Are you looking for the best WordPress user registration plugin with custom fields? 

Having the right WordPress user registration plugin is a crucial factor in attaining your marketing goals. WordPress user registration plugin with custom fields not only makes the registration process easy but also gives a sleek and professional look.

What to look for in a WordPress user registration plugin with custom fields?

Finding the best WordPress user registration plugin with custom fields can be overwhelming. Here are some 3 tips to give you a head start:

1. Unlimited custom fields

A good WordPress user registration plugin allows you to set up unlimited custom fields with a wide range of options available e.g checkboxes, dropdowns, file uploads, date picker, etc.

2. Custom templates

Custom templates enable you to get started instantly after installation. Custom design templates are a good fit especially if you have no layout design experience.

3. Ease of use

Usability is very important when choosing the best WordPress user registration plugin with custom fields. The best way to determine usability is to preview the plugin before purchase. If you are unable to preview, you can go through user reviews and ratings left by previous buyers. User reviews and ratings will shed some light on the user experience of the plugin.

Using the above tips and other factors, we have compiled a list of our 8 best WordPress user registration plugins with custom fields. It is important to note that the below list is not made in any particular order. Be sure to stay tuned to the end to find out our favourite WordPress user registration plugin with custom fields pick and why!

Our 8 Best WordPress User Registration Plugins with Custom Fields (for easy login)

1. Youzify (formerly Youzer)
2. User Profiles Made Easy
3. WooCommerce Registration Fields Plugin
4. User Extra Fields
5. Profile Builder for Forms Management System
6. PrivateContent – User Data add-on
7. Frontend User Pro
8.Gravity Forms Membership

1. Youzify (formerly Youzer)  

Youzify is an advanced and feature-rich plugin with the power to immerse your users in a dynamic community of loyal and engaged clients that increase profits. Youzify’s customizability allows you to showcase your unique brand experience that ultimately converts to increased sales. 

Youzify features include:

  • Outstanding value for money – fully featured and lifetime free updates
  • Unlimited features – colour schemes, custom profile widgets, tabs and links, profile structures, ads on profiles, social network icons, profile info fields, custom registration fields, etc.
  • Powerful admin panel – 9 schemes, over 700 options

This is what user Traps had to say about Youzify:

I really like this plugin! It is very extensive, offers many setting options and is very clearly structured. If I get stuck, the support always helps me.

For an online community based on WordPress, it really is the best on the market. This is my personal opinion!

2. User Profiles Made Easy

User Profile Made Easy (UPME) is a full-featured user registration plugin that enables you to give your users a seamless front-end experience.

UPME allows you to create unlimited custom profile fields and completely customize your forms. Customization includes controlling which fields are required, editable, private and much more.

UPME features that stand out include:

  • Over 35 custom field types
  • Predefined design templates
  • Functionality that restricts access to specific pages based on user role

Baleavaleriu had the following to say about User Profile Made Easy:

A good working plugin, it’s important for the customers to read carefully what this plugin offers and what is an addon (free or paid). Anyway, a very important aspect is the 5 + stars support: quick and precise.

3. WooCommerce Registration Fields Plugin

WooCommerce Registration plugin allows you to add custom fields to your sign up form. This plugin offers a range of 12 different custom field types. As the name suggests, the WooCommerce registration fields plugin is an add-on for the WooCommerce plugin therefore you can edit, enable or disable default WooCommerce registration fields. If you exclusively only want to create custom user registration forms for WooCommerce, you should consider getting this plugin.

WooCommerce Registration Fields plugin other features include:

  • Enable Social Login i.e Twitter & Facebook
  • Add Custom Email Notification for Each User Role Status

This is what Bevlin had to say about WooCommerce Registration Fields plugin:

These guys are truly dedicated to their app and went above and beyond to assist with the issue we encountered.

I would recommend them any day.

4. User Extra Fields

The name says it all about this plugin. The User Extra Fields plugin enables you to easily add custom fields to either WordPress or WooCommerce registration forms. You can also optionally overwrite the default WordPress/ WooCommerce fields.

The User Extra Fields plugin is compatible with WooCommerce, WPML and BuddyPress.

Below is the user review left by Vezve on

Great plugin for user profile. Exactly what I needed for how I wanted my website to function. On top of customer support being great. Responds quickly and answered all my question. This is an amazing plugin. Thank you

5. Profile Builder for Forms Management System

This profile builder plugin enables you to customize your registration forms with a wide variety of custom fields. You can replace the boring default WordPress Login, Log Out and the Lost Password forms completely.

NB: Profile builder plugin is not a stand-alone plugin. This means that you need the Forms Management System WordPress Frontend Plugin installed.

Aidemindi says the following about Profile Builder:

Great plugin. Excellent support – willing to listen to you as a customer and go out of their way to help.

6. PrivateContent – User Data add-on

Private Content plugin is an easy to use solution that transforms any WordPress website into a multilevel membership platform. The User Data add-on boosts your PrivateContent plugin enabling you to create and use unlimited custom fields to capture information from your users. 

Apart from having dynamically validated custom fields, the User Data add-on lets users edit their data autonomously on the forms. The plugin also has a very unique feature known as a forced password reset system. This feature enables you to prompt your users to change their passwords for either security or privacy reasons.

The User Data add-on provides a secure user registration plugin with unlimited custom fields that enables you to stand out from the crowd.

Here are some other features of the User Data add-on:

  • Conditional data restriction – You can hide/show contents basing on data stored for each user.
  • Import system integration – This feature lets you import CSV files.

This what Embracebw had to say about User Data add-on:

Makes it really easy to create forms that auto-populate with client data, excellent for coaches!

7. Frontend User Pro

Frontend User Pro is an easy to use powerful membership plugin that enables you to create great membership and beautiful signup and login pages in minutes.

Aside from the selection of inbuilt beautiful form layout designs, Front User Pro provides unlimited custom fields you can use on your forms. You get to choose which fields appear during registration e.g google maps, conditional logic and file uploads.

Some of the features that stand out include:

  • Drag and drop builder
  • Call your custom hook before submitting the login and registration form
  • Profile picture support
  • 16 inbuilt designs included
  • Send custom verification email

Here’s what Nabashrafi has to say about Front End Pro:

Awesome plugin, best for user registration it gives all features which may need in user registration form, lot of predefined fields and custom fields. I did a mistake in my custom field, and support helps me a lot from start to end. Highly recommended. Thank you so much.

8. Gravity Forms Membership

Finally, we have the Gravity Forms Membership which is an upgrade of the Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On. Basically, this plugin allows you to create forms on your WordPress website.

Gravity Forms Membership also allows for custom fields but doesn’t offer a large collection compared to most of the plugins in this list. However, it has earned its place in this list for the following reasons:

  1. Affordable price. The plugin goes for a one-off price of 13 dollars. This is generally a reasonable price since it is a stand-alone plugin.
  2. Great rating and reviews. Almost 90% of the reviews left have a 5-star rating.
  3. Regular updates from the development team. The plugin shows a consistent effort to upgrade the plugin. This is always a good thing for you as a user.

Here’s what Dekazo had to say about Gravity Forms Membership:

This is the function I was looking for.

Easy to use with no waste.

Equivalent to expensive add-ons from vendors.

The reason is “Code Quality”, but the support is also quick and powerful.

Follow and customize is top class.

Which is the Best WordPress User Registration Plugins with Custom Fields (for easy login)?

After tons of research and user testing, we have our best user registration with custom fields plugin 2021.

Youzify has all the features you may need when setting up a membership WordPress website. Apart from being a comprehensive user registration plugin with custom fields, here’s why Youzify made it to number one:

  1. Youzify offers a free version. You get to give the plugin a test run before making the purchase.
  2. Youzify has the highest rating on this list i.e a 5 star reviewed by over 500 users. Having the best rating clearly shows that the development and support team behind this plugin are doing a good job.
  3. Youzify offers a wide range of schemes, templates and custom fields. Youzify has simplified the building process by offering a pack of templates and unique custom fields to make your forms stand out.

You now have a comprehensive list of the best 8 user registration plugins with custom fields. When deciding on which plugin to go with, be sure to check the compatibility with your currently installed plugins e.g BuddyPress. Finally, make sure to get yourself a plugin that is regularly updated and with an active support team (go through the reviews first, to decide what suits your needs best). 


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