If you’re looking to start a marketplace with OpenCart for any eCommerce ideas, you’ve come to the right page.

What is a digital multi-vendor marketplace?

Using OpenCart to establish an online business is simple, as is setting up your own multi-author online shop. With the right theme and appropriate plugins, easily create a store whereby vendors and creators can join, display their items for sale, and manage their own accounts all from inside your website.

A multi-vendor marketplace is an eCommerce platform that allows several merchants to sell their wares from a single location. A multi-vendor store provides buyers with a large selection and sellers with a larger pool of ready-to-buy customers. 

The finest marketplace themes in this selection include designs that are optimized for excellent conversion rates and increased revenue. They also provide frontend forms and templates for your registration, account, and reporting pages, ensuring that your multi-vendor eCommerce store has a consistent professional appearance.

Additionally, you won’t have any problems giving your marketplace a professional look owing to the allowances of these themes. Attracting the appropriate suppliers and customers is key to building a successful marketplace, and these OpenCart themes may help you achieve exactly that.

What is OpenCart?

OpenCart is a web-based platform that makes it easier for merchants and customers to engage. This shopping cart solution, which is built on an Open Source platform, allows you to make your business search engine friendly while maintaining a nice and appealing user experience. If you’re an online merchant, you’ll almost certainly require shopping capabilities on your site, and OpenCart is one choice for assisting you and your customers with these duties. OpenCart can meet your online sales demands regardless of the business you’re in.

Here are some of the advantages of utilizing OpenCart:

  • Plugins: You may choose from a large range of plugins in the OpenCart system. The most recent edition of the free version includes around 1,500 plugins, allowing you to personalize your website to match the demands of both your business and your consumers.
  • Support: The OpenCart community is rather large. You’ll get access to technical help for those nagging questions that simply won’t go away. There are also community forums where fellow OpenCart users and some knowledgeable programmers are always willing to help. Have you discovered a bug? On the OpenCart website, there is a quick and easy option to report it, so you can file a ticket and go back to what you were doing in no time.
  • Script: OpenCart’s script architecture is built on a well-known software called MVC (Model-View-Controller). Because of the popularity of this script foundation, there are a lot of people out there who are familiar with it, which provides you the best chance of getting aid when you need it. 
  • Resources: Because OpenCart doesn’t have as many built-in features as some of its competitors, it’s easier on the server systems that support it. Adding a few plugins shouldn’t have much of an impact on the performance and efficiency of your OpenCart website. Adding a slew of plugins to your site may slow down the speed and efficiency with which you and your users interact, but OpenCart can be used quickly and easily with only a few fundamental capabilities.
  • Dashboard: The administration of OpenCart is very simple for novice users to grasp. The admin panel is well-organized, transparent, and simple to use. These are all crucial criteria for newcomers to get their shopping cart site up and operating. This program’s user-friendliness goes from the admin dashboard to your customers’ experience.
  • Cost: You may download and use OpenCart for free thanks to the Open Source platform from which it was built. The original out-of-the-box version will suffice for most small company web retailers, and it will cost you nothing. Most of the modifications come with a little price for add-ons and plugins that you’ll undoubtedly want to use to make your site your own.

Without further ado, here are the best OpenCart themes for a marketplace that will digitalize your commerce effortlessly.

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1. Basel – Lightweight Yet Powerful OpenCart Theme

Basel - Lightweight Yet Powerful OpenCart Theme

Basel is a lightweight AJAX-driven OpenCart theme that can be utilized to create a marketplace that focuses on discounts and coupons. Offering 13 pre-made homepage variations, Basel might be the theme for you if you want to establish a site where people can sign up and start sharing their newest bargains, offers, and discounts.

This theme may also be used to create a traditional multi-vendor marketplace, wherein vendors can sign up and begin selling their own products, services, and other stuff. You may use both the elements of this theme to allow your merchants to use discounts and coupons to advertise their products. Your visitors should have no trouble acquiring the greatest bargains. Basel offers excellent support for monetizing your website with affiliate links, allowing you to earn money whenever someone makes a purchase on a third-party website after clicking on one of your referral links. You may monetize your site by taking a portion of their revenue or charging them in exchange for access to your platform.

Basel’s sample material may be easily customized, making it ideal for creating marketplaces that sell a diverse range of goods. This OpenCart theme is an excellent choice if you don’t want your platform’s design to restrict what kind of items or services you may successfully list on your market.

Built on the Bootstrap Framework, customizing your website should come easy with Basel.

View more information about Basel here, or preview the theme for yourself here. 

2. Matrix – Multipurpose eCommerce Marketplace OpenCart 3 Theme With Mobile-Specific Layouts

Matrix - Multipurpose eCommerce Marketplace OpenCart 3 Theme With Mobile-Specific Layouts

Matrix can assist you in setting up an efficient marketplace with OpenCart. If you want to start a marketplace whereby you and others may list distinct products or services, you’ll be happy to know that Matrix will be able to accommodate that. The five pre-built website samples are designed for a wide variety of markets, with the goal of assisting you in cataloging and displaying items in a user-friendly manner.

As a multipurpose eCommerce theme, Matrix offers a helpful adaptive picture function that’ll ensure your photos are responsive across any screen. Your audience will be able to view your listing without difficulty on their own smartphones and other larger-screen devices. In addition, you will be able to customize a user’s experience in any way you desire thanks to the theme’s customization choices. 

Matrix was built on the Bootstrap Framework, giving you the freedom to tweak any of the included templates, as well as create your own page designs from scratch. In addition, the theme’s options panel will allow you to customize various parts of the site from colors, header and footer layouts, to fonts. Using the theme’s default demos is also a possibility if you happen to be pressed for time. 

This marketplace theme will surely assist you in starting an OpenCart marketplace for any sector.

Read up on more information about Matrix here, or preview the theme here.

3. Journal – Advanced Opencart Theme Framework

Journal - Advanced Opencart Theme Framework

Journal offers enough functionality to assist you in creating a digital marketplace where you may sell any sort of product. You’ll be able to establish a beautiful digital marketplace where numerous sellers may join up and start selling their items online once you’ve installed this theme on your website. 

This theme offers 11 demo examples, all of which are jam-packed with features that can be simply activated or disabled so that you’ll be able to design the perfect homepage for your digital marketplace. Although you may list any sort of goods with this theme, Journal offers pre-built samples for creating a marketplace in different syndicates.

Take a closer look at the demonstrations and you’ll be able to see that the pre-built homepage layouts are equipped with a lot of components that can help you advertise your marketplace and digital items. The search feature allows your customers to quickly discover what they’re looking for, while the category pages allow you to quickly display your connected items. A client evaluation and testimonial section may help your marketplace appear more reliable while displaying client logos could highlight some of your other customers or organizations you’ve worked with.

Journal is great for establishing all sorts of digital markets with its drag-and-drop website builder and various layouts.

Get more information about Journal here, or head to the theme’s preview here.

4. BestShop – Top Multipurpose Marketplace OpenCart 3 Theme With Mobile Layouts

BestShop - Top Multipurpose Marketplace OpenCart 3 Theme With Mobile Layouts

For optimum versatility, BestShop is a multipurpose OpenCart theme that supports all of the major eCommerce marketplace technologies. By offering five pre-made demonstrations to work with, BestShop provides a good choice of options for powering your multi-vendor marketplace. Some demos are tailored to specific items, such as electronics and accessories, while others are more generic and should work with practically any inventory.

In addition, BestShop’s templates are extremely responsive and mobile-friendly. This theme isn’t only pretty to look at; it also includes some powerful eCommerce features to help your marketplace succeed. The product deals countdown, for example, may be utilized to entice your visitors to take advantage of your current offers. You may also utilize the trending goods widget to advertise your best-selling items, which will ideally result in more sales and earnings. 

This marketplace OpenCart theme features recently viewed product panels, daily specials, and megamenus, all of which contribute to making your site more competitive. You will be able to import a demo into your dashboard in just a few clicks once you’ve selected an ideal one Subsequently, change the templates with the sophisticated Bootstrap Framework, or just add your product descriptions to have your site ready for launch.

BestShop is a popular marketplace theme that has received favorable feedback from users.

Access more information about BestShop here, or preview the theme here.

5. SuperMarket – Multi-purpose Responsive OpenCart 3 Theme (3+ Mobile Layouts Ready)

SuperMarket - Multi-purpose Responsive OpenCart 3 Theme (3+ Mobile Layouts Ready)

SuperMarket is a marketplace theme for OpenCart that allows you to promote products and post various sorts of listings. As a multipurpose and flexible theme, SuperMarket may be used as a single-vendor solution, or be used to establish marketplaces where many users can join up and begin posting their items or other listings on your website. 

As its name suggests, SuperMarket is super in displaying eCommerce information to visitors. You’ll be able to control what the best sellers of the day are, discounts and flash sales, as well as the latest products. Incite a sense of urgency in your consumers through a creative countdown timer, buyer ratings, and the number of sales generated for that particular item. Whoever the vendor is, each entry may be presented with its own marker and click-activated popup panel that shows the product’s details.

SuperMarket fully supports charging fees and collecting money on your website, as you would expect from a marketplace OpenCart theme. With this theme, you may customize your marketplace in a variety of ways, collect money in return for access to your listings, or charge fees for particular privileges on your site.

SuperMarket should contain everything you’ll need to start a marketplace that supports a wide range of businesses.

Obtain more information about SuperMarket here, or head on over to the live preview here

6. Avansi – Top Multi-purpose MarketPlace OpenCart 3 Theme (Mobile Layouts Included)

Avansi - Top Multi-purpose MarketPlace OpenCart 3 Theme (Mobile Layouts Included)

Avansi was constructed from the bottom up with multi-vendor marketplaces in mind. With five homepage demos, this OpenCart theme, together with the Purpletree extension, will allow you to either list your own items for sale online or invite other merchants to join you, allowing them to advertise their products on your website in unison.

You may either allocate current items to new vendors using your website’s control panel or offer them the power to establish and manage their own products at your shop. It may be a completely hands-off project that allows you to automatically receive commissions from your merchants each time they make a sale, depending on how you design your site.

Avansi contains various customization features in addition to the theme’s outstanding style and eCommerce marketplace functionality. This allows you to not only build custom page layouts with simplicity but also add animated product and content slideshows to any of your website’s articles and pages. Your marketplace website will definitely feel energetic and appealing to potential visitors.  

This is a contemporary and responsive OpenCart theme that comes with everything you’ll need to start selling your own and other people’s items on your site.

Acquire more information about Avansi here, or preview the theme in your own time here.

7. Mega Shop – Opencart 2 Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme

Mega Shop - Opencart 2 Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme

Mega Shop integrates all of the finest marketplace ideas to help you create an effective multi-vendor shop. Designed with 15 pre-made demos, this OpenCart theme has features that’ll enable you to build your store the way you want it. With demonstrations tailored for specific goods, all of Mega Shop’s demos can be utilized as general-purpose designs to ensure that they may be used to list and sell nearly any sort of product. 

Mega Shop should work well for whatever sort of goods you want to sell and list on your website. This theme comes with a number of features to make your business a more user-friendly place to shop. Quantity fields, which allow your consumers to rapidly add more than one instance of a product to their basket, and support for showing swatches for your items, such as different colors and sizes, are both examples.

Furthermore, this theme is responsive to mobile devices. All elements of your store will look beautiful and be accessible on smartphones as a result of this, ensuring that you don’t miss out on sales due to compatibility concerns. Mega Shop is a competitive choice in the marketplace themes area because of features like a live search, smart filters, and the ability to conduct daily flash deals.

Mega Shop is a theme that blends practical functionality with a timeless style to appeal to a wide audience.

Look up more information about Mega Shop here, or preview the theme here.

8. TopDeal – MarketPlace | Multi Vendor Responsive OpenCart 3 & 2.3 Theme with Mobile-Specific Layouts

TopDeal - MarketPlace | Multi Vendor Responsive OpenCart 3 & 2.3 Theme with Mobile-Specific Layouts

TopDeal promises to assist you in launching an online marketplace where your suppliers may sell their services. As a multipurpose OpenCart theme, this theme may be used for a variety of websites since it can be modified and set up in a variety of ways. One of the most apparent applications for this theme is the creation of a marketplace where numerous service providers may register to interact with clients. You might enable your visitors to post products they’d like to sell or let brands advertise their abilities to a wider audience.

TopDeal has a private one-to-one chat system that allows users to speak with one other through your marketplace to assist your vendors and visitors in forming strong bonds. Moreover, the wallet system should make payment easier, and the sophisticated search function will aid both vendors and visitors in finding the information they need. TopDeal, like many other well-known marketplaces, has an integrated rating system that allows users to provide comments in order to share their experiences and help others find the finest individuals on your site.

TopDeal and its marketplace features allow you to monetise your website in a variety of ways, including collecting flat fees, receiving payments in return for access to your website, and charging a commission on each transaction. You may also use advertisements and a few more techniques to make money from your website. 

With eight demos, this theme makes it easy to launch any type of marketplace.

Browse more information about TopDeal here, or go to the theme’s preview here.

9. Remart – Multipurpose MarketPlace Opencart 3 Theme

Remart - Multipurpose MarketPlace Opencart 3 Theme

Remart is marketed as a multipurpose solution for building a multivendor marketplace website. When it comes to generating sales, this theme eliminates many of the typical roadblocks by allowing customers to pay using a variety of payment channels, such as PayPal and Google Wallet.

Each vendor gets their own store on the site, making it easier for them to market all of the goods they have to offer. Product makers benefit from registering as a vendor on your marketplace since they don’t have to bother about setting up their own store, processing payments, or finding consumers. You’ll also be able to charge customers a monthly subscription to host their items and have their own store, imposing a percentage fee on each transaction, or offering advertising space.

In addition, Remart uses social media account login integration, enabling both sellers and buyers to log in and establish profiles using their existing Facebook or Twitter accounts, making it highly simple to draw in new users.

Remart is a great-looking theme with all the functionality you’ll need and more.

Check out more information about Remart here, or give the preview a look here

10. Revo – Drag & Drop Multipurpose OpenCart 3 & 2.3 Theme with 15 Layouts Ready

Revo - Drag & Drop Multipurpose OpenCart 3 & 2.3 Theme with 15 Layouts Ready

Revo is a versatile OpenCart theme for eCommerce and marketplaces. Thanks to this theme’s large number of eCommerce shop demos, you may not need to do any customizing at all while creating your multi-vendor marketplace. Equipped with a whopping 15 demonstrations developed especially for establishing markets, choose from minimalistic designs to standard, conventional ones.

Revo makes it simple to construct a custom marketplace website with no coding necessary.

While there are specialized demos for selling beauty goods, fashion items, furniture, and more, you can choose one of the more neutral alternatives if the items you’re selling aren’t covered by any of the particular demos. This theme has included a combination of generic and customized designs. 

All of the demos come with a plethora of templates to assist you in setting up your business the way you want it. There are several store page layouts to select from, including a variety of grid layouts as well as sidebar and content area options. Features like live search, product picture zooming, and video thumbnails for product pages may all be set to provide your business with a professional customer experience. Bottom line, you’ll have a lot of alternatives when it comes to deciding how to activate the multivendor marketplace feature for your business. 

Revo is highly customizable and one of the best OpenCart themes with marketplace support.

Click for more information about Revo here, or preview the theme live here.

11. MaxShop – Fastest & Responsive Multipurpose OpenCart 3 & 2.3 Theme

MaxShop - Fastest & Responsive Multipurpose OpenCart 3 & 2.3 Theme

MaxShop offers all of the features that eCommerce businesses and multi-vendor marketplaces require. This OpenCart theme is the perfect solution whether you want to launch your eCommerce store in the marketplace mode right off the bat or add numerous vendors to your online shop in the future. 

MaxShop should perform well for your project regardless of the sort of items you intend to sell online. Multiple demos are included in the theme bundle, including specialized alternatives like electronics, furniture store demos, as well as various neutral styles that will work for a variety of businesses. All of the demos have distinct layouts and designs to provide you with a variety of looks for your store or marketplace.

You’ll receive access to certain templates for adding a discussion forum to your business, which might come in useful for your customer service section. Additionally, with the event calendar tool, you may also publish a list of forthcoming events, such as product launches or specials. MaxShop also includes a comprehensive range of weblog templates to keep your consumers up to date on the newest news.

MaxShop includes all of the typical eCommerce features you’d expect from a high-end OpenCart theme.

Get more information about MaxShop here, or preview the theme in your own time here.

12. Digital Mart – Opencart Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme

Digital Mart - Opencart Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme

Digital Mart is another versatile OpenCart marketplace theme worth checking out. This theme’s demos include, among other things, auto parts businesses, jewellery websites, grocery items, and medicine. Owing to the demo’s neural appearances, they can all be customized and used to sell nearly any sort of goods.

Upon purchase, you will gain access to all of the templates you’ll need to add multivendor-related material to your site. Vendor dashboard templates and frontend submission forms for user registrations and adding items to your shop are such examples. All of the essential eCommerce pages, such as single product page layouts, product category designs, and checkout and shopping cart templates, have also been included.

Because Digital Mart’s multivendor marketplace feature is built with Bootstrap, you should be able to build up your store precisely how you want it. Other features of this theme include RTL text support, which allows you to publish your material in a variety of languages, a variety of header and footer styles. When it comes to making it easier for your vendors and consumers to register on your site, the social login option should come in helpful as well. 

Digital Mart’s demos might be a suitable fit for whatever you want to offer on your marketplace.

Look up more information about Digital Mart here, or preview the theme here.

13. eMarket – Multipurpose MarketPlace OpenCart 3 Theme (32+ Homepages & Mobile Layouts Included)

eMarket - Multipurpose MarketPlace OpenCart 3 Theme (32+ Homepages & Mobile Layouts Included)

eMarket is a multi-vendor marketplace theme that allows you to sell any items online. This OpenCart theme should be a good fit and is definitely worth looking at if you want to turn your online store into a buzzing marketplace. eMarket’s 34 pre-made demos showcase the theme’s capabilities as well as the many sorts of items your marketplace may offer if you decide to utilize the pre-built templates. 

This theme’s design makes filtering the items you’ve listed readable for your audience, boosting the odds that they’ll find something they want to buy. If you need to display multiple price plans or purchase choices, utilize the pricing table tool to show them to your consumers. If you’re building up a digital products marketplace with a variety of alternatives for your merchants to select from, this may come in useful.

Built on the popular Bootstrap Framework, If you select eMarket, maintaining your digital inventory, delivering items, and collecting payments will all be extremely simple. Other features include the testimonials carousel, which automatically displays multiple reviews from your customers and vendors in a slideshow format. 

eMarket is capable of handling a wide range of digital items and provides excellent support for customers and vendors.

Get more information about eMarket here, or preview the theme in your own time here

14. ShoppyStore – Responsive Multipurpose Marketplace OpenCart 3 and 2.x Theme

ShoppyStore - Responsive Multipurpose Marketplace OpenCart 3 and 2.x Theme

ShoppyStore is a multipurpose OpenCart theme offering 6 homepage variations that can be utilized to create an online marketplace. Your website may be set up to act like a fully-featured professional eCommerce marketplace thanks to the range of add-ons and extensions. Users may create an account and begin listing their items for sale. You may create your own commission rates and pricing structures, as well as all of the other features an online marketplace may require. 

ShoppyStore may be utilized to advertise products, promote services, and much more. Easily build a marketplace where users can chat with vendors or simply allow your vendors to establish their own profiles and sell their items on your website. The integrated drag-and-drop page tool may be used to alter all of the demonstrations and their separate bits of content, giving you have complete control over the product listing pages. 

Furthermore, you can also add animation and video previews to your listings to help users find the right products, as well as use the custom widgets to display store information in the sidebar areas of your website. This theme has all the features you’ll likely need when creating your own digital marketplace with OpenCart.

ShoppyStore is a great choice that should be given consideration when it comes to setting up a marketplace.

Access more information about ShoppyStore here, or head straight to the preview here.

15. Payee Shop – OpenCart Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme

Payee Shop - OpenCart Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme

Payee Shop has a number of tools that can assist you in creating a professional-looking online marketplace. Offering 13 homepage variations, this OpenCart theme has all of the features you’d expect to create a marketplace site. Visitors to your website may sign up for an account and then start listing their own items for sale in your store. 

When it comes to earning income from your marketplace website, charging a percentage fee of the project price is the ideal method to monetize your OpenCart website. The theme’s payment capabilities effortlessly handle collecting fees from users, so rest assured that everything has been taken care of. 

Many parts of your website’s design may be customized using the control panel. This will allow you to personalize the theme without having to touch any line of code. If you’re looking for a marketplace theme designed specifically for selling a range of products and other items in a single or multi-vendor vendor store, Payee Shop could be the theme for you.

See more information about Payee Shop here, or preview the theme here.

Closing words

Not every business owner wants to create, market, and support a single product. When opposed to those who control a marketplace, the upfront cost of launching an eCommerce business that offers items or services that are produced and sold directly by the owner or firm is quite expensive. That’s where people interested in starting an eCommerce marketplace, like you, come in.

If you’re looking to explore similar themes, check out our listings for the best OpenCart themes for eCommerce, grocery stores, or themes supporting RTL (Right-To-Left) languages.

We hope that this list of the best marketplace OpenCart themes has helped you in your decision-making process and we wish you the very best for your business.

A theme from this list caught your eye? Let us know which one in the comments down below.

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