15 Best Moodle LMS Themes for Education in 2021

There are many indicators that the pandemic is starting to transform numerous aspects of life, and education is one that has been evolving tremendously since the beginning of the crisis. With the inevitable closing of schools all across the world, education has changed drastically with the distinctive rise of e-learning whereby teaching is now undertaken remotely and on digital platforms.

For students with access and the tools to accommodate the shift, research suggests that virtual learning has been proven to increase the retention of information within a shorter frame of time. Evidently, the modification of educative sources, senders, and receivers might be here to stay. Whether you’re an educative institution or organization providing forms of training or learning, the first step to initiate your business is to have a great website. We cannot stress how essential this is. 

If you are looking to establish an education-related LMS (Learning Management System) website for your business, you’ve chanced upon the right page. We have curated a list of the best Moodle themes to get you started on the right foot. Need more convincing? Allow us to explain why you’ll likely need a website for your education institution.  

Unavoidable Digital Trend 

For starters, digital remote learning is now the new normal given our circumstances, with professionals hinting that it might remain prevalent, or at least a hybrid even after the pandemic. It is crucial to remain adaptable and quick to act in situations like these. 

Online Presence and Interaction

Furthermore, having a website represents your online presence. Easily interact with your students or members by offering a website with features that will support their navigation. For example, a registration and login extension may allow encourage signups and manage your database in a way that is effortless. By giving your students a site to track their overall curriculum and activities, they’ll be able to stay updated with everything they need. 

Better Learning Experience and Content Material 

A web portal ultimately enhances the overall learning experience for your students. It facilitates them to learn their desired courses and, often, at their own pace and convenience.

With the help of an educational website, you’ll also be able to update course materials online, right from your computer screen, at any given time. The new teaching material can be easily accessible to your students and can be downloaded with a single click if desired. 

Broadcast Information and Attracting Students

Lastly, having a website will facilitate the management of updating information about examinations, results, events, admission, and many other things. Disseminate any announcement to your entire student database in mere seconds with just a few clicks. This will save you huge amounts of time and energy from having to spread it through word of mouth or messenger. 

If you have a responsive and user-friendly website, attracting potential clients or students to your organization will be a piece of cake as it allows them to find everything right from their dashboard. At the end of the day, you’ll need students to keep your business running and having an established website will be a huge benefit to you in our modern age.

Without further ado, here are the best Moodle LMS themes for education for your business or organization in 2021.

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1. Elan – Education & LMS Premium Moodle Theme

Elan - Education & LMS Premium Moodle Theme

Elan is a modern Moodle theme designed especially for online education and training websites. It is also highly suitable for online course providers, learning management, and any LMS initiative. Offering 2 demo pages; distance learning and online training, this theme is built on Moodle (v3.10) and Sass.

If you require a website that can facilitate a variety of things on top of your offered courses, then this theme would be your way to go. Clean and responsive pages have also been published for blog entries, an introduction to your team, testimonials, and contact information. This leaves little to the imagination and you can simply visualize your website taking a similar form.

Highly useful extensions have also been integrated within the theme to help you manage your website. A PayPal Payment method has been included to open the door for supporting transactions. AJAX Contact Forms and MailChimp subscriptions are also plugins coming in handy for accommodating customers and bridging your company to them. 

Elan retails for $49 on themeforest that also comes with 24-hour turnaround support, online documentation, and a lifetime supply of updates. Consider this LMS Moodle theme for your educational website. 

Get more information on the theme, or view its live preview.   

2. Edumy – Premium Moodle LMS Theme

Edumy - Premium Moodle LMS Theme

Edumy is a highly impressive multi-concept Moodle LMS theme for online learning and remote schooling. With an array of customizable theme options, 105+ custom blocks, and over 60 pre-built pages included for demo installations, creating a professional Moodle website for your education organization has never been easier.

Be spoilt for choice with 17 homepage variations to showcase the nature of your brand and give off the right impression to your potential customers. If you would like your homepage to be equipped with a signup box, a search bar for your courses, or an introduction to your company, this theme offers all that and more. Having been built from the ground up to serve educational organizations, businesses, and establishments worldwide, this theme is the perfect tool to encourage and foster engagement in your online students. 

Boasting powerful visuals and innovative content display, this Moodle LMS theme’s customization options do not pale in comparison to its grandeur. Get access to advanced typography, 3000+ icons, Powerful Theme Options and custom blocks to personalize your website. 

Edumy has been praised as the best selling Moodle theme for 2020 and you can get this LMS theme for $99 to get started on your education website.    

Read up on more information, or access the theme’s preview

3. Lambda – Responsive Moodle Theme

Lambda - Responsive Moodle Theme

Lambda is another Moodle LMS theme created for online courses and various educational purposes. Fully responsive and customizable, this theme is equipped with the essentials that you’ll need for your website. Offering styles for Moodle blocks, collapsible sidebar, header layouts, and over 1000+ icons, personalize your education-centric site to your heart’s content. Furthermore, access unlimited color options, fonts, and layouts with just a few clicks. 

When it comes to website navigation, this theme provides a header login form that’ll help your pre-existing students access their details in no time. Navigation should be kept simple for any established site and prioritizing the experience of your student or potential student is vital. Furthermore, social media icons have been designated space in this theme, letting you stay connected with patrons in ways that extend beyond your website. 

Lambda retails for $59 offering a full multilanguage support feature, excellent customer support, and full documentation. Feel at ease with the detailed installation instructions and shortcodes provided when you set up your educational website with this Moodle LMS theme. Reviews from users who purchased the theme have commended it for its design quality and customer support.      

Read up more information about the theme, or preview it yourself.

4. Space, Responsive Premium Moodle Theme

Space, Responsive Premium Moodle Theme

Space is a stunning Moodle LMS theme made for any academy, college, school, university, courses hub, LMS, and training centers. Expect a website that is user-friendly and modern that will take your organization to the next level. What is interesting about this theme is its offer of demo accounts which will give you insight into what your students, teachers, or account admin will be seeing. This theme allows you to put yourself in the shoes of everyone who will be actively engaged with the site. 

Choose from 13 fully customizable front page blocks and 5 top bar styles in the making of your educational website. Built with Bootstrap 4, Sass files have been included to keep your content organized and clean. You’ll also be granted unlimited colors, Font Awesome icons, and typography support in personalizing the website to fit your brand. Additionally, a multi-languaged, in-built content filter will enable resources to be created in multiple languages that are read RTL (Right To Left). Rest assured that any language courses or support you’ll need will be assisted by the theme.

Space is a Moodle LMS theme retailing for $99. Getting this clean and professional-looking interface will come with a 7 Days Money Back Guarantee, online documentation, future updates, and customer support.

Get more information about the theme, or preview it at your own time.

5. Klassroom – Premium Moodle Theme

Klassroom - Premium Moodle Theme

Klassroom is another educational Moodle LMS theme for seekers needing something professional and established for their website. Built with a Bootstrap Framework, this theme is responsive and compatible across all browsers and devices. Choose from the theme’s predefined color skins or be granted the power of choice to pick one representing the colors of your organization. Klassroom boasts the most advanced and flexible theme options on the market.    

Display the description of your courses neatly through various category designs to amplify your services. Standing out from your competitors can be made easy with this theme which supports a smooth navigation experience for users. A unique calendar page has also been integrated, a feature much needed for any educational website. Additionally, you’ll be able to customize just about anything from the theme’s layout to its content. 

Essential features such as a login page and social media icons have also been integrated at the top of the website to facilitate accessibility. Your students or potential students will easily be able to contact you through any of these platforms or your corporate number if you choose to display them. Klassroom currently retails at $59.   

Check out more information about the theme, or go to its preview.

6. Academic – Responsive Moodle Theme

Academic - Responsive Moodle Theme

Academic is a Moodle theme that is designed for learning institutions, corporate training, or any educational related CMS/LMS tool. Built on the Bootstrap Framework, this theme comes with numerous integrated and visual features to get you started on your own educational website. With powerful admin features, you’ll be able to customize just about anything at any time. 

The theme supports a dual login feature, one that comes in the form of a pop-up, and one as a page with a customizable background image. These login prompts will allow your students different means of accessing their profile in ways that are conveniently placed and mindful. Additionally, customization options are not lacking. Choose from a selection of fonts, banners, footers, layouts, colors, and logos to build a website that is to your liking and in line with any brand consistency. You’ll also be able to access a demo set up before making a purchase to observe for yourself what your student will see, giving you insight into what you need to prioritize.

If this theme’s design interface is to your liking, simply set up your website to look like the demo through a few clicks. Just remember to replace the predefined content with your own before going live with your site. Academic is priced at $59 and the authors have promised to hear any suggestion for improvements upon purchase.       

Read up more information about Academic, or preview it.

7. Purity – Premium Moodle Theme

Purity - Premium Moodle Theme

Purity is a Moodle LMS theme created to be clean and perfectly coded to fit any kind of e-learning website to power any educational purposes. With an intuitive user interface and unparalleled user experience design, this theme boasts itself as being the “most complete Moodle theme available on the web”. Element placement, color combination, and animations have been carefully balanced to create an experience that can make a big impression. 

Built with the modular approach in mind, everything you’ll have access to is a block so you can mix and match them however you want. You will have control over just about anything, from course information and highlights to tabs and buttons for call-to-action. Furthermore, this theme is constantly in the works to improve on its features to offer you an updated site that will keep you above the competition. Custom blocks will also bring some unique features and make your education website configuration a real pleasure.

Built on the Ulkit Framework and Bootstrap 4, see for yourself how customizable website options are by visiting the videos put up by the author. Take this time to get familiar with the Theme Settings and flexibility that each and every block offers before you make a decision. Purity is priced at $99, a small price to pay for the features offered. 

Get access to more information about the theme, or choose to preview it.

8. LearningZone – Responsive Moodle Theme

LearningZone - Responsive Moodle Theme

LearningZone is another Moodle LMS theme designed for education and any forms of virtual learning. Equipped with 3 innovative customizable slider options, present the content that you would like to highlight in the form of images to attract potential students. You’ll also have the power to control blocks settings that have been moved inside a toggle section on the left. Announcements can also be displayed through a carousel to avoid making the length of your homepage too long. Easily exhibit the things you wish to announce or use this carousel to show your students’ testimonials. 

A detailed custom footer has also been created for you to display exclusive information about your company, contact details, and social media. Details about your organization or pages relevant to a student can be inserted in this footer. Additionally, course pages and a login page have been predesigned for your convenience should you want your site to look similar. These pages have been crafted for easy personalization with a focus on user experience.

LearningZone retails for $49 and comes 100% responsive so that it can adapt to any screen size for users to access the beauty of your site from their mobile devices or tablets.

Get more information about the theme, or preview it at your own time. 

9. School – Exclusive Moodle Theme

School - Exclusive Moodle Theme

School is a Moodle LMS theme for education and fields offering digital learning. Colorful in design, this theme’s demo interface may be best suited for educational services related to children, or the arts. However, if color is a concern for you, rest assured that you’ll be able to customize it upon purchase. Built on a Bootstrap Framework, display your courses and information through a professional and clean design.

Offering 3 marketing blocks and 12 predefined customizable featured courses, easily showcase the nature of your organization and make navigation a breeze for visitors. This theme can be described to have taken a minimalistic approach toward exhibiting information that will come across as modern and free of clutter to your potential students. Equipped with only the essentials, a user will easily know where to go to access the information they may need.

Apart from being responsive, this theme also comes compatible with RTL and is language friendly, so feel free to use any other language besides English on your website. You’ll also be able to customize everything you see so just come prepared with the information of your organization and set up a functional website in mere minutes. School retails for $59 and provides a demo set-up experience for you to put yourself in a student’s perspective while navigating the Moodle site. 

Access more information about the theme, or preview it.

10. Trending – High Quality Responsive Moodle Template

Trending - High Quality Responsive Moodle Template

Trending is another Moodle LMS theme for your consideration. Built with the Bootstrap Framework, edit your education website according to your wishes. Operate 3 color schemes from settings and easily toggle blocks on your homepage. Highly customizable, personalize every custom text and images of your theme, slider banner, footers, and more. 

This theme’s design is sleek and clean, perfect for anyone looking to start an online program or course for adults, or for tertiary education. Feature only the essential in your menu and allow your potential student to navigate the site using a helpful search bar located at the top left corner of your website. They will also be able to log in to their accounts from the homepage if you need that feature. Additionally, a newsletter plugin has been integrated at the bottom of the homepage along with a line of social media icons for anyone interested in establishing contact. These are just some of the little things that will make your website and organization appear more efficient and reliable.

Trending is priced at $59 and this Moodle theme has received recognition for its customer support from previous buyers so do check it out.  

Read up on more information about the theme, or choose to preview it.

11. Alpha | Responsive Premium Theme for Moodle

Alpha | Responsive Premium Theme for Moodle

Alpha is a highly modern-looking Moodle LMS theme made for any educational services, teams, or management. WIth 12 front page blocks and a simple builder, display your organization through this minimalistic interface if you wish to give off an air of professionalism and credibility. If there are other features you need that this theme does not provide, rest assured that most of them will be compatible with it. Feel free to use popular course format plugins and Moodle modules with Alpha. If required, the author will even go the extra mile to add any additional user interface support to the custom plugins you’ve chosen. 

On top of being responsive, this theme is also RTL language ready and can support multiple languages besides English. As for customization, you’ll be given all that you need to make the process of personalization a piece of cake. For the first customizable block, add up to 60 items, 4 per row, while choosing to display what you want to have inside them. A team member section page has also been integrated for you to display your highly competent team that might impress your visitors. Other features such as newsletter and testimonial blocks are also a few of many extensions in the theme.

Alpha is an impressive Moodle LMS theme when it comes to interface design and cleanliness. If that is what you’re looking for in your search for an education website, consider getting this theme for $99.  

Get more information on the theme, or view the preview at your own time.

12. University – Responsive Moodle Theme

University - Responsive Moodle Theme

University is a Moodle LMS theme for education and organizations in the academic or training sector. Compatible with Moodle 2.7 to 3.11+, this theme can be utilized to show off your organization and services in a neat and coherent manner. With a visual page builder, upload your logo, favicon, banner images and more to display a sense of consistency across your website. 

Core features of this theme, as identified by the author, are its clean design, responsiveness, custom login, custom fonts, an efficient slider, social media integration, and unlimited color choices. You’ll be able to change every custom text or image through a powerful theme options page for a complete customization process. Additionally, the site is also RTL compatible and supports multiple languages. Therefore, if you are an organization offering international services, this needs to be something you look out for.  

University retails for $49 and comes with a lifetime supply of updates and 6-month support from the author. If you need a Moodle theme for your educational website offering digital courses for adults, this might be it.  

Read up on more information about University, or choose to preview it live.

13. Cognitio | Premium Moodle Theme

Cognitio | Premium Moodle Theme

Cognitio is a Moodle LMS theme created for educational purposes that come with an easy to use admin panel, custom plugins, and a variety of other features. Choose between a full width or boxed layout for your homepage with a header that can be in the default dark or light style. Provide a reputable impression of your education website through this theme’s professionally designed interface.

To make your life and the lives of your potential students easier, this theme has been equipped with multiple plugins that will benefit you greatly. An A-Z index custom plugin will make the finding of available courses effortless for seekers, particularly if you offer an impressive range of content. Custom styles for additional Moodle course formats have also been included so that you may choose to display them as collapsed topics, grids, or buttons. Additionally, the course banner will be easy to manage so that even teachers can do it.

A Drag & Drop Page Builder is also integrated within the theme, as well as a course dashboard for the benefit of both students and teachers. Moreover, accessibility options are impressive with its multilingual support and a font size switcher to improve the usability of your site. By letting users control the font size, you’re opening doors for people who may require visual aids. 

Cognitio retails at $99 and investing in this Moodle LMS theme might prove to be quite useful for your education website.   

Get access to more information, or preview the theme.

14. Flora – Responsive Moodle Theme

Flora - Responsive Moodle Theme

Flora is another Moodle LMS theme designed for educational purposes that is built based on the Bootstrap Framework. In short, the author has marketed it as a theme that will free you from the default Moodle theme and offer you new favors for customization. Proven to be responsive and cross-browser compatible, other core features of this theme include its Awesome Slider, flexible Moodle blocks, custom font, color, and footer settings, a photo gallery section, and a unique calendar page. 

Through the theme settings page, change the background color of Flora if black isn’t your color and simply manage your array of courses through the possibilities provided by Bootstrap. The author has also prepared a mini-presentation on the theme’s many features and how you can utilize them so feel free to check it out here

Like many other themes, Flora is RTL language compatible and supports multiple languages. This Moodle theme is priced at $35, one of the lower-priced option from this list so if you’re not looking to invest too much in your education website but still want the essential features, then this theme might be the one for you. 

Check out more information, or visit the theme’s preview.

15. Edutech | Premium Moodle Theme

Edutech | Premium Moodle Theme

Edutech is another Moodle LMS theme built with the Bootstrap Framework. As its name suggests, this theme is built with education in mind and offers exclusive settings for a complete customization process. Customize elements on every page and insert call to action buttons, or buttons for menu, search, and mail to amplify the overall look of your website.

What sets this theme apart is its live chat feature whereby visitors can reach out to you digitally if they seek more information. Having this feature on standby will be helpful in improving customer service and satisfaction, leading to higher levels of trust in your services. Additionally, a page has also been set up to showcase your team of experts along with their social media pages. The theme also supports multiple languages should you need language support. 

Edutech retails for $49 and would serve as a great addition to your education organization and website needs.   

Find out more information about the theme, or preview it at your own time.

In Closing

With online learning being the next trend in education, having a functional and responsive website is key to ensuring your organization reminds relevant and competitive. If you are pressed for time or require a second option, we have selected 3 themes from this list that we feel has stood out from the rest. They are in no particular order:

Edumy has impressed us with the number of homepages it offers and the distinct features equipped within each variation. We feel certain that you’ll find something you like for your own website. 

We also recommend Space for its highly unique yet simple interface design that will give your organization a modern and clean feel. Integrated features are also not lacking for this theme. 

Purity also stood out to us for the professional and responsive design that is vital for any educational website aiming to make a statement or establish itself.

Did any Moodle theme catch your eye? Let us know in the comments below.

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