Are you looking for the best Joomla Wedding Template to install for your wedding or for your wedding agency website? In this post we round up some of the best rated Joomla Wedding Templates that is available in the market at affordable prices.

What requirements do you need in your joomla wedding template?

If you are considering a joomla wedding template for a wedding, your requirements might be much lesser than that of a wedding agency business. Depending on what purpose you are shopping for a wedding joomla template, in our review below, we analyze the usefulness of the features in each of these templates for the different types of needs.

RSVP and location map feature in joomla wedding template

Should you be getting a joomla wedding template for a wedding, you might want to note down some imperative features that the template must have such as a robust RSVP page, beautiful wedding couple invite page, a stunning Our Story page and a lovely gallery function. These features would help you to capture RSVP operational details automatically and also putting your best photographs and memories on the site for your friends and families to celebrate your union day.

One more important feature is having a location or map feature where your guests can at one glance know where your wedding event is being held and this could help them decide on RSVP faster.

Joomla wedding template requirements for wedding agency business

On the other hand, if you are looking at a joomla wedding template for your wedding agency business, then you would be more concerned about a few key functions in the joomla template. You would want the joomla template to have a great testimonials section so this can help you to convince prospective wedding couples to approach you for organising their wedding.

On top of that you would want to have a powerful blog where you can rank on Google for keywords that prospective wedding couples are searching for, including a powerful search function within the blog ecosystem.

Next you would want to have a responsive and interactive pricing table that indicates if not static prices but price ranges and features included to help you sieve out clients not able to afford your services, saving you time in meeting with unqualified leads.

You might be selling ebooks or even selling or renting wedding gowns and jewelry so this means the wedding joomla template should have a robust ecommerce shopping cart system that can be relied upon. This can help you beautifully showcase the gown and accompanying assets that you are selling or renting to couples as well as to manage the payment collection automatically via the system, thereby saving you a lot of time and potential financial miscalculations.

Importance of forum feature in joomla wedding template

Last but not least you should consider a wedding joomla template that comes with a forum. Usually for such big events, wedding couples to be spend a lot of time in forums asking questions about expenses and procedures as well as locations for pre wedding photoshoots recommendations.

If your wedding agency website can be the hotspot for such important discussions amongst prospective wedding couple clients, you can be sure to create a great impression on them from a professional standpoint. Advising them on their wedding event would be almost a done deal if you imagine the conversion from a lead from the forum to a paying customer on the same website.

Some of the joomla wedding templates curated here fulfil the wedding event needs while the others fulfil the needs of a wedding agency business. All of them are worth your browse through, so as you review the wedding joomla templates, keep the above pointers in mind and use them to help you decide on the best wedding joomla template for your needs.

SJ Wedding Joomla Template

SJ Wedding Joomla Template

First up on our list is SJ Wedding Joomla Template. This joomla wedding template is designed for wedding or engagement events.

This joomla wedding template can help your website look elegant due to its pre-built templates. It is also responsive, so it looks great on every mobile device, one more concern resolved. You may not want to reuse 100% of the templates provided, so with the drag and drop SP page builder built into this joomla wedding template, you can customize easily any post or pages without knowing how to code.

This wedding template is built on the Helix 3 framework and this means that you are provided with dozens of theme options which are fully customizable, putting you in full control of your website.

If you are someone who is creative and you have new ideas on how to improve the template to better suit your needs, this wedding joomla template has more than 65 useful shortcodes that are built with the latest YT shortcode plugins so you have literally a whole lot of options to improve the template. For example, you can insert lovey dovey romantic audio clips into your website, insert content sliders to beautify the layout using your images or even to insert animation to lighten up visitors to the site etc. This feature is definitely one of the highlights of this joomla wedding template.

One of the lovely features in this template is the countdown timer to the big wedding day. This countdown is useful for guests who are invited to the page and they can immediately visualise when and how soon to make a booking on their calendars for this event. The countdown is also very memorable and exciting for the soon to be wedding couple who may be checking their website almost daily, just looking at beautiful photos.

This joomla wedding template is also very thoughtful and informative, acting as a wedding invite, as you can list down on the homepage how many guests are invited, the number of sessions and other information that your guests may want to know or ask you about. Having such an informative section would help you answer many repetitive questions from your guests and you could save a lot of time responding to them via private messages with this template.

Should you have audiences that are jewish, persian or even arabic, you will be happy to know that this joomla wedding template is RTL supported. This means literally you have both the LTR and RTL support for a global audience.

If you are planning to use this joomla wedding template for your marriage and wedding related events or if you are in the wedding planning business, this is suitable for you.

To sum up, this SJ wedding joomla template can help you start your website very quickly with easy self customization including the 65 + useful shortcodes and RTL support. It has been around for 3 years with continuous software upgrade with latest update very recently. This means that the creators are still improving and taking care of their product template and chances are high customer support will be good.

The only downside would be there are currently not many sales for this template, and with only 1 5 stars rating, it may either be a hidden gem or it pales in comparison to other wedding templates. Remember the requirements that you are looking out for and if this checks most of your boxes, take a look at the live preview and you should be able to arrive at an informed decision.


Emma and Mason – Wedding or Special Event Theme

The emma and mason joomla wedding template is designed specially for wedding events and special events such as engagement.

This wedding joomla template comes packed with features that help you easily customize your website. This template is RTL supported, has CSS/JS compression and an upgradeable admin amongst other features. It is built using the Vertex framework with a very user friendly backend interface, giving you full control over the customization of your website.

If you are using this wedding template to build your wedding website, you literally can achieve a lot of the operational details on the site. We like that you can let your guests easily RSVP using the S5 quick contact module, a really convenient feature for both your guests and for you to track the RSVP on the backend.

It is worth taking note of the extensions that are included in this wedding joomla template; box, accordion menu, live search, image and content fader, disqus comments and tab show. The image and content fader is quite unique and not commonly seen, where you can put text on the content to be shown when a visitor hovers his or her mouse over the image. Sometimes you might have some words to add to describe the image and this is extremely special and useful.

With the disqus comments extension provided, your comments section can be well maintained and organized, forming a mini community of your wedding guests, either pre or post wedding. The live search extension is very helpful to power up the search speed when your guests are looking for a specific thing on your wedding website such as location of the wedding venue or for your gift registry.

If you are intending to upload and have different sections of the website performing different functions or informative showcases, you would need a good menu design that can help visitors navigate well. This wedding joomla template has embedded a powerful mega menu which is flexible and includes 40 positions, floating menu options, multiple entry effects etc that is very useful. What is impressive in this template is the 102 collapsible core positions, just imagine the possibilities available to you in terms of easy customization.

The live preview of the wedding joomla template is quite thoughtfully designed from announcement of your wedding to the introduction of the wedding events to the wedding photo galleries to the blog section or latest news (if any) and finally to the RSVP form. Should you need most of these features in your wedding site, you can work right off the template and customize those finer details very quickly and your wedding site is up and operationally ready.

The only downside to this theme is that it apparently has not been updated since the date of its launch, so you may want to check again if the features present meet your current needs.


Wedding Invitation – Couple Event and Celebration Joomla Theme

Wedding Invitation - Couple Event and Celebration Joomla Theme

Wedding invitation is a very sleek and clean wedding joomla template. Some of the features available in the earlier two joomla templates are also included here such as wedding countdown timers, RSVP contact form, location map etc.

What we like about this wedding joomla template, aesthetically is the couple timeline that can show your couple’s love story in a time-based manner with minimal text accompanying the image. This is a wonderful way to construct beautiful memories for yourself as well as for your guests.

This joomla wedding template is JV framework supported, with a mobile responsive design and it is SEO optimized. You also do have a mega menu in this joomla template, making it easy to add categories and custom static blocks to create an easy navigation experience for your web visitors.

It has something special built in; ticket booking system. This is unique and if you are inviting a large number of guests and are hosting multiple events, you may find this handy. This template also comes with parallax background features so you can achieve both visually stunning website and a fast loading one.

If there is one thing that can be improved for this wedding joomla template, might be adding in a drag and drop page builder that makes it easier and faster for you to customize the site. Other than that, it is advertised as easy to customize and if what you need is just a simple sleek wedding joomla template, you should check out the live preview and see for yourself if you like the kind of style.


Fuchsia – Joomla Wedding Template

Fuchsia - Joomla Wedding Template

This Fuchsia joomla wedding template is made for wedding events and a pretty solid contender for the best wedding joomla template.

What we like about this wedding template is the ‘love is in the air’ kind of feeling, I am sure you can feel it once you check out its live preview. More specifically, the homepage image can be spruced up with lovely animation. This is one of the most innovative joomla wedding templates in the market.

Besides having the couple timeline which is quite essential to a great wedding template, it allows the couple to complete almost all of the wedding event operational ‘stuff’ such as RSVP, gift registry etc. But, to me, what makes it stand out is the thoughtfulness of presenting and showcasing your bridesmaid and groomsmen, since they are the ones who will be the most involved and busy setting up your big day.

How to tell a good template from a not so good one is the thoughtfulness in design from the creators and this joomla wedding template has me convinced.

This template comes with a drag and drop layout builder which makes your customization journey so much more easier. You have up to 3 home page versions to select from, made with the Plazart framework, K2, JEvents, JSN uniform, Unite Revolution Slider 2 and TZ modules. This wedding template contains TZ Plus gallery which is a joomla extension that displays all your wedding albums from your social media platforms; Instagram, Facebook, Flickr etc on your site seamlessly.

If there is a downside to this template, it would be the lack of update since mid 2019. Take a look at the live preview and do a quick checklist of the features you cannot do without and this can help you make an informed decision if this wedding joomla template suits your needs.


Everline – Wedding Joomla Template

Everline - Wedding Joomla Template

Everline is a wedding joomla template that comes with both types of templates catering to wedding agencies and wedding couples building their website.

This wedding template is designed with light colors and instead of using only images to wow your guests or clients, it embeds videos and audios. This is something very refreshing and modern compared with other wedding joomla templates.

Built on the astroid framework, your website is going to be very fast and able to handle a lot of heavy integration easily. It is bootstrap 4 and joomla 3.9.x compatible. You have a drag and drop layout builder and SP page builder pro integrated with this wedding joomla template, saving you $49 and making your page and layout easily customizable. If you have complex layout ideas in mind, you can create them using visual composer drag and drop function. You are also supported by Jollyany’s 60+ addons where you are put fully in control of your website’s customization.

What we like about this wedding joomla template is also the value of integrated premium extensions worth $127. A few important premium extensions to note; you have Akeeba backup which helps you backup, restore and transfer your site in seconds with the most popular joomla component. Unite slider aka slider revolution is included which makes it so easy and effortless to create stunning layouts, saving you $29.

Acymailing is included as well which helps you with email automation to run your marketing campaigns to clients, reminding them of your wedding agency latest services or reminding your guests to RSVP for your big wedding day. Easydiscuss and Kunena are also integrated where you can nurture a community based on your wedding forum niche. Bulletin boards can be very useful for wedding couples to find information and discuss latest trends where you can be one of the first to be kept informed.

If your wedding agency business also sells or rents gowns, you can utilize the Hikashop extension that is an e-commerce solution for joomla (built for simplicity and with great flexibility).

Most businesses or wedding couples are already very caught up in their own operations leading up to the wedding day, so having special page templates pre-made for you is the utmost thoughtfulness coming from a vendor. This wedding joomla template has 10+ pre made special inner pages from RSVP to pricing tables to love story, to your online shop and even accommodation page for your guests. Worry and spend no more time on designing these ‘other’ pages and work straight onto the finer details that are important.

With so many premium extensions integrated into this wedding joomla template, coupled with the pre-made inner pages and rock solid infrastructure, it is, so far, the best wedding joomla template we have seen. If there is any downsides to this, it might be that you do not need so many extensions and the presence of these extensions may distract you from building your wedding website and price of this template.


What is the best wedding joomla template?

In my opinion, the Everline is probably the best wedding joomla template as of now. Since it caters to both wedding couples’ needs and wedding agency business needs, two for the price of one. On top of that, the premium extensions included can help you build a stunning website with real practical and useful functions, such as forums and ecommerce shop etc. If Everline can meet your budget and you like the layout of the template, then go for it.

The only other reason I can think of you not choosing Everline is due to design appearances reasons. You might fall in love with Fuchsia’s animated template or be attracted by the other templates design. Again, pull out the requirements you have in shopping for a wedding joomla template and match them against these offerings to come to a decision.

We hope this post has been useful in helping you shortlist the best wedding joomla template.


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