If you’re here, you might be looking to make a site for any variety of fashion-related reasons. If you’re a fashion designer or boutique, maybe you want to feature your fashionable outfits and how you made them. Maybe you want to show off your process and creative sketches as well. You might be an enthusiast who likes to write about fashion, critiquing and evaluating new clothing lines from your favourite luxury brand or discussing the merits of the newest fashion trends and how to make them work. Or you could be planning to run an online shop that resells limited edition products, modified premium sneakers, or upcycled thrifted clothes as part of an environmentally friendly business model.

Regardless of what you plan to do with your site, we’ve got just the thing for you! We have put together a stellar lineup of Joomla templates for fashion websites, from blogs to portfolios and even ecommerce platforms. Joomla templates are a great way to kickstart the site construction process, which is important for fashionistas like yourself. You may need to spend more time on writing your articles and taking the best images of your outfits to upload onto your fashion website.

What should I look out for when making a fashion website?

Of course, before you dive into the site designing process, you’ll need a plan. The tools and layouts these very well-designed Joomla templates provide are great and can be very helpful, but could be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. First, you need to consider what your site’s purpose is going to be. If you want to make a portfolio or blogging site, you’ll want the first three templates on this list due to them being more dedicated to content production for blogs and visual media. You might not want to build a site that is primarily a VirtueMart template if you don’t even have anything you want to sell; though, as with any Joomla template, a bit of fiddling around makes nearly anything possible.

Likewise, if you want to sell fashion products and accessories online, you need a template that can accommodate these activities with helpful features that boost user experience and extensions like J2store to assist in managing the business side of things. Of course, you might then ask why even bother with making your own shop if more accessible platforms like Instagram and Facebook’s market features are there for you to use with built in marketing tools? The independence a Joomla site offers, for one, is something that is harder to find nowadays.

Selling your wares on these social media sites, or even just showcasing your portfolio and work as well, offer a fair deal of convenience but also comes at the cost of selling your data and them getting a cut of your profits by using their platform to sell and market yourself and your brand. A self-made website means that you get full say over what happens to your content and how you can market it.

What makes a good Joomla template?

This next question is a fair bit easier to grapple once you know what you want your site to do. A good Joomla template should, firstly, be recently updated and well supported. It’s a good idea to check out these templates’ pages and see how many comments they have from developers because the best ones tend to offer support fairly quickly. Sale numbers are a good metric too, but don’t say a lot about how well they may fit your site and puts other newer and equally polished templates at a disadvantage.

For our list of Joomla fashion templates, we’ve decided that aesthetic is a high priority factor while evaluating them. You can’t have an ugly site because you’re dealing with fashion: if you can’t pick out a nice theme, what does that say about your own fashion taste? Visuals go a long way in establishing the credibility of your brand, be it as a blogger or designer, so make sure the template you pick suits your own identity as well. An urbanwear blogger might not want a site that looks like Luxury’s default preview, for example.

Next, make sure that you read through the template’s functions. If you want an incredibly robust commerce site, there are a lot of features you’ll want like commerce extensions and product comparison functions for your customers. We go into these a fair bit in this article, but you’ll also want to check out the template pages and whatever demos are available to really see what they are capable of.

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1. JD Stylo – Fashion Blog & Magazine Joomla Template

JD Stylo - Fashion Blog & Magazine Joomla Template

For fashion enthusiasts and hobbyists alike, you’ll want to get JD Stylo, a stylish and clean Joomla template built to showcase writing pieces about fashion and fashion projects. JD Stylo is a more minimalist template that won’t distract from your work while still looking very good.

The preview comes in an almost fully white colour scheme with page elements arranged in neat vertical columns, each of them bounded by faint grey borders that make serve to further accentuate the text and images you’ve uploaded onto your fashion website. Designers and other fashion hobbyists alike might find this ideal for showcasing all your sketches, concepts and even process due to how much this template places emphasis on your pictures. And if you’re a fashion blogger discussing recent trends or seasonal collections from fashion brands, the template comes with a solid set of over 600 pleasant and very readable Google fonts, and offers formatting options for your articles.

All this is customisable as well, with the integrated Astroid Framework packaged with this Joomla template allowing you to change the site’s colour scheme and fonts across the board with only a few clicks. If you’re covering higher end luxury brands, maybe you’ll favour a dark and black style with serif fonts that will really give off a better sense of class and prestige. For sneaker collectors and even modifiers, you might want to strive for a flashier and more modern font to fit your focus on urban street fashion. Beyond colour pallets, Astroid comes with layout builders as well in order for you to make all kinds of page configurations if the prebuilt ones don’t quite suit your own needs. JD Stylo starts out with a great looking base, but also gives you all the tools needed to take it further and really make a site that will fit your brand.

So read through template’s page or its live preview now!

2. Fashion Semona – Creative Joomla Template

Fashion Semona - Creative Joomla Template

Fashion Semona is a very beautiful and creative Joomla template, boasting a little more complexity than JD Stylo for fashion enthusiasts who want a site with a little more visual flair. This template comes with 15 different page layouts for different things like landing pages, About Me pages to describe either yourself or your team if you’re part of a fashion design team, and a portfolio page to feature your works among other things. These pages can all be mixed and mated to really build any kind of fashion site you want.

The afore mentioned layouts may be used for a fashion boutique or a small brand to showcase your portfolio, and can even use the shop page layout to sell your works. The HikaShop extension packaged with this Joomla template can allow you to sell clothes and all manner of fashionable outfits you’ve made on a dedicated and easy to manage storefront.

The portfolio and blog layouts could also be used separately to collate your articles and documentation of fashion projects like sneaker modification or your creative process for things like custom pieces you’ve been commissioned to make such as wedding dresses and even cosplay outfits. The additional 10+ inner pages can be used to feature more focused and detailed content to really get into those projects, and can be collated into more varied and beautiful portfolio pages using the premium TZ Portfolio extension.

Best of all, this Joomla template offers support for a myriad of top extensions made for Joomla websites. SP Page Builder, for one, can be used to construct novel layouts if the current ones don’t quite suit the look you want for the site, or if you want to feature images on more sliders and galleries. Astroid Framework also allows for easy site-wide appearance pages so you don’t need to fuss over changing the site’s appearance page by page.

Get a better feel of what this template has to offer here and by browsing its live preview.

3. Mag | Online News & Magazine Joomla Template

Mag | Online News & Magazine Joomla Template

The newest and most affordable Joomla template on this list, Mag is a fairly polished and high-quality template. Coming in at a very affordable $19, this Joomla template is built for all your fashion magazine and blogging needs. The preview features a classy set of fonts and animated page elements, with each segment of the home page preview fading in to make a fairly interactive site experience. Its layout is clean and easy to look at, featuring an all-white colour scheme that focuses more on the various fashion images and writing that you’ll want to feature here.

However, this Joomla template lacks a fair amount of functionality that the others have. This template doesn’t have quite as much page and inner page variety, and also does not contain the same extensions that the other templates in this list come packaged with. If you’re already working with those extensions for other sites, you can make use of something like Page Builder to make your page layouts based on the elements currently provided by Mag. If you don’t, you can get its lite version for free. For the developers among you with Joomla and Bootstrap experience, you might even use Bootstrap to work on it yourself.

While Mag may require a little more work to bring it up to scratch, it does make for a good base to start building a site from. Plus, its very clean look can also be used for a variety of other lifestyle and hobby sites as well, meaning that if you wanted cover more than just fashion on your Joomla website, you could easily turn it into a platform for you to discuss a variety of other hobbies.

Take a peek at Mag’s page here and its demo here!

4. Milano – Fashion Responsive Virtuemart Template

Milano - Fashion Responsive Virtuemart Template

Milano is the first of the Virtuemart Joomla templates for fashion websites that we’ll be covering. Of course, this isn’t to say that the ones from here on out are all built for commerce only. They all have the pages and blog layouts that the less commerce-inclined and fashion-focused of you will need without having to worry too much about running a shop. And for those of you running fashion boutiques or resale of luxury brands or modifications like altered Nikes and limited run items, this Joomla template both makes for a great fashion eshop while looking very good at the same time.

From the start, you get 9 different home pages to choose from with different configurations of sliders and product previews. Masonry grid layouts are available as well that link to various clothing collections like dresses, shoes and pants; or seasonal collections as well if you’re designing lines for certain seasons over the year. Quickview shortcode is also available for product listings, generating an in-page popup that shows a preview of the product from which customers can purchase the item. If you’re using the product listing function to feature blog articles, you could get a little creative with this function and even use it to allow users to get a quick peak of your posts too; potentially even allowing for an almost one-page layout.

This Joomla template is also very customisable, allowing you to change up the template’s style by cycling through unlimited colours and rich typography powered by Bootstrap to ensure that even the text looks good on your fashion website. And if you want to go international and want to accommodate multiple languages, this Joomla template even accommodates RTL (Right to Left) languages as well so you won’t exclude international customers in your fashion business. Newsletters can be managed as well through the packaged AcyMailing extension to maintain communications with your customers through e-mail marketing so you can send out marketing campaigns and remind them seasonal sales.

Take a gander at its product page and live demo!

5. Flexibles – Fashion VirtueMart Template

Flexibles - Fashion VirtueMart Template

Animated and dynamic, Flexibles lives up to its name as a versatile fashion Joomla template build for a variety of site purposes that you can apply for all kinds of fashion related subjects. The Joomla template on its own is fairly well designed, with a sweet and simple layout that is easy to navigate and bears a sticky header so you can easily browse different segments of the site very easily. The template’s colour scheme and visual look is also unobtrusive and minimalist in its styling, featuring simple sliders and interactive page elements that respond to navigation and mouse movements that keep viewers really visually engaged. Flairs like these are important in ensuring that fashion sites, being focused on what is a visual and creative subject, also match the creatively stylish topics that they cover. Can’t have your site look gaudy and turn of the aesthetically focused audience you’re looking to sell to after all.

Images and previews of various fashion pieces you’ve made can also be featured on pre-made grid layouts or self-made sliders built with the premium Revolution Slider extension for a bit more customisability with regard to transition animations and even layering capabilities so you can add additional graphics onto the slider as well. These elements can also be presented on a boxed layout that leaves wider margins on the side of the page if you want to provide some empty space to let the design breathe, or a wide layout that covers the screen and makes your images really pop.

Lastly, this Joomla template also offers a fair amount of commerce functionality. Product images can not just be animated, but also have labels that indicate whether they’re on sale, are new or even limited so that visitors can get extra info on how well some items are doing and whether they might want to move on them faster. They won’t want to miss out on your exclusive designs or fall behind on seasonal looks, and these labels make sure that they’re less likely to. The site even offers a drop-down shopping cart as a quality-of-life feature, and lets customers filter products by things like price to really give them the best shopping experience as they browse your online fashion store.

So if you want to take a commerce-first approach to a fashion site, look through Flexibles’s template page and live preview now!

6. Luxury – Responsive Virtuemart Theme

Luxury - Responsive Virtuemart Theme

If you want your site to have a stronger sense of style or look more elegant from the get-go, Luxury Joomla template hits both marks with its very classy look. This Joomla template was first published in 2016, and has undergone steady changes and updates to take on its polished look today. You’re guaranteed to have a future-proof site as its developers have shown a strong dedication to answering customer queries and has maintained rather high ratings over the years. The template has 7 different presets to pick from, all with very unique and distinct layouts to cater to a diversity of aesthetic preferences; something that one as visually discerning as you might find appealing. Their default monochromatic colour scheme lends to a template that does not compete for attention with your images of products and fashion projects, giving the spotlight to any items for sale and creative endeavours you choose to feature.

The template also comes with a great assortment of blog layouts to market the content you have or really dive deep into things like your design process or even document the process of making certain outfits. If you’re a fashion enthusiast yourself and often review clothing lines as they come out, you’ll want to utilise the various sliders built into the template to showcase the different outfits you’re reviewing. If you’re looking to sell items rather than make them yourself, the sleek blogs are also SEO optimised to assist in getting your own product reviews onto the first page of Google’s search results.

Luxury also manages to live up to its name even in its shop page. While most Virtuemart templates tend to skew towards the very standard storefronts you see for general online shops, this Joomla template also maintains a sense of style and identity that lists products in a myriad of sleek layouts. Products may be listed in grid or lists, depending on your personal preference, and can even be added to a wishlist and cart as well. The template’s cherry on top is its own focus on being mobile-first, ensuring that whatever pages you build for your site with Luxury are all fully responsive and can be displayed just as wonderfully on mobile devices.

Why not browse this template’s product page or live preview to learn more?

7. Melleh – Clean Ecwid and Virtuemart Template

Melleh - Clean Ecwid and Virtuemart Template

Another fairly old yet well supported and updated Joomla template, Melleh is a great fit for more modern fashion brands that’s built to accommodate any kind of shop demographic. This template is very simple in its appearance while also possessing some very interactive site elements like lightbox effects to highlight product listings that users mouse over and animations that play as page elements appear onscreen. Its overall look is fairly neutral, which lends it fairly well to developing a shop that caters to any kind of fashion that your brand caters to. Its default template looks standard of any modern fashion store (think streetwear or activewear), and shows how you could also sell accessories like wallets and bags as well if you’re expanding the design capabilities of your business.

However, as with any Joomla template, if you like the base the template provides but want to adapt it for something more suitable to a luxury or bespoke aesthetics, ThemeMagic is an extension packaged within to assist in changing out the font and colour scheme of this template.

Take a look at this template’s details and demo!

8. LovelyShop – Responsive Multipurpose VirtueMart Theme

LovelyShop - Responsive Multipurpose VirtueMart Theme

Lovelyshop is a great Joomla template for a modern fashion site full of commerce functions and all kinds of template and page building functions. This template is a little bit more visually complex than others, able to accommodate a more colourful site for fashionistas that prefer brighter and more colourful looks. Elements may be animated with interactive lightbox effects and automatic product listing sliders that change product preview images to alternate ones in response to mouse movements as well. The Joomla template’s style may also be changed up with its T3 framework integration to make site-wide changes very easily. If the preview’s layout doesn’t quite do it for you, there’s also plenty of different layouts to choose from, all of which may be swapped between wide and boxed layouts.

This Joomla template also comes with a fair deal of commerce functions to make use of as well. Multicurrency support opens up your fashion shop to international customers so you can really grow clientele by making purchases more accessible. Wishlist and product comparison comes exclusively developed for this template, allowing for some very helpful functions to make the shopping experience pleasant and convenient for customers; thereby motivating them to come back to buy your fashion products in the future. Ajax price filters, drop-down shopping carts, and even the sale labels are some additional things that add on to a great shopping experience.

There’s some great additional features included in this Joomla template that you might not find in others too. Social media integration is a hot thing nowadays given how well those platforms lend to sharing and disseminating marketing campaigns. Share icons help with this by sharing your site, products and even blog posts onto other websites like Facebook or Twitter. Plugins for Facebook can help corral  your customers to a Facebook page you’ve set up for your fashion store or company, and the Twitter plugin can display live Twitter feeds on the site directly.

So read through this template’ features and try out its demo to see how it might be great for your site!

9. Flatastic Responsive Multipurpose VirtueMart Theme

Flatastic Responsive Multipurpose VirtueMart Theme

Last, but certainly not the least, Flatastic is another solid Joomla template for your fashion site. This template is an incredibly well-built and good-looking template. It comes in 2 broader styles: its older, more classic look that might not look quite as modern and a sleeker and more updated one that features similar design elements to Flexibles (unsurprising given that Monkeysan developed both templates). However, similar to their other template Lovelyshop, this Joomla template comes with a great deal of additional customisation options to really personalise the look of the site and make it visually distinct from others.

Products can be featured on a host of visually pleasing sliders, the big 3 being the versatile Revolution Slider, Smart and Camera sliders. ThemeMagic lets you change the colour scheme as well if you have a particular set of brand colours, or a pallet that might work with the general style of clothes you design. Dark themes may be good for luxury brands and even urbanwear brands to give off a sense of coolness that appeals to the clientele that might prefer these styles.

SP Page Builder comes packaged with this template too, meaning that you can either pick from the various page layouts or make your own novel layouts. Move elements around blog posts to make them feature your creative projects and portfolio in the way you think is best, and even try out the different box and wide layouts in order to make your designs pop.

On the commerce side of things, extra features like hover tooltips and isotope filtering for products can let your customers get a very smooth and convenient shopping experience that guides them along the way. Of the VirtueMart themes, this Joomla template might very well be the best in terms of functionality and customisability, even beating its own Monkeysan sibling templates solely due to how much extra functionality you get out of the SP Page Builder extension. So if you want both a functional and customizable site, Flatastic might be the best of the best in our opinion.

Get a rundown of what else this template has to offer here and how it looks live here!

Concluding words

We hope this list has been helpful! Building a site is no easy undertaking, so any bit of help can really go a long way.

Out of this list, out top 3 picks are Fashion Semona, Flatastic, and Luxury. Fashion Semona is one of the more complex general templates we have in this list, and really offers a great deal of options when building a fashion site as a portfolio or writing platform. Plus, it handles images very well and manages to be visually distinct without looking too cluttered. Luxury, on the other hand, is more commerce oriented while still looking very much like any fashion website. Most commerce templates prefer to be more general in appearance in order to net a wider group of customers, but Luxury is very visually tailored just for fashion sites, which always make for sleeker and fitting templates for their subject matter. Lastly, Flatastic is the most versatile template. Its inclusion of a page builder is always a plus in our books. And, while having a rather neutral design, it leaves a good set of tools to change up its look to really make it personalised to your needs in addition to the best commerce features that any digital store needs.

Let us know if you have any favourites out of this list or if there are templates that you think deserve to be featured as well!

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