Restaurants come in all tastes, flavors and cultures, but one thing’s for sure, the idea of seafood transcends borders. Whether you’re an owner of a seafood restaurant or have a humble crustacean business, a website will undoubtedly boost your online reputation in this digital age.     

A high-quality restaurant needs a high-quality presentation, and a fantastic website is ideal for showcasing your establishment to potential customers. Many people turn to the internet to get their next meal, so choosing one of the finest WordPress seafood restaurant themes will aid your company in the never-ending quest for higher search engine rankings.

With features like fully configurable menus and connection with industry-leading reservation and booking platforms, a top WordPress theme can attract new clients through the doors of your seafood operation. In addition, the overall usability of these themes is kept so simple that even the most inexperienced will not feel like a fish out of water while setting it up.

Without further ado, here is a compiled list of the greatest WordPress seafood restaurant themes. We’re sure you’ll find something you’d like and we hope your process goes swimmingly. 

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1. Salmon – Restaurant WordPress Theme

Salmon - Restaurant WordPress Theme

It’s critical for your restaurant theme to immediately pique the interest of your guests. However, much like your restaurant, it’s equally crucial for your theme to create an appropriate, appealing ambiance. This WordPress theme, Salmon, allows you to have your cake and eat it too.

Salmon has a wide variety of food menu layouts, header styles, table reservation selections, and other features. It’s also mobile-friendly and supports event promotions, gallery management, blogging, and contact forms. A robust page builder is also included with the theme. This makes it simple to integrate your specials menus, build event calendars, and insert feature-specific shortcodes into your pages, among other things.

Additionally, this theme is WooCommerce compatible, allowing your customers to easily pre-order their meals. Salmon is a remarkable alternative if you’re seeking for a tantalizing seafood restaurant website theme. It’s simple to use, has a lot of features, and can be tailored to your restaurant’s needs to a tee.

Check out more information about Salmon here, or preview it here.

2. Pesce – Seafood Restaurant WordPress Theme

Pesce - Seafood Restaurant WordPress Theme

Building a professional-looking website requires time, which is a commodity that might be short in supply if you have a fast-paced seafood business. Ideally, the theme you select should make the process easier by allowing you to quickly achieve your desired website. This is exactly what Pesce provides.

The theme comes with 3 homepage variations that you may use as a starting point for your restaurant or fish market website. Thanks to beautiful, easy-to-navigate tabs, each design allows you to highlight your establishment’s history and, more significantly, its best dishes. Pesce also dedicates a section for food delivery, as well as a neat grid layout so you can add a little extra flair to your designs.

The theme’s integration with the Elementor Page Builder plugin is what actually makes Reon easy to work with. This allows you to modify any of the theme’s pre-built designs without having to know how to code, such as adding new elements or modifying the overall aesthetic to better fit your business. If you need a seafood restaurant theme that is simple to customize while also sticking to modern design principles, Pesce is a valid option.

Read up more information about Pesce here, or visit the preview here.

3. Bubulla – Meat Farm & Seafood Store WordPress Theme

Bubulla - Meat Farm & Seafood Store WordPress Theme

For one, you’ll want your restaurant theme to highlight your menu’s most delectable items right away, then make it simple for customers to book reservations or purchase edibles online. This approach is shown by Bubulla, which combines an easy-to-navigate layout with plenty of space for seafood-related photos.

The theme includes five pre-built demos for the layout of your website, each of which can be imported with a single click. The integrated WPBakery Page Builder plugin will assist you in tweaking these layouts to get a customized seafood design you’d like. This plugin, as you might assume, can be used to construct layouts from scratch, which means you won’t have to rely on a template to apply functional design.

Furthermore, Bulbulla easily shines when it comes to visuals. You’ll be given the power to utilize carousel images, parallax backdrops, picture lightboxes, and other features to highlight your menu. This WordPress theme is a fantastic restaurant theme for diners on the go and should be considered regardless of the nature of your seafood business.

Find out more information about Bubulla here, or choose to visit its preview here.

4. Seafood Company & Fish Restaurant WordPress Theme

Seafood Company & Fish Restaurant WordPress Theme

Seafood Company could be just what you need if you want to develop a modern, elegant restaurant website but don’t have a lot of time to spend on it. This WordPress theme allows you to easily get a fully operational seafood site without the need to compromise on design quality. 

Seafood Company has a wealth of demo content that can be easily imported, allowing you to quickly customize the landing pages to meet your specific needs before going live in mere minutes. Feeling creative? You can also make more significant modifications and modify almost any component of your site to meet your own vision. As its name suggests, this theme is focused on giving your business everything a seafood restaurant could ever need.   

This theme has most of the essential elements for any food business website, including a dynamic menu with filters and featured dishes, as well as beneficial plugins such as Slider Revolution and WooCommerce. You can also include contact information, product portfolios, and even a blog. Seafood Company is a clever approach to quickly customize and launch your website so you can focus on operating your seafood business.

Access more information about Seafood Company here, or preview it in your free time here.

5. Fish House | A Stylish Seafood Restaurant / Cafe / Bar WordPress Theme

Fish House | A Stylish Seafood Restaurant / Cafe / Bar WordPress Theme

An excellent seafood restaurant theme, of course, will allow you to display your gourmet items in the most beautiful way possible. It should also make it plain to visitors that your physical location is welcoming, calm, and a terrific place to eat. This procedure can be made simple and straightforward with Fish House.

This theme has 2 homepage demos that include header tabs for menu, location, an about page, gallery, and more. It also offers capabilities for promoting testimonials, an introduction to your chef(s), as well as a blog for blasting updates. Additionally, FIsh House has a built-in, simple-to-configure reservation management system and is fully responsive, allowing users to explore your services and make reservations on their preferred device. 

This WordPress theme is a highly adaptable and user-friendly seafood restaurant theme that presents itself as a wonderful deal should you find value in its design.

Look up more information about Fish House here, or head straight to the preview here

6. Seabreeze – Restaurant and Cafe WordPress Theme

Seabreeze - Restaurant and Cafe WordPress Theme

Seabreeze is a sophisticated yet adaptable theme. The developers have prepared samples of how the theme may be used for various restaurants, not to mention the one-page option if you aren’t ready to put together a fully-fledged website just yet. As a restaurant centric theme, this can be highly fitted to any seafood businesses looking to make a digital impact.

Any contemporary seafood restaurant will undoubtedly profit from a website that is not only stylish but also adaptable in terms of design. You’ll have the perfect starting point for restaurants, coffee shops, fast food, and anything in between with 6 magnificent demos. The theme also includes menu design components to help you present your food in the best possible light. 

Seabreeze also includes a Power Themes Option, which will make the site customization and development a breeze. Additionally, you’ll also be able to customize various pre-made booking and reservation forms, all while maintaining a translation-ready layout. If you’re looking for an easy way to depict your dining experience on a website, Seabreeze might be a great option for a wide range of modern restaurants – seafood ones included.

Get more information about Seabreeze here, or preview the theme yourself here

7. Ristoria – Restaurant & Food WordPress Theme

Ristoria - Restaurant & Food WordPress Theme

For many people, their culinary adventure begins well before they reach your restaurant – it begins online. Before deciding where to spend their money, potential clients will study reviews and visit dozens of restaurant websites. With Ristoria, give your seafood restaurant an opportunity to stand out above the competition.

Ristoria allows you to experiment with 10 different homepage variations that can be customized to fit your seafood brand. This theme makes extensive use of classy typography against a carefully chosen background which can help your page’s elements stand out at first glance. When you combine this style with high-quality photographs, you’ll have the makings of a website that will effortlessly catch people’s attention.

However, this WordPress theme isn’t only about appearances. Ristoria includes a premium table reservation plugin with online payment support, allowing you to charge for reservations. It also provides a powerful admin panel that will bestow you the power needed to run your seafood website to new heights. 

Click for more information about Ristoria here, or view the theme’s preview here.

8. Giardino | An Italian Restaurant & Cafe WordPress Theme

Giardino | An Italian Restaurant & Cafe WordPress Theme

Given the abundance of restaurant websites on the internet, distinguishing out should be a top priority while creating your own. Giardino may help by increasing the user experience and usability of your site.

It’s worth noting that Giardino is a general restaurant theme rather than a seafood specific one. It’s no less useful, though, at assisting you in the creation of your seafood restaurant website, especially as it comes with 3 homepage demos to pick from. The various customization options, as well as the integrated Visual Composer page builder plugin, can be used to customize these demonstrations to meet your needs.  

While Giardino’s demos have a good design, you could improve it by rearranging the items on the page or adding additional sections that are more relevant to your business. There are numerous solutions available to assist you in keeping visitors on your site and subsequently converting them into clients. When it comes to flexible WordPress themes, Giardino is definitely appropriate for seafood restaurant owners and other food establishments.

Check out more information about Giardino here, or choose to preview it here.

9. Deliciko – Restaurant WordPress Theme

Deliciko - Restaurant WordPress Theme

Every restaurant and foodservice website has its own set of requirements that must be met. Deliciko has a plethora of customization choices, allowing you to pick and select the features that are most important to you and your clients. Pick from 3 homepage variations to select one best fitted for your seafood brand.

Offering an online menu will almost certainly benefit your seafood restaurant, bar, coffee shop, or food truck. Deliciko allows you to construct an almost limitless menu, organize it into categories, and personalize its design. This WordPress theme is also compatible with WooCommerce and provides style sheets that let you match the design of your online store to the rest of your site. Additionally, there is a variety of color and font options, as well as a number of shortcodes that may be used to add items nearly anywhere on your site. 

Overall, Deliciko can be a good choice for a seafood service website because it has the majority of the functionality you’ll need while still allowing you to customize and adjust it to your heart’s delight.

Collect more information about Deliciko here, or head straight to the preview here.

10. Meabhy – Meat Farm & Food Shop

Meabhy - Meat Farm & Food Shop

Restaurants and related enterprises can be found all over the world and it can thus be difficult to stand out in a crowd. As a result, you’ll want to construct your site with a theme that allows for a lot of flexibility, like Meabhy.

Meabhy makes it simple to create a distinctive and elegant seafood restaurant website. To get you started, there are a variety of templates with different designs and layouts. The live visual builder may then be used to adjust each component and page until it matches your needs. There are also pre-designed header and footer alternatives that can be customized in the same way. 

Of course, aspects that reflect the restaurant’s speciality must also be included in the theme. This WordPress theme does not disappoint in this regard. Meabhy is a simple theme that doesn’t include anything too extreme or out of the ordinary. It does, however, cover all of the essentials for a restaurant theme, is user-friendly, and has a stylish, modern appearance. 

Gather more information about Meabhy here, or preview it at your own time here.

11. Crab & Spice | Restaurant and Cafe Food WordPress Theme

Crab & Spice | Restaurant and Cafe Food WordPress Theme

While the concept of letting your cuisine speak for itself is fair, with so many available themes like Crab & Spice, your website should provide more than just the essentials. This theme gives you the option of choosing from 4 different homepage variations that are ideal for any modern restaurant website, seafood ones included. 

Every design allows you to take visitors on a journey by introducing your restaurant, food, and personnel, as well as displaying customer ratings. Crab & Spice is more than suitable for any reputable restaurant. When it comes to functionality, this theme definitely shines. You can easily combine reservation plugins and the free WooCommerce plugin with the theme. You can handle payments online with the latter, and the theme allows you to create precise pricing tables that function as interactive menus.

While Crab & Spice isn’t particularly strong in any area, it can help your seafood restaurant website become more than just a brochure, allowing you to expand your business to a community of digital audience. 

Get more information about Crab & Spice here, or let the preview do the convincing here.

12. Laurent – Elegant Restaurant Theme

Laurent - Elegant Restaurant Theme

The greatest themes are frequently focused on a speciality or business, but they still provide the freedom you’ll need to personalize your site. Laurent does an excellent job of combining these two factors, as it offers a wide range of customization choices while maintaining focus on the elements you’ll need for a seafood restaurant website.

A user-friendly menu is the foundation of the most successful restaurant, bar, or café websites. Laurent has you covered with a dedicated menu template that allows you to categorize and price your goods. Visitors can also make reservations using a variety of methods, such as a simple form or integration with external plugins. 

While this WordPress theme isn’t the most spectacular option for your seafood restaurant website, it’s a good alternative that offers practically all of the tools you’ll need to create a one-of-a-kind site, as well as plenty of customization options. One may even go as far as to label this theme classy.

Read up more information about Laurent here, or preview it at your own time here.

13. Attika – elegant Restaurant Theme

Attika - elegant Restaurant Theme

Aesthetics are critical for every website since beautiful and well-designed sites attract visitors and even urge them to pull out their wallets. This is especially crucial for a seafood restaurant website, which is why Attika prioritizes visual appeal.  To get you started, this theme offers 4 home pages variations, each one designed to engage clients and showcase your food or location.

You can make as many changes to these demo pages as you want, or simply add your own content and keep the default look. You’ll also have access to sample material for other areas of your site, such your menu and contact information. If you do decide to make adjustments to your site’s layout and design, Attika makes the process simple. 

There are numerous handy widgets and shortcodes available, as well as a variety of header, footer, gallery, and other options. You may even use your social media feeds to get people to talk about their experiences with your company. Overall, this WordPress theme is a simple-to-use theme with all of the customization tools you’ll need without being overly complicated. It allows you to easily create a site that impresses visitors and encourages them to test your seafood restaurant.

Find out more information about Attika here, or preview it whenever here.

14. Appetito – Fast Food Restaurants & Cafes Theme

Appetito - Fast Food Restaurants & Cafes Theme

It can be difficult to create a website that matches your restaurant’s clean and modern look. Thankfully, Appetito is not only great for creating the look, but it also has a lot of other benefits. The theme includes 12 homepage variations and works perfectly with the included Elementor page builder. Choose the seafood demo or demos of other restaurants if they interest you. Rest assured that you’ll be able to customize whatever you choose easily. 

All of the provided layouts are unique and stunning, with a straightforward design that emphasizes what matters most: photographs of your restaurant and food. This theme could work whether you want to highlight menu items or a personal tale.

Appetito comes with hundreds of typeface icons and a slew of customization options, including customizable header and footer setups, in addition to its design layouts. It also includes a number of plugins for adding image carousels, extra fonts, and other features. Give this WordPress theme a try if you want to exhibit a clean and modern impression of your seafood restaurant or business both online and offline.

Get more information about Appetito here, or try the theme’s preview here.

15. Restabook – Restaurant / Cafe / Pub WordPress Theme

Restabook - Restaurant / Cafe / Pub WordPress Theme

Despite food being at the center of the restaurant industry, it is still a sales-driven industry. If you’re just starting out, getting folks in the door is very important. Restabook has a good chance of achieving this goal. 

By providing demo material that matches your restaurant’s vision, the theme makes building your seafood restaurant site simple and quick. You can further customize the already optimal layout. The two most crucial sale-driving links, bookings and orders, are both placed at the top of the page. Unlimited color possibilities, Google Fonts integration, custom widgets for the sidebar and footer areas, an image slider, a full-width page template, and the choice of full-width or boxed layout options are just a few of the features available in this theme. This theme is also compatible with mobile devices, translations, and retina displays.

Even if the restaurant industry develops quickly, you’ll still be able to create an effective website without making any corners. Restabook’s out-of-the-box features and emphasis on booking make it a good choice if you want to get your seafood restaurant or business started quickly.

Access more information about Restabook here, or preview the theme in your own time here.

16. Treatos – Restaurant Theme

Treatos - Restaurant Theme

Treatos is another beautiful WordPress theme oozing sophistication that can be used to create a website for your seafood restaurant and a variety of other establishments. This theme has a number of food-related features, including the ability to add menus, recipes, and services to your website. 

Other capabilities include a range of fonts, custom visuals, custom widgets, and even animations to boost engagement even more. This theme is designed to function in tandem with the Elementor page builder plugin to give you all the customization options you can think of. Sliders, custom logo options, configurable sidebars, unlimited colors, categories, social network integration, WooCommerce, and other features have all been included. 

Treatos is mobile-friendly and translation-ready, ideal for a wide range of food-related website, especially your seafood project, by offering you the latest tools and plugins to kickstart your business online. As its name suggests, give both you and your customers a treat with this WordPress theme.

Browse more information about Treatos here, or preview it here

17. Gourmand – Restaurant, Bistro & Chef Theme

Gourmand - Restaurant, Bistro & Chef Theme

This WordPress theme, Gourmand, has an appealing look and various features that make it much easier for restaurant owners to attract more online consumers. To start, the theme places a strong emphasis on huge pictures. The header takes up the majority of the page, followed by an overlaying featured image that you may use to accompany a piece of text about your restaurant and website.

With this theme’s adaptability, rest assured that you don’t need to be an expert developer to make your seafood restaurant website look its best. On mobile devices, the Gourmand theme looks exactly as good as it does on desktop computers. It has a variety of capabilities, such as WooCommerce connections for online sales. With WooCommerce, you can set up your own online store and accept payments from clients via the internet. This feature is particularly relevant in a time where food delivery is booming. 

Gourmand also offers a variety of widgets, some of which are useful for explaining menu items and others for social media and contact information. Furthermore, this WordPress theme has translation capabilities that allow you to change your site’s language and interact with more people across the world. This is especially useful if your company is located in a more affluent location and you don’t want to lose consumers because they speak a different language.

See more information about Gourmand here, or take your search to the theme’s preview here.

18. Nigiri – Restaurant Theme

Nigiri - Restaurant Theme

Nigiri is a sleek and simple WordPress restaurant theme that’s ideal for tiny seafood restaurants, fast food joints, or food stands. This mobile-friendly theme comes with a slew of useful features. On the homepage, a full-screen slider provides you plenty of room to display breathtaking images of the delectable meals your restaurant serves. Aside from the slider, the homepage also has a spot for you to present your special menu for the week, which is ideal for restaurants that primarily acquire customers online.

This theme also has the ability to show all menu items to visitors, complete with photographs, prices, and a brief description. Client testimonials, a gallery, a section to promote the chefs, and ongoing totals of the restaurant’s milestones are some of the features that will set your seafood restaurant website apart from the competition.

Nigiri contains everything you could possibly want. If you want to construct a snazzy restaurant website on WordPress, this theme is worth of a few looks. This WordPress theme is cross-browser compatible and well-documented in case you run into any issues or have queries about how to use it.

Check out more information about Nigiri here, or preview the theme live here.

19. SushiFushi – Japanese & Asian Restaurant WordPress Theme

SushiFushi - Japanese & Asian Restaurant WordPress Theme

Another wonderful option for creating a restaurant website is the SushiFushi theme. It has a clean and professional appearance that is ideal for any food service business, or in this case, a seafood restaurant or sushi place. This WordPress theme comes with a WooCommerce integration, allowing you to sell things directly from your website. It is also equipped with five templates that you can import with a single click, so you don’t have to start from blank when designing your website. 

Other features include complete typography, social media icons, footer and sidebar widgets, and a variety of full-width layout possibilities. The popular Elementor page builder and Contact Form 7 plugins are also supported. Furthermore, SushiFushi offers tons of customization options via shortcodes, a testimonials section, call-to-action buttons, SEO optimization, translation-readiness, and much more.

SushiFushi is worth investigating because it is translation-ready and mobile-friendly. Consider getting this WordPress theme if you’d like a website that is professional and clean to showcase your seafood business.

Look up more information about SushiFushi here, or preview it at your own time here.

20. ROSA 1 – An Exquisite Restaurant WordPress Theme

ROSA 1 - An Exquisite Restaurant WordPress Theme

Although there are many restaurant themes available, finding one that is custom-built for Gutenberg can be tough — until now, that is. As one of the most popular WordPress restaurant themes, Rosa 1 makes it simple to build a beautiful website that highlights what matters most: your seafood cuisine. 

Equipped with this WordPress theme is a gallery option and an almost infinite number of fonts, colors, and icons, making it ideal for any style of restaurant website. Rosa 1 might be a good fit for your restaurant, regardless of its speciality. Furthermore, you can quickly construct menus using custom-designed shortcodes, as well as use the OpenTable integration to book tables. You can even put up a fully fledged WooCommerce store if you offer other things like cookbooks or delivery. 

To put it another way, Rosa 1 has almost all of the features and customizability you’ll ever need to create a stunning restaurant website. This highly acclaimed WordPress theme makes it simple to create a seafood restaurant website. It is a wise decision just for that reason. 

View more information about ROSA 1 here, or give the theme’s preview a shot here.

Parting words

To have a highly responsive and visually stunning website is the first step in expanding your finger-licking seafood business online. Consider populating your website with social media links, if any, to ensure your digital reach expands beyond your site. This will bridge your establishment to consumers across multiple platforms for higher engagement levels and brand retention. When someone in your area thinks of seafood, let your website do the talking. 

You may also want to consider a range of plugins for your WordPress site. Plugins for pricing tables, wayfinding directory and contact forms will help in building up the reputation and reliability of your seafood restaurant. Additionally, you may want to amp up your site’s pre-exisitng features by checking out various WooCommerce add-ons to make your store seem more complete, or be granted new functionalities for a better transaction process. These are just some of the little considerations that we recommend checking out when you’ve chosen a website for your seafood restaurant or business.

If you’re in a different food industry, or have some time to browse through more themes before making an investment, we have recommendations for the best bakery themes and organic food store themes that might interest you and give you a better picture of what similar sites can offer. 

Do you have a favorite theme from this list for your seafood project? Let us know in the comments below.

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