With all the different kinds of programs and affordable tools now available to make music, a lot of people are getting into the music production game. Maybe you’re more traditional, performing song covers or original songs in a self-made studio with your band, or you’re a novice with a talent for creating good beats and rhythms through free computer programs like Audacity or GarageBand. Whatever kind of musician you are, it’s easy to see that the field has never been more competitive than ever. Sites like YouTube, for example, feature all kinds of indie artists posting themselves performing and showing off musical skills with varying degrees of success. And if you want to build a musical brand of your own and accrue popularity and a following, it’s a steep upward climb in a sea of fairly talented artists.

What definitely helps, however, is knowing how to market yourself and taking every opportunity you get to forward your exposure, and what better way is there than to build you or your band’s identity through something like an official website built with a Joomla template?

Why Joomla?

Joomla is one of the most used Content Management Systems alongside the likes of WordPress and Drupal. It started out as a more portal-focused system meant to be accessible to mobile audiences so they may easily access sites from anywhere. It used to be more developer-focused as well, being fairly hard to use without coding knowledge. However, in recent years, templates and extensions have made site building with this system much more manageable. However, Joomla still prides itself in all the affordances it makes for developer control over site code and features, so those starting out in Joomla are able to play around with it in ways beyond their original templates and extensions would have allowed.

Building a music site with Joomla thus means allows you to not only have an easy start, but also eventually extend the possible functions of your site. Imagine not just presenting your musical portfolio as it is, but also selling short music tracks for use in stuff like music videos and other creative projects. Instead of using other ticketing sites that take a cut of your profit, sell your own concert tickets through your own site. Engagement with fans can even be done with extensions that allow you to build communities on your own website, maybe even creating a platform for other music enthusiasts like yourself too.

What should you look out for when building a music website?

We’ve collated these 7 Joomla templates for music and bands enthusiasts like yourself to consider what kind of template and look that you want for your site (many of which can be found on Themeforest). Each of them has their own unique features and visual identities to offer, and can fulfill a variety of needs that you may have for your own music website. But if you’re new to site design and aren’t quite sure of what to look out for in a Joomla template, here’s a simple list for you to refer to:

Aesthetic – A nice looking site that fits the identity of you or your band helps establish who you are

Good Extensions – You may not know how to code a site, but these go a long way in filling that gap

Media Support – Any Joomla template that can embed media like sound, video and images ensures that you’ll be able to show off past musical work

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1. Beat – One Page Music & Band Joomla Template  

Beat - One Page Music & Band Joomla Template

Beat is an incredibly sleek and cool Joomla template made for all your music needs that any individual artist of band can make good use of. With a solid loadout of various custom-made modules and shortcodes to build all kinds of additional functions and alternate layouts, Beat gives you free reign and great tools to make use of when making your website.

This Joomla template offers functionalities such as a flexible grid system able to accommodate a variety of content for musicians and bands. You could post articles with information and updates regarding performances or advertise an upcoming album you might be releasing. Something like a touring schedule or series of bars and gigs you may be performing at over the week can all be easily linked to the homepage of your music website for easy and quick access.  If you have any new footage from live events or music videos you want to upload from YouTube, the template even allows you to embed links into the grid together with a feature that you may upload for any site visitor or fan to watch straight from the site.

Even better, the grid system can host both on-site content as well as social media through the built-in Social Feed feature. If you’re not looking to make full blog posts regularly and have other platforms to manage like a Facebook or Twitter account for your band or yourself, this Joomla template makes this even easier by automatically posting any updates you send through those platforms on your behalf. The live preview shows that this exceptionally ideal for short and simple promotional posts for things ranging from merchandise sales and event listings. More of an Instagrammer yourself? Or maybe you prefer to feature photos of your band from various performances over Tweets and posts? Consider using the Instagram feed option to manage posting image-posts instead so you can put up performance posters and visual updates on what you’ve been up to.  

Google maps API integration is an especially useful feature if you’re a band on the move. Keep fans in the know of upcoming gigs by allowing them to view where your next performance will be not just through a blog post, but also through Google Maps to provide a truly intuitive experience. The PHP contact form packaged into the Joomla template also makes it so that you can manage event signups securely with its CAPTCHA integration for things like concerts with limited spaces or seats; and maybe even accept things like feedback and fan mail as well! And if you have a solid brand and identity that fans want to represent during live performances, why not let them by selling T-shirts and other paraphernalia through your own online store featured on a unique product slider that can accommodate images, prices and links to the product page for them to purchase.

In terms of design, the template looks pretty good for musicians dealing with more modern genres like hip-hop and pop. You can swap out the demo’s pallet from dark to light, and can even switch up the imagery and background video/image with something more personalised. And given you’re working with Joomla, this template’s own compatibility with Bootstrap does allow you to customize the template to fit the kind of identity or genre that you’re building your music around.

View more information or check out the live preview!

2. Musika – Music Festival & Band Joomla Template

Musika - Music Festival & Band Joomla Template

 As opposed to the previous Joomla template’s more single-page layout that lends it towards mobile-first design, Musika boasts much more versatility through its abundance of layouts to choose from, as well as robust and popular extensions packaged within. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise given that it’s actually a part of a much bigger template pack generated by its designers from Templaza; which we will be covering further down the list with the other multi-purpose but incredibly valuable templates that can be used for music and any other kind of website, really. We’ve decided to bring this Joomla template higher up due to it being particularly targeted for music festivals and bands. It contains 13 different layouts for inner pges to choose from in order to compile a great multipage website that can accommodate a great range of content for whatever you’ll need out of your music and band site.

Looking through the live preview, you will be able to check out how well designed Musika is for various musical purposes. There’s a page built to reflect statistics on various tours that can list out the festivals, events and dates at which you’ll be performing. An albums page lets you compile a solid portfolio of your discography that you may even upload snippets on to; or you could do that on a videos page full of spaces to embed footage of live performances or mixtape demos straight from other video hosting platforms. The Team Members layout is also a good page to have to feature other partners in your musical project to add more personality to the site. For those looking to set up a kind of business through merchandise sales and even ticket sales, pages for storefronts and ticket prices (with additional price table formats for various ticket tiers if you have different zones with different ticket prices for live venues) all make this a great deal more accessible. All this stays available even if the site is opened from a mobile device too, with responsive design that ensures that no element is missing regardless of where anybody accesses it.

If you’re new to Joomla templates, however, you may be daunted by the idea of building a site, especially with a system that’s taken second place to WordPress and has resultantly less resources in support of it. And if you do have experience with it, you already know the challenges of site building anyways. What Musika (and the larger pack it hails from) offers, however, really renders all of those concerns moot. You’ll be relieved to know that this Joomla template is backed by multiple useful extensions that introduce some genuinely helpful quality-of-life features that lessen the amount of work you’ll need to do. Among these plugins, you’ll get the SP Page builder provides a visual editor that works on a drag-and-drop system that is intuitive and simple to learn how to use. With SP, this makes page elements easier to arrange without having to get into HTML or CSS coding so you can make quick edits instead of worrying about really getting into the guts of the site.

Take a closer look at all of Musika’s features here or check out the live template.

3. Musiziya – Musician & Music Band Joomla Template

Musiziya - Musician & Music Band Joomla Template

Musiziya  is a stylish and modern template designed for all kinds of musicians and bands. Whether you’re making a site to feature album releases, sell digital copies of a track or mixtape or even announce performance venues and dates, this Joomla template offers plenty of plugins, addons and pre-made layouts to build a site to suit your musical needs. This template features a great layout through its preview that is responsive to whatever device that loads it and shows off how well it can accommodate an artist’s musical portfolio. There’s a block that can catalogue your discography and link to either a page or shop to purchase them, and a video showcase block that can link to recordings of live events or even livestreamed recordings if you’re the type to stream your musical process. Scrolling through its demo also shows how interactive Musiziya is through dynamic animations that add on to what is already a very hip-looking design. If you want to display band members and link to social media pages, you can have their additional information and relevant social media stored in a pop up that animatedly fades in to reduce visual clutter and maintain a visually interesting experience for visitors.

The blocks aren’t just bells and whistles too, as the whopping 49 packaged addons ensure that they’re all functional and add plenty of great features to the website. Google maps and contact forms allow visitors or fans to stay updated on things like performance locations and newsletter updates that can inform them or album sales, upcoming music releases and even just pricing lists if you’re open to be commissioned to do music for events or other creative projects.

If the current preview doesn’t quite suit your tastes, you won’t need to worry because this template comes with the SP page builder as well to really get the most out of this Joomla template. Mix and match various page elements as necessary to either make a site dedicated to whatever specific needs you have or even expand the potential uses for it if you want to break out of just marketing your music and selling merchandise as well. Functions like the Layer Slider lets you put content on carousels that you can build and edit to be visually compelling and synergise well with the built-in animations. Upon installation, Musiziya’s developers have also ensured that you get a fair amount of documentation that helps guide you through the building process as you learn more about the different addons they’ve designed. Make sure to read through them, as they also outline how to change template colours and features like their own tailor-made Ecommerce Musiziya function to make secure and simple shops. This Joomla template really does offer a fair amount of bang for your buck, so if you’re ready to innovate on your music site, why not try out Musiziya?

So purchase it here or get a live preview first.

4. Loyale – A Modern and Elegant Joomla 3 Template

Loyale - A Modern and Elegant Joomla 3 Template

So far, we’ve been more preferential towards templates that cater to more modern, pop inspired aesthetic tastes. And sure, the Joomla templates we’ve covered so far do allow you to change their colours and fonts to varying degrees. But you might want a template whose aesthetic already largely suits the genre or identity that you want to express through your music. In that case, Loyale is a classier template that might just be more your speed.

 Featuring a side menu bar and a fullscreen layout, this Joomla template is an interesting aesthetic departure from the standard vertical layout that the last three templates had. The live preview is formatted with serif-fonts and clean inner pages for a grand variety of purposes, and really showcases how versatile Loyale is in site construction. Built to sort of represent a fine-dining restaurant, any creative mind can make use of the current modules and add-ons provided to turn the site into one that features music. The whole appearance of the preview kind of makes it suitable for someone who does classical or even traditional music, or maybe even an ensemble club that might want to display their best instrumentalists. Even if you’re not a fan of the pomp of this template’s demo, the vertical sidebar can make for a unique website layout given its modern and visually appealing look. Just switch it out for sans-serif Google Web Fonts, all supported by this stylish template.

That’s only the start of this template’s customisability too. Loyale lets you pick from an unlimited amount of colour accents. Each module of content can take on 15 different variations, and may be slotted into multiple different layouts and positions so you can make single column style pages or even up to 4 column masonry aligned grids for image galleries from events or music videos if you want. With this being a Joomla template, a bit of fiddling with it using some knowledge of Bootstrap can even bring that column number to as high as 12 to really generate some novel layouts not available through the base unmodified template.

If you’re not quite sold on how much this Joomla template can do for you, then you should also look into all the third-party extensions Loyale offers. Of interest to any musician who wants to showcase their work on a website is the AllVideos plugin. You can embed recordings of your band performing or ensemble performances from platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. In fact, even Soundcloud recordings such as your self-made mixtape and demos of your original songs can be embedded into neat pages.

Get a better idea of what this template offers here and how it looks here!

5. Jollyany | Multi-Purpose Joomla Template

Jollyany | Multi-Purpose Joomla Template

Jollyany, the Joomla template pack that houses Musika, is the first of the more multipurpose template we’ll be covering in this list. While it may be ideal to get a custom-built template made for the particular subject you’re building the site for, Joomla templates are already in fairly short supply and may even lack recent updates that keep them competitive; and could even signal that their developers are no longer supporting them. In such cases, you’ll want to consider other templates as well. Casting a wide net could always help you unearth some templates you never thought might work well for the subject if you exercise just a little bit of creativity.

While Musika already came with a good variety of inner pages and even pre-made homepages, Jollyany further opens up the abundance of choices you get to choose from through the inclusion of an incredible set of 23 Joomla templates all uniquely made for a bunch of different purposes. Its developers report that it contains over a hundred inner pages, opening the door to some very novel site layouts and combinations of pages to pick and choose from freely. Furthermore, customise the template as much as you want through the packaged Asteroid customizer that let’s you change the whole site’s colour pallet and fonts at the click of a button. Headers and menus may be very easily adapted as well to suit your tastes. All this without needing any coding background at all! As an added bonus, the template has recently undergone a drastic reduction in price. Where it used to cost about over $1000, you can now get it at the much more affordable $59 (same price as the singular Musika) to get all of 23 Joomla templates for the price of one which is an incredible deal for what is an incredibly well-designed arrangement of products.

This Joomla template can also offer a solid variety of extensions. We’ve covered how SP Page Builder really let’s you play with the format of your site, and that the Asteroid plugin assists with site-wide aesthetic changes. However, there’s plenty of functional extensions such as Hikashop that helps with the generation of commerce functionalities on your website. If you want to sell merchandise or music you’ve made for people to use in their own creative projects, you’ll be able to do it fairly easily with Hikashop. And with the great savings you make from buying this template now, you’ll be able to purchase extensions like EasyBlog, EasySocial and EasyDiscuss that all help you to introduce some social networking aspects to your site so fans can do things like discuss your latest works and projects and even send letters and fanmails to you through the website; all extensions that are supported by Jollyany.

Check out this template pack here and its live preview!

6. Joo – Niche Multipurpose Joomla Template with Page Builder

Joo - Niche Multipurpose Joomla Template with Page Builder

Joo is another great multiuse joomla template with a myriad of elements and page layouts that you can make use of for all your music and band needs. This Joomla template has less templates to choose from compared to Jollyany, with a more modest pack of 15 that might appeal you if you don’t want to be too overwhelmed by a large number of templates and pages to sieve through. Its templates feature a more vertically oriented, minimalist and almost block-like layout that is easy to read through. Its preview site features smooth animations in response to users scrolling through and mousing over page elements. If you want a site that doesn’t distract from all the fun images of your musical performances, this is definitely one that maintains a sense of style without competing for attention with the actual content you want viewers to see. If the current layouts offered are good enough for you, just simply utilise the quickinstall pack to integrate them into your site.

And if they’re not, use SP Page Builder to get to work on really making the site your own by moving all the 50 different packaged modules around. Make use of the over 30 portfolio formats to feature your musical works or any image albums in the best possible layouts, or feature media like videos and music through the Revolution Slider extension included in this package. If you’ve got a flair for writing as well, why not share it through a blog post that may be published in a diverse 20 different blog styles. All this can even be accessed through mobile devices due to the simple layout of the template and its fully responsive coding that has been built into the code of Joo.

You can even show off and sell band merchandise or audio packs to other creators if you’re in the business of doing so through an online store – all made possible through the J2Store extension. Touring an area or a series of pubs with your music crew? Don’t worry about fans getting lost through the Google Map integration that allows you to key in addresses so that they’ll always be up to date on where the next gig is gonna be hosted! Working contact forms integrate with the previous two extensions incredibly well to also manage ticket sales for limited seating or attendance venues. You could even get creative and provide different price sheets for added bonuses like free merch and meet-and-greets with your fans’ favourite performers! This Joomla Template can do almost anything you need it to do without much fuss.

Take a look at Joo’s page for more details and visit its live preview.

7. Camera – Photography and Portfolio Joomla Template

Camera - Photography and Portfolio Joomla Template

Camera, while tailor-made for a different subject altogether, has huge number of functions to offer your music and band website. As much as plenty of Joomla templates are titled and marketed for very specific subjects, it’s always good to try and see how other templates might actually work well for your own needs. In this case, making use of a creative portfolio style Joomla template provides an interesting layout and music-relevant functions. Camera’s affordance for visual media means you can host all kinds of feature images of your performances and works, and can even be used to link to pages that feature different albums or mixtapes that you want to showcase. The 2 pre-built portfolio layouts can even be used to embed audio if you want to post audio samples of your music, and maybe even videos of you performing some of your best stuff. All of this is accessible to mobile users too, so that you can even capture mobile audiences through a fully responsive website that may be navigated using touch as well, really future proofing your music platform for all manner of users.

Comment systems and Blog segments are free to use as well; something that is surprisingly rare among the other templates. With the increasingly social nature of the media scene today, establishing yourself as an online personality will do wonders for the marketing of your music and band, which these extensions help to do by hosting a platform for it on your site as well. Even the newsletter subscription form helps with this as well, ensuring that any subscribers are kept up to date on what you’re up to in your musical career or events that they might want to attend to watch you play your heart out live on stage.

This Joomla template has plenty of features that really make the site look incredibly good as well. You’ll be able to utilise them to make things like parallax effects that the other templates lack to boost the visual experience of navigating the website.  And much like the other templates, you’re free to really change up how everything is presented, maybe even pivot towards a layout that is much less visually focused, by making use of the built-in drag-and-drop page builder in order to generate alternative layouts of your own. The best thing about reworking other Joomla templates to your needs is that the process allows you to think more about what you need out of a site instead of hoping that every template designer has accounted for all the needs of the average musician. So do try and get into the documentation that Camera provides in order to make the most of it and ensure that you come up with a site that works well for you.

Look through its details and navigate its live demo!

Final words…

Hopefully, this list has helped you get a better idea of what Joomla templates can do and how they can support you in building a music and band website. All the ones listed here are great and offer good variety in layouts and extensions to help make your sites incredibly versatile. Do make sure to read up on the Joomla template pages themselves and their live previews in order to get a really good feel of what they have to offer, as you may have your own opinions of how well those templates may fit what you’re looking to get out of a music website.

Our top 3 picks from this list are Beat, Musika and Jollyany. Beat and Musika not only look good but also have the right extensions to stream music and videos, which you definitely need to do if you want to show off your performances and works. Their commerce extensions are also an added bonus for those planning to sell anything from soundtracks to band merchandise like T-shirts and mugs. Jollyany, on the other hand, is the most valuable Joomla template given how many layouts you stand to get and all the different premium extensions that it comes with.

Have a favourite template in this list or want to recommend more? Why not comment down below and let us know!

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