If you’re seeking to establish an OpenCart website for your restaurant, you’ve come to the right page. 

When it comes to selecting the right theme for your restaurant, common attributes to look out for are images for your delicacies, an all-encompassing menu, a map of any physical locations, and an online reservation option. With the correct OpenCart eatery theme, you may easily have all of these features offered in one bundle.

With so many theme choices, shortlisting the perfect ones may prove to be rather difficult. To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of features to look for in an OpenCart restaurant theme:

  1. Menu display: A menu with pricing tables should be available on every restaurant’s website. Choose an OpenCart theme that’ll allow you to include a nice menu with photographs of your dishes.
  2. Online reservation: An online reservation system should be made available on your restaurant’s website. This is to allow easy access to your business should potential clients want to visit your eatery. 
  3. Responsiveness: Research has shown that the majority of individuals use their phones or tablets to surf the net. To cater to these broad audiences, you should seek a theme that is fully mobile-responsive and retina-ready that works well on all devices and screen sizes.
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Having excellent SEO is a terrific approach to increasing the number of visitors to your restaurant website. Several themes may include built-in SEO methods to assist you in attracting more visitors to your site. 
  5. Drag-and-drop builder: A variety of page builders will allow you to swiftly personalize your website. These technologies may also be used to create interactive landing pages and aid you in your customization process. The drag-and-drop tool, in particular, is something you should look for in the restaurant theme you choose.

The principles of having a good web design is not difficult, and an effective website should fufill its intended function by conveying the message while engaging the visitor. 

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Without further ado, here are the best OpenCart themes for giving your eatery or restaurant the digital presence it needs.

1. Restora – Responsive OpenCart Theme

Restora - Responsive OpenCart Theme

First, you’ll want your restaurant theme to highlight your menu’s most delectable items, then make it simple for customers to make a purchase. This approach is shown by Restora, which combines an easy-to-navigate layout and lots of space for displaying photos. You’ll be able to export this singular theme with one click before setting up your restaurant site in mere minutes. Built on the Bootstrap Framework, tweaking this layout to get a customed design will be a breeze.

Restora definitely excels when it comes to aesthetics. You may utilize product sliders, effects and transitions, and other features to highlight your menu. Additionally, this OpenCart theme offers a lot of menu and color options to pick from. If required, the Bootstrap plugin will give you the freedom to develop layouts from scratch, removing the need for a template to incorporate functional design.

There are several tools integrated to assist you in keeping people on your site before converting them into clients. Additionally, Restora is a fantastic restaurant theme for business owners needing a professional-looking interface. This adaptable theme should be considered regardless of the condition of your restaurant business.

Read up on more information about Restora here, or visit the preview here

2. Restaurant OpenCart Theme

Restaurant OpenCart Theme

First impressions matter, and when it comes to finding your restaurant online, your website will most likely be of great significance. With that in mind, a theme like Restaurant may be necessary for enticing your potential consumers. Like its name suggests, Restaurant is an OpenCart theme designed for any eatery establishment.  

The general design of this theme is elegant and subtle. A drag-and-drop page builder can create almost any layout and customization options come very generously. Containing a multitude of design choices, this theme can be the foundation for your restaurant’s website. Thanks to its beautiful and easy-to-navigate galleries, Restaurant allows you to highlight your establishment’s general information and, more significantly, your best dishes. 

Moreover, Restaurant offers beautiful areas for reservations, as well as eCommerce features. Potential customers will be able to make purchases or schedule food deliveries with these integrated aspects. If you need a theme that is simple to adjust while yet sticking to modern design principles, Restaurant is a great option. 

Access more information about Restaurant here, or go to the live preview here.

3. Foodleco – Italian Food Opencart Theme, Pizza Delivery Service

Foodleco - Italian Food Opencart Theme, Pizza Delivery Service

This OpenCart theme is perfect for anyone who has a business in Italian cuisine, however, even if your restaurant is not staple-focused, Foodleco should be considered. Building a professional-looking website requires time, which is a commodity that is in short supply if you own a fast-paced business. Ideally, the theme you select should make your life simpler by allowing you to quickly create the right website. Foodleco might provide you with just that. 

Any modern restaurant will profit from a website that is not only stylish but also adaptable in terms of design. You’ll have the perfect starting point for pizza places and anything in between with over this theme’s demo. Foodleca also includes menu design components to help you present your cuisine in the best possible light.

This OpenCart theme also comes with a highly effective admin panel, making site modification and development a piece of cake. It also allows you to customize various pre-made booking and reservation forms, all while maintaining a translation-ready layout. Look no further if you’re looking for an easy method to depict your restaurant. Foodleca may be an excellent option for Italian establishments but can serve a wide range of modern eateries as well.

Get more information about Foodleco here, or head straight to the theme’s preview here.

4. Food – Responsive OpenCart Theme

Food - Responsive OpenCart Theme

It’s important for your restaurant theme to immediately pique the interest of your potential guests. This OpenCart theme titled Food will allow you to establish a connection with your viewers firstly through a popup. This popup prompts the user to join a subscription list, entitling them to updates from your company and any special offers. This feature would be particularly useful for your restaurant if you seek to bridge a deeper connection beyond your site. 

Food has a wide variety of food menu layouts, slider options, table reservation choices, and other features. It’s also mobile-friendly and supports multiple currencies and languages. A robust Bootstrap is also included with the theme, making it simple to add your specials menu to the sidebar, build event calendars, and insert feature-specific shortcodes into your pages, among other things. 

Food consists of one theme that can be readily imported, allowing you to quickly customize the landing pages to meet your specific needs and go live. When it comes to customization allowances, you may make more significant modifications and alter almost any component of your site to meet any branding requirements. Food is a theme worthy of consideration for any type of restaurant, food services or eateries.

Look up more information about Food here, or preview the theme in your own time here

5. Tomato Bites – Opencart Multi-Purpose Theme

Tomato Bites - Opencart Multi-Purpose Theme

Tomato Bites might be just what you need if you want to develop a modern restaurant website but don’t have a lot of time to spend on it. This theme allows you to rapidly get your site up and running without sacrificing any design quality. With a wealth of demo material that can be readily imported, Tomato Bites currently offer 5 layouts with more in the making. These demos can be utilized for fast-food restaurants or eateries of any kind.

Additionally, it offers capabilities for trending products or discounts at your restaurant, as well as a wide range of menu styles. Single page layouts for making a purchase have also been integrated that are highly customizable in structure and more. Tomato Bites has a built-in, easy-to-configure reservation management system, as well as being fully responsive, allowing consumers to explore your products and make reservations on their chosen device.

Built on the Bootstrap Framework, demos are equipped with smart responsive grids that’ll make browsing an ease. Rest assured that potential customers are getting the most out of your restaurant’s site with this responsive and highly customizable theme. Most importantly, this theme supports and works with the latest SEO techniques, giving your website the boost it needs. Tomato Bites is one of the more adaptable and user-friendly restaurant themes available offering great value for money.

Receive more information about Tomato Bites here, or preview the theme here.

6. Food Box – Multipurpose Opencart 3.x Responsive Theme

Food Box - Multipurpose Opencart 3.x Responsive Theme

Each restaurant and foodservice website has its own set of standards that must be met. Food Box has a plethora of customization choices, allowing you to pick and select the features that are most essential to you and your business. Offering an online menu will almost certainly assist your restaurant, food service or delivery, this OpenCart theme allows you to construct an almost limitless menu, arrange it into categories, and personalize its design. 

With a fixed header, visitors will be able to navigate effortlessly between the tabs you’ve set up to ensure that they get the most out of their visit. They’ll also be given the freedom to switch between languages and currencies upon loading into your homepage. Accompanying your company’s logo is a search bar for easier wayfinding, as well as user login information. Essentially, your visitors will be provided everything they need at first glance.

Other features include the ability to switch between a one-page and multi-page layout, a newsletter prompt for getting updates, and an indispensable testimonial section. There is also a variety of color and font options, as well as a number of shortcodes that may be used to add items nearly anywhere on your site. Food Box does not pale in comparison to the other themes in the list and can be considered for any business owners needing a safe and conventional website.

View more information about Food Box here, or preview the theme in your own time here

7. Restaurant Opencart Theme

Restaurant Opencart Theme

This is another Opencart theme titled Restaurant that should not be confused with the one above. Restaurant is a Bootstrap theme that consist of a range of menu list, parallax and flexible grids to showcase your restaurant with style. Assuming an Italian cuisine demo, this theme can also be used for a variety of other establishments and food services. 

Upon first glance, the design of Restaurant is eye-catching, focusing unmistakably on your cuisine or any photo of your choice thanks to the fullscreen embedded photo. At the center of the screen is a call to action button that can be modified to fit your personal narrative. This could be a link to your restaurant’s history, making a reservation, or taking a glance at your expanded menu. Whatever the case, this button would definitely come in handy.

Restaurant’s interface is designed with mostly grids, especially suited to showcasing all of your restaurant’s magnificent dishes. Easily display information with pictures about your creations, and provide your visitor with a look into your menu. While there is a significant focus on form, there is also plenty of functionality available. Embedded at the bottom of the theme is a maps feature that’ll allow people to find your physical location. Restaurant is a wonderful choice if you want a theme that matches the grandeur of your eating establishment.

Get more information about Restaurant here, or preview the theme live here.

8. Gruchone – Opencart Multi-Purpose Theme

Gruchone - Opencart Multi-Purpose Theme

As a multipurpose OpenCart theme focusing on the beverage industry, Gruchone comes also with a restaurant demo that might be of interest to you. With so many websites offering similar services in the world, it might be difficult to stand out in a crowd. As a result, you might want to construct your site using a theme that allows for a lot of flexibility, like this one.

Gruchone makes it simple to create a distinctive and elegant restaurant website. To get you started, there are a variety of templates with different designs and layouts for different purposes. The visual builder may then be used to adjust each component and page until it matches your exact needs. For example, if you feel that the demo for beer is exactly what you need for your restaurant, simply download the demo and customize it easily. There are also pre-designed header and footer alternatives that may be customized in the same way.

Furthermore, you’ll get a built-in blogging feature that can be utilized to disseminate any pieces of information to your consumers efficiently. Share just about anything you want from recipes, cooking tips to food preparation knowledge. A sliding testimonial section has also been integrated to improve the overall credibility of your restaurant. It’s hard to go wrong with an OpenCart theme like Gruchone.

See more information about Gruchone here, or preview the theme here when you have the time.

9. Royal Shop – OpenCart 2 & 3 Responsive Theme

Royal Shop - OpenCart 2 & 3 Responsive Theme

As a multipurpose theme, Royal Shop gives you the option of choosing from three different home page themes that are ideal for retail or restaurant websites. The demo titled ‘Food’ is designed to allow you to take visitors on a trip by presenting your restaurant, food, and offers, as well as displaying any company sponsors. This OpenCart theme is more than suitable for any reputable restaurant.

A user-friendly menu is the foundation of the most successful restaurant and other similar establishments. Royal Shop has you covered with an interactive menu template that allows you to categorize and price your goods. Visitors will be offered a quick view upon hovering over an item and an option to buy. Food that is on sale will also be highlighted with ratings to boast. Making these ratings visible will be a step in increasing the reputation of your brand by displaying the opinions of your previous purchasers.

When it comes to functionality, Royal Shop does not lose out. This theme is equipped with everything you could possibly need for a conventional food business from social media integration to blogs to newsletter subscriptions. Royal Shop may help your restaurant website become more than simply an average joe by allowing you to expand your business.

View more information about Royal Shop here, or access the preview live here

10. Mega Market – Opencart Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme

Mega Market - Opencart Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme

The finest themes are generally focused on a certain speciality or sector, but they still provide the freedom you’ll need to personalize your site. Mega Market, a multipurpose OpenCart theme does an excellent job of combining these two factors, since it offers a wide range of customization possibilities while keeping focused on the elements you’ll need for a food-related website.

Mega Market lives up to its name by offering eight homepage variations for electronics to food. A user-friendly menu is the foundation of the most successful restaurant website and this theme has you covered with a dedicated menu template that allows you to categorize and price your goods. Visitors will also be able to access testimonials and bestsellers from the sidebar of your site for easier navigation. 

When it comes to website design, Mega Market allows you to make modifications with an easy drag-and-drop interface. Ultimately, the product of your website will be highly responsive and SEO-friendly. This theme was also developed with a focus on mobile performance, which we can’t reiterate enough how important that is. Mega Market is a good alternative that contains virtually all of the tools you’ll need to build a one-of-a-kind site.

Collect more information about Mega Market here, or preview the OpenCart theme here.

11. Grano – Organic & Food Opencart Theme (Included Color Swatches)

Grano - Organic & Food Opencart Theme (Included Color Swatches)

Grano is a slimline OpenCart theme for restauranteurs that are serious about connecting with their clientele and keeping them in the know. With four demo homepages to pick from, Grano is designed for any type of eCommerce in the food business or service. If this theme is to your liking, simply import the sample data before filling in your brand’s information.

With the theme’s colorful design choices, give your restaurant website an edge over the typical black and white styles if you wish. Pages for categories and products have also been designed so you won’t have to rack your brains over creating them yourself. However, if you’re feeling more creative, Grano allows for just that, as well. Easily customize your restaurant or food eCommerce business thanks to the various builder tools and styles made available at your disposal. 

Other interesting features making Grano a powerful OpenCart theme are its color swatches, blog feature, and support for different currencies. Consider this theme for your restaurant if you seek a website with customizable header styles to fit the image of your business. Grano will give you control over most, if not all. aspects of your site and has received favorably feedback from previous purchasers. 

Read up on more information about Grano here, or head straight to the theme’s preview here.

12. Maxcart – Multipurpose OpenCart 3 Theme

Maxcart - Multipurpose OpenCart 3 Theme

While the concept of letting your cuisine speak for itself is good, with an OpenCart theme like Maxcart, your website will be able to provide more than just the essentials. As a multipurpose theme, Maxcart offers homepage demos for furniture stores, a mega shop, and food services. To prevent your website from looking akin to a digital broucher, this theme has included pictures, address information, opening hours, and much more.

Every of this theme’s design allows you to take visitors on a trip by presenting your restaurant, food, and special discounts, as well as displaying a countdown timer to prompt urgency. Although the theme’s aesthetic isn’t very minimalistic, it’s more than suitable for any restaurant. When it comes to the theme’s main features, the author boasts a fully responsive theme that supports RTL languages, vertical mega menus, image sliders, newsletter options, and a blog. 

Furthermore, Maxcart is SEO-friendly, giving you the chance to top the competition and appear on the first page of any browser. Designed by a power elite author on themeforest, getting help wouldn’t be a problem thanks to the support center, documentation and video tutorials made available to you. Get Maxcart if excellent customer support is a priority for people requiring more personal help in configuring their restaurant or food-related website.

More information about Maxcart can be found here, or get a glimpse of the preview here.

13. Multi Shop – OpenCart 2 & 3 Responsive Theme

Multi Shop - OpenCart 2 & 3 Responsive Theme

This warm, welcoming OpenCart theme is ideal for restaurants and retail stores, offering three homepage variations and a plethora of customization possibilities. Multi Shop is a responsive multipurpose theme that is ideal for any type of restaurant or food business in the industry. 

Multi Shop is a well-organized theme that follows a precise multiple-column layout. The design relies primarily on white spaces to highlight and contrast against your listed products, letting your dishes stand out. The huge home page slider is also a wonderful addition, and the serif type fits the other components nicely, giving your website a look of professionalism. 

The theme settings page includes a color picker and over 500 Google Fonts. Furthermore, the theme’s features include extra CMS blocks, giving you the customization possibilities you’ll need. Easily change the default color and font of the theme to fit your restaurant’s image. Importing the demo content wouldn’t be a problem, too, with the theme’s integrated one-click installer tool.

Observe more information about Multi Shop here, or preview the theme in your own time here.

14. OrganicFood – Food, Alcohol, Cosmetics OpenCart Theme (Included Color Swatches)

OrganicFood - Food, Alcohol, Cosmetics OpenCart Theme (Included Color Swatches)

Last but not least, despite its obvious name, OrganicFood, is a colorful food-centric OpenCart theme that can be used for your restaurant. The design of the restaurant’s home page includes aspects from a variety of styles, including tiled highlighted articles, a significant reliance on huge pictures, and a rounded framework. 

This mobile-friendly theme comes with a slew of useful features. Visitors may easily access a menu on any device. Moreover, a full-width slider and four header options have been included. Generally, this is a well-organized theme with that will display your delectable products neatly that also comes with a fully functional newsletter feature. Apart from selling edibles or food delivery services, if you have any other online goods to offer such as cookbooks or kitchenware, you may easily display them through structured categories with this theme. 

There are three designs to choose from, each with a variety of color options, allowing you to personalize as little or as much as you like. OrganicFood is cross-browser compatible and well-documented in case you have any issues or queries about how to use it.

Read up more information about OrganicFood here, or preview the theme live here

In Closing

Having a website for your restaurant or food business is vital in ensuring your business remains relevant in this digital age. It is highly important that your website is responsive, mobile-friendly and can handle the tinier screens of smart phones and tablets. 

If you would like to look at more OpenCart themes offering similar features, check out our listing for the best OpenCart eCommerce themes, or OpenCart themes for grocery and marketplace stores.

Now that we’ve done the first part, it is up to you to do the shortlisting and we hope that this list has helped you in your search for the best restaurant theme. Got a favorite from the list above and seek a discussion? Leave a comment down below and we’ll get back to you.

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