Whether you’re a healthcare professional who wants their hospital or clinic to have a site of their own, or an expert who wants to publish healthcare advisories on some kind of virtual platform, you will find these Joomla templates great for all manner of healthcare websites.

If you’re a healthcare practitioner who has found themselves on this article, you’re probably planning to build a website related to your field of work or for a myriad of other reasons. The healthcare field is a diverse and changing one, and you’d be right to want to advance the station of you or your clinic by getting ahead of the curve and building a website of your own. But that’s a difficult process, and you might be wondering where to even start. You may not even know what kind of site you want to make, whether you want to take a commerce focused approach, conduct digital healthcare services like tele-consultations in the midst of a pandemic or speaking out against fake news. Before we get into the templates, let’s discuss why you would start a website in the first place.

Misinformation in the Digital Age

In the past year, we’ve seen a fair bit of discourse surrounding the discussion of healthcare and medical topics. Fake news and disinformation have made this even more complicated as they introduce potentially dangerous inaccuracies that can lead people to make the wrong choices that may even damage their health. It’s not just Covid-19 we have to worry about, but dangerous trends like consuming essential oils among hosts of other homeopathic remedies with pseudo-scientific origins that only serve to harm rather than help.

Healthcare workers can no longer afford to be behind on digital communications as misinformation spreads freely. And while it’s not work that always translates to monetary reward, it is a social good.

And if you’re looking to focus more on the commerce side of the healthcare industry…

There’s a lot to be said about the importance of having a digital presence. Anyone connected to the internet knows how strong a tool it is for modern marketing, and almost every business nowadays has some kind of website or online platform to be contacted through.

If you’re a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare practitioner, you may find it helpful to even manage some things like appointment bookings and issuing transcriptions through the extensions we list out further down this article. Plus, instead of spending your firm’s budget on printing flyer after flyer of medical advice to pass to patients, imagine giving them a QR code instead to link them to a blog post that tells them all they need to know. Paying to host your site averages at around $10 a month, which is definitely more environmentally friendly and cheaper than making more flyers.

So what should you watch out for in a Joomla template?

Well, you’ll want a Joomla template that looks great, for sure. Can’t have your site look like a fashion agency or something else that doesn’t fit a medical site after all. Aside from that, watch out for the features that the templates provide. Some of them may offer things like portfolio and gallery layouts for images, but may not actually have more vital features like digital forms and commerce extensions. The ones we’ve paid attention to in this list are the most important to have for most healthcare sites, so the reviews below provide some great metrics. However, here’s a summary to keep in mind:

Recently Updated – Ensures the template is still supported and updated by its coders so you can consult them for help should you run into any bugs or issues.

Good Features – The ones to watch out for are commerce, forms and a variety of layouts for pages you need (if you need a blog or shop, make sure the template has prebuilt pages lest you have to make them yourself).

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1. Medipuls – Joomla Medical Template

Medipuls - Joomla Medical Template

Medipuls is a great medical and healthcare template for any clinic planning to build their own website.

This Joomla template looks clean and professional, helping to portray your medical business as one with high standards and expertise in whatever healthcare services and treatments that you have to offer. Upon purchase, Medipulsoffers you 2 different homepage layouts to choose from as well as a great variety of pre-made layouts for all the pages you’ll need to build. The standard About Me, Services, and Appointment pages are available for you to use straight away, and if you’re a larger establishment with multiple departments and doctors, you can feature them with dedicated pages for doctor bios and department descriptions. If you specialise in particular medical treatments or particular medications and pharmaceuticals, the template has you covered there as well with formatted tables that have different informational tabs meant to instruct visitors of what to watch out for with particular treatments and medicines.

This Joomla template really offers a great scaffolding to start building a healthcare site around. But if you really want to develop your own page structure, you can make use of the template’s packaged page builder. This page builder is very intuitive too, needing no coding language given its visual drag & drop style of moving page elements around. The colour scheme and general appearance of the template can be changed at will as well, with ThemeMagic really making this easy by enacting site-wide changes with a few keystrokes and clicks.

Want to make the site a more educational platform as well? Medpuls can be used for this purpose through responsive video embedding shortcode that can accommodate YouTube and Vimeo videos. Slider Revolution is also great to use for animated slides that are integrated into your website, allowing for flashy graphics and all manner of images and visual teaching aids as well.

Learn more about this template on its product page and demo!

2. Trustlife – One Page Joomla Medical Template

Trustlife - One Page Joomla Medical Template

If you want a simpler template more focused on keeping contact with your clinic more easily accessible, Trustlife is a trusty Joomla template that works as well. Upon a cursory look, the template’s clean styling and neat interface really screams medical site. Each segment is well organised, making it easy for anyone to very quickly find what they’re looking for on your website. The home page layout puts the most important information and features at the site’s landing page, so if any potential patient wants to check out your site from a link, they’ll very easily find things like your healthcare clinic’s opening hours, different treatments arranged in tabs, and an appointment form to fill out to help in booking appointments; say goodbye to having to manage lengthy telephone calls once you have these in play!

However, if you like the look of this Joomla template but want to build a more complex site, Trustlife also has a multipage layout and plenty of other pages and inner pages to utilise as well. Single post pages have been made to accommodate stuff like image galleries, videos and quotes. The video function is great if you have training videos or have some kind of video showcasing the services your healthcare clinic offers. If you want to publish blog articles to discuss cutting-edge treatments, write educational medical advisories or even healthcare tips on how to treat minor medical issues, the blog pages are packaged within for your use too. While marketing itself as a single page template, Trustlife offers a great deal of functionality and versatility that can adapt to all manner of healthcare establishments’ needs. This template is also among the most affordable without skimping too much on functionality, coming it at a reasonable $19.

Get a peek at its other features here and how it looks here!

3. Medico – Medical & Veterinary Joomla Template With Page Builder

Medico - Medical & Veterinary Joomla Template With Page Builder

Medico is another great Joomla template built for a variety of medical and healthcare services looking to build a website to document their work. On the visual side of things, you get a fair bit of choice when it comes to deciding what the over4all colour style of your website will be. If you’re doing a medical site, a clean and light aesthetic, reminiscent of a sterile and clean hospital and clinic, may be more fitting. However, if you’re providing more therapeutic healthcare services, you may get a fair bit more wiggle room to use something more visually striking like a dark theme accompanied by other less medically focused colours like blue and green.

This Joomla template also offers layout variations through single page and multipage layouts depending on how complex the site needs to be; single page sites can even be easily changed to multipage later if you ever decide to publish more pages to expound on what your healthcare firm does and provide details like a price table for different services. Swap between boxed and wide (or fullscreen) versions of presenting the site as well depending on what your personal preference between the two may be. This template even comes with a solid ser of patterns and IcoMoon icons to make use of to add more visual elements to your site to give it a bit more visual flair.

The template can be very quickly and easily installed, and is compatible with Bootstrap 3 for the developers among you that have some site building know-how outside of visual editors. If you don’t SP Page Builder PRO is available for you to generate new layouts aside from the pre-built pages already included, meaning if the ones provided are not quite up to scratch, you could easily make one that can better present content.

A bit of fiddling may be needed if you want to make educational pages, as you might find that the template as is may not have pages built to feature educational content aside from written blog posts that aren’t quite made for accommodating visual educational aids. But with a good page builder, the process shouldn’t be too difficult or stressful.

So why not take some time to browse its product page and preview?

4. iDoctor – Responsive & Multipurpose Medical Joomla Template With Page Builder

 iDoctor - Responsive & Multipurpose Medical Joomla Template With Page Builder

iDoctor is a robust Joomla template for healthcare centres, clinics, small hospitals and any kind of health website. The overall layout template is very neat and pleasant, with the template’s text and page element configuration being well organised for site visitors to have an easy time navigating to wherever they need to go on the site. All the main functions and sections any healthcare site needs are readily accessible from the front page and come with dynamic animations that generates a bit of visual interest that captures viewers’ attention.

Plus, you get the option of 2 unique and visually distinct home page layouts to choose from. The preview displays one that is more suited to a desktop-first site experience, organising content into 2 columns with clear buttons and a form that is further up the page next to a About Us segment. The second layout, on the other hand, is a mobile-first one that organises all modules vertically and displays some of its media in very nicely made sliders. Regardless, whatever layout you pick is going to be entirely responsive so that your site still looks good no matter what resolution it may be on whatever device it is accessed through.

Display all your services through the pre-configured and easy to use modules, with the appointment booking form providing a great deal of convenience for your patients. This Joomla Template is also powered by the intuitive and simple drag & drop SP page builder for when you want to take the reins on the site layout and adjust page segments so your own specifications. Even the template’s current colour pallet can be switched for 3 other preset styles with support for various font families and Google fonts as well. All in all, if you want a great template with plenty of tools to build and extend its potential, iDoctor may be the one you’re looking for!

Check out the template page and preview!

5. ZupaHealth – Medical and Health Joomla Template

 ZupaHealth – Medical and Health Joomla Template

If you want a Joomla template to build a site to both manage appointments and distribute medical supplies online, ZupaHealth can serve those healthcare needs. Tailored for medical institutions with some business management features, ZupaHealth is compatible with both Bootstrap and VirtueMart. This means if you want to manage commerce related activities like taking payments for e consultations and even selling medical supplies or distributing pharmaceuticals to treat patients remotely, you’ll have a fair number of tools to make this easier to handle. VirtueMart templates tend to be more oriented towards business management and sales, however ZupaHealth maintains that extension’s functions as a peripheral bonus when you get the template.

The Joomla template itself is a standard medical and healthcare template, showcasing some cool animations and modern design that portrays professionalism. All the standard pages to explain your services and address FAQs are packaged within for your easy entry of any site content you need to publish, and blog pages are also provided for medical education and discussion needs.

While it isn’t clear if a page builder is available with this template, you can easily find a free builder to help manage the site design process. SP Page Builder does come with a free Lite version that lacks some of the Pro version’s premium controls, but does offer the basics needed to work with your site layout without fussing over a wall of code. Of course, all this is dependent on your own preference of what you want out of the template. If you’re planning to build a simple healthcare website to present your clinic or healthcare and medical blog articles, this Joomla template is ready to be installed and worked on without a page builder. But if you want to embed videos and other media in new ways, you may need to get a premium or free page builder, though this does tend to be the standard for cheaper templates like ZupaHealth. So if you want simple yet easy to work with Joomla template without too many extra bells and whistles that you’re not planning to use, this is a solid one to work with.

Look through the template’s page and its demo!

6. Clinic – Modern Medical & Healthcare Joomla Responsive Template

Clinic - Modern Medical & Healthcare Joomla Responsive Template

Clinic is a very powerful and versatile Joomla template for healthcare services and clinics that supply them. It’s also a great fit for hospitals, dentists and any other medical and healthcare-related firm due to how adaptable this template is. Clinic is very responsive to whatever device it is displayed on, and also internationally accessible through due to its multilanguage integration so you can build a site meant to accommodate a wide variety of languages and respective speakers. Furthermore, with SP Page Builder presented alongside the Helic 3 Framework, you get to have free reign over how your site looks in terms of font, colour scheme and layout.

Helix 3 lets you make sweeping site changes without having to edit individual pages’ appearances, even letting you manage typography wholesale. And with SP Page Builder, each page element can be moved around simply and intuitively with its drag & drop page building visual editor. If you came into this article wondering if you would have to worry about coding, you can be at ease knowing that this isn’t the case.

With SP, this Joomla template also offers a myriad of different modules and shortcodes to build new and novel website pages on top of the pre-designed ones too, giving not just a robust set of building tools but also a great material to truly flesh out the site in as many configurations as you like. Shortcodes for dividers, carousels, content sliders and contact forms mean that the pre-built pages aren’t the limit to what this template can offer, and if you’re the type who wants to eventually extend the vision of your healthcare site, this template makes sure that this is possible.

Ajax extensions to manage contacts and forms, for example, allow you to manage clinical bookings digitally, and may even allow you to send prescriptions fairly easily. Tabs and text blocks help to organise content in pages that may be used for educational purposes to ensure that they are organised cleanly and clearly. And if you want to integrate a variety of media content, shortcodes also enable YouTube video embedding and addition of high quality images through LazyLoad’s optimisation system.

Get a load what else this template has to offer by reading its product page and navigating its demo.

7. Novel – Covid-19 Prevention Joomla Healthcare Template

Novel - Covid-19 Prevention Joomla Healthcare Template

Novel has a very pleasant and minimalist look, and is a great Joomla template for informative and educational healthcare sites. From its title and publishing date on Themeforest (and even from its demo logo), you can see that this template was made in 2020 as an anti-disinformation template in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. And while most template previews opt to fill their site with dummy text, we’re inclined to give Novel points for putting in the effort to display some relevant information to the content it was made for. Look through the preview yourself, and you can see how, in doing that, Novel really shows off how good it is as a infographic template that can be used to debunk fake news and even educate visitors on any manner of healthcare related topic.

Probably being a healthcare expert yourself, you’ll know how much disinformation has managed to spread among social media spaces and even through news sites. Many have come up with different ways to tackle this, some even taking to TikTok to reach out to younger audiences through viral content. Cases like these show that a well-made teaching aid can go a long way, and Novel is a Joomla template that is exactly that. Its preview features multiple modules that can contain healthcare advisory content, and icons that may be changed to supplement visual aids to textual content.

On top of a well-considered design, this Joomla template even offers the vital SP Page Builder as well. If you’re targeting healthcare education as the particular niche you want your site to focus on, and you’re planning to take a infographic approach as this template offers, a tool to work with layout and element configuration is all the more important. Simply drag and drop elements as you need them to present all kinds of medical advisories. If you still want to also use the template for a clinic or other healthcare firm and you like the look of this one, contact forms and doctor description sliders are also provided too.

Learn more about what this template can do here or check out its demo!

8. Medicare Plus | Medical & Health Joomla Template

Medicare Plus | Medical & Health Joomla Template

Another simple template for a medical site, Medicare Plus is a very affordable yet solid Joomla template. Its preview isn’t quite as flashy as the rest, featuring little in the way of animations or other visually engaging or interactive elements.The whole thing is almost entirely static. While it’s definitely a departure from modern dynamic and animation-riddled design choices with regard to site design, we think that adds to its visual charm and also actually makes it a fairly light template.

The overall style organises elements segmented into clean blocks, and showcases all the basic necessary modules a clinical site may need.  Opening hours are clearly laid out, and are immediately followed by an appointment booking form that even lets the applicant indicate things to take note of. There are 30 other pages also built for things like medical departments and even blogs to publish healthcare tips and advisories.

Of course, its $19 price tag signals that there isn’t a lot else packed into this template. The page builder will have to be purchased separately unless you’re willing to get into the HTML and CSS code of the template without a visual editor. While it has a shop, you will also have to source for a commerce extension to make it usable. There are plenty of open source and free extensions to help in these cases, but do understand that this Joomla template will require some elbow grease to expand its current scope of features to really buff up your healthcare site’s performance. Otherwise, it does provide a very good foundation to build on, and if you’re happy with this template’s base features and you don’t need or want to worry about additional extensions, Medicare Plus is a fair purchase to make.

So take a gander at its page and demo!

9. ELVO – Business Multipurpose Joomla Template

ELVO – Business Multipurpose Joomla Template

ELVO is solid Joomla template that can handle a good variety of healthcare and medical purposes. It is very clean and well organised; something we’ve come to expect as we’ve gone down the list. However, this template also offer a great set of alternate layouts as well, offering quite a fair bit of value for its very cheap price of only $19. However, this template is pretty simple and barebones itself, offering no extra extensions aside from VirtueMart and Bootstrap compatibility. The former of those two does enable some commerce functionality to your healthcare site, and the latter is great for more experienced site developers to get into the inner clockwork of the template and adapt it in a greater variety of ways.

Even then, the template is pretty well made. The integrated Helix framework ensures easy colour scheme, font and general appearance changes that apply to the full site in a series of quick modifications. Plus, you can actually make some minor layout changes without too much coding knowledge as well.

However, just like MediCare Plus, this Joomla template is going to need additional extension purchases if you want to do more with it. Both templates are, however, fairly affordable which means you can consider getting premium extensions to add on to the template as it is now. It does mean having to spend time looking for the ideal ones for your needs, but it’s definitely a worthwhile investment in growing your healthcare website.

So check out its template page here and preview as well!

Final words

As you’ve gone down this article, we hope that you’ve managed to spot a template that you like. Ideally, you’ve also managed to figure out exactly what your site needs are and the kinds of features you’re looking for in your medical and healthcare website. These Joomla templates all offer some really good features and are pretty great in their own rights, but not all of them may provide the same amount of support for your own website’s needs.

A VirtueMart extension is great for someone who’s going to sell pharmaceuticals, but if you already manage digital consultations with your own invoicing system, you are not going to get any use out of that. And if you’re making an educational healthcare blog and don’t want to make flashy looking pages, SP Page Builder is just going to be an extra cost incurred that doesn’t do anything for you. Do ensure that the price you pay is reasonable and the product is applicable to your needs, because you’re likely to be using this template for a while.

Of course, as much as we’ve lauded all of the Joomla templates here, we’ve definitely found some that appeal to us more compared to others.

The top 3 best Joomla templates for healthcare, from medical clinics to pharmaceutical services, are iDoctor, Clinic, and Novel. The common defining trait of these templates is the sheer number of features and elements they offer on top of SP page builder. A visual editor is always a good quality of life feature to have for future site edits and improvements, because you’re surely going to have to make updates as your healthcare business, blog or education site grows. But to ensure that you actually have good elements and shortcodes to introduce is what really adds value to these templates. Remember that when you build your site, you’re not just keying in content but also considering how it is presented to the user to ensure that their user experience is as smooth and efficient one.

Aside from that, iDoctor and Clinic are the best joomla templates for healthcare practitioners and their clinics or hospitals. They both lend to a professional presentation that can boost the image of a group or specific individual. Novel, on the other hand, is great for any healthcare education site. Its pre-made graphics and layout offer good spaces to host your educational content and all kinds of visual learning aids from images, to posters and even videos.

Have any favourites out of this list? Share them in the comments down below!

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