One Page WordPress themes are great because of how good they look while still maintaining a rather simple user experience. Plenty of firms and organisations, predominantly creative ones, often adopt these website layouts to showcase content in a smooth and structured format that still maintains a good level of visual engagement. And with that in mind, plenty of developers have iterated and innovated on multiple different themes and layouts to serve a variety of different purposes.

Below you will find 25 of some of the very best one page WordPress themes on the market right now!

Rest assured that all of the themes we’ve collated are mobile-ready, high definition and include a host of different striking visual effects. And if you think you might want to eventually make your site have multiple pages, watch out for the ones that also offer that option too.

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1. Uncode – Creative Multiuse & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Uncode - Creative Multiuse & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Uncode is a great single page WordPress theme for those who prefer a bit of variety and adaptability without being bogged down by a static WordPress theme.

Just like what it says on the tin, this multipurpose WordPress theme provides plenty of tailor-made layouts both good in form as well as functionality. You’ll get access to 7 single page layouts upon purchase of the theme. And with WP Bakery Page Builder plugin packaged within, you have the reins to change them up either with the page builder or the integrated admin panel.

A great bonus is that you’re not even limited to the standard vertical scrolling navigation that a majority of websites have. Make use of the trendy and unconventional ‘Slides Scroll’ option that goes down segments of the page as though they were slideshow cards on a carousel. We’ve covered something similar in the UI/UX theme article, and we found that navigation styles like these are especially good for breaking down information for viewers. So, if you want a WordPress theme that introduces a little bit of spice to your website, Uncode is a great choice for you.

Take a gander at this theme’s page and demo.

2. Sole – One Page WordPress Theme

Sole - One Page WordPress Theme

Sole, a one page WordPress theme, is a great demonstration of exactly how much you can do with even a single webpage by offering plenty of flexibility in changing up the build of your website.

If you’re planning to have plenty of eye-catching visuals, you’re gonna be a fan of this theme’s built-in grid builder that’s a great fit for visual portfolios. Plus, the post manager will help you develop and design different types of posts as you need. The previews available for this theme indicate it was built particularly for tech firms and start-ups; a good choice for app developers and UI/UX design agencies. This all makes sure that you can get a quick start on your designs.

Once you’re done picking out the layout you like the best, utilise the Hybrid Composer page builder plugin to really make sure that all the layout’s elements are arranged to your own tastes. You’ll even get access to 70 fully functional modules to add on to your website; each of them all having some form of customisability. The 12 different headers also add some interesting variance to the user interface, opening up more configurations to achieve novel designs and layouts. From the base, pure minimalism that you get right out the gate to the sheer complexity available with the theme’s integrated tools, you’ll be able to build a site that establishes your identity.

Take a look into the theme on its page and its preview.

3. Nimmo – One page WordPress

Nimmo - One page WordPress

 Nimmo is a great WordPress theme that gets all the needed content you want to present in a sleek one page layout.

You’ll want your website to look as stylish as possible to really grab site visitors’ attention, and this WordPress theme lets you do that with plenty of great looking options to customise. You’ll get six various unique and modern demos to very quickly install. Each of them are even tailored to particular website purposes such as portfolios and agency websites.

Versatility and functionality are just as important too. Nimmo packs the premium plugin WP Bakery Page Builder to help with that by letting you customise almost every part of your website. The WooCommerce and WPML plugins are also fully supported so you could set up a simple one page store that can also be accessed by customers from all over the world.

Get more info on this theme here and on its demo.

4. Divi – Theme and Visual Builder

Divi – Theme and Visual Builder

Divi is not just a very good WordPress theme from Elegant Themes, but also a page builder on its own.

The one-page version of this WordPress theme showcases an interesting version of side navigation that is reminiscent of a slideshow presentation; with the menu bar presented on the side instead of the more traditional top header menu bars in most sites. The standard top menu configuration comes with some very interesting variants too with various different styling options. The Divi page builder is incredibly easy to use and intuitive. With its simple interface, you’ll be able to generate and save plenty of different page builders. If you’re more the creative type with a skill for learning new interfaces, you might even want to sell layouts to other users of the Divi system. You’ll be able to make use of the pre-built templates to build your site too.

Divi, like all other Elegant Themes, has a panel to work with the overall visual look dubbed ‘ePanel’ to customise aspects of your site, even including SEO. As with all Elegant Themes features, you also have access to multiple shortcodes, secure coding, solid documentation, and Divi’s very affordable prices.

So, check out the theme’s home site and the trial version of the demo.

5. Brooklyn | Creative Multi-Purpose Responsive WordPress Theme

Brooklyn | Creative Multi-Purpose Responsive WordPress Theme

Brooklyn is a sleek and beautiful one page WordPress theme comprised of very good-looking design elements.

With this WordPress theme, you get a solid spread of visual elements that catch the eye such as classic parallax scrolling effects, various visual layouts multiple header styles to really make your website look unique.

A shortcode manager is also provided to quickly drop in shortcodes as modules that add to your site’s functionality. The theme is translation ready and includes a robust panel to work on the overall site appearance by adjusting fonts and colour schemes. The premium Revolution Slider ($19 on its own) is packaged with this theme alongside 3 other custom plugins. Plus, you’ll also be able to build some multiple-page websites if you’re planning to branch out later.

Take a stroll through the theme’s page and its live preview.

6. TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

TheGem - Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

TheGem has popped up in a fair number of our recent articles, but that comes as now surprise given the sheer amount of range that this WordPress theme provides in its various layouts, single page formats included.

Whatever you want out of a one-page website is served with this all-rounded WordPress theme: a full screen hero slider built by the premium slider plugin Slider Revolution, 6 different and sleek headers, and the integrated Visual Composer plugin that gives you all the tools needed to get your site looking the best it can look. This ensures you get to make full use of all the fonts, colours, and icons packaged within.

The overall build of this one page multipurpose WordPress theme is smooth and good, making it a great foundation for a single page website.

Learn more about how this theme can work for you here and through its demo.

7. X |The Theme

X |The Theme

X is an incredibly powerful WordPress them that boasts an incredible number of options and features to customise.

This one is a solid fit for all kinds of single page websites. The theme calls its demos ‘stacks’ that are all organised into the same layout. The 4 of them currently available are Integrity, Renew, Icon, and Ethos – though you can expect to see more of them in the future.

The theme also offers some additional features that supplement the site design process in the form of tips that comment on the content you feature. This helps in the optimisation of SEO, CRO, and other marketing strategies to help get your site all the exposure and engagement you want. An integrated WP customizer is also packaged, to manage the addition of shortcodes and other neat features that the theme has to offer.

Some of the features offered include unlimited sidebars, numerous page templates, WooCommerce features, Slider Revolution, custom post layouts, widgets, a page builder, hundreds of fonts among others.

So get a load of what this theme has to offer here and here!

8. Scalia – Multi-Concept Business, Shop, One-Page, Blog Theme

Scalia - Multi-Concept Business, Shop, One-Page, Blog Theme

Scalia is a good WordPress theme that suits creative businesses looking to build nice one page websites to show off visual portfolios.

The WordPress theme provides a very fleshed out list of shortcodes in addition to the Visual Composer plugin; a good set of building materials and tools that come together to produce some very stylish websites. The shortcodes available let you add things from styled boxes, images and forms, to maps, alerts and more. An option to add video backgrounds to your pages is also available.

You also receive the premium and very customisable slider plugins LayerSlider and Nivo Slider to generate very striking and engaging media elements that will impress site visitors.

Take a read of the theme’s page and browse its demo.

9. Newave – WordPress Responsive One Page Parallax

Newave - WordPress Responsive One Page Parallax

Newave is a solid single page WordPress theme with a good combination of features and style.

The WordPress theme offers two distinct layouts: labelled Vineyard and Photography. Each of them share the same functions but are built for separate niches.

A panel is also provided to allow you to change up the colour scheme and other visual bits of the one-page website. Video backgrounds and the customisable slider are some of the additional features that support the showcasing of nice visuals and graphics too.

So why not take a closer look at the theme page and demo?

10. Cardea – Portfolio One Page WordPress Theme

Cardea - Portfolio One Page WordPress Theme

The Cardea WordPress theme is a solid choice to develop a one-page portfolio that presents your visual media without being too overwhelming.

You get to alternate between a more colourful or a darker monochromatic colour scheme, providing different styles and visual moods. Pre-made segments are also available to slot into the website. This enables you to provide information about your services and pricing, show off your portfolio itself, and more.

You’ll also have a host of features to add to the site as well. There’s a well-designed portfolio post-style page for you to display whatever projects and creative works you have. Other features you get to make use of include a shortcode generator, various sliders and image carousels and even a team profile module to showcase who else might be working alongside you.

This WordPress theme is largely minimalist and simple, but overall offers a great set of functions that are sufficient for more simple portfolio websites built in one-page formats.

Take some time to visit the product page and its live demo.

11. One Page Pro – Multipurpose WordPress

One Page Pro - Multipurpose WordPress

One Page Pro is new to the WordPress theme game, but contends well with plenty of features to make a very versatile one-page website.

Packaged with the GoodLayers drag-and-drop page builder plugin, you get to make a variety of changes to what is already a very bright and nice-looking WordPress theme. The design process is a smooth one too, especially if you make use of the pre-built templates, demos, blog, portfolio, and gallery layouts to kickstart things. You even get plenty of sidebars, and use the built-in Genius Wrapper to add plenty of elements and bits of visual media. What’s more, One Page Pro includes a multitude of Google Fonts. Or, you could upload your own fonts if you have a different one in mind.

Learn more about this theme on its product page and live preview.

12. Innovio – Multipurpose Landing Page Theme

Innovio - Multipurpose Landing Page Theme

Innovio is a very powerful WordPress theme that will really make your website incredibly visual engaging and representative of what your brand is all about!

This theme offers a good selection of demos and layouts that are largely marketed towards tech firms and start-ups. The packaged WP Bakery Page Builder ensures that you can implement whatever functions and configurations you want for your one-page website.

Plenty of versatility is installed into this WordPress theme with the various shortcodes that the theme comes packaged with that may be very simply supplemented to the site with WP Bakery. Some of the additional modules that may be applied are profiles, pricing tables, infographics, portfolios among others. This theme is incredibly responsive to whatever you need from your website. All in all, Innovio is a wonderful multipurpose WordPress theme to build a great one page website.

Get in the know of Innovio’s features and navigate its demo too!

13. Brando Responsive and Multipurpose One Page WordPress Theme

Brando Responsive and Multipurpose One Page WordPress Theme

If you have Brando, a responsive and multiuse WordPress theme built for single page sites, you’ll have all the tools needed to make a stellar site

Plenty of sites have a huge range of pages, but this often makes them difficult to navigate. The fact that you’re here to make a single page site means that you know that there’s a better way; that sometimes a short and sweet webpage is enough. This WordPress theme does just that and more.

Right out the gate, you get to select from a load out of designs for sites ranging from portfolios or weddings and more. The scope of options is broad, with all manner of colour schemes and stylings to match whatever the niche you’re in is while keeping to modern design sensibilities.

WP Bakery Page Builder ships with the theme too, letting you make all manner of alterations to your pages. The theme is also optimized for search engines to boost site visibility and exposure.

If you think this theme is the right one for you, take a look at its product page and preview!

14. Native – Stylish Multi-Purpose Creative WP Theme

Native - Stylish Multi-Purpose Creative WP Theme

The WordPress theme Native bears a compact and user-first design for the minimalists among you that want to build a simple single page site.

Its overall look is modern and simple for designers that prefer less complex themes. The myriad of quickly and simply installed demos to choose from feature both one-page and multi-page versions as well if you want some extra versatility. Plus, the packaged Visual Composer lets you add on and iterate on them if you feel like they aren’t quite up to snuff yet. This WordPress theme is versatile enough to serve as a foundation for any kind of website.

So take a deeper look into Native on its page and preview!

15. Unfinity – One Page WordPress

Unfinity – One Page WordPress

Unfinity’s over 20 demos all ensure that any information and details that visitors need to know about your business are all included so they know what you are all about.

As far as customization goes, Unfinity provides a variety of options. Packaged with the Bakery Page Builder plugin and an advanced theme options panel for code-free modifications, you also get a host of headers to peruse, alongside many Google Fonts and Font Awesome icons to add as and where you like.

This WordPress theme also provides some useful business-related features. It is both WooCommerce-ready and seamlessly matched with Contact Form so clients may easily contact you to clarify details regarding products and services. You can even add Google Maps to your site to indicate where your business can be found for face to face transactions.

This WordPress theme makes for some solid one page site formats, all without skimping on design and good functionality

Take a trip over to its product page and live preview now!

16. Angora – Responsive One Page Parallax WordPress Theme

Angora - Responsive One Page Parallax WordPress Theme

With Angora, you’ll have a WordPress theme that makes your one page site an optimised viewing experience that is sleek and visually engaging.

Three header styles, menu bars that can be sticky or static, and a portfolio that may expand and even be filtered when searching up multitudes of projects are but a few of the very nifty things that this WordPress theme ships with. You can change up plenty of small details with WP Bakery Page Builder, even switching between 8 preset colour schemes, Font Awesome and Linea icons, and a collection of shortcodes that generate some great pre-made site elements.

For site builders with Bootstrap experience, you’ll be happy to know that it also supports Angora so you can get into the inner workings of the theme and really shake things up. The demos available may be installed with a single click and even come with child themes. It’s also translation-ready and WPML-compatible to reach out to global audiences.

What are you waiting for? Build a solid site starting by visiting Angora’s page and demo today!

17. Bridge – Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Bridge - Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Bridge is a versatile and responsive WordPress theme capable of both one-page and multi-page designs to build the best possible site just for you

Among others, Bridge offers plenty of features for varied customisation and configurations. Dozens of tailor-made shortcodes, a plethora of layouts, colour schemes, typography editing options, icon fonts and more. Throw in some visual flair too with animations and engaging video backgrounds. Visual Composer is also there to allow you to view edits and alterations live.

If you’re looking for a high quality WordPress theme with all the versatility you need in both style and function, Bridge does all that very well.

So learn more about what this theme offers here and here!

18. Caliris – Responsive One Page WordPress Theme

Caliris - Responsive One Page WordPress Theme

Caliris is a great one-page WordPress theme that makes for easy and quick portfolio presentations that really get to the crux of what makes your work stand out from the rest; all without the fuss of navigating multiple extraneous pages.

Made for creative professionals of all creeds and aesthetic stylings, This WordPress theme comes with multiple portfolio layouts for easy project showcases. The custom post types also come in plenty of different layouts to feature things like case studies or even team members if you’re working as part of a team. The shortcode generator makes it easy to customise the site and even add new content into the 9 pre-built sections.

The theme is also equipped with Smooth scrolling and a navigation bar that take users where they need to be on the page. Ajax loading and the child theme all also help in the process of making quick modifications and site updates.

So rake in clients with this great theme by visiting its page and preview!

19. Composer – Responsive Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

Composer - Responsive Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

Composer is a great WordPress theme that manages to make the most of what some would think would be fairly limited canvas when building a one page site.

Hundreds of Google Fonts and the array of header and footer configurations mean that Composer offers a great host of tools to play with when making a one-page site. You might want to create or tweak layouts with the packaged Visual Composer, or simply start off on the pre-built page demos that the WordPress theme ships with.

In addition, it’s a great choice for anyone who wants to get into e-commerce. The theme isn’t just packaged with WooCommerce, but is also built with a great set of product showcase pages as well. So, if you’re looking for flexibility and functionality, Composer is the WordPress theme that might be up your alley.

Learn more about this theme here or here!

20. Vela – Responsive Business Multi-Purpose Theme

Vela - Responsive Business Multi-Purpose Theme

The Vela WordPress theme comes with a smooth and minimalistic look that works great for all kinds of single page websites.

Build a novel website that showcases what your firm or brand is all about without a single line of code required on your end. Visual Composer plugin lets you build some very striking pages with the dozens of customisation options presented through this theme. These include full-screen and parallax-ready slides as well as neat separator styles for page sections to divvy up page contents and organise them cleanly and neatly.

You won’t be limited in the colour department as well as you can either use the pre-set palettes or your own scheme. With over 500 Google Fonts, Vela enables you to create the site you have always dreamed of with plenty of neat typographical choices and freedom of choice in building layouts.

Learn more about Vela here and by looking through its demo.

21. Hygge – Multipurpose Single/Multi Page WP Theme

Hygge - Multipurpose Single/Multi Page WP Theme

With its classy and flat minimalist style, Hygge is the ideal WordPress theme for all manner of single-page websites built to show off your visual identity and brand.

Right out the gate, the Visual Composer plugin is a definite plus point for this WordPress theme. Its drag & drop system is one of the most intuitive page building tools and that let you very easily and quickly shift design elements and page modules around as you please.

Further options for tailoring your site include header and slider settings, colour schemes, parallax image and video effects, dynamic animations, and over a thousand icons. Whichever of the multiple one-page layouts you pick for your website, you will also be able to shuffle around various pre-built page items to make the most appealing site for you and your customers with this incredibly versatile and cool-looking one page WordPress theme.

Learn more about Hygge on its theme page and preview today!

22. 907 – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

907 - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

907 has a fair bit of tenure as a WordPress theme, and has come to develop new features as it evolved with design trends such as single-page layouts.

This WordPress theme’s home page comes with six different header options. Choose between things like Revolution, 3D, full-screen, and Flex sliders, full-screen parallax, or video header; all equally stunning in their own rights and perfectly suitable for all kinds of purposes. The $45 theme even comes packaged with a set of premium plugins that would usually net you a $58 price tag separately including the Revolution slider, the Cute 3D slider, and ISOType (offering masonry layouts for image galleries and portfolios).

Generate plenty of sidebars and parallax-enabled segments too. With a shortcode, you can insert one of your custom sidebars anywhere you’d like in a post type. 907 is also completely translation ready, with .po files that ensure that the translation process is quick. 907 includes some of the newest Font Awesome icons, an Ajax contact form, Ajax blog pagination, and much more neat features too really produce a fully functional site with just one page.

Take a look at its page and preview to learn more about this theme’s capabilities!

23. Patti – Parallax One Page WordPress Theme

Patti - Parallax One Page WordPress Theme

The WordPress theme Patti’s modern, grid-based layout is a wonderful feature that showcases portfolios well on single page websites

This theme includes five different portfolio grid layout styles to choose from so that you can wow and impress potential clients perusing your portfolio. And, with the WP Bakery Page Builder plugin, you get to play with numerous page elements. A theme panel is also provided for seamless alternation and edits between fonts, colours, and other visual aspects of the site wholesale. Search engine-friendly sliders from Slider Revolution can even give you a bunch more options for showcasing your work.

Patti’s advantage over all the other themes with page builders is that it ships with the additional Templatera, a WP Bakery supplementary plugin. You can easily create novel templates yourself and enable them for different post types and user roles for a site with multiple parties working on it. This theme also provides a simple setup process, as you can import demo data on top of the builder’s settings.

So learn all about Patti on its page and preview by clicking on these links!

24. Osmosis – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Osmosis - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Osmosis is very versatile and adaptable WordPress theme made for creatives while still being open for use by anyone who just wants a good one page layout to build from.

The WordPress theme offers multiple design options to kickstart the generation of what is sure to be a beautiful website. Visual Composer gives a fair amount of creative freedom with the theme as per usual. With that, you can choose different yet equally gorgeous full-width backgrounds for your header, build new colour palettes, change up the site’s typography, and showcase imagery in the Revolution Slider plugin’s various wonderful sliders and carousels. These and many other features make sure that your site really pops

Aside from that, Osmosis comes with a wide selection of dynamic but not overwhelming animations to provide depth and visual engagement. The content remains at the heart of your site, but is now supplemented with all the polish modern design features add to any website

Drop by Osmosis’s  page and browse the demo!

25. Juster – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Juster - Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Juster is a clean, fast and responsive one page WordPress theme, a great fit for business and personal websites.

This WordPress theme’s user interface enables you to tailor your site to your needs; and you don’t even need to have any sort of coding background whatsoever! You already know what Visual Composer does by now, so it needs no further explaining. But with that being said, you now also know that managing the design portion is fast and seamless; allowing easy management of front and back end of your website. The standard colour scheme customisation, 600+ Google Fonts, 350+ icons and header styles are also here, but we recommend looking into the theme’s page first to see whether the actual layout suits your sensibilities

Slider Revolution, a premium plugin, is a nice touch if you want to display visual content in striking and interesting manners. Beautiful parallax scrolling and optional video backgrounds are also cherries on top of what is a pretty elegant theme already.

Get more in-depth into the workings of Juster here and here

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