Been looking to create your own resume website with WordPress? Look no further for we have compiled a list of the finest WordPress resume themes available on the market so you can simply choose the one you like. 

Creating a high-quality personal resume website is vital if you want to showcase your talents and services online. With the hundreds of WordPress themes online, your shortlisting process may be hindered if you’re unaware of the features you’d want and need. Choosing a theme is simple, but before you settle on one, we urge you to contemplate some of these factors.

Factors to Keep in Mind for your Resume WordPress Theme 

  • Portfolio page: Many of these themes come with high-quality portfolio layouts for showcasing your work on the internet. If you’re in a creative field, you should look for a theme that includes everything you need to promote your work online.
  • Customization: A theme may look nice, but it must be able to capture and convey the important details about yourself and your work. You should be able to tweak a design that is as close to your ideal as possible. 
  • Responsive: One of the most, if not the most important aspect of your resume website is the necessity for it to be responsive across all devices and browsers. This is highly essential and needs to be a priority in your search.
  • Skills display: Other elements to look for are skill charts that emphasize your areas of competence, education, employment timelines, as well as testimonial systems that allow clients and workers to leave feedback. 

Of course, you need not incorporate all of the aforementioned qualities in your resume theme, but having a general idea of what to look out for will benefit you greatly. Following that, we’ll show you the very finest WordPress resume themes.

Our Best WordPress Resume Themes for 2021 

Without further ado, here is the list of the best WordPress resume themes for any career and jobs.

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1. Resume, CV & vCard Theme

Resume, CV & vCard Theme

With RSCard, you’ll be able to create a strong WordPress theme for constructing a variety of online resume websites. This theme offers five website demos, differing primarily in their intended audiences with alternatives for startup employees, physicians, vocalists, students, and actors. All of the pre-built RSCard demos are designed with high-quality layouts that will give your CV a highly professional appearance.

In addition to the beautiful samples, RSCard is filled with important features to help your resume website stand out. Components for adding education and work timelines to your resume, social media links, and skill bars and statistics will allow visitors to know where your strengths lie to establish a good impression. These are just among the various sections you can enable on your website.

For displaying visual information, you may utilize picture sliders in your resume to encourage interactivity amongst your audience with your site. Using the feature grid to promote your services is also an option, as is using the price table section to post your charges. Additionally, RSCard is completely compatible with the WooCommerce plugin for even more website choices. You may easily offer products and services on your resume website, as well as collect money from your visitors or clients. 

All in all, the RSCard bundle includes a diverse collection of example sites, ensuring that this theme will appeal to a wide range of users.

Look up more information about RSCard here, or visit the theme’s preview here.

2. Myour – CV Resume Theme

Myour - CV Resume Theme

Myour is a WordPress resume and CV theme with two alternative options; light and dark. When creating your resume website, effortlessly switch between the two modes to fit your aesthetic and design purpose. Upon importing the sample material with the integrated one-click demo content installer tool, you will be able to customize the templates with your own material. 

As a multipurpose theme, the templates offer space for all of the information you’d wish to include, including career history, educational details, a description of your talents, and the likes. Myour should work for persons who work or study in diverse fields. Furthermore, this theme’s portfolio templates make it great for anyone who wants to include visual information in their resume or CV thanks to the six distinct modes provided. 

Other pages, such as the blog and contact page templates will allow you to easily add vital sections to your website. Offer your visitors an option to see your resume as a PDF or any comparable file format that can be easily downloaded. While no design skills are required to utilize this theme, you can make use of the Elementor page builder to alter all of the pre-built content that comes with Myour. 

Check out this WordPress theme if you’re seeking a simple resume template with a vCard design.

Collect more information about Myour here, or choose to preview it live here.

3. Ikonik – Resume vCard WordPress Theme

Ikonik - Resume vCard WordPress Theme

Ikonik is a WordPress resume and vCard theme created mainly for creative professions. This theme would be a good fit for your project if you want a website with a trendy design that will help you market your creative skills and abilities effortlessly online. Equipped with three eye-catching website demos, all of them are great for publishing resumes online.

Ikonik’s demos were created to display photos and videos, therefore, whatever media you’re working with, this theme should be able to facilitate it. Additionally, as a wholly mobile responsive theme, potential new clients and employers may simply view your work from their smartphones. If you’re a visual artist, performer, or other such vocation, you could discover that Ikonik does a wonderful job of capturing your personality online. 

You’ll be able to quickly alter any of the templates using a drag-and-drop visual editor because Ikonik supports the sophisticated Elementor page builder plugin. Customize your template efficiently, or create new ones for additional pages you require for your site. The world is in your hands and it is even possible to mix and combine elements across different templates if that’s what you wish. Almost every aspect of this theme can be changed using the control panel, which includes a plethora of options for fonts, colors, and more.

Ikonik should be able to assist anyone who wants to establish their online presence and brand through WordPress.

Get more information about Ikonik here, or go straight to the preview here.

4. MeFolio Ajax Resume WordPress Theme

MeFolio Ajax Resume WordPress Theme

MeFolio offers 10 various resume website layouts featuring different elements that can be used across all vocations. With all the themes being full-screen, choose from a variety of options that utilizes different attention-grabbing details. For example, one alternative employs a full-screen slider as its major feature, while another employs a video backdrop.

On top of the beautiful homepage variations, MeFolio features an excellent range of portfolio templates and grid layouts to present your work through different approaches. This theme should be able to handle your portfolio, whether it comprises images, videos, or other types of work. Additionally, the King Composer page building tool for WordPress is included in the MeFolio bundle if you you ever need to add more templates to your resume website.

Unlike other themes, MeFolio employs a full-screen style rather than the more usual boxed style, providing you more room to express yourself and convey all of the important information to your audience. This also gives off an air of modernity which may impress your clients, especially if you’re in the creative field. 

This WordPress theme’s content has a responsive design that will give your resume website a professional appearance.

Gather more information about MeFolio here, or preview the theme in your own time here.

5. Solonick – Personal Portfolio WordPress Theme

Solonick - Personal Portfolio WordPress Theme

Owing to a wide range of capabilities, Solonick is a multipurpose theme for personal resumes and creative portfolio websites. Within nine demo samples, each having a distinct focus, all of them are expertly designed with an interface that should appeal to visitors and potential clients. You’ll be able to set off on the right foot and find ways to impress them.

With plenty of room for huge images, this theme makes it simple to exhibit photos of yourself and your work on your new website. You may also consider utilizing the included Slider Revolution plugin to make your own sliders from scratch, or use the pre-built sliders to make a montage of your work. Furthermore, this theme has been designed to allow playbacks and videos, with parts that may display animated backdrops to attract the attention of your audience and potential employers. 

When it comes to customization, simply change the colors of the default palette and create a look befitting of your brand and image. Personalize your website by choosing between a multi-page structure and a single-page design through a drag-and-drop content editing tool. Feeling extra creative? Solonick includes well-structured and clear code that allows developers to make whatever adjustments they see fit.

Solonick is a feature-rich WordPress resume theme that can be used to create a variety of websites.

Read up on more information about Solonick here, or head to the theme’s preview here.

6. Kerge – CV Resume Theme

Kerge - CV Resume Theme

Kerge is a WordPress theme for vCards and resumes offering two demos to help you get started. Both examples, containing minor distinctions, are excellent for using WordPress to create your very own resume site. This theme is equipped with samples suited to house visual or text-heavy resumes, capturing the attention of your visitors easily.  

Rather than going for the more standard horizontal navigation bar section, both demonstrations use a sidebar navigation section. Regardless of which demo you choose, simply import the layouts into your WordPress dashboard with just a few clicks. Should you wish to make any changes to any of the Kerge resume theme templates, you may do so with the drag-and-drop editor. 

Built on the Unyson Framework, you’ll receive a robust back-end content editor in addition to the normal WordPress editor. Other components of your website, such as fonts, colors, and layout settings, may be customized using the theme options control panel. In addition, Kerge provides motion effects that may help add flair to the design of your online resume, a library of icons that can be used to break up the text on your pages, and a skills graph that can be used to create a visual depiction of your talents.

Kerge is a simple WordPress theme that will allow you to easily publish your online resume without much labor.

Find out more information about Kerge here, or preview the theme yourself here.

7. Ivery – Creative Portfolio & CV Resume WordPress Theme

Ivery - Creative Portfolio & CV Resume WordPress Theme

Ivery is a bright and eye-catching WordPress theme best suited for a creative portfolio and CV. Designed to assist you in creating a stunning portfolio, this theme bundle offers a variety of layouts and styles for showing your every work. With five colorful homepage options, Ivery would be a wonderful choice for anyone working in the creative sector looking to establish a strong first impression on their visitors and potential clients. 

When it comes to customization, all the tools you’ll need to make adjustments to the demo’s basic layout and designs will be provided. For example, a premium visual content editing plugin, WPBakery, and a sophisticated slideshow creation tool, Slider Revolution, has been integrated. This means that no matter how little WordPress expertise you have, you should be able to inject your own personality into your website.

This theme makes it simple to show full-screen background photos on your website, in addition to the full-screen layout that takes up all of the available areas. Utilize stock predestined photographs as the backdrop display or showcase some of your creative work when your visitors scroll through your chosen homepage layout. 

Ivery is jam-packed with essential features and style options, making it ideal for building online resume websites of all kinds.

Collect more information about Ivery here, or spend some time on the preview here.

8. RyanCV – CV Resume Theme

RyanCV - CV Resume Theme

RyanCV offers a variety of templates to assist you in creating a fitting resume to your vocation. With five alternative layouts to select from, this is a modest theme perfect for quickly setting up a page with some basic contact information until you’re ready to launch your complete resume website. When you feel ready to start building an entire site, the RyanCV theme bundle includes four more samples to choose from.

For starters, the theme includes a calendar that can be used to highlight your availability and forthcoming events, a quotation module for showing feedback from customers and employers, and a professionally designed selection of portfolio templates. These are some of the features you can expect to add to your website using the RyanCV theme.

Additionally, all of the pre-built website variations are tried and tested, providing you with the best possible way to display all of your information in an easy-to-read style. This theme is well worth considering if you want your website to appear attractive while still being easy to read. For customization, you can swiftly modify the general color scheme on your resume website owing to the theme’s choices and settings. 

RyanCV might be the appropriate theme for you if you want a modern and feature-rich theme with a common vCard type structure.

Read up on more information about RyanCV here, or head straight to the preview here

9. Creative Resume, CV & vCard (Certy)

Creative Resume, CV & vCard (Certy)

Certy is a mobile-first WordPress resume theme that is both attractive and functional. With eight various resume website templates, you’re sure to discover a design that works for your project in the arts, medical, or others. We encourage clicking into Certy’s demos to view each of them in great detail to understand an overview of what’s on offer. 

When it comes to social media integration, quickly show images from your Instagram feed on your WordPress website with the theme’s unique Instagram widget. This feature might be a terrific method to automatically showcase your current work on your website if you’re providing your services as a photographer or in similar cases. This function may also be useful if you just want to share a little bit of your personality with your audience.

When it comes to personalizing your resume website, this WordPress theme makes it simple to choose which portions to display. You may also reorder the parts by simply dragging and dropping them, giving you even more flexibility over the layout and structure of your website’s content. Changes to other options, such as colors and fonts, are just as simple.

Certy is a theme that isn’t missing in any way, especially when compared to other themes in this list.

Look up more information about Certy here, or preview the theme here.

10. Leven | CV/Resume Theme

Leven | CV/Resume Theme

Leven is dedicated to assisting both technical and non-technical individuals in the creation of a resume website using WordPress.Whether you’re new to WordPress or a seasoned user, this theme offers you everything you need to get your online CV up and running quickly. This theme does this in part by marketing a quick installation. You’ll be able to set up your resume website within 2 minutes if you have everything you need on hand.

Leven is highly customizable and you may utilize the included drag-and-drop page builder tool to truly customise the appearance of your online resume if you want to be more creative with the design of your website. With the shortcodes integrated into the theme, improve your digital resume by adding a variety of aspects to your websites, making them even more valuable to your visitors. 

The procedure for adding your material to the Leven templates is very simple, so most users should be able to finish it without difficulty. If you need help making your own resume website with this theme, utilize the support manuals and the help desk experts to solve any problems you may have.

Looking through the Leven demos will give you an excellent idea of how your online CV may appear should you consider this theme.

Read up on more information about Leven here, or head to the preview here

11. Arter – CV Resume Theme

Arter - CV Resume Theme

Arter is a WordPress CV and resume theme that comes in two different variations; light and dark styles that should appeal to a wide variety of audience. Whether you choose bright hues or deeper tones for your website, the theme’s pre-built website samples have you covered. However, you’re not confined to utilizing Arter in its two primary modes, easily adjust the many settings and attributes of your website.

Arter is jam-packed with features that will let you showcase whatever you need on your website in a clean and concise manner. This contains panels that are displayed on the homepage of your website and allow you to share your important talents, services, and successes. Using the testimonials function, you can simply show comments you’ve received from teachers, employers, and clients.

This resume theme is best suited for programmers, designers, and developers. However, due to the theme’s neutral style, Arter will work well for anybody else wishing to create a professional-looking online presence to share their abilities and market themselves to a larger audience. Additionally, this theme also has a complete variety of blog layouts, allowing you to share your newest news on your resume site.

Change any of Arter’s templates to your heart’s content using the integrated Elementor page builder plugin.

Access more information about Arter here, or pay the theme’s preview a visit here

12. Ukko – Personal Portfolio WordPress Theme

Ukko - Personal Portfolio WordPress Theme

For resumes and personal portfolios, Ukko is a sleek and basic WordPress theme that employs an eye-catching style that might help you stand out from the crowd if you want your online presence to be noticed. The homepages of this WordPress theme offers exactly the perfect blend of a basic style and engaging features to help your website make a positive first impression on visitors without compromising on professionalism.

The Ukko homepage design blends picture and text well to make a distinctive impression on your visitors, with room for a huge picture that might be a snapshot of yourself or a piece of work from your portfolio. The fixed sidebar menu keeps the navigation menu and controls present on the screen no matter where a visitor scrolls. 

As a one-page interface design, present your materials using a long-form homepage layout in a condensed form to wow your readers. This will make it simple for your visitors to see all of the important information from your resume instead of having to navigate between pages.  Ukko is a theme that you should consider if you want your personal resume website to be as succinct and compact as possible while still providing you with a fantastic opportunity to display your work and talents with your target audience.

Ukko is an extremely appealing personal resume theme for WordPress owing to its trendy interface design.

View more information about Ukko here, or preview the theme here.

13. Jonny – Personal WordPress Theme

Jonny - Personal WordPress Theme

Jonny is an excellent choice for establishing a typical online resume or showcasing your freelancing abilities. The primary demo site of this theme has a distinct style and look thanks to the usage of a full-screen layout with a huge background picture and a unique scrolling effect.

If you decide to go with the theme in its default configuration, you may utilize the slides or different parts that make up the homepage design to exhibit your skillset, connect to featured works from your portfolio, market your services or emphasize your education chronology. However, if you’re feeling rather creative, fret not, for customization options are easily supported. 

With a rich collection of theme options and a drag-and-drop page builder plugin, you should be able to make tiny or significant changes to the design and style of this personal CV and portfolio theme. Configuring this theme is simple and you may seek help from video tutorials that will guide you through the process of installing Jonny. Furthermore, as a responsive theme, your content will work well on all devices ranging from smartphones to tablets to desktops. 

Jonny offers a unique navigation system that might help your resume website stand out from the crowd.

Retrieve more information about Jonny here, or preview the theme live here.

14. unRovr – Animated vCard WordPress Theme

unRovr - Animated vCard WordPress Theme

unRovr is a WordPress builder theme for animated vCards and resumes that is certainly worth looking at if you want to employ animation effects to make your resume website appear a little more fascinating. Pick from eight website demonstrations in addition to the optional animation effects to give your site a fresh and modern feel. For example, a clean and simple design, an appealing full-screen alternative, and a more classic boxed vCard type layout are all available options with unRovr.

unRovr’s demo samples are mostly clean and simple, however, any adjustments to the general designs are simple to make owing to the drag-and-drop integration. Customization options are seemingly unlimited so that you may easily meet the needs of your website. In addition, this theme is excellent for anyone who wants to get their resume website up and running right away, without having to spend more than a few minutes doing so while still being able to communicate important information with potential employers. 

You may also add other features to your pages using the page builder tool, such as buttons, tables, media players, and more. unRovr is a sleek WordPress resume theme equipped with all of the features you’ll need to build the perfect website. 

Help yourself to more information on unRovr here, or simply preview the theme here.

15. One Page Pro – Multipurpose WordPress

One Page Pro - Multipurpose WordPress

One Page Pro comes with three different website demos, one of which is for constructing a professional CV or resume webpage. Although you may easily customize the other samples to create a nice resume website, the purpose-built option is the quickest and most straightforward way to get started with this theme. This template devotes a significant percentage of its space to presenting photographs, so if you have some high-quality photographs you’d want to incorporate in the design of your website, this theme may be ideal.

The default layout allows you to show text that explains the intricacies of your resume as visitors scroll down the webpage. This is followed by a portfolio area with its own scrolling navigation that allows your visitors to browse through your previous efforts. Next, you’ll see the timeline option, which is popular among WordPress resume theme designers and gives you a visually appealing approach to show your work or educational background.

When it comes to customization, you should have no trouble rearranging or adding and deleting elements from the default homepage layout especially when this theme features a drag-and-drop page builder tool. One Page Pro is a WordPress resume theme providing a lot of flexibility.

Collect more information about One Page Pro here, or head straight to the preview here.

16. Glitche – CV Resume Theme

Glitche - CV Resume Theme

Glitche has a refined, pared-down aesthetic that is great for anyone who wants their own resume to take center stage on their website compared to a flashy style. This theme has choices for changing the design of your resume website for individuals who want to put a little more of their individuality into it. 

To begin, you may utilize the layout builder to rearrange the order of the many elements that make up your website. Changing the colors, as well as changing the typefaces and other typographic settings have been made simple. There is also an optional animation effect that can be manipulated with ease. Despite lacking a page builder, this theme should work with any of the finest drag-and-drop editor plugins.

Furthermore, Glitche comes with the premium Advanced Custom Field plugin, which will make working with custom fields in WordPress a breeze. This might be beneficial if you want to include information on your resume website that isn’t covered by the theme’s predesigned fields. There’s also decent support for showing widgets both within your content and in traditional sidebar spaces.

Glitche is a good alternative if you’re seeking a fresh new WordPress resume theme with a clean and modern style but do take note of the theme’s slight limitations.

Read up on more information about Glitche here, or preview the theme in your own time here.

17. Fabius – Resume WordPress Theme

Fabius - Resume WordPress Theme

Fabius is a WordPress theme made for constructing a one-page resume webpage that includes two demos with extremely contrasting color schemes, gray and pink. Whether you prefer a darker or lighter color scheme for your resume website, Fabius offers a demo for that. When visitors are present on your site, this theme features a clean and easy to use navigation system that is constantly visible to save them time from having to find it.

While the demonstrations show you two different ways to present your online CV, you can also effortlessly alter the templates to make the site’s appearance fit your personality and preferences. Fabius is easy to customize because all aspects of the templates can be modified with the integrated Elementor page builder plugin.

Additionally, you may quickly add a variety of sections to your resume website owing to the large number of pages provided by the author. The portfolio area, for example, is great for exhibiting your work, while the blog templates may help you express your ideas. There are also several alternatives available for some of the pages, giving you access to everything.

Feeling lost at any point? Don’t worry. This WordPress theme comes with a collection of video lessons to assist you in creating your own WordPress resume website.

Collect more information about Fabius here, or head straight to the theme’s preview here.

18. Rubrash – Personal Portfolio WordPress Theme

Rubrash - Personal Portfolio WordPress Theme

Offering nine website demos that span a variety of online resume and portfolio formats, Rubrash is guaranteed to have a design that’s perfect for your project. Traditional resume website templates with current styles, as well as more specialised examples for photographers and personal trainers, are among the alternatives which you can choose.

This theme’s technological features are just as remarkable as its aesthetic aspects. Rubrash makes it simple to create an easily accessible website with a completely responsive design that looks fantastic on screens of all current shapes and sizes. Moreover, because this theme comes with the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin, making changes to the style and layout of your website is a breeze. For all of your slideshow creating requirements, the Slider Revolution tool is also included.

Your resume website will have a contemporary appearance and feel thanks to the Rubrash theme’s modern style, which is extended to all of its demos. Appearance aside, the homepage layouts that come pre-built are jam-packed with valuable features. Client testimonials, corporate logos, and education and professional histories are all included in this WordPress theme’s features.

Rubrash comes with many high-quality resume demos so you’re likely to discover a style that clicks for you.

Find out more information about Rubrash here, or preview the theme at your own time here.

In Conclusion 

In today’s employment market, having a proper resume has risen to the top of the list of requirements sought by potential employers. An employer wants to understand you prior to investing time for an interview. The way you present your CV to that employer may and will make all the difference. 

If your skills and portfolio can be displayed online, having a website for your resume will prove to be highly useful. Employers benefit from the advantages that online resumes provide, such as having access to a large number of potential applicants based on precise search parameters and narrowing their search to applications with the particular abilities and attributes they need.

You can’t compete without a resume and increasingly, an online resume, and an inferior resume will swiftly exclude you before you ever have a chance to compete. That is why it is critical to have a strong CV that effectively communicates what you can achieve for businesses. We hope that this list of top-rated resume WordPress themes has helped you in your search for the best fit and we wish you all the luck.  

Have a favorite theme from this list above? Let us know in the comments below.

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