New technologies are constantly being produced and innovated on, and much more so in the present day. Digital media has given rise to new roles like UI/UX designers in the workforce. And now we even have digital currencies based on no real-world metric that are being traded for thousands of US dollars per unit. This isn’t just limited to digital technologies as well, as we see computer hardware manufactures struggle to keep up with computer component demand as cryptocurrency mining has risen, and technologies like 3D printing have become more affordable and accessible to the common man.

As such, we’ve collated 11 Joomla templates for technology sites that you may find useful. In light of this big boom in human innovations and scientific research, you’re probably thinking of ways to get in on this trend. Maybe you’re an experienced crypto trader who wants to build a platform to share advice outside of YouTube or other social media. You could be a fintech investor or consultant with ideas of how to make better use of market data, and are willing to sell your theories for a price. Whether you’re looking to discuss technology in a educational sense or profit off of them, a good site built with a solid Joomla template will be helpful in your journey.

What should I look out for in a Joomla template for technology?

Joomla templates are built to largely make your site building process easier by providing you a scaffolding to work with. That means that you’ll want to make sure the template looks good from the get go, and that it fits your agency. A Joomla template that fits a fintech company may not fit a UI/UX agency that works with digital technology as their customers may come to expect different things of each firm, for example.

However, after that you’ll want to ensure that good extensions are included. Extensions all add extra functions on top of a simple template, and can really help with things like receiving project applications from clients and even sale of products like technological peripherals such as computer parts or consultancy services for fintech investors.

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1. Unibox – Multipurpose Corporate Business Joomla Template

Unibox - Multipurpose Corporate Business Joomla Template

Unibox joomla template is a sleek and professional template catering to all manner of businesses dealing with technology such as app developers or computer part distributors. This Joomla template is incredibly versatile, and was designed to look modern in order to portray any site that uses it as a forward-looking and ready for the future. From the get-go, the template is able to really portray your site as one that is professional and competent. In fact, it also manages to make the content presented look fun and visually engaging, with advanced animations that are the norm in most business sites and a solid set of fonts to work with and change to if you have a different visual identity in mind for your tech company.

On the topic of customisability, this Joomla template has it in droves. Each of the various types of pages all have multiple unique and very stylish layouts. For those of who want to make a site and focus more on the content like text and images without fussing over layouts and formatting, this means you can effectively plug the template into your site and simply add in the text and various media you want to feature in the pre-set configurations packaged into Unibox. That way you won’t need to have to fiddle with additional settings like header styles and even animations since the page elements are all already calibrated.

But for those who want to really personalise the site layout, tools like the SP Page Builder Pro extension offer you the choice to move those elements around and reorganise them to your liking. If you like the parallax shortcode on the previewed home page and want to see more of it, why not repeat it with multiple images interspersed with text blocks as you explain what your fintech agency does with relevant graphs? The packaged fonts and icons can be applied easily with SP’s drag-and-drop function so you can create simple infographics if you want to educate site visitors about the various digital consultancy services you have to offer. Animated progress bars and pie charts can even provide statistics on user feedback from previous digital apps that your app developer start up crew put together so you can show off how well your products have done. All in all, this Joomla template is a great fit for pretty much any kind of tech related business or firm to establish their brand.

Take a look at its product page and its live preview!

2. Bozz — Corporate and Business Responsive Joomla Template

Bozz — Corporate and Business Responsive Joomla Template

If you’re a technological firm or a start-up comprised of professional experts working with cutting edge technologies from machine learning to fintech algorithms, Bozz joomla template can help you further establish your brand. It is a sleek and professional looking visual appearance, and is fully responsive regardless of whatever device it is accessed from. If you’re a developer experienced with HTML and CSS coding, then you’ll be happy to know that this Joomla template is built on valid HTML5 and CSS3 to ensure that the site is on the most updated web development language. But if you’re a novice, or maybe just want to just build the site quickly and efficiently, this template does also come packaged together with a Joomla page builder called Quix.

While Joomla page builders that are more visual and intuitive to use are fairly new compared to other CMS page builders, their developers have managed to catch up to their competition by making some really solid ones. And Quix is shaping up to be among them. Quix is a real time customizer that can allow you to change the visual style of the Template on the fly so that you can really make it your own.  While this Joomla template comes with a good set of pages for you to fill out what your company is about or the case studies that your tech start-up has covered like fintech and UI/UX optimisation projects, Quix does also allow you to do more than just rely on pre-fabricated page layouts. Its simple drag-and-drop layout builder lets you place and remove page elements like text blocks and media blocks for videos and images so that you can present your content in any way you need.

If you need to feature multiple visual aids to explain the financial algorithms your start-up employs, you can pitch them using the very stylish full screen image blocks that the template provides. Carousels can even be employed to cycle through past satisfied customers and testimonials. And as an added bonus, JoomShopping is an integrated extension that comes as part of this Joomla template for you to conduct all manner of commerce related activities if you want to be able to conduct the sale of your services through your site.

Get a peek at more of this template’s features here or check out its demo!

3. Hamela – Digital Agency Services HubSpot Theme

Hamela - Digital Agency Services HubSpot Theme

For digital agencies looking for a more stylish and personable template to present their site through, Hamela joomla template may be the stellar choice for you. The modern tech field is pretty varied and diverse, with all manner of new technologies with different kinds of people pioneering in their progress. And in order to accrue prestige or popularity in such sub-fields, you will need to have a distinguishable identity. Think of how Elon Musk presents himself as a sort of relatable geek and how this has allowed him a substantial following. Or how Apple’s minimalist or even more recent neomorphism inspired design has allowed its products and UI to be easily identified at a glance. This Joomla template’s visual theme is a departure from the style of the previous two templates, but the field of tech that you and your team maybe be stepping into might require you to present your site in a more modern and hip way.

With dynamic and animated page elements and sliders, this Joomla template presents itself in a very pleasing way. And even then, it manages to make for a clean navigation experience as you browse through the live demo. The colour scheme may be changed fairly easily, and if you want to make use of a different font, you could easily swap the pre-set Open Sans for something else as well. Pricing tables and testimonial blocks, among other pre-made content blocks to shift around, can be used to indicate your team’s rates for different services like UI/UX optimisation projects or fintech consultation services. One thing to note, however, is that this Joomla template is more oriented towards developers more experienced with coding Joomla sites. Hamela makes heavy use of javascript codes that can be obtained from github and font packs that may need to be paid for if you want to access a greater variety of fonts. If the current template is built in a way that you like already, then you’re good to go. But if you want to work on Hamela more, you may need a bit of study into Joomla page building due to the lack of an integrated page builder in this template.

While it’s a fair bit cheaper ($29) than the other templates here, it’s at the cost of additional extensions that can add on to the functionality of your site. However, these aren’t always necessary depending on what you’re planning to use the site for. For any company or firm just looking to have a site to be contacted through and feature their portfolio and other business info, Hamela’s more limited structure may be better and actually more worthwhile than a template with a whole bunch of features that you’ll be paying to not use anyways.

So if you want to learn more about Hamela, read here and check out its preview.

4. Onehost – Responsive Hosting Joomla Template

Onehost - Responsive Hosting Joomla Template

Onehost is a sleek joomla template that’s made for any professional team dealing with modern technologies. Boasting a default Dark style that can be changed for a Light version as well, this Joomla template provides a solid foundation to build a very professional looking website.

From the get-go, you can easily install this template through a packaged quickstart installer that can plug in a fully designed layout onto your website. This kick starts the site building process so that you won’t have to worry too much about generating different pages and layouts on your own. Once all your content is down, you could even very easily publish your site live and then slowly work on its formatting from there. This Joomla template is fully responsive too, and comes with a drag & drop layout editing system that is intuitive to master so you don’t have to fuss over breaking the pre-built layouts and can easily key in updates and move page elements around with no fear.

There’s plenty of other visual flairs packaged into Onehost for you to make your site look really flashy. The parallax effects and Flexslider (among other sliders) are only some of the fool things you get access to through this Joomla template. Have any videos of your work or a trailer to feature past projects? You can use the fullscreen HTML5 video to show them off to visitors. Jquery carousel and the Joomla Revolution Slider can also be used to feature all kinds of visual content in aesthetically pleasing carousels to feature stuff like educational aides to explain the kind of work you do; something that many tech innovators like yourself may have to do for the layman that struggles to catch up with the constant, shifting tides of modern technology. Best of all, the Ajax contact form can help your visitors get into contact with you more easily by cataloguing things like the details of their case studies and even other queries that you could help to clarify for them; a definite boon for your clients’ views regarding your tech firm’s customer service skills.

Take a gander at this template’s page and its preview!

5. Softdash – Creative SaaS and Software Joomla Template with Page Builder

Softdash - Creative SaaS and Software Joomla Template with Page Builder

For more digitally oriented companies like software and mobile app developers, Softdash joomla template gives you a great set of tools to use to really buff up your website. This Joomla template offers 4 different homepage layouts for you to pick from, all featuring minimalist styling and a neat looking arrangement of page elements. These elements can also have very smooth animations added to them in order to make them interactive, shifting and expanding slightly to boost readability and visual engagement with readers as they navigate through your website. This template can be applied to any site meant to showcase your firm, a particular product and/or service, and even educational media regarding the field of tech you might be specialising in. While lacking in commerce elements, extensions that are compatible with Bootstrap can be used to add that in, with the packaged SP page builder offering you the ability to build your own custom storefront or pricing tables depending on what kind of products or services you’re planning to sell.

The clarity of the current pre-made layouts and how clean they are to read through makes for a template that can really bring focus to your content, and works best, in our opinion, with simple graphics and PNG images that integrate with the visual appearance of the template well. We’ve also stated that this is great for software developers due to the fact that sites developed by them work better with cleaner and simple Joomla templates that don’t have cluttered UI that might distract from the actual UI of the products they’re selling. So once again, as good as a template may look, do consider whether its current appearance actually meshes well with the services and clients that your tech firm is planning to cater to.

However, the inclusion of SP Page Builder Pro does help male Softdash a fair bit more versatile. If you’re not a fan of the empty space in this template, you could also make use of this page builder to introduce new layouts of your own; and a developer with Joomla experience could definitely change things up more than SP page builder can allow. You can shift current page elements around and even split the one column layout that the current template’s configuration has to make the layout more complex. The templates are typically a suggestion of a particular aesthetic style. The added features that Joomla templates like this one supply often make up the bulk of the price you’ll be paying, and offer robust tools and ingredients for potentially unique and visually pleasing sites.

Have a tour through Softdash’s features and live demo!

6. DotCreative – Web Design Agency Joomla Template

DotCreative joomla template is a solid and well-built template for a modern and forward-looking tech firm. If you’re looking for a hipper and more colourful template, this Joomla template might be a good fit for you. Featuring a clear and neat layout as well, DotCreative is a very appealing and engaging site that can really draw the attention of your site’s visitors. Its preview features all you need to know about the various layouts that you will get by purchasing this template, from the staggering 7 different galleries that can be used to showcase project sand case studies you’ve covered or even the various products you have to offer like tech peripherals.

The 3 different Service page layouts means that you have a fair amount of say in how you can present content and whatever services you have to offer from fintech consultancy to bitcoin or cryptocurrency investment plans that clients might want to subscribe to. Feel free to even feature happy customers’ testimonials and feedback through the animated sliders that this template provides.

In the vein of customisation, you get to have a rather solid set of features to implement as you please. Parallax sections that are almost a must have for most modern sites, free fonts and icons to choose from so you can personalise the visual identity of your website, and even 3 colour schemes to switch between come together to offer you a fair degree of control over the visual identity of your technology website! You could even play around with SP Page builder to get generate novel layouts to suit your site’s needs better.

If you want to expand the functionality of your site, then why not try out the additional extensions that have been included in this template as well? J2store is one such Joomla extension for building online stores, allowing you to build storefronts to sell all manner of tech services and products (think of how bitcoin sites sell advice and mining setups, and how iFixit sells their own kits inside their phone teardown tutorial articles). The Mailchimp extension can also help improve client outreach so that they may sign up for newsletters that you can send things like curated articles on your services or field of tech expertise to really show how much you know your stuff; convincing subscribers of your competency as a firm worth consulting or commissioning.

So build your technology site today and check out this template’s features and live demo.

7. Runway – Responsive Multipurpose Joomla Template

Runway - Responsive Multipurpose Joomla Template

Moving away from specifically business-oriented templates towards more versatile and multipurpose ones, Runway joomla template is an elegant and well-built Joomla template that can cater a fair variety of tech needs. A tech firm like yours may not want to manage commerce and sales solely through a site, maybe for things like privacy and security concerns that many in your field are definitely well acquainted with. But nevertheless, a good site that can really portray and communicate your competence is something that is an absolute must as marketing has become a more important feature to have an increasingly crowded field like tech, both virtual and physical.

This Joomla template is not just multi-purpose, but also multi-faceted. It contains a multitude of visually appealing layouts in addition to a solid amount of functions and features that you can make use of regardless of whatever technology related purpose your site may serve. While only providing a fairly limited 9 set of colours to change the template between, you do have plenty of layouts to choose from. The preview introduces 8 different variations of the template, and many more variation for the inner page categories like blogs and pricing tables that might cater to any kind of particular aesthetic preferences you may have.

The premium extension Revolution Slider (worth $25 on its own) is also packaged within so you can craft some very beautiful carousels for a variety of media, with layer editors so you can add graphics and text as you please; ideal for making infographics if you want to have educational segments on your site to explain the manner of services you provide. If you have a favourite Google Font as well, the template has them available for you to further personalise the site you make, allowing you to truly make a technology website of your own.

Click on these links to get a better idea of the template’s various features and variations!

8. Reto – Responsive Multipurpose Joomla Template with Page Builder

Reto - Responsive Multipurpose Joomla Template with Page Builder

In the vein of multipurpose templates, Reto joomla template may very well be the one to beat out all the rest through the sheer number of bases it covers as a Joomla template pack. It offers over 19 variations to choose from for a variety of subjects, and some are even tailored to technology related fields like app development and digital agencies. You could even turn make use of the portfolio variant provided to feature products that your firm has made and case studies you may have worked on like UI/UX optimisation or fintech consulting services.

If you plan to have an educational aspect to your site, the template even has blog page and post galleries to organise articles you’ve written reviewing tech peripherals or new technologies like financial algorithms for investment and the like, building a brand that doesn’t just do business but also provides a public service of keeping people well informed of technological trends and forecasts of what’s to come in terms of technological research and advancements. If you’re in the field of UI/UX design, maybe you have things to say about augmented reality and how they might be used to boost engagement for corporations like Home Depot did with their mobile app. For machine learning enthusiasts, a fintech expert might be able to shed insights on how they’re already making money for larger investment firms by tracking market forces and data faster than any human can, and how readers might be able to apply some knowledge of them in their own investments.

While we’ve focused on more professional tech firms at the start, it is also good to know how to innovate and spread the use of your site. Having a good shop or nice-looking infographics aren’t the only way to get people to trust your firm and its product, they need to have a reason to keep coming back to you, which is why multipurpose templates  such as these can really offer a leg up towards adding value to your site with various features and functions.

So if you want this very valuable pack of templates, click here or check out its live demo first!

 9. Crita | The Responsive Multi-Purpose Joomla Template

Crita | The Responsive Multi-Purpose Joomla Template

Crita joomla template is another solid multiuse template that’s great for a myriad of technology sites that you may want to build. Though not as customizable as the rest of the multiuse templates, it already comes in a very stylish and appealing look. It’s ideal for firms that want to get a template that’s basically just plug-and-play, opening up time for them to focus on collating quality content to market their services. Uijextend, the developers of this Joomla template, also produced YouTube videos that instruct buyers how to install their template, meaning you won’t have to worry about being too lost without a quick installation function.

The template is also entirely responsive and has interactive animations for elements like buttons that link to other pages and parallax blocks to provide a visually engaging experience for site visitors that show that your firm is a modern and future-ready one that is aware of modern trends. Best of all, purchasing this template for a very affordable $19 nets you a great deal of 160 different prebuilt pages to choose from that’ll surely be enough for a simple website. Even if those are not quite to your liking, SP Page Builder Pro is there for you to make the necessary changes in order to play with the format a little more.

While not too flashy like the rest of the templates due to its lack of extensions and variation in layouts, it is a simple enough Joomla template for novices or anyone making a quick technology site for their firm or agency.

Do browse through their template page and demo to get a better feel for how Crita fits your technological site needs!

10. HashCoin Plus – Bitcoin Crypto Currency Joomla Template

HashCoin Plus - Bitcoin Crypto Currency Joomla Template

These last two Joomla templates go out to those delving into the more experimental and in vogue topics in the technological field. For crypto aficionados and fintech enthusiasts alike, Hashcoin may be the joomla template you’re looking for! Cryptocurrency has been quite a hot topic in recent years, and with the increasing amount of people with interest in investing, stock exchange and finance, everyone has been scrambling to see what the buzz is about. That’s why a Joomla template like Hashcoin, tailor made for a site dealing in crypto or even any other kind of new technologies related to finance or algorithmic market analysis, can help kick start site development in this regard.

The template offers a great variety of customisation options, with plenty of pages to choose from once you execute the quick and easy installation process. The template comes in alternate Dark and Light skins for different visual looks, and may be set to be boxed or wide (full screen) as well. Parallax sections add an extra visual flair to the template so you can really keep users engaged, and has plenty of fonts and icons to pick out. Animation shortcodes are also provided in a CSS3 animation library so different elements may be animated in as well. And while the current design is professional and clean, you may also tamper with it using the packaged SP Page Builder pro extension and its very easy to learn visual editing system. And if you’re a bitcoin trader or even a educator who wants to spread the word of this new bit of monetary technology, this Joomla template even comes with a currency converter that may even be adapted for different cryptocurrencies as well.

Check out Hashcoin’s template page or its live preview!

11. Cryptobite – Cryptocurrency Bitcoin & Digital currency Joomla

Cryptobite - Cryptocurrency Bitcoin & Digital currency Joomla

Specially made for cryptocurrency miners of all types looking to make a business of it as well, Cryptobite is a clean and professional looking template. This Joomla template boasts a huge variety of features and layouts to build a solid cryptocurrency, or really any other digital technology, site. The layouts Cryptobite touts can accommodate all kinds of graphics, so you could show off things like your stock portfolio or your firm’s statistics to establish credibility and faith in your skills. Fintech enthusiasts and crypto investors might even find the different layouts useful for educating visitors.

Simply upload notes or make use of the various site addons like image galleries and slider carousels to display infographics. The popup login that this Joomla template provides also meshes well with the J2store extension. If you want to market your educational material at a premium, why not lock some of them behind paid memberships that allow visitors access to some of your own crypto or tech related insights earlier? The added storefront page made to host cryptocurrency mining devices and equipment could be replaced by a price table for your fintech consultancy, or even tools that you’re selling to service a variety of other tech needs if you’re running a dedicated site for other forms of tech.

While this template is posited as ideal for digital currency trading, you can get creative with it even if you happen to just appreciate its appearance. Maybe you’re a 3D printing technology enthusiast who reviews 3D printers and gives advice on how to troubleshoot them? You could easily use the blog features to share advice, or even sell your own 3d models for other similar enthusiasts as well.

Learn more by reading this template’s page or looking at its preview.

Parting words

Out of this list, our personal top picks are Onehost and Reto. Onehost is one of the sleekest looking templates here, and is already targeted to digital hosting services. Most technology related templates all follow similar design elements like grid-arranged elements and cool but unobtrusive animations; more practicality over flashy form. But Onehost also throws in a fair bit of functionality that even allows you to innovate on what is already a very good-looking design, so you’ll be able to do a lot with it. Reto, on the other hand, is great for how it isn’t too specialised into a specific field, meaning you could easily use a template packaged within for your own technological site if you find that you need a different look that the standard technological and corporate sites provide. Our personal advice would also be to check out some quick courses in site design so you know what to look out for in making a good looking site to build on what Reto already provides.

Hopefully, you’ve managed to get a better feel for what kind of technology website you want to build. You’ve probably already seen all the different ways that we’ve suggested certain features and template layouts may be used and combined, but we also hope that this helps spark your imagination to really come up with creative technology sites for you to really get your foot into the door to the wider world of new technologies.

If you have a favourite template out of this list or outside of it, let us know and why!

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