Seeking the best OpenCart grocery shop themes to use for your business? You’ve come to the perfect page for help. Here at wpthemesplugins, we know that time is of the essence and in this post, we have curated a list of the best OpenCart themes for grocery stores.

There are a plethora of themes available on the web market, making it tough to pick one. Some of them are excellent, while others may not be as effective or applicable. Rest assured that each of the themes on this list is simple to use, yet highly effective and they may help you take your online grocery store to new heights.

What is OpenCart?

OpenCart is a web-based platform that makes it easier for merchants and customers to engage. This shopping cart solution, which is built on an Open Source platform, allows you to make your business search engine friendly while maintaining a nice and appealing user experience. If you’re an online merchant, you’ll almost certainly require shopping capabilities on your site, and OpenCart is one choice for assisting you and your customers with these duties. OpenCart can meet your online sales demands regardless of the business you’re in.

Here are some of the advantages of utilizing OpenCart:


You may choose from a large range of plugins in the OpenCart system. The most recent edition of the free version includes around 1,500 plugins, allowing you to personalize your website to match the demands of both your business and your consumers.


The OpenCart community is rather large. You’ll get access to technical help for those nagging questions that simply won’t go away. There are also community forums where fellow OpenCart users and some knowledgeable programmers are always willing to help. Have you discovered a bug? On the OpenCart website, there is a quick and easy option to report it, so you can file a ticket and go back to what you were doing in no time.


OpenCart’s script architecture is built on a well-known software called MVC (Model-View-Controller). Because of the popularity of this script foundation, there are a lot of people out there who are familiar with it, which provides you with the best chance of getting aid when you need it. 


Because OpenCart doesn’t have as many built-in features as some of its competitors, it’s easier on the server systems that support it. Adding a few plugins shouldn’t have much of an impact on the performance and efficiency of your OpenCart website. Adding a slew of plugins to your site may slow down the speed and efficiency with which you and your users interact, but OpenCart can be used quickly and easily with only a few fundamental capabilities.


The administration of OpenCart is very simple for novice users to grasp. The admin panel is well-organized, transparent, and simple to use. These are all crucial criteria for newcomers to get their shopping cart site up and operating. This program’s user-friendliness goes from the admin dashboard to your customers’ experience.


You may download and use OpenCart for free thanks to the Open Source platform from which it was built. The original out-of-the-box version will suffice for most small company web retailers, and it will cost you nothing. Most of the modifications come with a little price for add-ons and plugins that you’ll undoubtedly want to use to make your site your own.

If you are looking for a non-specific eCommerce OpenCart theme, check out our listing for the best ones here

Without further ado, here are the best OpenCart themes for grocery stores that will digitalize your business effortlessly.

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1. Flipmart – Supermarket OpenCart Theme

Flipmart - Supermarket OpenCart Theme

Flipmart is a premium OpenCart theme with a responsive and clean design that can be used to create a grocery store, a fashion shop, a furniture place, and other similar websites. The theme is built on Bootstrap, allowing you to effortlessly construct an online store and sell groceries with additional features such as pricing, tags, and payments.

With the advanced options panel, you may customize aspects of your website such as colors, logos, backgrounds, and more to meet your needs. The theme is also responsive and SEO optimized, which means it will help your website rank higher in search engines. Your potential customers will also be able to access your site from any device on any browser. 

The Flipmart theme comes with a large number of custom widgets, allowing you to instantly display an image gallery, contact form, text, and user login on the site’s header or sidebar. Additionally, the theme is equipped with a lot of eye-catching components including a slider, multi-column function area, boxed and full-width layouts, and more.

Bridge your grocery store to your clients effortlessly with this OpenCart theme.

Access more information about Flipmart here, or view the theme’s preview here.

2. Groca – Responsive OpenCart Theme

Groca - Responsive OpenCart Theme

Groca is a clean and modern OpenCart theme designed primarily for grocery shops and other similar eCommerce businesses. This grocery shop theme offers fantastic features like moveable sliders and newsletter subscription, among others, that will help you create a great website for your online company.

This theme comes with a retina-ready display that can handle high-resolution graphics. This will undoubtedly catch the attention of your visitors. Additionally, you may easily display all of the products as well as their price tags. Customers may also add things to their wishlist and shop for them later using the add to cart feature.

Moreover, you’ll be able to display any special discounts on your homepage easily with a countdown timer that will prompt urgency and sales. If you have a need for blogging to disseminate any information, this theme allows for that, too. Consider this theme if you require a standard and conventional website template that will capture your brand perfectly.

When it comes to customization, Groca offers a lot of options for personalization thanks to its powerful theme options.

Get more information about Groca here, or head straight to the theme’s preview here.

3. Mega Shop – Opencart 3 Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme

Mega Shop - Opencart 3 Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme

Mega Shop is a multipurpose OpenCart theme that is incredibly simple, easy to translate, and fully responsive. All of the theme’s 15 layouts will allow users to quickly browse your website and purchase the things they need owing to the simple navigation. With Mega Shop, you’ll be able to set up an eCommerce store for a grocery store, fashion, furniture, and so much more.

Additionally, you can make your grocery website more efficient by including features like a daily special for your products or a three-column feature area that will show off different aspects of your website to your customers. Potential customers can also easily log into their accounts on your homepage, as well as access your contact information. 

If you choose to display your customers’ evaluations, reviews, and comments regarding the services you provide using the testimonial section, the credibility of your business will undoubtedly rise. We recommend using this feature for anyone who might want to establish a band of loyal consumers. Customization options are not lacking as well thanks to the additional features integrated nicely within the theme.

Select Mega Shop for its wide variety of demos and features to aid you in your grocery store. 

Read up on more information about Mega Shop here, or preview the theme in your own time here.

4. Vegitek – Organic Food & Grocery Mart OpenCart Theme

Vegitek - Organic Food & Grocery Mart OpenCart Theme

Specializing in organic produce seems like a no-brainer for many food retailers in a world that is increasingly turning to sustainable food production techniques as a method of countering our impact on the global environment. Vegitek can be the appropriate OpenCart theme for you if you wish to join the green new wave of eco-friendly enterprises with your digital grocery store. 

With 3 homepage variations, this premium theme includes everything you’ll need to get your store up and running quickly. You’ll also be able to easily support RTL and LTR languages should your site require switching between languages. Quickly display your produce and products through a vertical mega menu with a search bar to facilitate easier navigation. With an integrated search feature, your consumers will always be able to find precisely what they’re looking for without having to scour the site.

Because Vegitek is totally responsive, you won’t have to worry about missing out on any potential purchases from mobile visitors. Moreover, you’ll have a wonderful starting point for any adjustments you wish to make to the layouts on your website with one-click demo content import. For customization, a wide selection of really helpful shortcodes for everything from showing client testimonials to adding a countdown has been integrated to assist you.

Get Vegitek for your grocery store if your business specializes in organic foods, or if you simply like the theme’s interface design.

Look up more information about Vegitek here, or preview the theme here.

5. Veggie – OpenCart Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme

Veggie - OpenCart Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme

If you own a grocery business and want to establish a website, Veggie is a fantastic choice. It has a few cool features including a contact form button that allows users to interact and reach you through e-mail, a free newsletter subscription box, a widgetized footer section, and more. It also works with all major browsers, including Chrome, Mozilla, and Opera. Additionally, this theme features a responsive design and displays store evaluation methods.

Veggie features a full coverage slider, which allows you to upload an unlimited number of grocery store photographs to your website’s sliders, or promote the product of your choice.

Customers can offer their evaluations in this area of the theme, which contains a customer testimonials function.

This OpenCart theme comes with 6 beautiful homepage variations that can be suited for a variety of eCommerce businesses. You’ll definitely find a template to your liking when it comes to your brand. Additionally, you’ll never run out of inspiration with the theme’s multiple product pages styles available for replication. Simply download the theme with a one-click importer and set up your grocery store in mere minutes.  

Get Veggie for everything essential that you’ll need for your store.

Look up more information about Veggie here, or visit the preview at your own time here.

6. Big Basket – Opencart Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme

Big Basket - Opencart Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme

Nowadays, everyone wants to purchase everyday items from the convenience of their own homes, making online shopping an increasingly popular option. Big Basket is a multipurpose OpenCart theme that will assist you in creating the perfect eCommerce website for your grocery store. This theme also has a simple payment method that is suitable for any platform, including mobile and desktop. 

Big Basket has a user registration module that allows users to establish their own account by providing a name, email address, and password. One of the standout features of this theme is that a user may choose between languages and various currencies to make a purchase. This is available across the theme’s 7 homepage variations serving different sectors.

In the store area, use photographs and a price tag to present the various services and offers. This will allow your products and produce to come across as more enticing, encouraging sales within your potential customers. When it comes to customization, you’ll be able to personalize almost every aspect of your website to your heart’s content thanks to its customization support. 

Big Basket is a great multipurpose theme for anyone wanting to establish a competent site for their grocery business online. 

Read up on more information about Big Basket here, or go to the theme’s preview here.

7. Safira – Responsive OpenCart Theme (Included Color Swatches)

Safira - Responsive OpenCart Theme (Included Color Swatches)

Safira is a high-quality OpenCart theme that can be used to construct a fantastic eCommerce website. With a whopping 56 homepages available, four of which can be used for your grocery store, this theme is ideal if you want to showcase all of your business’ important services. It offers all of the elements for your website on the homepage, such as a list or grid view with all of the vital company information, a hexagonal gallery, and more.

Additionally, Safira supports multi-vendor plugins that will allow you to turn your site into a marketplace consisting of many different vendors. While not included in the theme, the Webkul Marketplace Extension and Marketplace Extension from PurpleTree Software are both highly compatible with Safira.

When it comes to personalizing your website, a powerful control panel will provide you with the ability to configure all settings, features, and modules of the theme. Turn your ideas into reality by simply dragging and dropping elements using the layout composer module. Furthermore, your website is guaranteed to look good across all devices on all browsers, giving your potential customers a good impression of your business.

Safira is an Opencart theme offering the largest amount of homepages that will definitely satisfy your requirements in more ways than one. 

Access more information about Safira here, or preview the theme here.

8. Grocery and Shopping OpenCart 3.X Multistore Theme (Shopping, Mall)

The Grocery OpenCart is a straightforward and mobile-friendly business theme that will develop a professional website for your company. On the homepage, this theme displays the top categories, deals of the day, and the most recent blog entries. Additionally, widgetized regions and highlighted pictures are also supported.

Grocery was made with a lot of customizability in mind, you may simply customize any theme sections by adding, removing, or editing them. It also offers a modern theme settings window with support for multiple languages, currencies, and text styles. If green isn’t your color, you’ll be able to change the colors by personalizing your entire site without having to perform much altering. Moreover, the theme comes with a handy admin visual editor that will give you the power of control over every aspect of your website. 

With 18 homepage variations, Grocery is completely retina ready and responsive that will provide your customers with a great shopping and browsing experience. Social media icons have also been integrated should you want to connect to your audience beyond the reach of your website. 

As its name suggests, Grocery is a great multipurpose OpenCart theme providing lots of customization options that will impress your customers.

Get more information about Grocery here, or head straight to the theme’s preview here

9. Crocus – Electronics Store Responsive OpenCart Theme

Crocus - Electronics Store Responsive OpenCart Theme

Crocus is another multipurpose OpenCart theme built using the popular Bootstrap Framework that will help you showcase your grocery and other things in a professional manner. As an eCommerce theme, the interface’s design will allow you to add an unlimited number of items for your produce and products.

If needed, you may also include things connected to food cultivation, such as fruits, vegetables, and fitness supplements, in addition to grocery store items. Feel free to utilize this multipurpose template to create a different company speciality owing to its plethora of possibilities for creating any sort of eCommerce store.

Crocus features a newsletter popup that will greet your visitors upon loading, prompting them to stay connected with your brand through an e-mail subscription. This will encourage brand recognition and the compulsion to shop with your website if coupons or discounts are mailed out. Additionally, you’ll be about to set up and configure your website easily, so rest assured that you’re well covered with this theme.

Get Crocus for its four unique homepage variations in the grocery, electronics and fashion eCommerce industries.

Read up on more information about Crocus here, or preview the theme here.

10. Mega Mart – OpenCart 3 Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme

Mega Mart - OpenCart 3 Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme

Food marketers cannot afford to overlook the advantages that eCommerce platforms provide. Mega Mart is one of those dependable and high-performing multipurpose website solutions that can help you transform your business into a dynamic eCommerce platform.

Offering 14 template variations with a grocery theme being one of them, the authors have promised more that’s in the making.

This theme includes three unique layout design that can be selected to represent your website. With a newsletter popup, customers will be informed about information ranging from coupon codes to daily sales. This little form of interactivity will undoubtedly improve the impression people have of your brand. Furthermore, 2 blog page designs have been included should you need an area for blogging. 

Other attractive features common within all 14 demos are its smart responsive grids owing to Bootstrap’s fluid grid concepts. The author has also promised an excellent support system and documentation in the event you seek help when configuring your website. Rest assured that you’ll be in good hands.

Mega Mart is highly worth considering if you seek a generic-looking eCommerce store for your grocery store that is easy to navigate and offers a slew of useful features.  

Stay updated with more information about Mega Mart here, or go to the theme’s preview here.

11. Bigmarket – Multipurpose Responsive Grocery | Drugs | FAshion Opencart 3.X Theme

Bigmarket - Multipurpose Responsive Grocery | Drugs | FAshion Opencart 3.X Theme

Big market is a multipurpose OpenCart theme created specifically to meet the demands of all store owners. Offering three layouts with one tailored for a grocery store, all segments’ colors may be simply modified to personalize your website in no more. The design is ideal for displaying a wide range of material. You may quickly upload photos and incorporate important product information.

In addition to the theme’s essential eCommerce features, depending on the intended demographic, you may also pick and add the relevant payment gateway. Bigmarket is also multilingual, translation-ready, and Google Fonts-integrated. When it comes to customization, you’ll have complete alteration freedom, ensuring that all of your website’s requirements are met. Customized your grocery website in any way that you’d want with its integrated page builders and customizers.

The installation process is quick, uncomplicated, and straightforward, with the possibility of importing a demo with a single click. Furthermore, the developers provide one-year assistance, which helps in resolving any difficulties that arise during installation and startup.

Get Bigmarket if you’d like a site that is pleasant to look at, and will provide your shoppers with a great experience. 

See more information about Bigmarket here, or head to the live preview here.

Final Words

If you are unfamiliar with OpenCart, do check out what you can expect here when you start a grocery site for your business. 

These OpenCart themes were chosen to provide you with the best possible experience that requires no additional labor, and a simple process. We hope that you’ll have a great time choosing the right theme for your digital store and we wish you all the best. 

Did any theme from this list catch your eye? Let us know in the comments below.

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