Searching for the best way to engage your online traffic? Its one thing to create a website but it’s another to draw online traffic to your page.

Why use Spinwheel Plugins for your WordPress site?

Spin Wheel plugins are one of the best, most effective and fun way to keep your audience engaged and get their email addresses for business use. You can actually increase your website engagement up to 30% through these spin-to-win games.

Why wouldn’t anyone want discount coupons? Customers are sure to stop-by and have a look at what the spinning wheel is offering.

In this post, we have tried our best to help you narrow down your search. We have gathered a list of 8 best Spinning Wheel Plugins for WordPress. But first, let’s take a moment and understand what these spin-to-win plugins are and their advantages.

What are Spinwheel Plugins?

As the name indicates, it’s a spin-to-win fortune wheel. It’s a form of popup campaign. Designing these wheels is easy. Just install the plug-in and customize the wheel by adding discount coupons that you want to offer.

Visitors can spin the wheel and win discount coupons and offers in exchange for subscribing the mailing list.

How does Spinwheel Popups help Increase Website Engagement?

Here are some benefits to adding a spin-to-win popup on your website:

Lower Cart Jilting:

Honestly speaking, who doesn’t love freebies or discounts? I mean I do! Popup wheels provide a great opportunity to deter leaving customers by offering them an eye catching fortune wheel.

Discount coupons and freebies tempt customers to shop, thus lowering cart jilting and increasing sales.

Boost Face Value of Your Brand

From multinational firms to small budding businesses, everyone is trying their best to reach out to clients in every possible way.

So, when you offer a good discount deal to your customer and they are satisfied with the end results, it builds trust.

A satisfied customer is bound to return to your page time and again. They may even bring more clients by talking about their experience with others. Remember, E commerce businesses are all about increasing the face value of your brand.

No Fail Strategy

Trust me, everybody loves wheel of fortune. That’s why they are installed in casinos worldwide.

It’s a no fail strategy to welcome new visitors to your website. Newcomers are skeptical to try products from a new business.

Therefore, by offering them a chance to get what they are looking for at a discounted rate increases your chances of expanding customer base.

How to Maximize Success of Your Spin Wheel Popup Campaign?

By now, you have a pretty clear idea about the advantages of installing spin wheel plugins to your website.

However, you also need to make sure that you maximize the success rate of your spin wheel popup strategy. Here is what to do:

Customize Your Spin Wheel

We would recommend that you customize your spin wheel in accordance with your website. Align the design with your company logo and color to give a personalized touch.

When you use default template on your site, you decrease the importance of your spin wheel. Why? Because chances are that your visitors may have seen the same template on other sites as well.

Symbolize your image and create something that reflects your business and its ideals.

Double Opt-in Subscription

A customer may put in their email just to win the offers from spin wheel. After that, they may not care about your email marketing and may even block your emails.

How do you avoid such customers?

For starters, put in a double opt-in method for subscription. This means, that whenever a customer puts in his/her email address to subscribe, an email confirmation link is sent to the subscriber.

Secondly, monitor your subscribers. Check for people who are visiting your site for wheel popup but are not opening your emails.

Spam Protection

You may set up wheel popup to appear once per visitor. Nevertheless, there are people who will clear website cookies so that they can spin the wheel again.

Unfortunately, there are people who will find ways to misuse website offers. So how do you avoid them?

Install ReCAPTCHA anti-spam protection with your spin wheel to avoid visitors from spamming your site.

What to look for when buying a SpinWheel Plugin?

There are several free and paid versions of spin wheel plugins available on the internet. However, you need to keep 3 things in mind while choosing from them:

  • Customization

You may want to have a look at customization options. You may want to ask yourself… How far are you willing to tweak the plug-in to suit your website design? What kind of UI do you want? Is there any specific color scheme in your mind?

Be very clear on what you want and then narrow down the appropriate options.

  • Budget

While setting up your webpage, it’s easy to get carried away. We recommend setting up a budget when you plan a website.

How much are you willing to pay for any type of plug-in and spin wheel plugins are no different. Compare prices and choose the best plug-in as per your need.

  • Customer Reviews

Before purchasing your spin-to-win plug-in, have a look at customer reviews. See what other users are saying about a particular plug-in. Ponder over all the pros and cons prior to making any decision.

Having said all that, let us take a look at the 8 best spin wheel plugins for wordpress to get your customers email addresses.

1.Spin2Win Wheel – Spin It 2 Win It!


With Spin2Win you can build a really cool spin wheel with scalable vector graphics. It offers slick features in a pocket friendly price. Some key features include:

  • Customization as per your need. Be it color, font, or design of each segment. You can change everything to match your website design.
  • It supports image files including PNG, JPG, SVG and GIF and text labels.
  • You can set up in-game messages like ‘Congratulations (for winners) and ‘Thank you’ once the customer exits.
  • It uses Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and JavaScript, which makes the end result look neat and sharp on any device or screen.
  • Set the outcome and portability of win
  • Pre-installed anti cheat software helps prevent players on setting the spin wheel to a particular segment.
  • It comes with events and callbacks feature which means that you can easily capture and monitor the progress of the game from start to finish. You can keep track of every spin and win.

All the results are stores in a database for future retrieval.

  • Great customer support is one of the best features of this plug-in.

With the help of CSS you can style info pop ups any way you want. It comes with events and callbacks feature which means that you can easily capture and monitor the progress of the game from start to finish. You can keep track of every spin and win.

To see live preview and price details for Spin2Win Wheel click here.

A user by the name of santisarapinas says about Spin2Win Wheel:

“I have gone through many wheels. This is the best available in terms of ease of customization, features and flexibility.

Manage to skin it customize it and change according to our requirements saved us lot of work.”

2.Coupon Wheel for WooCommerce and WordPress


Running a WooCommerce store can be challenging. If you are looking for a way to engage your customers and make them keep coming back than adding Coupon Wheel For WooCommerce and WordPress might be a good option.

This paid marketing tool has some very distinct and sound features that include:

  • A full customization option gives you the feasibility to change colors, font and size according to your liking. There are 250+ attractive and smart gradient background options to choose from.
  • 12 customizable slices give you the freedom to add great variety of exciting coupons and prizes.
  • This plug-in will automatically generate coupons for customers and send it to their subscribed email thus saving your time.
  • You can easily set up the validity period of your discount coupon. It can be anywhere between few hours to few days.
  • An array of services include adding subscribers to MailChimp list, double optin feature and web hooks feature that connects you to the services like Zapier.
  • Real-time email domain validator ensures to keep cheaters at bay.
  • Additionally you can also set up spin limiter based on IP addresses, emails or cookies. ReCAPTCHA support is an added benefit.
  • Coupon Wheel is all about website performance thus making it highly consistent with page caching/manifiying plug-ins such as WP Fastest Cache, W3 Total Cache, Autoptimize, WP Super Cache etc. (To know more in-depth about Caching also read up Optimization-Caching)

There are multiple trigger options. However, we would recommend setting up the wheel on exit intent thus giving your customers a chance to spin the wheel before leaving. You can set up the wheel on specific dates to boost sales.

Regular updates by the provider ensure that bugs are fixed and more advanced features are added.

With stellar customer reviews and affordable pricing we can safely say it’s a great plug-in to invest your money in! Click here to check out more details.

3.WooCommerce Lucky Wheel


If you want to run a successful marketing campaign for your online business than email addresses from genuine customers is a must. WooCommerce Lucky Wheel can do just that for you in an interesting and fun way.

This plug-in allows you to add as many as 20 segments to your wheel. When a customer wins a prize the admin is informed via an auto-generated email which has all necessary information of the customer including email address and coupon info.

Some salient features of this paid plug-in include:

  • It automatically generates unique coupons and sends them to the subscribed email address of the customer thus reducing your workload and making the process hassle free.
  • By using short codes, you can display WooCommerce Lucky Wheel on any number of pages you want.
  • Full customization options allow you to tweak discount offers and their probabilities on each segment of the wheel.
  • Coupon duration, category and limit usage to items can be customized as per your requirements.
  • Select a scroll amount in percentage for the visitor. This will allow wheel to pop up automatically when the visitor will scroll down this percentage.
  • Subscribed emails are saved in database that can be viewed in the plugin’s backend. You can choose to export these email addresses as CSV files or sync emails to SendGrid, MailChimp or Active Campaign email list using API keys.
  • Report feature allows you to check the number of subscribed users, spins and allotted coupons in a specific time.

WooCommerce Lucky Wheel enables you to set up GDPR check box. Thus, you can clearly state Terms of Use and Conditions. A customer is allowed to proceed only after they check this box, thereby, giving you the legal permission to collect their information.

Enabling GDPR box allows your site to fit with the GDPR law of Europe.

It also supports multi-languages. This means you can create front-end messages, descriptions and emails in different languages. However, this feature is only available with Polyland and WPML plug-in.

You can use display specific products in your coupon email. This is an additional marketing benefit.

Spinning time and speed can be adjusted with the help of built in tools. Spin speed can be adjusted anywhere on the scale of 1 to 10.

It is always good to have a more in-depth knowledge of the product before making any decision. Click here for more info.


4.Easy Wheel – Easy and Fully Controlled Wheel of Fortune


This is what a user by the name of joemcdonald2 had to say about Easy Wheel:

“The builder tool that comes with it is very useful and makes it easy to customize.”

Easy customization to any plug-in is one of the most important features and Easy Wheel gives you just that. It is designed to run smoothly on any device. User Interface is sharp and sleek on any device and responsiveness is 100%.

However, its features don’t just stop there. Some others include:

  • Easy Wheel is a high quality jQuery plug-in.
  • Around 70% of styles can be easily adapted and changed as per your liking using JSON parameters. (Want to know more about JSON? Read Working with JSON and JSON Syntax)
  • There are two ways to choose the winner i.e. you can either do it by yourself via your server using AJAX or select the winner from parameters.
  • Easy Wheel allows adding up to 20 slices.
  • You can even change colors of outer line, slice line, center line, center background and winner background.
  • Apart from jQuery, no other Third Party libraries required to run this plug-in.

This Plug-in has callback returning with the results set on ‘started spin’. This will enable you to integrate Easy Wheel with other plug-in like popup or any other JavaScript code. By using this Callback feature you’ll be able to send the winner an email with winning info and everything.

You can use JSON or CSS to customize the generated SVG.

The only downside for this plug-in is that the authors aka 22codes do not provide any kind of support for it now. In case of any problem, you are on your own. You will have to navigate through the user manual and customer queries available online to get the possible answers.

Click here for live preview and latest price details.


5.Win Wheel for WordPress


Great customization options with many exciting features make Win Wheel for WordPress a good paid plug marketing plug in. It works on the motto of ‘More fun means more Conversions’. Instant win and raffle type promotions motivate customers to return to your site.

Here is what you get with the purchase:

  • You can add up to 8 slices to your wheel of fortune.
  • Live preview will enable you to clearly look and experience your wheel as a user before it goes live on your page.
  • Set up spin outcome option via your server.
  • You can change spin probabilities according to your ease as the plug-in is 100% server side controlled.
  • Anti-cheat Engine is very important to any spin-to-win plug-in and this one is no different. Win Wheel For WordPress is ReCAPTCHA supported.
  • Set up maximum spin and cool off time per user.
  • Spin limit can be set up based on emails, IP addresses, phone numbers or cookies.
  • This plug-in comes with the facility of extensive database which means that you’ll have complete information of every spin ever including time, personal user information, winnings etc.
  • As an admin you have the option to hide the win message and choose to email the user instead.

It provides the ease of synchronizing your data with MailChimp. You can use single or double opt-in method for user subscription.

E Commerce business is all about cost effective marketing strategy. Win Wheel for WordPress provides you with some very nice features at a solid price. Customer support is great and bug fixes are quick.

We encourage making informed choices. Click here for live preview and latest pricing details.

6.WordPress Lucky Wheel


WordPress Lucky Wheel gives you an easy solution to collecting customer email addresses. They will happily sign up for the subscribers list in exchange for a chance to win prizes. Emails are saved in backend and automatically synchronized to MailChimp, SendGrid and Active Campaign.

After a ‘win’, a congratulatory message is automatically sent to the customer on the subscribed email. You have the option of attaching some suggested products in this email. This increases your marketing without putting in additional efforts.

Its features include:

  • By using shortcodes, you can choose to display your spin wheel on any number of pages you want.
  • You can add up to 20 slices to your wheel.
  • Results are calculated on server side. This prevents cheating in any way.
  • You have the option to change label font, color and background of the spin button.
  • Via report feature, you will have the opportunity to check the quantity of subscribed emails, number of spins and prizes won.
  • Option to select the winning probability for each slide.
  • As an admin you have the facility to select the display time if a customer closes the wheel without spinning or after a successful spin.
  • Option to automatically hide the spin wheel after each spin.
  • Customization options are innumerable so that you can design a wheel that is completely unique to your page only.
  • Customization is available for colors, text, background, size, pointer position, winning effect, background effect, wheel slide and currency.

You can schedule a time for the wheel to pop up after a page finished loading or scroll amount in percentage after which the spin wheel will appear to the user.

It provides the ease of positioning the wheel icon anywhere on the page. There are 6 icon positions to choose from: top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, middle left, middle right.

WordPress Lucky Wheel gives smooth performance on any device, big or small.

If you are looking for an option that is budget-friendly and gives you an opportunity to design a customized wheel that is unique to your site only then this might be a good option. Click here for further details.


7.OptinSpin – Fortune Wheel Integrated with WordPress, WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads Coupons


OptinSpin is designed with the aim of converting window shoppers into genuine buyers. It gives you an opportunity to showcase your products for the customers and provide them with an opportunity to get what they want at a discounted rate. You get genuine subscribers and lifetime customers while the customers get discount coupons. It’s a win-win situation.

 Let’s have a look at what this paid plug-in has to offer:

  • You can display your spin wheel in page content by using shortcode.
  • One of the most favorable features of this plug-in is that you can create as many wheels as you want, each with its own custom specifications.
  •  Customization option is not only available with colors and texts but also with theme.
  • It provides the option to add your own business logo to the center of the wheel.
  • As an admin, you can choose from multiple trigger options such as desktop & mobile exit intent, time delay or clickable tab.
  • It comes with WPML support thus your wheel is translated into the local language of the visitor.
  • Automatically generated unique coupons for every win using WooCommerce.

OptinSpin is fully integrated with to function with market’s leading email marketing providers and auto-responders such as Zapier, MailChimp, Remarkety, Chatchamp, Mailster etc.

The above list of integrations is regularly updated so new providers are being added to the list constantly. It provides complete user information including IP address, name and email.

You can include an urgency bar on the side of your page which will allow the winner to know exactly when their prize coupon will expire.

Although OptinSpin is a bit expensive as compared to the other plug-ins on the list but it is well worth the price. It offers two different types of email templates. You can customize one for the winner and another for those who do not win anything.

Want to know more? For details on pricing and live preview click here.

8. WP Roulette Wheel – Spin to Win WooCommerce Coupons


Nothing could be more fun than engaging your customers in a simple game of roulette. Customers just choose a number, spin and get a chance to win prizes or discount coupons. It’s a good way to increase site traffic and boost sales.

Some of the key features of this plugin include:

  • It works with any WordPress website and WooCommerce is not an essential requirement.
  • There are a lot of unique themes but full customization option is also available.
  • Admin can set the winning probability.
  • Email addresses are automatically synchronized to MailChimp.

It auto generates unique coupon tickets every time e a user wins. Option to display the game anywhere on the webpage and that too anytime, is a powerful trigger.

High quality anti-cheat features make sure that every win is genuine.

Click here for price and live preview.

What is the Best Spinwheel WordPress Plugin?

We have compiled this list of 8 best spin wheel plugins for wordpress after careful consideration. These plug-ins will help you in generating ROI by providing customer email addresses in real time. Go for any of these plug-ins and you won’t be disappointed.

Based on features and price scale, we would recommend that you try OptinSpin or WooCommerce Lucky Wheel. They not only showcase stellar customer reviews but also provide great customer support and unique features.


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