies of your work for use in other creative projects or for personal use.

This beautiful theme is a great choice for creatives like photographers and visual artists looking for both a portfolio site to do business through and one that provides solid proofing functions to help their business workflow.

Why not take a quick look at this theme here and on its preview!

3. Werkstatt – Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

Werkstatt - Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

Werkstatt is a modern portfolio and full screen WordPress theme that works great for all kinds of creative professionals and agencies.

The WordPress theme offers whole host of great layouts: perfect for showcasing all your beautiful images and designs. With five full-screen layouts to choose from, you’ll be able to showcase your stellar pieces in whatever way suits you best. Pick out a split screen look, present works on a vertical slider or parallax scrolling, or even try animated abstract segments to generate a unique visual experience. Furthermore, Werkstatt comes with beautiful pre-built layouts for portfolio and blog pages. Other customisable addons you get to access include grid layouts, over 3,000 fonts, and various hover effects.

Werkstatt is also fully WooCommerce-supported and packaged with eight pre-built shop page configurations. The theme exudes style and pomp in equal measures. It has stunning full-screen layouts to pick out and boasts great flexibility to make it suitable for a whatever you want to build a full screen site for. If you’re looking for a theme to create an incredible portfolio website that stands out from the crowd, Werkstatt could very well be the one for you.

Check out the theme page and live demo for more info!

4. PhotoMe | Portfolio WordPress

PhotoMe | Portfolio WordPress

PhotoMe is a very elegant WordPress theme with an engaging, wide fullscreen layout that is highly customizable.

The theme is a worthy wall to hang up all manner of lovingly produced visual media. You get to have nigh infinite colour, fonts and icons to generate the perfect website to match your aesthetic style, alongside 50 unique and distinct gallery and portfolio layouts balanced with a solid amount of negative space to let the overall site design breathe. Various kinds of gallery displays such as horizontal, parallax, Ken Burns, and split screen enable you to feature your photos in novel ways too. The simple menu options also ensure that user experience is supplemented by elegant navigation tools displayed vertically, in pop-up sidebars, or in the standard sticky header style. Whatever your creative vision is, PhotoMe can be bent to your will and visual identity.

The standard top of the line plugins and shortcodes are provided as with many of this developers’ WordPress themes. Plus, one of the more useful features of this full screen theme is the password protected gallery access for clients to proof your works during their work-in-progress states. Take input from clients, for things like fashion photography or interior design, so you may also ensure that you put out good quality work to add to your portfolio too.

Give PhotoMe a chance and visit the theme page and preview!

5. Accio | Responsive One page Parallax Agency WordPress Theme

Accio | Responsive One page Parallax Agency WordPress Theme

Accio is an exquisitely made fullscreen WordPress theme showcasing a great blend and integration of various visual media and the typography all over the website.

User experience isn’t skimped on either, as navigational menu bars ensure that the browsing of the site is kept smooth and seamless. And with a very solid fullscreen layout coupled with dynamic scrolling effects, this WordPress theme can be a solid fit for all manner of fullscreen sites with an emphasis on modern design sensibilities. With a great variety of tools and ingredients to switch around and customise such as unlimited slider and sidebar groups, you can get really creative with the site design process.

Overall, this WordPress theme offers a solid array of functions that not only work for the standard creative website, but also any other kind of site as long as you’re willing to get to brass tacks and work on the pre-made layouts to take the rein on your site’s creative vision today!

Dive into the various features that Accio offers on its page and its preview now!

6. Uncode – Creative Multiuse & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Uncode - Creative Multiuse & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Uncode is a superb match for those of you who want a full screen theme that isn’t quite as image-heavy as most of the ones here are.

The WordPress theme comes with a myriad of demos to build your fullscreen websites around. They’re all able to cover all your bases to get a kickstart on the site building process. With the packaged Visual Composer drag-and-drop page builder, go above and beyond with the best of the best site building tools.

This package ships with a media library built to support Spotify and Flickr content. This enables you to showcase your media both uploaded straight to the site or from anywhere else on the web. This barely covers the basics of this theme, so do take the time to learn more about what it has to offer through its theme page too.

Get a better understanding of Uncode’s features here and through its preview.

7. SOHO – Photography

SOHO - Photography

Soho is a full screen WordPress theme chock-full of elements to help make all your works shine.

Get this WordPress theme if you’ve got a captivating set of beautiful images and works that you want to show off. A visually striking full-screen horizontal sliding navigation layout is only one of the multiple homepages you get to use. Full-screen elements like sliders, background images and even videos may even be applied to your page.

Portfolio and gallery pages with various stylish looks abound, with a masonry layout, a Ken Burns option, and even ribbons to give the feel of polaroid-style photographs. All this comes together to make a WordPress theme that’s a solid choice for all manner of creatives strutting visual works.

Get in the know of what this theme can do for you here and on its demo.

8. Zyra – Fullscreen Photography Theme

Zyra - Fullscreen Photography Theme

Zyra is a more toned down yet well-made fullscreen WordPress theme to host plenty of different kinds of visual media.

The strength of this theme is that it keeps things simple. Photography and video support are included for quick uploads, and the vertical menu option makes creating a navigation menu for your site intuitive. With the theme’s being retina-ready, all manner of imagery uploaded will be displayed in their best possible quality too.

The premium WooCommerce plugin is fully supported, allowing onsite sales of your works. Multilingual options also ensure that the theme is accessible to all manner of clients as well.

Learn more about this theme here and through its preview.

9. Bridge – Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Bridge - Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Bridge an immensely good full screen website theme that ships with a powerful framework alongside a huge host of beautiful designs.

Equipped with over a hundred tailor made yet very adaptable demos, you could easily use this WordPress theme to build sites for photography, e-commerce, or almost anything else. The importable content and intelligently written shortcodes all supplement these solid designs too. The title area, menu, and header may all be changed up, with tools provided to switch out colour, transparency, even typography.

The 24 different layouts are all designed to feature portfolios all manner of imagery, make the setup process as painless as possible. Just as important, the complex options available to you with Bridge are easy to command thanks to an intuitive and highly functional admin panel, so you waste less time troubleshooting with support.

This WordPress theme also ships with a specially made fullscreen slider with various customisable dynamic settings. This includes animations and transitions along with various other settings that can apply to different and specific slider elements and graphics. You also get seven distinct portfolio single layouts and seven different portfolio list layouts. All these come together to ensure that Bridge may take on a variety of different functions while maintaining a very robust and attractive visual theme.

So learn more about what this theme offers here and here!

10. Oshine – Multipurpose Creative WordPress Theme

Oshine - Multipurpose Creative WordPress Theme

Oshine has come to be loved by many a WordPress site owner due to its well-designed use of negative space in very stylish and classy fullscreen layouts.

Each and every single one of the 30 distinct home pages all make great use of the maximum amount of screen space. This well-designed theme is mostly marketed for photographers, but anyone who wants to show off a variety of different images like modern restaurants and agencies will also find a lot of utility in this theme.

The theme even provides a very functional visual drag-and-drop page builder (Tatsu). You get to work from pre-made page configurations as well that can be worked on right out the gate to your own personal requirement.

All in all, you get to make use of a solid WordPress theme that is incredibly powerful, functional and takes full advantage of all the space a fullscreen layout has available.

Look at its purchase page and its very cool preview today!

11. TwoFold – Fullscreen Photography WordPress Theme

TwoFold - Fullscreen Photography WordPress Theme

TwoFold is a fullscreen photography WordPress theme that tells your visitors that you are at the forefront of current creative trends by framing your work in an equally trendy layout that complements it.

This WordPress theme already looks incredibly sleek and cool upon opening the preview. There are a multitude of homepage layouts (utilizing stunning animations such as impressive ‘split screen’ and cube effects) that offer a totally unique way to scroll through your images. You even get a Contact Page that looks just as good as the rest of the theme, coupled with a Google Maps module that presents itself in fullscreen as well.

Overall, with a gorgeous package full of animations to help showcase your images, this WordPress theme works very well with anyone who wants to take a more unconventional and unique approach to building a fullscreen portfolio website.

Click on these links to get more info and also check out the demo.

12. TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

 TheGem - Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

TheGem stands among the rising group of WordPress themes keeping up with the rising trend of responsive wide and full screen layouts in modern web design; looking good even on increasingly commonplace widescreen displays

If you want your site to take on a full screen layout, you want a theme that can support that with high quality support for both its layouts and media uploaded. TheGem has just that, and even packs the Slider Revolution plugin. This lets you make very visually engaging sliders that may even support video backgrounds and advanced elements and animations.

As for the rest of your layout, TheGem offers a staggering 400 demos to help your website get up and running as soon as possible. However, if you want something different in mind that the demos don’t quite suit, Visual Composer ensures that you will at least have the tools to make almost any design you set out to make.

Whatever kind of site you’re building, have faith in the fact that this WordPress theme will make it look great in all its full screen high-definition goodness.

Take a browse through TheGem’s theme page and its live preview!

13. Kreativa | Photography Theme for WordPress

Kreativa | Photography Theme for WordPress

If you want to display all your images and photos in the highest definition on wide fullscreen spreads, you’ll find that Kreativa is the WordPress theme for just that.

This WordPress theme presents you with ample space on the home page to display all manner of creative works and visual media. The default configuration actually throws out all other page elements save a stylish floating navigation bar; keeping them on other pages so that the first look into your site spotlights the relevant imagery. Fonts and typography are kept small, brings uploaded media to the forefront of viewer attention.

There are 13 different home page layouts to choose from, and you can choose from several attractive lightbox styles on top of many other ways to present the images. Finally, there’s also a photo proofing feature, which enables your clients to preview work before they approve projects.

This is a WordPress theme that offers the best of both worlds. Not only do you get a lot of flexibility and customization, but you’ll also be assured that adaptations you make will always be in support of the work and imagery uploaded to the website.

Look through what the theme has to offer here and on its demo!

14. Darkroom | Photography Theme for WordPress

 Darkroom | Photography Theme for WordPress

If you want a sleek, beautiful and minimal fullscreen WordPress theme, Darkroom is where it’s at.

The WordPress theme’s header comes in 2 different colour schemes: Light and Dark. Plus, you also get six different fullscreen styles including slideshow, Ken burns, single image cover, YouTube video, Vimeo video, and photo walls. 9 custom widgets — address, social icons, Flickr photostream, gallery, Twitter, related portfolio, recent posts, popular posts, and video, are built into the theme along with a visual shortcode generator that all add on to the customisability and functionality of the theme.

Darkroom is also SEO optimized and supports multi-language functions to boost accessibility and exposure. The theme is also very well documented as well, making it a great WordPress theme to work with for coders too. The theme is also able to to password protect portfolio items, photo galleries, posts, pages, and fullscreen posts.

Get more info and navigate the demo now!

15. Phoxy – Photography

Phoxy - Photography

With Phoxy, you get a marriage of both solid form and function to build a great and well-designed portfolio with an entirely solid WordPress theme.

The WordPress theme is packaged with 35 layouts to kickstart your website. This means you won’t be spoiled for choice when building your very own image galleries

As for functionality, Phoxy backs up already well-made design with almost all the needed for a portfolio. You can customize any of its pre-built configurations using the bundled Visual Composer page builder plugin, and you also get access to advanced custom modules for even more features. All this is responsive to any mobile device that accesses the site.

Your portfolio will lead the discussion when pitching work to clients, so your theme needs to be ready to really reel them in; something that Phoxy does very well.

Check out this theme’s product page and preview!

16. Wizard – Fullpage Portfolio WordPress Theme

Wizard - Fullpage Portfolio WordPress Theme

Wizard is a great full page WordPress theme for portfolio and image gallery sites alike.

6 unique and distinct homepage styles are presented to you and freely adaptable to your specific needs. Stylish galleries may be used to accentuate your images in very stunning layouts and all manner of positions on your pages. The dark and light panels also exude elegance and a sense of compositional unity all throughout the site. Dynamic text and optional auto-scrolling makes navigation across the website an intuitive and enjoyable experience.

Photography-specific features available on Wizard include incredibly versatile portfolio grids that let you click on any image within and enlarge them. Segmenting works into different categories for a multi modal creative is also possible too. Organise them by client, date, and link them to your shopping cart so customers can easily purchase them as well.

Take a gander at its page and demo!

17. Flora – Responsive Creative WordPress Theme

Flora - Responsive Creative WordPress Theme

Flora is a more playfully creative WordPress theme that synergises very well with creative fields and websites in a very fun and fullscreen configuration.

This WordPress theme is a lot brighter and more whimsical than the others. It ships with some very interesting animations such as a Pacman-reminiscent one that appears as the demo loads up. It’s a very visually engaging bit of design genius, a rather comical thing to watch play out to make the site even more memorable to the user.

You’ll also have various elements to customise your website however you may want to. Ten different heading types let you set the tone from the top. Vertical and horizontal menu tabs may even adopt some very cute icons too. Page elements such as text are even broken into modules organised into grids or vertical layouts. When visitors highlight, click, or hover over modules, the site even responds to their interaction by playing set animations too.

If you’re a creative with work to show off, the portfolio options are there for you to toy with as well. They feature sticky navigation headers as well as an infinite scrolling portfolio slotted into a grid. The images may even link to specially made project pages that expound on said projects and cases, even accommodating meta tags, explanation of the produced deliverables, and even suggest and link to other projects in the portfolio as well where relevant.

So learn get more info on Flora here or look through the demo

18. Koral – Multi-Concept WordPress Theme

Koral - Multi-Concept WordPress Theme

The WordPress theme Koral features a huge fullscreen canvas with an eye-catching design for your site.

This is a multipurpose theme suitable for blogs, e-commerce stores, business sites, and more. This WordPress theme comes with a huge library of demos that can be easily installed. To customize your website, make use of the packaged WP Bakery Page Builder plugin to edit the dozens of configurations provided. An administrative panel also provides unlimited colour choices, social media integration, multiple blog and header layouts, and plenty of additional customisation options.

You’ll also receive Revolution Slider, Cube Portfolio, and a whopping 300 slider presets and portfolio layouts. This theme supports mega menus, provides a dedicated ‘Under Construction’ page, and includes nine Contact Form 7 modules. Plus, it’s WooCommerce ready to kickstart all manner of digital commerce activities on your own fullscreen website

So why not give this theme a try and visit its page and preview!

19. Grand Photography WordPress

Grand Photography WordPress

Grand Photography is a fullscreen WordPress theme that sets out to offer plenty of different flexible and versatile galleries for your site’s images and featured works.

With Grand Photography, your site receives 140 gallery and layout styles to pick and choose from. The theme includes layouts plenty of unique of portfolio pages, blogs, and even contact sections to help clients get in touch with you. However, design-wise it isn’t all too flashy though it does serve to truly spotlight your works over its general layout.

With parallax effects for images and videos, the WordPress theme really makes use of the digital real estate it has to truly produce a visually engaging experience that centres your works first and foremost. The WooCommerce plugin is also fully supported, which makes it solid platform to monetizing your work. It even lets you set up one-click purchase links to streamline the purchases and sales.

You’ll want to shortlist this theme is you think that you’ll need a balance of both portfolio functionality as well as commerce features to carry out business and sales.

Look through the theme page and preview now!

20. Burst – Creative Design Agency

Burst - Creative Design Agency

Burst is a stunning fullscreen WordPress theme characterised by bright colour schemes, good design, and great home pages.

The WordPress theme’s live preview showcases all that makes this theme distinct from others, showcasing really flashy colours with spectacular layouts to give your website a bold, memorable look. Sixteen demos provide you with an abundance of layouts to create a portfolio that truly matches your talent in any way you want. Slick scrolling animations will maintain viewer engagement, custom sidebars to make elegant menus and even galleries of all kinds. While dark and light themes are accentuated with bright splashes of colour.

Burst has a layout for just about any kind of niche. A simple grid setup makes it easy to show off your portfolio, a branding section is great for agencies and other businesses to leave a lasting impact on visitors, and integration with Google Maps makes it easy for customers get to wherever your base of operations are. For creatives with a more bright and peppy aesthetic, Burst is a wonderful fullscreen WordPress theme that matches that visual identity.

So why not read more about what the theme can offer you here or try out its preview now!

21. Blacksilver | Photography Theme for WordPress

Blacksilver | Photography Theme for WordPress

Get your website and images displayed in a very cool and flashy WordPress theme like Blacksilver today!

This fullscreen WordPress theme features 10 plug-and-play demos ready to be installed at the click of a button. Each of them are adorned with a great variety of different fullscreen gallery spreads, but are very visually distinct from each other. Make your portfolio even more special and personalised with customisation options for menus, typography and even colour schemes. Blacksilver also offers some very cool and modern lightbox and transition effects that add a fair bit of visual flair

There’s plenty more under the hood too. Blacksilver enables you to add filters to your images for fast processing and categorisation. Lazy-loading ensures that any large photo galleries can be loaded without taking too much time or power. Make password-protected pages for works that may be linked to clients for their perusal and proofing. Plus, with WooCommerce you have everything you need to make the site a platform to sell work.

Learn more about Blacksilver here and on its preview!

22. Whizz Photography WordPress

Whizz Photography WordPress

With a fullscreen WordPress theme, you want to bring your visuals to the forefront over all other site elements, and Whizz ensures that this can come to fruition.

This WordPress theme ships with over 46 photography demos showcasing a solid selection of full-screen galleries. However, they’re largely similar in overall look of the image layouts, so the key distinguishing factor to watch out for is the menu bars provided. The theme includes minimalist menus, stylish sidebars, and more, depending on how much room you want them to occupy and how well they may complement the visual theme of images you’ll be featuring.

Plus, the WordPress theme even lets you make private galleries full of images and PDFs. Clients can approve work directly from there and even submit feedback and revision requests as allotted by you. If you’re a photographer familiar with Adobe Lightroom as well, you’ll be happy to know that the theme is compatible with it too so you can update revised work seamlessly on your end. This WordPress theme ensures you get a site that not only boosts engagement and visibility, but also adds value to your overall workflow as well.

Get more info here and take the demo out for a spin!

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