The future of media has taken a drastic shift from paperbacks to handheld devices over the last century in adapting to a new digital environment. Through a process we term ‘digitalization’, the internet has compelled many businesses from the publishing industry to go online, lest they become obsolete. 

As internet usage has gone up, magazine circulation has gone down. The first online magazine, Salon, was introduced in 1995, with the site generating 5.8 million monthly visitors. Since then, it has proven the potential of the medium and triggered a rush to online journalism. As other magazines followed suit, more and more jumped on the bandwagon and opted for digital over physical publication. 

There are many benefits for publishers in creating digital magazines as they provide the opportunity to make their content more interesting and interactive. For one, publishers are now able to go much farther than just image and word-based content. With digital magazines, it is possible to include video, flash, and images which help draw in readers in a whole new way. Going digital is also less expensive because of the lack of printing and distribution costs. Subsequently, subscribers will be able to access them instantly upon the publishing of an issue, providing everyone with a whole new level of convenience. 

Additionally, geographic barriers are eliminated with the introduction of digital magazines and this is nontrivial because managing readers and subscribers from other countries is incredibly difficult to do with print editions. Digital magazines help with advertising by offering advertisers the analytics of the number of clicks users had on different advertisements. Publishers are also able to understand their subscribers better with the interactive online mediums and the two-way communication process. The result of this is future content can be revised to better suit a publisher’s readers.

It is never too late to do the switch from traditional media to digital, or have both forms of print for your magazine company.  

If you are in the publishing industry looking to set up a Joomla website for your magazine company, then this is the best page for you. We have carefully curated a total of 15 best Joomla templates for any magazine firms wanting to take their business online.

Considerations for your Joomla Magazine Template 

As a magazine website, the most important thing for your template is that it should be generally user-friendly and responsive to increase your traffic and attract new customers. You’ll need a template that has an eye-catching design but should not come across as extra visual clutter. 

At the same time, your layout should aspire to be somewhat memorable so that your potential consumers recognize it from dozens of other firms. The magazine template should be well-structured with a good UX approach so that first-time guests feel drawn to revisit it periodically.

Next, your template should fulfil your main functional expectations and offer a variety of editing options to make your life simpler, and a way to connect with your audience.

Lastly, we suggest that the template you choose needs to be bundled with the most popular extensions, and be easily customizable. This way, you won’t need to spend much time on making your site functional thanks to an effective pre-composed template.

Without further ado, here are some of the best Joomla templates for your magazine companies or businesses. 

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1. News247 – News/Magazine Joomla Template

News247 - News/Magazine Joomla Template

News247 is a Joomla News and Magazine template with tons of featured options. Built on the Helix Framework, K2 component, SP Page Builder Pro, and Joomla’s native article extension, this template can be utilized for your news, magazine, small company, or any related businesses. 

Equipped with 8 ready-to-use homepage variations and 7 header layouts, getting this template would ensure that you do not have to lift a single finger should you decide to install it. Simply alter the in-built content and personalize your new magazine website. Its Drag & Drop Page Builder, designed for less technical users, will provide you maximum convenience and ease in your customization. 

The template’s megamenu will also show your readers the big picture and lead them to the relevant sections. This is particularly useful for magazine websites as a user will instantly understand where to go to find the information or magazine issue they are looking for.

Additionally, customization options allow for unlimited colors for the preset styles that come also with various icons and fonts. News247 retails at $45 and we suggest this Joomla template to any magazine company that prioritizes a balance of text and images.  

Read up on more information, or preview the template.

2. DailyTimes – News and Magazine Joomla Template

DailyTimes - News and Magazine Joomla Template

DailyTimes is a professional Joomla news and magazine template consisting of tons of front and backend feature options. This clean K2 powered template is built on the T3 Framework, which offers 5 homepage variations, 6 predefined color styles, and 3 different header layouts.

This template is equipped with all the features that you might need for your digital magazine. Easily convince potential readers to subscribe to your content through the E-mail box situated at the top left corner of the template. The homepage is designed in a way that a visitor would first get acquainted with your company before given the option to check out the trending content. Ensuring that your potential visitors remember your website and brand is highly essential in prompting re-visits.

Popular extensions such as RokSprocket, News Show Pro GK5, and Tab GK5 are a few of many plugins that have been included to make the presentation of your magazine issues or articles effortless and user-friendly. Moreover, the template is also RTL (Right-To-Left) language supported, giving you all that you need to set up a magazine website supporting multiple languages.  

DailyTimes is priced at $49 and getting this Joomla template for your magazine company would include future updates and 6-month support from the author. We recommend this template to anyone who wants to establish a good first impression with their visitors. 

Check out more information, or preview the template.

3. Newsline – Responsive Magazine Joomla Template

Newsline - Responsive Magazine Joomla Template

Newsline is another responsive Joomla template designed especially for magazines and other firms in the publishing industry. Built with the Helix Framework and SP Page Builder, this template comes with 4 unique homepages and multiple inner pages that will give you a great overview of how your website will look. 

A placement for advertisement implementation has also been built into the template. We understand that advertisements are important to most, if not all, publishing companies and having a dedicated space will save you time from having to find one yourself. Extensions and more than 50 Addons have also been included to provide you with the best features you’ll need for a magazine website. Internal links to your company’s blog, forum, or any social media platforms are all catered to.

Download the template using the Quickstart installation before filling in the demo content with your own. We promise that you won’t have to touch a single line of code. The website is also RTL language supported which will give you the benefit of supporting various languages requiring this feature. 

Newsline currently retails at $36 and have made a name for itself through the positive reviews left by previous purchasers. Get this Joomla template for your magazine company for a great customer support feature.   

Check out more information about the template, or preview it.

4. Vinazine – Joomla News Magazine Template

Vinazine - Joomla News Magazine Template

Vinazine is a Joomla template created for news, magazines, blogs, and all types of publishing or review websites. Built on the Helix Framework, SP Page Builder, and Twitter Bootstrap 4, this template comes with 8 homepage variations and 6 different header layouts for your convenience. 

Easily bridge your magazine company to your readers by providing links to any blog, forum, or social media on the top bar of your website. You’ll even be able to reach out to potential sponsors or advertisers who might want to invest in your space. Additionally, you may choose to set up registration, login, or contact forms if your magazine subscription requires it. Have total control over your website with this template designed with K2 that has allowed for unlimited layout opportunities. If you can think of it, you’ll be able to see it through. 

Plugins such as Rokprocket, Owl Carousel, and other design-centric extensions included will give you the customization power you need and we encourage anyone who needs a modern and fresh template to consider Vinazine for their magazine website.

This Joomla template is currently retailing at $39 and its reviews have been exceptionally good regarding customer support and website flexibility.      

Get more information, or preview the template for yourself.

5. Cepon – News and Magazine Joomla Template

Cepon - News and Magazine Joomla Template

Cepon is a Joomla template for magazines and news companies designed to have a clear typographic structure, good legibility and accessibility for a user’s experience. Marketing itself as the perfect solution for any news-oriented site, this template comes with 7 preset color themes variation. 

Built based on the T3 Framework and fully supported by a powerful K2 component, this template gives off an air of professionalism and credibility if these are factors you aim for. Apart from offering the essential, this template includes a Breaking News text slider that might prove to be useful if your magazine company offers a place for headlines. New posts or published issues can also be highlighted at the top of your homepage to direct a viewer’s attention to your latest materials. You’ll definitely be able to establish a community of readers using this template if desired.    

Equipped with ThemeMagic, customization has been made simple for everyone inexperienced or professional. Enjoy multiple layouts options on top of FontAwesome icons and unlimited colors for your magazine website. It is important that you tailor your website according to the brand you’ve established.

Cepon is priced at $53 and we recommend this Joomla template for its simplicity and effectiveness in capturing what’s important for a magazine website. 

Read up more information about the template, or preview it.

6. Darpan – News Magazine Joomla Template

Darpan - News Magazine Joomla Template

Darpan is also a Joomla template created for any news or magazine firms involved in any field. Embedded with Bootstrap, this template is fully responsive across any mobile devices and browsers. This is highly important as most of your visitors will be viewing your site on a smartphone or tablet. It is also built with the Helix Framework, SP Page Builder, and supports the Slider Revolution plugin for the beautiful display of your content.  

Offering 5 unique homepage variations, 9 color presets, 3 ‘About’ page layouts and 3 ‘Contact’ page layouts, leave nothing to the imagination in your visualization process as you’ll be viewing what your future magazine website will look like. This template also comes with a pre-designed blog, gallery, author, and contact pages, providing you with all the essential pages you’ll need to get started. Space saved for housing advertisements has also been implemented. Setting up your own magazine website has never been easier.

We recommend this Darpan for its clean layout and comprehensiveness when it comes to displaying information about any topic. Consider getting this Joomla template retailing for $39 to give off the right impression with your visitors.     

Access more information about the template, or preview it.

7. Perty – Responsive News/Magazine Joomla Template

Perty - Responsive News/Magazine Joomla Template

Perty is a Joomla template for news or magazine websites. Inclusive of a YT Framework, building and customizing your very own website has been made simple for you on top of a wide range of easy tasking features. 

This template offers 5 preset color styles that can also be customized to your liking. Easily choose the color representing your brand and showcase it through the homepage if you decide on this template. What makes Perty special is its support for various responsive menu styles that includes a Mega Menu, CSS Menu, and Moo Menu. Menus are important in making the navigation of your website accessible to your readers and choosing the right one will undoubtedly increase the reputation of your magazine site. 

Popular extensions such as the SJ Contact Ajax, SJ Mega K2 News, SJ Moduletabs, SJ Twitter Slider and SJ Videobox are just a few of many plugins working tirelessly to enhance the overall aesthetic of your website. You’ll also be given access to typography options and various module variations to ensure that even the tiniest details can be shaped according to your wishes.

Perty is priced at $48 and this Joomla template will be recommended to magazine companies whose content are in the more leisure and entertainment side of the industry.  

Get more information, or preview the template.

8. VicMagz – Multipurpose News/Magazine Joomla Template

VicMagz - Multipurpose News/Magazine Joomla Template

VicMagz is a responsive Joomla template ideal for any news or magazine website aiming to display its content primarily through images. Designed in a way where visuals take precedence over chunks of text, we recommend this template to anyone who would like to keep their website clean and minimal, letting their cover image do the talking.  

Built on the YT Framework and Bootstrap 3, you’ve been given the flexibility and agility in handling your magazine website. Moreover, the template comes packed with dozens of advanced in-house modules and intuitive features such as a K2 component, 4 layout styles, 5 color options, a mega menu, and 65+ shortcodes. The template also supports many extensions that will amp up your website’s features to stand out from any competitiors. These include, but are not limited to, a SJ Social Media Counter, SJ Newsletter Popup, SJ Contact Ajax, and SJ Flat Menu

Vicmagz does not fall short on customization options, too. Supported with a front-end Cpanel, various Font Family, responsive Menu styles, typography and various module variations, have control over everything under your fingertips to establish your magazine brand. 

This Joomla template is priced at $48 and its boxed, rounded, and framed layouts would be best suited for a magazine company that prioritizes visuals and photographs.

Get more information, or preview the template for yourself.

9. MaxNews | News & Magazine Joomla Template

MaxNews | News & Magazine Joomla Template

MaxNews is another Joomla template made for news and magazine firms in displaying content. Powered by a Twitter Bootstrap Framework, showcase your company through a modern interface equipped with everything you need to get started with- and more. 

Highlight any piece of article or issue through the homepage’s slider by recommending it to a visitor and categorizing them with the proper tags. Tagging your content is especially important as readers will be able to determine the topic they would like to browse and skip on the ones they do not have an interest in. Through the slider, you’ll also be able to show a view count and the date of publishing to keep your website feeling, and looking relevant.

Another feature that might interest you could be the template’s integrated shop extension which supports eCommerce activities. This is a plugin that we’ve noticed is unique to MaxNews. Thus, if selling any forms of merchandise is on your list of plans, definitely consider getting this Joomla template for $29 in exhibiting your magazine website. 

The only downside to this template is that we weren’t able to get much information about the frameworks and extensions it offered so you might want to consider heading to the comments section to communicate with the author if this template has caught your eye.  

View more information about the template, or preview it.

10. Tini – News/Magazine Template with Online Shop

Tini - News/Magazine Template with Online Shop

On a similar note of having an eCommerce feature with your magazine website, Tini is a Joomla template marketing itself as a news or magazine website that is equipped with a sophisticated online store. Powered by the YT Framework and the latest web techniques (Boostrap, CSS3, HTML5, LESS), this template comes with many shortcodes and is designed for everyone across any device. To support a site capable of housing huge amounts of content, a K2 component has also been integrated to make the listing of your content appealing and neat. 

With a K2Store shopping cart, make online shopping effortless for your visitors without them needing to leave your homepage. For each product, users can choose to add to their cart, view the details, or basic information. If your magazine website offers merchandise or various products, this template will suit you well. Additionally, Tini also comes with 6 modern color presets and a variation of layouts for choices pertaining to customization. A front-end Cpanel will help you visually tweak almost all options of the template in your personalization process. 

This template is also integrated with social modules such as SJ Facebook, SJ Twitter Slider, and SJ Social Media Counter. We highly recommend any magazine firms that have social media accounts to utilize these features to keep in contact with your visitors. 

Reach the best of your capacity by considering Tini for $48, for your magazine website. 

Read up on more information about the template, or preview it yourself.

11. IT 365News – News/Magazine Joomla Template Gantry 5

IT 365News - News/Magazine Joomla Template Gantry 5

365News is a modern, news-oriented Joomla template that is also suitable for every news, magazine, and blog sites. Built on the powerful Gantry 5 and Ulkit Framework, this template comes with many custom particles that bring the features you’ll need for news display, a gallery showcase, and article writing. Extensions such as RokSprocket, SP News Show, and Slideshow (Joomla) will fetch your articles or magazine issues automatically. 

Offering a sophisticated homepage layout, easily display any exclusive content on the top of your website next to your contact information, FAQ, and terms. Despite the new-centric nature of this template, we feel that a magazine company would effortlessly adapt to the flexible layout of 365News. Customization options allow for unlimited module positions and color, and hundreds of options to control the editing process. As a magazine company, we understand that choosing the right digital font has high importance in terms of legibility and accessibility. Rest assured this template offers over 600+ Google Fonts, rich typography and icons for your created content.

Upon the purchase of 365News for $59, you’ll be provided with extended online documentation to help you configure your Joomla website through video tutorials. Even if you happen to be a novice, the help you’ll be receiving will put you at ease at in setting up a highly professional magazine website.    

Get more information about the template, or preview it.

12. NewsFlash – Joomla News & Magazine Template

NewsFlash - Joomla News & Magazine Template

NewsFlash is another quality Joomla template made especially for news and magazine companies. Built upon a powerful Helix Framework and the SP Page Builder, the authors have self-proclaimed invested a considerable amount of time tweaking every aspect of the template to perform at its absolute best. 

Integrated with a responsive Mega Menu, introduce your visitors to the topics your magazine offers and a search box for quicker navigation. Visitors who use the search bar are more likely to convert into a customer and influence the user’s decision to make use of it to look for content. Navigation should be clear across the entire site for easier manoeuvring and this template offers just that.    

With 6 preset styles, Google web fonts and FontAwesome icons, customization has been made easy for you with this template. Simply determine the color you’d like for your magazine website and include your logo before importing it using a Quickstart Package. 

Currently retailing at $27, NewsFlash is a Joomla template made to exhibit a sense of professionalism for your magazine website and getting it would entail future updates and 6-month support from the author. 

Read up on more information, or preview the theme.

13. Mag | Online News & Magazine Joomla Template

Mag | Online News & Magazine Joomla Template

Mag, as its name suggests, is a Joomla template made for magazines and online news companies, specifically for fashion magazines. Built with the Helix Framework, SP Page Builder and Bootstrap, this template offers 4 homepage variations, 2 header styles, blog pages, and a VirtueMart. AcyMailing, a newsletter plugin, has also been integrated to offer E-mail subscription services. It is no secret that E-mail works as one of the best marketing tools, especially for a digital subscription.

This template also comes compatible with eCommerce extensions to offer transactions and sales with your magazine website. Have your products listed in a detailed grid and a shopping cart situated next to your search icon. Simple website features like these will definitely establish your magazine company in a way that comes across as all-encompassing and reputable.

Additionally, customization options are not lacking. Choose from several header layouts to match your website to your magazine brand and footers that come in both light and dark versions. You’ll also be provided with a sidebar that can feature various articles or issues that you’d like to push for to your audience. Have the world of your magazine website in your hands with this template. 

Mag is priced at $19, the perfect Joomla template for magazine companies that do not wish to invest too much in a website but still require the essential features typically offered.  

Access more information about the template, or visit the preview.

14. JD Stylo – Fashion Blog & Magazine Joomla Template 

JD Stylo - Fashion Blog & Magazine Joomla Template

JD Stylo is a clean and responsive Joomla template for magazines and online stores best suited for fashion, lifestyle, tech, and gadget. Powered with Astroid 2.0, covert any one of your articles and display them through an attractive blog. You’ll also be able to assign your posts according to a schema markup which will help you with ranking on major search engines. As a magazine company, ranking on the top few pages of Google or any search engine is essential in drawing in readers and retaining them. Additionally, the Open Graph feature will let you maximize your article’s appearance on social media if you decide to share it on Facebook or Twitter.

This template features a blogging aspect that comes with advanced editing options. Choose whether to display your author, the article’s rating or promote related articles all within a few clicks that will make managing it effortless. You’ll also be able to control the typography properties of your magazine website and tailor it to fit your tastes and needs. Remember to also keep the experience of your user in mind, though. 

Furthermore, this template comes eCommerce-ready should you want to set up an online store. Tap into an inbuilt J2Store extension working tirelessly to help you manage your products and services. The power to toggle these features are all in your hands.

Priced at $49, JD Stylo is an impressive Joomla template for your magazine website and we recommend this template to any company wanting a more minimalist interface design. 

View more information, or visit the template’s preview

15. BestNews – Ultimate Drag & Drop News & Magazine Joomla Template

BestNews - Ultimate Drag & Drop News & Magazine Joomla Template

BestNews is a professional news and magazine Joomla template powered by a Helix Framework and SP Page Builder. Control what you want your visitors to see by highlighting various articles or magazine issues at the top of your website through a smooth slider. Following this, they will be able to access an advanced Mega Menu whereby you’ll be able to place your categories, images, videos, or static blocks with promotion banners and modules.

This template also comes inclusive of a YT Shortcode plugin which will allow you to create stunning content without the need to learn anything new or touch a line of code. With Helix, BestNews provides unlimited theme options for customization and typography choices for your consideration. Furthermore, this responsive template offers multiple blog listing layouts. 

We recommend any magazine businesses who would like to equip more information on their homepage to have a look at this template. If you require language support, the template is also RTL supported which will make the switch between different languages a piece of cake. 

BestNews is priced at $48 and this Joomla template comes with a free 1-to1 exchange (within a week), free lifetime updates, online documentation, and a support system for 6 months.  

Gather more information about the template, or preview it.

Final Words and Things to Consider

There are various aspects to keep in mind when setting up your magazine company online for business. 

First, your website needs to be mobile responsive. As of January 2021, Statista reported an astounding 92.6% of total active internet users (4.66 billion) who access the internet via mobile devices. This number should not be taken lightly under all circumstances. Being an informative and content-heavy business, your magazine website needs to be accessible on mobile devices and respond well to them. This will help you in boosting page views and subscriptions to your company.   

Secondly, with the prevalence of social media, your magazine company either already has a few, or needs to be planning to sign up for them. Stay above your competitors by integrating your social media platforms and buttons on your website. This will provide users with a way to interact with you, and “share” you with their communities. The more people see you, the more recognizable you’ll become. Building trust is not easy, but establishing features like these early will prompt users to buy into your services or products quicker. 

With these two points established, the templates we have selected above are all responsive and offers an integrated or compatible social media feature for your website. We hope that with this list, you’ll find a Joomla template best fitted for your magazine or news business and we wish you all the best in your endeavor.

Did any template above catch your eye? Do let us know in the comments below. 

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