No one has ever become poor by giving.

Anne Frank

In a world plagued with inequalities and unequal distribution of resources, establishments promoting humanitarian aid have been the backbone of humanity for centuries. These are the people working earnestly to care and provide for others trapped in the bottom rungs of society and it is during tragedies that awareness toward charities and nonprofit organizations get accelerated. 

According to a 2020 Reuters report, Americans have been giving to charities like never before amid the pandemic. Increasingly, people are determined to provide relief in a time where society is at a standstill. As beacons of hope, charities and nonprofit organizations have been stepping up efforts in managing resources, allocating manpower, reaching out to beneficiaries, and the likes. Therefore, having a website catering to various stakeholders will facilitate any form of transactions and interactions easily. If you are a charity or nonprofit organization looking to start up a website on Joomla, this is the perfect post for you.

We have searched the internet and compiled the 11 best Joomla templates for any charity and nonprofit organizations. These templates are largely humanitarian and environmental centric, but, can be customized to fit any nonprofit enterprise. Whatever your cause, you’ll surely have your interest piqued. 

Finding a Good Joomla Template 

A good website can be split into 4 basic requirements: Organization and Structure, Simple Navigation and Design. 

Good websites are well organized and follow a structure. They are clean, professional, and built around a target audience and market. A good organizational structure makes a website accessible and user-friendly. Site visitors will be able to better navigate and find the content on your site. As a charity or nonprofit, is it important that you know the stakeholders you want to reach out to and structure your content accordingly.

Next, successful websites need to offer simple and user-friendly navigation. Visitors should be able to find everything they need in a short amount of time. It is therefore important to include an intuitive navigation bar or mega menu for your website. This will also allow for better organization of content. Charities and nonprofits need to make their website as accessible to the public as possible.

Having a visually stunning website design will also make your site memorable. Your website should encompass your brand and take into account the user’s experience. Hence, it is highly important to design a website that is responsive and legible.

With these in mind, the Joomla templates we are about to recommend for charities and nonprofit organizations can all be labelled as “good” websites that will benefit you regardless of the sector you are in. If you are pressed for time, find our top 3 personal recommendation at the bottom of this post. 

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1. WeHelp – Charity, Non-profit, fundraising Joomla Template

WeHelp - Charity, Non-profit, fundraising Joomla Template

WeHelp is a modern Joomla template built especially for Charities, NGOs, Non-Profit Organizations, Foundations, Campaign and Event Donations, Religion, or as a fundraising website.

Built with the Helix Ultimate Framework and the SP Page Builder tool, WeHelp is a highly responsive and easy to customize template offering donations buttons, user accounts and a blogging extension. Provide your stakeholders with a taste of something contemporary through a trendy homepage slider detailing your cause(s). 

With 3 homepage variations to choose from, customization is also highly supported when it comes to the template’s layouts, fonts, and icons. Other features that might be of interest to your organization could be WeHelp’s integrated photo gallery or responsive video support in showcasing the nature of your organization and portfolio of past works. Potential volunteers and investors will appreciate the visuals provided by your charity or nonprofit to get a better idea of what you stand for. If this template is to your liking, simply import and fill in the information of the charity or nonprofit you represent. 

WeHelp - Charity, Non-profit, fundraising Joomla Template

Retailing at $29, this fresh-looking Joomla template is 1 of 12 options that is easier on your wallet but will still provide the essentials for your charity or nonprofit organization. Getting this template will include author support, answers to any technical questions, assistance with reported bugs or issues, and help with 3rd party assets. Please note that customization and installation services are not provided. 

View more information or click into the live preview.

2. Weestand – Nonprofit, Charity, NGO Fundraising Joomla Template

Weestand - Nonprofit, Charity, NGO Fundraising Joomla Template

Weestand is another charity or nonprofit Joomla template that is well-suited for campaigns, projects, causes, donation system, non-profit events, fundraising, crowdfunding, and the likes. Built using the Helix Ultimate Framework, TZ Portfolio+ and SP Page Builder, this template is easy to edit and make amendments to.   

With 2 homepage layouts proven by us to be fully responsive and mobile-friendly, acquaint your visitors with your organization, cause(s) and the funds you’ve raised thus far. Owing to the template’s fixed navigation bar, easily allow stakeholders to travel between pages or make a donation at their convenience.   

Apart from the template’s customization opportunities, this multipurpose template comes with 49 Addons Page builder, 600 Google Fonts, and a variety of custom codes. If you have plans on dabbling in eCommerce, the template is also compatible with J2store, one of the best Joomla extension for online shops. 

A QuickInstall zip has also been included should you get the template and wish to set up your website on the same day. Access an array of extensions, plugins, and configurations on top of your purchased template. A Drag & Drop feature also provides you with the ease of website editing so that you may tailor the site according to your brand’s colors and purpose.   

Weestand - Nonprofit, Charity, NGO Fundraising Joomla Template

This Joomla template retails at $48 if you need a website for your charity or nonprofit organization.

Access more information or see the preview.

3. Environ – Non profit and Environment Joomla Template

Environ - Non profit and Environment Joomla Template

Environ is a Joomla template perfected to promote your environmental projects or any nonprofit green product businesses. Built with the Helix Ultimate Framework and SP Page Builder, this template is proven to be fully responsive and compatible across various browsers. 

If your charity or nonprofit is in the environment, this green Joomla template is perfect for you. However, if you are in another sector but find yourself liking its layout and features, purchasing this theme is also viable. Easily customize this template to fit your charity or nonprofit through the various tools available. For environmental nonprofits, features such as a blog function and project pages will keep you on top of your game in standing out among the rest. 

Environ also comes equipped with a Unite Slider extension priced at $29. This, with various other extensions, will make your editing process highly enjoyable and full of choices. As a charity or nonprofit, it is good to establish a solid brand for yourself that can be felt through your website. This will ensure you stay memorable and prompt donations from various stakeholders.    

Environ - Non profit and Environment Joomla Template

This well-documented template for charities or nonprofits is priced at $39, another one to consider if investing in a website is not the highest priority. 

Read up more information or go to the preview

4. Humanity – Nonprofit, Charity, NGO Fundraising Joomla Template

Humanity - Nonprofit, Charity, NGO Fundraising Joomla Template

Humanity is a Joomla template created for charities and non-profit organizations. Included with a variety of features, the template is marketed to be fully responsive and designed with a strong focus on the smartphone and tablet experience.

Included with a Drag & Drop Layout Builder and Page Builder Pro, Humanity is an easy-to-use template that supports customization with just a few clicks. Simply drag and amend elements to your heart’s content. The template is also based on a popular Joomla T3 Framework which allows for real-time theme customization and a flexible layout system. Should your charity or nonprofit intend to sell products, a J2Store extension comes inclusive of the template for setting up an eCommerce business.

K2, an award-winning blogging extension is also integrated for easy dissemination of information to your stakeholders. Reports and findings can also be posted as educative blog materials paired with call-to-action buttons for donations. Additionally, the template is designed with the intention to increase your online presence, and Humanity might be a great choice to draw visitors and potential sponsors to your causes.  

Humanity - Nonprofit, Charity, NGO Fundraising Joomla Template

This Joomla template retails for $48 and would come as a great addition to your charity or organization.

Get more information or see the live preview. 

5. Charity Nonprofit Multipage Joomla Template

Charity Nonprofit Multipage Joomla Template

As the name suggests, Charity is a modern and sleek Joomla template crafted especially for charities and nonprofit organizations. Choose from 4 layouts offering image, slider, countdown, or video as the hooker of your homepage to reel in attention. Built with Bootstrap, Charity offers an interface that is highly responsive and mobile-centric for the majority of users. 

It is also well-equipped with a mega menu consisting of the pages that you’ll likely need for your organization. Next to the menu is an attractive call-to-action donate button for convenience and quick accessibility. Charity comes with 5 demos and over 40 HTML pages so rest assured that nothing will be left to the imagination in your visualizing process. 

Demos for the “causes”, “event”, and “portfolio” pages have been provided as essential elements that your charity or nonprofit will require. Utilize these pages to establish reliability and credibility in your work as this will generate and drive donations in the long run.  

Charity Nonprofit Multipage Joomla Template

If you are looking for a smart and modern-looking website for your organization, you can consider getting Charity for $29. You are in for a lifetime supply of updates and a 6 month support from the author upon purchase.

Check out more information or access the live preview.

6. Charity – Nonprofit, Fundraising Joomla Template

Charity - Nonprofit, Fundraising Joomla Template

Also named Charity, this yellow template is a clean and modern Joomla template created specifically for NGOs and non-profit agencies. Boasting a range of cutting-edge and outstanding features, this template promises to make your website appear amazing, attractive and impressive.  

Packed with 15 Jollyany prebuilt page layouts, setting up a website would require little to no time should you decide on this template. Be spoilt for choice as you are given 5 options for homepages focusing on different aspects of an organization. Take your time to view them if there are matters of your company you would like to prioritize. Beautiful pages for your organization’s causes, a gallery, blog, community, shop, contact and testimonials have been designed which provides a great overview of the template.

You’ll also save over $100 on premium extensions with Charity, which includes popular Joomla plugins such as the SP Page Builder, Unite Slider Revolution, TZ Portfolio+, Astroid Framework, and HikaShop. Furthermore, the template supports style for EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss, and EasySocial, giving you all you need for your charity or nonprofit organization. 

Charity - Nonprofit, Fundraising Joomla Template

Get this template for $59 if Charity impressed you like it did for us.

Read up on more information or see it previewed live.

7.  Recycling – Nonprofit / Environmental Joomla Template

Recycling - Nonprofit / Environmental Joomla Template

Recycling is another Joomla template intended to promote your environmental projects or your green products business. Built with HTML 5, CSS3, and the Helix Ultimate Framework, Recycling is a template worth considering if your charity or nonprofit organization is in the environmental or nature sector. The integrated SP Page Builder tool also allows for the highly convenient and code-free Drag & Drop editing function. 

This template comes with 3 homepages and slider variations, giving you the option of choice to select one best fitted to your organization. A strong call-to-action for donation is also the main focus of Recycling. The demo’s use of square boxes gives off an air of professionalism, which is great for those seeking a more corporate website and rallying funds for causes. Effectively display the projects of your nonprofit organization, your volunteer count, and funds collected. Transparency of your company, especially when it comes to charities and nonprofits, will definitely generate trust from your visitors.   

Set up your website quickly with the QuickStart package ready-made for Joomla if this template interests you. Customization options do not pale in comparison to other templates, too. Recycling supports the latest fonts and icons, various layout and positions, and colors for adjustment. Ideally, your website should echo the theme of your organization as closely as possible.  

Recycling - Nonprofit / Environmental Joomla Template

Get your hands on Recycling for $57 and enjoy any future updates and 6-month support from the author. Add another $17 and you’ll be able to extend that support to a year. 

View more information about the theme.

8. Grant – Nonprofit / Charity Joomla template

Grant - Nonprofit / Charity Joomla template

Grant is also a Joomla template designed for various charity or nonprofit organizations. Designed to look professional, provide your website with the corporate legitimacy it needs to bridge your charity or nonprofit organization to potential stakeholders. Pre-built with 3 homepages, draw visitors to your causes through call-to-action buttons, persuasive language, and effective pictures.

Fully responsive and browser compatible, Grant is built with the popular Helix Ultimate Framework and SP Page Builder. Visitors will be provided information on your organization’s contact details and social media links upon loading into the homepage, making their search effortlessly convenient. Additionally, the homepage’s slider can be utilized to showcase the causes your charity or nonprofit organization supports, giving visitors the opportunity to learn more about it or donate.

Grant’s website footer design is also worthy of praise for encapsulating the important details. With this template, you’ll be able to condense your nonprofit organization into a brief overview, coupled with potential educative posts, information about your services, and a gallery at the bottom of the web page. The template’s customization options are also far from disappointing and you will be given enough access to tailor and personalize the template to your heart’s content.

Get this Joomla template for your charity or nonprofit organization if you want a perfect balance of being professional and coming across as approachable. Grant retails at $59, a small amount to pay for its huge benefits.            

Grant - Nonprofit / Charity Joomla template

Check out more information about the theme.

9. Charionsafe Charity Joomla Template

Charionsafe Charity Joomla Template

Charionsafe is a sleek and clean Joomla template tailored for all kinds of charity, nonprofit organizations, fundraising, NGOs, donations, and other welfare projects. Built on the T3 Framework, this template offers 9 homepage demos that are fully responsive in design and comes in light and dark versions. Display your charity or nonprofit organization using this template to give off an impression of stability and reliability. If you provide statistical reports and the likes, consider giving this template a go to facilitate erudite discussions.    

Customization allowances are also impressive with Charionsafe. With 5 mega menu styles and 14 preset color styles, play around with the template’s demo to understand the possibilities before making a purchase. You will also be able to determine the layout of your blog and we highly recommend exploring to pick one that is consistent across your entire website. 

As a charity or nonprofit organization, having an established page for testimonials will undoubtedly boost the reputation of your company. Display testimonials with Charionsafe and showcase your achievements and team of competent volunteers at the same time. A video extension is also integrated into the template should you need to condense information and findings in a short clip.         

Charionsafe Charity Joomla Template

Charionsafe retails at $59 and would do you exceptionally well if your charity or nonprofit organization would like to present a more intellectual stance. Like the other Joomla templates, Charionsafe comes with future updates and 6-month support from the author, who has a 96 average user rating of all author products.

View more information about the theme.

10. “Charity” in Probe – Responsive Multipurpose Joomla Template

Probe - Responsive Multipurpose Joomla Template

“Charity” is 1 of 25 templates in Probe, a multipurpose Joomla template designed for a myriad of purposes. Based on the Helix Framework and built with the SP Page Builder,  this template offers 25 multipage and 30 unique page layouts. Even if you are a charity or nonprofit organization, getting this theme would come with access to all demos. If there are features or elements from other demos that are impressive, easily include them in your own website as well. 

Charity provides everything you’ll need for your charity or nonprofit with extensions that will expand the feature of your website at any time. Easily add a J2Store with extensions for pricing tables should you decide to sell fundraising products at a later time. Additionally, the template is also RTL language supported, retina-ready, and fully responsive across all browsers.

Incite a sense of urgency in your causes and prompt visitors to donate or volunteer with you through a minimally designed but highly effective homepage. If the demo’s orange isn’t your color, simply adjust it to fit the image of your brand through the unlimited color option provided. The template’s parallax scrolling effect will also add the illusion of depth to improve the overall aesthetic of your charity or nonprofit.      

Probe - Responsive Multipurpose Joomla Template

Probe retails at $65, a price worth considering given the template’s many demo layouts. Even if the layout for Charity doesn’t completely impress you, other demos offered by Probe might. You may then proceed to customize whichever demo you have imported to design your charity or nonprofit organization website accordingly. 

Get more information about the theme.

11. BigHeart – Charity Sticky Menu Light Joomla Template

BigHeart - Charity Sticky Menu Light Joomla Template

Last, but not least, BigHeart is a Joomla template designed with a children charity organization in mind. If your charity or nonprofit organization deals with people, this template might be the one for you. Given its customization opportunities, easily adjust this template to suit your type of charity organization if the demo interface attracts you. 

BigHeart employs HTML, Javascript, and Bootstrap in its configuration to bring you a responsive website with advanced theme options and an admin panel. Contact, search, and login forms are also supported to provide your charity or nonprofit website with the essential points of interaction. The newsletter subscription extension will also do you well in reaching out to stakeholders beyond the reach of your website.     

Pre-built pages showcasing the history of your organization and your team will also add value in establishing professionalism and credibility. Joomla modules such as Bootstrap Tabs, Camera Slideshow and Komento have been included to provide your website with top-notch visual possibilities for you and your potential stakeholders. Customization aspects of the template are not lacking with BigHeart as well. 

BigHeart - Charity Sticky Menu Light Joomla Template

This Joomla template is priced at $49 and we recommend BigHeart to any charity or nonprofit organization looking to make a statement with their visitors and potential stakeholders. In your line of work, it is important that you portray the right impression through a capable website.

Access more information on the theme.

Final Words from Us

First, we would like to commend anyone working for a charity and those who dedicate time and effort to nonprofit organizations with dreams of making their causes heard. We understand that there are different considerations for every organization and we have selected templates with extensions that will benefit the majority. If you require specific site features that have not been included in the above templates, we suggest checking out Joomla’s extension page to find something suitable for add. As for the compatibility of your extension with your selected template, we recommend asking the authors before you make a purchase.   

Whether your goal is to draw attention to various causes, foster a community of volunteers or prompt donations, these templates will meet (and hopefully exceed) your expectations. For us here at WP Theme Plugins, we have found 3 outstanding templates that we’d recommend if you are short of time. 

These templates are ranked in no particular order:

Grant has impressed us with its visual appeal and overall feasibility and allowances of the website. Charity is also an attractive choice thanks to its various extensions and customization possibilities. Probe offers an assortment of demos with essential features that we feel is highly worthwhile for both the inexperienced and experienced.    

A 2016 biennial study found that a donor’s primary stated motivations for giving were as follows:

  • Believing in the mission of the organization (54%)
  • Believing that their gift can make a difference (44%)
  • Experiencing personal satisfaction, enjoyment or fulfilment (39%)
  • Supporting the same causes annually (36%)
  • Giving back to the community (27%)
  • Adhering to religious beliefs (23%)

Ideally, the Joomla template you choose needs to offer the right amount of information on your charity or nonprofit organization, and employ persuasive language that will make a potential donor or stakeholder believe and invest in your cause. The right Joomla extensions will also benefit you widely and make the nature of your work effortless in a digital medium.

If you are looking for templates of a similar calibre, check out our recommendation for the best Joomla templates for churches in 2021.

Did any template from this list catch your eye? Let us know in the comments below. 

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