Managing a hotel can be very time-consuming and busy process, so much so that making a website for one might feel like a chore. However, in this digital age, a welcoming site that is easy to use can tip the scales between a bustling hotel versus empty lobbies.

Worry not, as a good WordPress theme with quick and easy design options for your hotel website can help you build a solid site. You will also need to get a hold of functional WordPress plugins. Ones that help with your day-to-day functions like an events calendar plugin as well as a booking management plugin covers the foundations a hotel site will want.

Looking for the right WordPress theme takes time, but with this article we hope to make your search as smooth as possible! So browse this list of some of the best hotel WordPress themes and get started on designing your hotel’s website!

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1. Luxe – Hotel WordPress Theme

Luxe - Hotel WordPress Theme

Hotel Luxe is a stylish WordPress theme that can help you stand out among the myriad of hotels, bed and breakfasts, and all manner of competition you’re contending against in the hospitality industry.

As you look through Luxe’s live preview, you can really see how well its designers considered its intended users. It is styled for higher end and luxurious establishments, but more humble locales will also enjoy the great layouts in this theme.

The layouts may also be adjusted to your needs, and you may even make new ones using the packaged Visual Composer plugin. You’ll also gain access to a variety of colours, header styles, fonts, and other customisable options to really make a site that shows off the personality of your hotel. Luxe even comes with a built-in booking system to help manage customers’ reservations and payments from anywhere and anytime.

While built and designed for a place that might appeal to those with finer tastes, this WordPress theme comes in at a modest $59 without skimping on any functionality. A great fit if you want your hotel website to look good at an affordable price.

Get a peek at its page and preview!

2. TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

TheGem - Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

Though TheGem presents itself as a versatile and multipurpose WordPress theme, it maintains a high standard of quality and quantity fit for your hotel establishment.

The 80 visually distinct homepage demos are brilliantly designed to suit whatever industry they’re used in. Its hotel demo shows exactly that, boasting the theme’s adaptability to different needs and purposes.

For visual design, a hotel website needs to impress prospective guests. In that regard, this WordPress theme offers an abundance of options, including eight navigation choices in addition to a myriad of pre-made layouts with +60 elements to supplement them. All this is easily customised with the bundled Visual Composer plugin

TheGem packs a solid set of elements to make your hotel website truly visually engaging. Make use of elements such as Layer Slider, Slider Revolution, and NivoSlider to generate stunning image carousels of all your facilities and luxurious rooms. You can even apply effects such as infinite scrolling, parallax backgrounds, and animations to your various page elements.

In the field of functionality, features come in no short supply. TheGem bears valuable plugins for contact forms, pricing tables, and Google Maps. Calendars and room booking functions are, unfortunately, not available with this theme but may be installed very seamlessly through other plugins.

So if you want a beautiful yet fairly functional foundation to build your hotel website, TheGem is a great theme to kickstart the process.

Look through its product page and live preview now!

3. Calluna – Hotel WordPress Theme

Calluna - Hotel WordPress Theme

Hotel Calluna is a beautiful WordPress theme for any luxury hospitality establishment.

Its stylish and elegant style is also simple and almost minimalist, showcasing a gorgeous layout to convince customers to book a stay in your locale. The theme comes in 3 different and unique styles catering to hotels both luxurious and economical, as well as adventure resorts. The bundle of premium plugins Master Slider and Visual Composer ($54 when purchased separately) also ensure that you can build the site according to your own terms too.

The AWE Booking Engine packaged within also simplifies the process of reserving rooms in your hotel or booking services like massages and spa treatments. It also ensures you can easily manage payments and reservations entirely online. If you’re managing all kinds of events (like weddings or yoga classes), avoid scheduling clashes with an easily updated events calendar to show customers when they may or may not be able to book. Why not throw in some offers or discounted packages as well to incentivise customers to pick your fine establishment over others too?

The all-rounded Mega Menu also ensures navigation is simple, accommodating the various pages you want to build. Further distinguish your brand’s visual identity with the different styles made available too. Finally, the gallery feature presents all your hotel rooms and facilities in gorgeous high resolution.

So if you want to build an impressive hotel website, check out the theme page and its live demo!

4. Hotel Leisure WordPress Theme

Hotel Leisure WordPress Theme

Hotel Leisure is an opulent and ornate WordPress theme for hotels – all while being customisable from its font to colour scheme to encompass whatever the scope of your hotel’s identity may be.

Boot up the live demo, and you’ll be treated to a site that both looks great and showcases a seamless user experience.

While on the higher end in terms of price ($59), the range of premium features and plugins justify grabbing this theme for yourself.  Visual Composer and Slider Revolution are among said plugins, each costing $33 and $18 respectively. The former of the two makes side building a lot more easy if you’re not experienced in the ways of site management and design. Make the site personalised to your hospitality brand to communicate a sense of style and professionalism with Visual Composer’s various customisation features.

Your site will even look beautiful on mobile devices due to the theme’s responsive coding. Not to mention the form functions made to handle bookings of all types. As an interesting added bonus, you’ll even get a weather plugin (that looks as great as the rest of the site) that’ll update clients of weather conditions relevant to whatever hotel or resort activity that they’ll be undertaking; and really tells a lot about the care the designers put into this stunning theme to really tailor it to whatever needs a hotel or any leisure and hospitality industry establishment needs.

Distinct and incredibly good-looking, this WordPress theme is a good fit for a luxurious establishment while meeting all your design needs of your hotel website. It’s even a solid supplement to country clubs, spas, gold clubs and similar luxury sites too.

Let yourself really see what Leisure has to offer on its page and preview!

5. Hotel Xenia – Resort & Booking WordPress Theme

Hotel Xenia - Resort & Booking WordPress Theme

Hotel Xenia is a captivating WordPress theme that has your back for all your hotel and resort website needs

Spending time away from work and sipping away at cool drinks out on a sunny day – everyone loves the idea of a holiday. However, your client’s key issue will be picking out what they think is a worthwhile place to stay. Your site, being their first spot to learn more about your hotel will be paramount in determining if these potential customers will become returning customers, so a charming and gorgeous site is needed to help pull them in!

Xenia boasts an image-heavy and sleek look ideal your hotel website. Supported by Bootstrap, You’ll get everything needed to distinguish your site and business from the rest. Make use of video backgrounds to showcase videos and previews of your facilities and amenities. Booking is even a pleasant experience with the very good-looking booking and contact pages. Open your doors to global guest regardless of their language too with WPML’s multilingual options.

This WordPress theme offers all you need to build a hotel website empowered with plenty of well-made plugins and functions.

So take a gander at its theme page and live demo to learn more.

6. Iver – Modern Hotel Theme

Iver - Modern Hotel Theme

If you’re running a hipper and funkier hotel with modern design sensibilities, build a site that fits your brand with Iver!

Hotels come in all kinds of shapes. You’ve seen grand and traditional vintage designs and even the more modern and down to earth bet-&-breakfasts popularised in recent years. there’s usually something for everybody. All the themes so far cater to these groups, but for the more unconventional and modern brands, Iver is a WordPress theme that’s here for you.

Initial impressions might harken thoughts of some kind go modern art portfolio as you browse the very contemporary and image-rich live preview. Trendy urban and metropiltan-influenced hotels can definitely match this style very well, and is also good if your hotel’s selling point is a visually distinct look and feel, accommodating image spreads of your rooms and services.

Beyond just look snazzy, this WordPress theme has built-in functions that are both intuitive and seamless with the overall aesthetic. Booking forms and room lists are both available to use in this package, providing a solid customer experience that will leave a great impression on patrons.

This WordPress theme is definitely great for establishments that want to cater to modern trends, so do take some time to look at its page and demo.

7. Hotel WordPress Theme | Sailing

Hotel WordPress Theme | Sailing

Sailing is an incredibly functional and mobile-ready WordPress theme for a classy and well-performing hotel site.

We’ve mentioned this previously in the introduction, but we cannot stress enough that a robust online booking feature is paramount in any hotel website. And Sailing ensures you don’t miss out on that with the TP Hotel Booking plugin. It is ensures that you can easily and intuitively manage all matters related to booking rooms like booking itself, types of rooms, building capacity, coupons and discounts, payment and more. You even receive a reporting module to export site data to that may be employed to optimise hotel operations

Change up this elegant WordPress theme’s design quickly and simply by using its drag & drop interface. Layouts, colours and fonts can all be changed in a few clicks to create gorgeous pages and layouts. Parallax effects provides additional visual depth to really make your hotel and resort website look even classier. Plus, the bonus social media sharing shortcode and search engine optimization functions provide a leg up over your competitors as well.

What are you waiting for? Build a fancy and feature-rich hotel website and get this WordPress theme from its product page now, or browse its preview!

 8. Hotello – Hotel WP Theme

Hotello - Hotel WP Theme

Hotello will help you net all the traffic you need without paying off other platforms like Airbnb or Trivago; protecting your profits and building a stylish hotel website at the same time.

Look through and choose between layouts built for a range of different visual preferences. As an add-on, you also get a Coming Soon page that some establishments have employed to lure visitors by building intrigue and anticipation for your accommodations and upcoming additions to your brand.

That’s not all, as this WordPress theme also has plenty of user-focused functions to make their interactions with your establishment as smooth and pleasant as can be. Hotello comes equipped with a fine booking form that could even be added to your home page, together with a very useful weather plugin that can integrate with the site header.

All in all, these thoughtful features and functionality coupled with a rather pleasant design makes for a great WordPress theme for your hotel or any other hospitality industry brand. We recommend checking out Hotello’s theme page and testing its demo!

9. Soho Hotel Booking Calendar

Hotello - Hotel WP Theme

Soho Hotel’s visual design exudes luxury and class, placing it high on our list of WordPress themes for classy and high-end hotel and resort website. The high contrast near-monochromatic colour scheme is elegant with the pastel gold accenting alongside the beautiful serif fonts used. The whole theme really oozes a strong personality; a boon if that’s what you want in your hotel’s website.

This WordPress theme features a full screen slider with overlaid text; which may all be shifted around with the premium Slider Revolution packaged with this theme. A fair amount of consideration was definitely put into the appearance of Soho, appearing simple and neat while organising all the necessary content and text stylishly.

Booking is simple with the theme too. Set all manner of features like pricing tables for certain times of the year, slating dates that cannot accommodate bookings, indicating hotel capacity for clients, and even send personalised messages to clients based on the email they registered upon booking.

So, if you want a simple but effective theme for your hotel website, learn more about Soho here or through its demo.

10. Hotel Booking

Hotel Booking

Hotel Booking offers a mix of both beautiful visual form and in-depth functionality in a WordPress theme made for your hotel website.

Keeping occupancy high necessitates a robust booking system on any hotel and resort website. Otherwise, a booking experience that is difficult to navigate is a detriment to both user experience and your business – all things Hotel Booking can help you avoid.

This WordPress theme also provides various demos, all perfect for any brand featuring luxurious and leisurely accommodations. Display multiple frames and shots of your suites, prices for different services and packages, occupancy limits, and ratings & testimonials.

Guests will also be able to use this WordPress theme’s room filtering function to look through the various suites on offer, and can even filter through things like package deals in addition to all of that! Connected to platforms such as Booking, Airbnb, and Hostel World? Plugins packaged into the theme integrate bookings with those sites so that you can even draw in customers through other platforms as well; though do keep in mind the various platform fees and policies when signing on to them.

Get all the features necessary to starting up a hotel website with this well designed WordPress theme by checking out Hotel Booking’s Themeforest page and its live demo as well!

11. Book Your Travel – Online Booking WordPress Theme

Book Your Travel - Online Booking WordPress Theme

Book Your Travel is more oriented towards companies such as travel and booking agencies; presenting as more of a portal for all manner of leisure activity bookings. However, we would be remiss to leave it out despite that as it features as good set of functions for booking places to stay for things like the recently popular staycations at locations like bed and breakfasts or guest homes. Do note, however, that this is still a travel agency theme first and that you may need to get other functions through plugins and fiddle with layouts to make it match a traditional hotel site layout like the rest of the themes here.

Otherwise, this WordPress theme manages a fair range of things related to room booking such as room type, accommodations, cruises, tours, resort booking, and activity/location details. It even manages reviews and testimonials so you can find out where you may need to improve certain parts of your business. And even with all these factors being juggled in tandem, Book Your Travel manages to stay an all-rounded theme to build a hotel site with great booking functionality.

Why not read through its theme page and preview to get a better feel?

12. KALLYAS – Creative eCommerce Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

KALLYAS - Creative eCommerce Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Kallyas could be the theme for your luxurious hotel, or any particular kind of hospitality establishment touting all manner of leisure activities and services to put a smile on any vacationer faces.

While largely multipurpose, you do get two pre-fabricated hotel demos that may be installed onto your hotel website with but a single click. They feature elegant and stylish designs full off pleasant animations. You get sections to showcase your resort’s features, the suites your establishment has, share image galleries form platforms like Instagram, and bunches of other features!

This WordPress theme offers nigh every feature needed to run a hotel digitally. You get to access a bundled premium reservation plugin for clients to quickly and smoothly reserve a room or venue for any kind of event. What’s more, Kallyas comes with Zion custom page builder (a premium one if we might add), which gives the reigns on site customisation to really model the site after whatever vision you see fit.

Overall, if you’re running a high-end resort, classy hotel or even a space to rent out for vacationers, Kallyas offers a well-made WordPress theme full of visual flair and great functionality.

We find that this theme is a solid choice and is well worth checking out here and on its demo!

 13. FiveStar – Hotel Booking Theme

FiveStar - Hotel Booking Theme

The FiveStar Hotel WordPress theme shows off a rather contemporary appeal with a variety of ways for you to showcase your business.

When customers are looking online for a hotel experience, they’re assessing more than just amenities and prices. Ambience is important to them as well. Thus, save for actually going to your hotel (which is going to be hard for overseas clients), the site is going to be  the only place that they can assess just that.

FiveStar is very adaptable and is suitable for any type of hospitality business. If you’re running a hotel for tourists, apartment complex for backpackers or a resort for the vacationer, this WordPress theme helps you build a site to supplement all manner of hospitality business. You get six different home page layouts coupled with a sizeable collection of inner pages. Present your rooms in a variety of appealing ways, and let customers make reservations on the spot with this WordPress theme’s integrated resort and hotel booking system.

On top of that, this theme includes a number of portfolio and image gallery options. They are all fully customisable and seamlessly mesh with the overall appearance of this more contemporary WordPress theme

Build your site for a hotel, apartment, or resort now by checking out FiveStar’s page and demo!

14. Hotel + Bed and Breakfast Booking Calendar Theme | Bellevue

Hotel + Bed and Breakfast Booking Calendar Theme | Bellevue

Bellevue is an exceedingly customizable WordPress theme packaged together with its very own page builder and various of colour settings to play with to build your hotel website.

WooCommerce and WPML are both integrated into the theme alongside a booking system and availability calendar.

Bellevue ships with a host of add-ons to fulfill various site purposes. Pick and choose from multiple icons, shortcodes, Master Slider Responsive Touch Swipe Slider plugin ($20) and the premium WP Booking System plugin ($34). Pre-built forms are also packaged with Bellevue. Visuals and images look good on any device and resolution as well with its retina-ready and fully responsive coding.

The included parallax effects for showcased images both look good and mesh with the site layout, and the masonry blog style helps present posts in a space-efficient layout. The weather widget is another very useful piece of functionality to report local weather conditions very nicely.

Read more about this WordPress theme’s details here and see its demo here.

15. Hotel Master Booking WordPress

Hotel Master Booking WordPress

Hotel Master looks to include almost everything you need out of the box in a compact WordPress theme to build your hotel website around.

Layouts in Hotel Master are created with a built-in drag-and-drop page builder, with multiple specially selected Google Fonts and colour pallets to change the look of the site up. A custom booking and room manager is also provided from the WordPress dashboard, allowing you to do things such as reflect seasonal pricing options and settle payments through different means. The overall style of this theme is a little more modern than the more standard classy themes in this list, but the adaptability all ensures that you can tip the current aesthetic of the theme towards other visual styles as well.

This WordPress theme is a rather good choice for your hotel’s website. If you want a robust booking system and comprehensive design options, Hotel Master’s great in that respect.

Read through this theme’s page and demo!

16. Alloggio – Hotel Booking Theme

Alloggio is made specifically to help alleviate the struggle of managing bookings by smoothing out the scheduling process and displaying all relevant details clearly.

Alloggio includes pre-built layouts for all manner of booking and stay options. Whether your site is for bed and breakfasts, hotels, motels, hostels, and more. Room lists and single-room feature layouts take out all the fuss over generating self-made custom post types or having to make the default content options work for whatever structure you need.

Most importantly, Alloggio comes with a built-in booking system. Forget all about buying your own or installing extra plugins with this WordPress theme to start accepting customers’ reservations. Synergising this booking system alongside WooCommerce comes together to create a very user-friendly booking process.

If these are up to your specifications and you want to see what else Alloggio has to offer here and here.

17. Starhotel – Hotel WordPress Theme

Starhotel - Hotel WordPress Theme

Starhotel is a WordPress theme at the service of anyone running higher-end and larger hospitality establishments like premium resorts and luxurious hotels.

Sit back as this theme helps you run a hotel website with a fleshed out booking system. This theme is built to help deal with bookings for huge numbers of rooms and facilities; or even activities if your resort offers spa packages and the like. You can layout the features of your different types of suites such as prices and amenities alongside a quick booking button to make the booking process even smoother. You might even let visitors learn more about your facilities with individual room pages, and various facility pictures.

The WordPress theme is packaged with the WP Bakery page builder plugin on top of a myriad of custom shortcodes designed for hotels and related establishments. Custom post formats to catalogue suites and room types also aid in the very fast publishing of new services and places to be booked.

To sum up, Starhotel is a straightforward theme that can help you manage a large number of rooms and take booking off your hands, so get a better idea of what the theme offers on its product page and live demo.

18. Hotel Zante

Hotel Zante

Hotel Zante, named after a Greek vacation destination island and evoking all manner of tropical vacation ideas is a very nice WordPress theme for any kind of vacation getaway.

From the get go, you’ll receive a gallery of demos to try out and see how well they fit your hotel’s brand. Each and every one of them were made using the WPBakery Page Builder plugin that also comes packaged in the theme, allowing you to very easily change these pre-made layouts, or generate completely novel ones as well.

This theme includes plenty of other features as well, such as an in-depth and well-designed booking form; vital to customers’ user experience so that booking is smooth, fast and leaves a good impression on them. If you want, this form may be displayed prominently on the home page to encourage quick and easy reservation of rooms.

The general aesthetic of Zante is rather minimalist but still maintains a strong sense of style without distracting from whatever images of your facilities you’re using to show off your hotel.

Check it out now on its theme page and preview!

18. Kalium – Creative Multipurpose Theme for WordPress and WooCommerce

Kalium - Creative Multipurpose Theme for WordPress and WooCommerce

Kalium boasts top-notch loading speeds and translation-ready content to keep your WordPress-supported hotel website accessible to all audiences

This WordPress theme showcases a solid sense of design. Together with the WPBakery Page Builder plugin, as well as the many advanced customization options such as a comprehensive font library, header and footer choices, multitudes of icons and more, you can make your own site that looks radically different from the base form of the theme.

Kalium is also particularly great at hosting visual content. It can host adaptive images and video thumbnails among other media content types. Develop your own novel types of posts with the provided tools as well if you need to feature other things in new frameworks and layouts.

A multipurpose WordPress theme like this is very versatile and customisable, enabling the generation of your very own ideal hotel website to suit your needs. The many handy features and plugins that come bundled with this solution make it an excellent choice for any business in the hospitality industry.

So browse Kalium’s page and its demo!

19. Hoteller – Hotel Booking WordPress

Hoteller - Hotel Booking WordPress

Hoteller as a WordPress theme gives you an edge in the hospitality business so you can stand out over your brand’s competitors and strut the best parts of your business.

Browsing the various demos packaged within might make you worry that this theme is more for high-end big budget hotels; and might not fit your own visual identity for your establishment. However, worry not as the4 theme ensures that it has plenty of options to change so it may match any particular kind of style that your establishment may have.

In fact, over 300 customisation choices are provided with the theme, helping you adapt the site to your overall design ideas and visual identity set for your business. Hoteller also includes an incredible well-designed and fleshed out booking system. With this solid piece of coding here, make sure your customers can simply and quickly book their rooms with no fuss or worry involved. So if you want to get yourself a theme that gives you free reign over the appearance of your website and to showcase what makes your establishment unique, Hoteller is worth a closer look.

Take some time to learn more on Hoteller’s page and preview!

20. Gast – Hotel WordPress

Gast - Hotel WordPress

With Gast, you get to have a WordPress theme that is more compatible with more cozy and homely hotels and bed-and-breakfasts.

Plenty of the designs you’ve browsed through so far may have skewed more classy and posh; and that might not be for everyone. That’s fine, not every design suits all manner of businesses. So for something more down-to-earth, this theme fits that niche pretty well

Gast utilises a design that breaks its page elements into blocks or cards with simple hover animations organise media showcasing all your rooms and properties. Display descriptions, ratings, and prices very quickly for customers to briefly look through before they choose what packages and suites they may want. Individual room pages also let you detail whatever amenities, reviews, and full-width images you want to tell them more about what they get to have with each type of room made available.

The packaged room management and booking plugin takes out the need for sourcing for a reliable third-party plugin, saving costs on buying separate premium plugins all on your own. With WooCommerce, you may set up almost any payment method you want to take as well in order to manage bookings digitally and seamlessly.

With a great set of features for unique hotels that allow you to settle payment directly with guests, you can make a pretty great hotel site very easily. If you like the sound of this, you’ll want to check out Gast’s page and live demo!

Should you frequently need access to a variety of premium plugins, themes, logos, video footage and audio files to power up your WordPress site, do also check out envato elements‘ unlimited subscription plan starting from just $16.50/month.


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