Pricing is arguably, one of the more important parts of your business as it defines the most important interaction in your relationship with your customers: value. 

WordPress pricing table plugins make viewing of pricing easy by providing a set of tools that help you display all elements of your pricing in a meaningful tabled way for your customers.

Because first impressions are important, when you’re presenting a product, service, or content piece to your audience, you want them to know exactly what they’re getting and make their decision to stay, leave and/or purchase right away. 

Sometimes, you need more than just a price point to fully showcase everything you’re offering. You need the best tools to convey the right sentiment in the right visual position and at the right time to convert a prospect into a paying customer. 

The WordPress pricing table plugins in this collection are objectively the best rated available on the market. If you’re going to succeed in the cluttered, noisy environment of digital, your pricing needs to lend a hand and these plugins are your best bet. 

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9 Best-rated Pricing Table Plugins for WordPress:

Table Rate Plugin (for shipping)

Table Rate Plugin (for shipping)

If you’re not in shipping or have no reason to learn about a plugin that helps you price products for export, you can move on to the next one. 

However, if you are a merchant, shipping products with multiple carrier services across different countries, you can quite easily mess up the pricing for your customers. The Table rate shipping plugin  helps you to simplify the process.

With Table rate shipping plugin, you can calculate shipping by class, weight, price, quantity & volume. As an extra bonus it has a weight chart so that you can increase in weight, in price, in quantity or in volume. 

You can also do volumetric or dimensional weight calculations on your products for those shipping rates. If you’re looking to expand your shipping rules,this plugin will be really useful. You’ll also benefit immensely from using it if you have thousands of shipping rules to compute for as it has a simple interface and intuitive rules that you can navigate as you create your ideal price. 

Cool features and functions 

  • Variable-factor pricing:

If you’re shipping to a different country, you’re most likely pricing for more than one variable. Look no further because this shipping plugin does it all;

  • Class filter: Select classes by price, weight or volume 
  • Weight filter: Adjustable weight threshold
  • Volume filter: Adjustable volume threshold
  • Price filter: Select any price per each class, range or specific price
  • Shipping rules: Selects price based on predefined cost implications of using specific routes etc. 

Once you’re all set up, your user will get Total cost (shipping + tax) based on the variables your customer has selected. 

This feature ensures that you’re able to tweak the variables and pricing as economic conditions evolve to ensure that your commercial relationships are seamless and profitable. 

  • Priority pricing: 

If you’re shipping products to other countries, it is likely that specific variables are more critical to your success compared to others. To this end, the Table rate shipping plugin dynamically prices the fulfillment based on your priority. 

Once you’ve set up your priority variables in the back end, your rules will be used to price orders and fulfillments based on cart contents, purchase history, location, shipping address or other predefined variables. 


  • Developed and tested on WordPress 4.9 using modern development standards and best practices.
  • Rated as the best shipping plugin on
  • Offers a robust collection of pricing tools for shipping merchants or product owners who have to handle shipping in house. 
  • Variable pricing model is simple to use and effective for product pricing 
  • Great, speedy customer service and high quality rating on WordPress 


  • Singular use for shipping merchants 
  • Can be overwhelming without the right guide to installation and execution of pricing rules

wP Pricing Builder Plugin

wP Pricing Builder Plugin

wP Pricing Builder is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily create responsive pricing tables to liven your content story and nudge your customers towards payment for your products or services. 

Set up your pricing table in just a couple of minutes and benefit from the attractive design and professional look of your product or service page for you and for your customers as well. 

This plugin is a simple drag & drop solution for building responsive pricing tables and requires no coding ability whatsoever. Also, you can design a great look for your pricing section quickly and iterate as you learn more about your customers preferences. 

With the wP pricing builder, you can also customize all layouts and options according to your needs. Once you’ve made the decision to go with this one, all that needs doing is to simply install and activate the plugin in your WP dashboard, select one of 89 unique designs and build away to the perfect pricing display for your business. 

Cool table plugin features and functions 

  • Color theme generator:

Colors are a very important factor in your marketing process as they affect your customers’ interpretations of your value on a subconscious level. Color theme generator helps you generate any color you want from any theme for your designs. You can also create and check different themes to indicate your color preferences visually.

Get the best value colors for your product/service selection process: Pick a theme(s) instantly and generate colors in any quantity by a single click. You can even select colors for each section differently to provide detailed layouts and color schemes of your product/service selection process.

  • 5 Column pricing layout:

This plug in is a great option for agencies that want to offer their customers multiple pricing plans. Create the perfect pricing page in minutes by developing up to five sections for your pricing plans. 

Although it’s advisable to limit choice when it comes to pricing, having five sections provides you extra options for promotions or sales events if you’re looking to get customers to select a particular price regime. 

  • Drag and drop builder:

If you opt for this pricing tool, you’ll get a drag and drop builder which enables you to create awesome looking pricing tables in an instant. Once you’ve completed the installation and activation process, just drag and drop the components, change the text, add your own images or background color and get on with it. 

Other incredible features include; Responsive web design, 12 tooltip positions, demo content for each design, font-awesome templates and tons more! 


  • Tons of great features 
  • Great quality rating on WordPress 
  • Compatible with bootstrap 
  • Great for beginners with no tech experience 


  • Supports only the newer WordPress versions (from WP 3.9)
  • Not Gutenberg optimized so you’re limited to the pre-built themes 
  • Does not offer a complex rule set for variable-based pricing 

WooCommerce Tiered Pricing – Price By Quantity Plugin

WooCommerce Tiered Pricing - Price By Quantity Plugin

Woocommerce Tiered pricing is a seller’s Secret Weapon that empowers merchants to provide discounts for products based on quantity in a more effective way.

Price by quantity plugin helps merchants to display quantity discount on the product page. Using this plugin makes it easy to provide discounts & special offers for specific quantities of the products by showing a table of the quantity discount on the product page. 

If you’re in retail or e-commerce, having a pricing plugin that offers this feature can be game changing. For one, it is a great way to save money & reduce cost for specific products or incentivise higher spend during off season. 

In a nutshell, price by quantity empowers sellers to sell their products in a more effective way and increase the conversion rate by showing the discount table on the product page.

Cool features and functions 

  • Volume discount feature:

The quantity discount plugin allows you to set discounts based on the number of items a customer buys. This feature is especially useful if you deal in commodities that profit volume sales. 

Although many websites use extensions and events to track that information, custom-built solutions rarely integrate seamlessly. As a result, using extensions makes things challenging for customers.

On the other hand, this plugin completely simplifies the process and helps you to sell more things profitably and benefit immensely from the positive effects of economies of scale or sell out older products to prevent total loss when you need to. 

  • Discount tables display:

This plugin ensures that discounts are calculated automatically based on the quantity of items ordered. Also, your customers get to see a display of the discount prices with each inventory quantity in a responsive way. 

This feature ensures that customers are equipped with enough information to make a decision. Having access to this information increases the probability that they will convert as it stimulates and actively engages the pleasure/pain circuits of your customers brain. 


  • Great for retail based businesses that rely on volume sales 
  • Dynamic price reviews based on volume changes 
  • Provides a wealth of information for customer decision making 
  • Seamlessly handles all the pricing events and functions in the background without any memory loss 


  • Limited aesthetically 
  • Does not handle rule sets that go beyond the interaction between volume and price

Easy Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin

Easy Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin

As the name implies, the easy pricing table is the newest and the best pricing table WordPress plugin. This plugin includes predefined themes, colors and ready to use elements. To top it off, it is also integrated with Visual Composer – making drag and drop design so much easier. With this pricing table plugin you can build your pricing table in a few clicks. 

Also, you get over 150 visual elements at your disposal such as content elements that populate your pricing scheme including icons, buttons and ribbons. Also, once you’ve decided to subscribe, you’ll get 10 dedicated color themes to make your pricing tables as visually stimulating as possible. 

Cool features and functions 

  • Video integration: 

With so many people watching video today, it is likely that your customers love and enjoy content in this format. Unlike other plugins, the easy pricing table makes it possible to benefit from the superior attention grabbing quality of video right in your pricing table. 

This means that as your customers interact with your pricing, you have the ability to provide more information, answer a question and build social proof right into your pricing table. With the right creative, using this strategy can result in superior conversion numbers for your business. 

  • Shortcode integration: 

Shortcodes make it possible to perform specific functions on your website with ease. Things such as displaying your ads, using a form or a slider can be activated using a shortcode in WordPress. 

To this end, the easy table plugin integrates this technology into the pricing section in a way that empowers you to make the best use of this vital piece of real estate. One potentially meaningful use case involves using google forms to collect qualitative data from customers who decide not to make a purchase. 

While this data point can help you refine your offering to appeal to new customers or upsell old ones on new offers, this plugin gives you dynamic access to the most important part of your website. 


  • Video integration which can double your conversion
  • Many design and customization tools 
  • Unlimited columns 
  • Drag and drop interface is easy to use 


  • Its 10 color schemes pale in comparison to other plugins 
  • No variable pricing available  

AP Pricing Tables – Responsive Pricing Table Builder Plugin for WordPress

AP Pricing Tables - Responsive Pricing Table Builder Plugin for WordPress

The AP Pricing Table plugin provides an intuitive interface to create a pricing table. This tool allows you to create an unlimited pricing table with unlimited row and column additions. It also offers 35+ templates and customize your table design as you like. 

Also, its intuitive interface helps both non-developers and developers to design a stylish, feature-rich WordPress pricing table effortlessly. You also get audio, video and a google maps to add a different dimension to your price comparison table.  

If you own a website that aims to sell a product/service, it means that you need a pricing table. However, creating a stunning pricing really requires some skills. For many small businesses that have no budget for programmers or designers,  AP Pricing Table is designed to bridge this gap. 

Cool features and functions 

  • Audio, video and google map:

Audio is becoming more and more important to customers’ content diet as more people listen to podcasts and use tools such as Clubhouse. This plugin uses audio and video to craft a more human experience at the point of sale/purchase. 

The Google map feature also adds an extra dimension for your customers who can interact with location and direction as they consider the option to purchase your product.  

  • 35 pre-designed templates: 

You can choose one of the 35 pre-designed custom templates below to help you showcase your price in a professional, organized and attractive way. Although this creates limits when it comes to creating a custom design, it helps you move faster and test your ideas quickly and at scale. 

  • Countdown timer: 

You can choose one of the 35 pre-designed custom templates below to help you showcase your price in a professional, organized and attractive way. Although this creates limits when it comes to creating a custom design, it helps you move faster and test your ideas quickly and at scale. 


  • Pre-defined templates make it possible to move faster and learn quicker 
  • Countdown timer for sales and other special promotions 
  • Support multiple font types 
  • Web responsive design 


  • No rule set for complex pricing 
  • Speed is attained at the expense of aesthetic depth

CL Pricing | Pricing Table – VC Addon

CL Pricing | Pricing Table - VC Addon

The CL responsive pricing table – VC Addon for Visual Composer plugin for WordPress makes it possible to build your responsive pricing table in seconds, no coding required. CL Responsive Pricing Table is the simplest way to display and compare different pricing plans or product ranges in a clean layout.

CL Pricing Table has advanced functionality and gives you all the options you need to build unique and responsive pricing plans and comparison tables. It’s super easy to create various page layouts such as product comparison chart, service table, multiple pricing tab or table with add-to-cart button. Also, this extension is the most complete and fully featured pricing table for WordPress.

Cool features and functions

  • 24/7 Support:

As you go about the process of setting up your CL pricing table add-on, it’s important to have as much support as possible. Although the installation process is fairly intuitive, you’ll get all-round support for this product at all times. 

This means that in the unlikely event that you run into any hitches, you’ll always have the development team on hand to guide you. If you’re dealing with the many complexities of running a business, having high quality support for one of the most important aspects of your business is critical to success. 

  • 3rd party payment buttons: 

Payment buttons make it possible for customers to seamlessly pay for your product or service. This plugin ensures that you’re able to serve your customers at the point of purchase with payment options that are native and familiar. 

With this add-on, you can show your customers how to buy from you by adding convenient and secure online payment buttons to your WordPress website with this WordPress plugin. It adds a single, beautiful, and customizable button that you can add to any page or post in as few as 3 clicks. 

  • 15 pricing plans: 

Once you subscribe to this plugin, you get the option to select up to 15 pricing plans for your customers. Although having so many pricing plans can be disorienting at times, you get the option to deploy sophisticated pricing strategies that can improve sales. 


  • Clean and standard code means that you’re running a stable build at all times 
  • Bootstrap compatible 
  • Paypal support for seamless payment 
  • Unlimited color style 


  • 15 pricing plan style is not useful in many cases 
  • No rule set for complex, variable based pricing 

ARPrice – WordPress Pricing Table Plugin

ARPrice - WordPress Pricing Table Plugin

With well over 3000+ pricing table templates, ARPrice is easily the most complete and fully featured pricing table plugin for WordPress this year. This incredible tool comes with 300+ pricing table templates, essential features such as comparison tables, Gutenberg compatibility and a really fast user interface. 

With the real-time editor that works on every device and a unique dashboard for the ultimate convenience of creating custom pricing plans in minutes, this WordPress plugin delivers an end to end experience of seamless efficiency during the price creation process and also, when your site goes live. 

Cool features and functions 

  • Toggle price button: 

Toggle price buttons provide the option for annual or monthly payments for your product or service. For the most part, this button provides choice and convenience to your customers while nudging them to benefit from discounts and opt for a longer term of use.

Arprice features a sleek and responsive interface that makes it easy to choose from a variety of payment options. Users can select an introductory price for the monthly payment, or switch to a cost-saving annual payment option automatically. 

This feature means that customers can exact more control when it comes to pricing based on such variables as time-frame of use, and available budget. Giving customers the benefit of choice improves your reputation and profitability while providing you with data points on user preferences with relation to time-frames for your product/service. 

  • Paypal “buy now” button integration: 

With well over 300 million global customers, the Arprice plugin gives you seamless access to frictionless, third-party payments without any hassle. This means that for customers who use this service, the lack of friction and cognitive ease of seeing the Paypal button in your pricing section is another reason to give your product/service a shot. 

  • Built in A/B testing modules: 

With most of the other plugins, iteration is a matter of using a third-party tool such as hotjar and manually changing elements of your price comparison table. However, with the Arprice WordPress pricing plugin, A/B testing modules are built into its framework. 

This means that by using a short-code to initiate one pricing framework or another, you’ll get first-hand, uncontaminated data sets on what pricing works best for your business and the visual schemes that drive conversion the most. 


  • Dedicated Support so you’re never alone
  • Gutenberg compatible for a superior aesthetic experience
  • Unlimited columns 
  • Beautiful animation effects 
  • Arguably the most robust feature list available on the market


  • High price point compared to other plugins 
  • No variable pricing available  

Pricing Table — WordPress Pricing Table Plugin

Pricing Table — WordPress Pricing Table Plugin

The Pricing table plugin creates a series of visual cues that enable your customers decision making experience and provide all the relevant information as quickly as possible. 

Whether you’re selling a service or physical products, presenting your prices in a clear and easy to understand way can be the deciding factor for your prospects to buy from you. 

The pricing table offers a robust selection of tools to help you communicate your value to your audience properly. Some of its key features include multiple layout design options, dynamic column element redesign among others. 

Some of the features you’ll get when you install this plugin include the following below;

Cool functions and features 

  • Dynamic element positioning:

As customers evolve, having the ability to display the different elements of your pricing dynamically and test for conversion and other metrics that matter to your business can define your business success over any given time-frame. 

To this end and unlike most pricing table plugins, the pricing table specialty page gives you the ability to reshuffle elements such as your pricing, the value descriptions and other visual elements that define your value proposition. 

  • 20 unique visual styles:

From layout types to column elements and even skins, this plugin gives you the ability to customize your pricing table to a greater degree than most of the others on this list. This means that for every offer, you get the ability to customize and craft your pricing table to convey the right emotion and cohere with other parts of your customer’s visual experience. 

Why is this important? Well, for one, as customers navigate your product/service list and attempt to make mental calculations for value, they won’t have to deal with the extra cognitive load of poor design or an abnormal visual scheme.

A seamless visual experience will promote cognitive ease and lead to the release of dopamines that stimulate positive emotion and enhance the potential for purchase. 


  • Feature rich plugin for just about any use case 
  • Live updates that automatically installed to your website 
  • Dynamic pricing layout for content optimization and A/B testing 
  • 9 pricing elements for robust value offer 


  • No complex rule sets for variable pricing 

Clip – Add on for Go pricing 

Clip - Add-on for Go Pricing

Clip – Add on for Go pricing is a WordPress plugin and a great way to create pricing tables for your products with no coding skills at all. Compared to other plugins, Clip – Add on for Go pricing is quicker and reloads the drag and drop option for a simple and efficient price building experience. 

Like others, It’s a great option if you’re looking to display your product / service comparisons, membership plans, affiliate commissions, etc. Why? With this add-on, you get the option to store up to 8 different data points.

If you’re in digital, context is just as important as the product/service that’s on offer and so, with Clip, you get a wide range to provide much-needed context for your customers as they contemplate the merits of buying from you. 

Cool features and functions 

  • Lightning fast build: 

If you sell things on the internet, every bit you save is important as the loading speed of your website can affect your business performance in the long run. To this end, Clip is built from the ground up to store your data locally so that your servers have one less thing to process. 

Clip was built for the Go pricing plugin from the ground up using the latest HTML technology of HTML5 Local Storage. As a result, it gives you a simple integration of storing and loading data into your website on the web. 

  • User friendly, drag and drop interface:

The Clip add-on comes complete with a user-friendly visual design editor which lets you create amazing comparison tables as quickly as possible. Some of the elements include: a full drag and drop editor, column editor, text editor, media library. 

If you’re looking to test a lot of ideas with your pricing table and iterate with colors, visual schemes and other comparison elements as you decide what works best, having a no-code,  lightning fast, drag and drop interface will save you time and money. 


  • Helps you save money on server request with its local storage technology 
  • Lightning fast speeds help to reduce customer churn 
  • Drag and drop builder for ease of use 
  • One click installation 
  • Store and display up to 8 data points on your pricing table 
  • Six months of support at no cost to you 


  • Speed comes at the expense of aesthetic depth 
  • Variable pricing is not available 
  • Go pricing plugin is a separate purchase from Clip


If you’re going to sell your products/services on your website, the way you display your pricing is important. Even more important is the table that presents pricing and how it subtly persuades your customers to take action. 

We hope that this post has been useful in helping you curate and shortlist the best pricing table plugins for your wordpress site. One tip is to look at the cons of the plugins and if you can live with that, and that doesnt interfere with your core business – shortlist that. Since the pros can be really good for several of the plugins, deciding on the cons will help you pick a winner.

You may also like to look at the best mailchimp plugins if you havent yet set up your email newsletter and the best woocommerce currency switcher plugins.

Should you need access to a variety of premium plugins and even themes to build your wordpress site, do also check out envato elements‘ subscription plan starting from $16.50/month.


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