If you’re in the wine or vineyard business and are looking to promote your services as a wine retailer, farmer, or wine storage facility online, a professional website is a must-have. Due to the pandemic, buyers will now be using more of online search tools such as Google to find wine products and suppliers. Your website can help you to provide all the information your potential customers need and bring your offline shop online. To shorten your search time, we’ve shortlisted a selection of the best WordPress wine themes that will provide features to serve everything from managing pre-orders, event management, to shipping and even tax calculations too. 

Being in the wine business is not easy as most of your time is spent on the land. You’re worried about your farm, the weather, and how your grapes will taste when they become ripe for the plucking. You’re constantly occupied with farm-to-table operations and perhaps also how 3D wine printing technology may affect your business in the long run. To this end, building a website using WordPress can help you to save on a significant amount on otherwise hiring a professional web developer.

After you get your WordPress wine theme up and running, you get control and can make immediate updates on your site, even toggling between multiple templates that can be changed with the click of a button. Almost all of these themes come with customization tools, page builders, and even slide shows to help you improve your visual and gastronomic appeal to your target audience. You can be sure to find something you like from this collection.

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Saras – Wine WordPress Theme

Saras - Wine WordPress Theme

Saras is a wine-based theme that’s aimed at wineries, beverage retailers, and wine farmers. If you’re looking to create a responsive, visually appealing website in a short period, you should try this one. This theme has been built with two primary factors in mind: functionality and design. 

The theme offers several custom widgets and templates that enable you to display the content from your business catalog in a variety of ways. In a few keystrokes and clicks, you can spin up your key website pages such as your contact page, about us, and your main landing page. 

The Sara WordPress wine theme also offers unlimited colors, typography control, and a newsletter widget so you can re-build your wine clubs and start serving them the first and best of everything wine-related. Thanks to its extensive design capability, this theme is useful to wine or beverage businesses that need to create an appealing brand quickly.  

Highlights of the wordpress theme

Fancy overlay menu

The fancy overlay menu combines aesthetic seamlessness with a sophistication that your buyers will appreciate. Once they land on the website, the overlay menu is immediately in their field of vision. This means that they can immediately explore what wines you have on offer and make a decision about the purchase. The overlay menu uses a fading animation that blends with the color scheme of your website so that it is almost nonexistent and doesn’t interfere with the user experience in any way. If you’re looking to simplify your customer’s journey by showing them the wines on offer as soon as they land on your page, the fancy overlay menu will help you achieve that. 

Product navigator 

Product navigators serve to help your customers discover your inventory without having to load up multiple pages. Within the same slideshow, Saras offers a product navigator that is visually stimulating to look at. Wine buyers can be quite impatient and so, this feature will answer all their questions and inquiries about each wine you offer in the same section. 

Easy to use page builder

In the wine business, speed is important for success. Saras offers the WPBakery builder plugin which is intuitive and easy to use. In a short period of time, you’ll get the hang of this technology and create as many pages as you need for sales, marketing, and other business functions. This also means you can build your web pages with no programming experience whatsoever. Regardless of your skill level or technical competence, you can play around with a variety of design elements and template blocks and build your vineyard or wine brand from scratch. Once you get the hang of it, you can build everything from call-to-action buttons, animations, and even full-screen videos taken from your vineyard or winery tour to keep your audience interested. 

Value for money

Saras WordPress theme is reasonably affordable compared to other pricey WordPress themes on the market. Also, the Saras WordPress theme comes with a history timeline to give your audience a sense of the culture that has gone into brewing every bottle. Because wineries trade on brand and the element of novelty and history, this WordPress theme allows you to see where you’ve come from and where you’re going to.


  • The learning curve is perfect for beginners.
  • Reasonably priced
  • Fast and user friendly
  • It comes with a blend of stunning modern design
  • Multilingual 


  • The theme is not Gutenberg optimized
  • Does not support payments 
  • No SEO optimization

You can walk through its live demo here.

Luxury Wine | Liquor Store & Vineyard WordPress Theme + Shop

Luxury Wine | Liquor Store & Vineyard WordPress Theme + Shop

Luxury Wine is another WordPress theme specially created for the wine business. This theme comes complete with the Woo-commerce plugin, GDPR support plugin, templates, widgets, landing pages to get your wine shop up and running as quickly as possible. In fact, this wine theme offers different predesigned pages to help you customize your website with a drag and drop builder that’s simple and intuitive to save you valuable time. Also, you’ll get features such as a customizable Google map so your visitors can easily locate and navigate to your outlets, multi-language support and this helps you attract buyers outside your home language market, and awesome fontello icons to allow you to present your website in the preferred font. 

Most importantly, this theme offers a framework that is interactive, and fully optimized for the mobile environment. Because most of the internet traffic today is mobile, it increases the probability that your website visitors can find and consider your wine products when they land on your page. This Luxury Wine WordPress theme will serve you well with all the features you need to bring your wine shop from offline to online. So if your most important priority is to get your digital wine shop up as quickly as possible, you should consider the Luxury Wine WordPress theme.  

Highlights of the wordpress theme


Having a theme that is compatible with other technologies will serve to reduce development time, keep your costs low and bring you online fast. This Theme offers WPBakery page builders so you can create custom wine pages fast. It also offers cross-browser compatibility and MailChimp so you can build a passionate community around each wine you brew.  

Commerce Support

With this plugin, you can upload your wines, craft compelling product descriptions and collect payments for the wines and beverages your customers select and purchase from your website. You can also monetize your product offerings through discounts, sales, and one-off wine purchase offers that your buyers may be interested in. In a nutshell, this theme provides you with end-to-end technical support so you can focus on creating the best pricing models for your wines and making sales to your buyers. 

Easy Installation and Setup

Running a wine business is difficult enough. The Luxury WordPress theme makes it possible for your website to get started with one-click installation. This means that you can save time, and other costs related to technical management. Without the friction of technical management, you can focus on deploying your design and marketing assets effectively to provide value for your customers as soon as possible. This means that your wines can be on display faster, customers can use your offers sooner which means more traffic, more leads, and eventually more sales. 


  • One-click set up
  • Offers unlimited custom design templates
  • Businesses monetize their activities
  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • Retina ready


  • Not Gutenberg optimized
  • Not multilingual 
  • No retina display support 

If you want to consider this theme, do check out the live demo.

Thelma – Winery Theme

Thelma - Winery Theme

Thelma is built to serve the wineries and other wine businesses that want to optimize their content and presentation for social media. Thelma wine WordPress theme offers a wide variety of templates that make your website look good to your website visitors. It has six different demos you can pick from, which are suitable for your wine-related business or project. You can use Thelma for your vineyard, promote your wine products, and sell wine directly from your site. The pre-built demos are great for wine bloggers. Whether you are a wine enthusiast or winemaker, Thelma offers you powerful theme-packed modern solutions for your business.

Highlights of the wordpress theme

Call to Action Shortcode

You can make use of the call-to-action buttons to encourage your customer to make purchase decisions fast. The call-to-action shortcode allows you to display some of your website features in strategic positions, like social media buttons. Also, users can customize different segments of their web pages in a neat position with the three-side-area type feature.

The Side Area Feature

The Side Area Feature allows you to conveniently create your social media gallery, especially for your photos previously posted on Instagram. It allows you to display your past accumulated arsenal of Instagram photo content to impress your customers. The pages offer appealing parallax sections, which appear super fresh and brand new. Thelma offers you animated buttons and strike-through animated effects to give your web pages beautiful appearances. While we love the simplicity of the theme, it offers powerful solutions to its users.


Client or customer testimonials are important in businesses. When your targeted customers read the testimonials on your site, they make decisions faster. Thelma offers you two types of testimonials on your winery website and you can choose the one that works better in helping you convince your visitors to give your business a try.


  • The theme is Gutenberg optimized
  • Very responsive
  • Excellent customer service
  • Retina ready


  • No built-in payment support 
  • Not multilingual 

You can take a look at its live preview here.

Aperitif WordPress Theme

Aperitif - Wine Shop and Liquor Store

Aperitif is another good theme option for your wine bar, spirits store, or vineyard business. It comes with a warm, muted tone that exudes a retro vintage appearance. The theme has nine beautifully pre-designed homepage layouts so you have a breadth of options to select from. Aperitif also offers users a tasteful and elegant presentation for the wines that you brew or sell. Beyond the theme’s appearance, as seen in its typography, interactive elements, and stylish designs, it has impressive functionalities. The homepage is neatly arranged to offer a balance between text and imagery and prevents oversaturation with the prominent content display. With the way the theme is designed, visitors navigate with ease and spend more time on your website. The neatly arranged information makes reading easier for everyone. 

Highlights of the wordpress theme

The Events Page

Aperitif has a predefined contact page, which provides a map, a contact form, and your contact information. The events page is powered by The Events Calendar plugin. This page displays scheduled events such as wine parties, tastings, and other pre-booked events in different formats, giving you choice and flexibility in the layout of your events. It also comes with a theme calendar that keeps your audience in tune with your events by the day, month, and year, while they navigate through your pages. 

Should they choose to, customers can make a reservation from the website without any manual input. The reservation feature is designed to allow your customers to reserve a bottle of wine directly from your website. If you aim to automate your pre-booking process, this theme will help you save precious man-hours with customized data collection forms, an event management suite, and customer reservation tools. 

Wine card

Wine cards is a brilliant way to display your wine options to website visitors without overwhelming them with images, yet cultivating trust. The wine card displays a selection of wines that are available for purchase. The card helps customers learn about your available wine with wine age, product descriptions, and pricing all in one page, without an overcrowding experience. 

Social Share Functionality

This theme provides advanced social media optimization through its share functionality that provides for seamless communication between your main website and your social media channels. You can share your social media call-to-action buttons on your page and vice-versa. Sharing content, image, or video from your website to your social media platforms is made easier with the feature. This means you can just upload once on your website and then re-share it to your social media platforms without going to each individual platform, saving a lot of time and hassle..


  • Professional support
  • Easy color switch
  • Retina ready
  • Translation ready
  • No coding required


  • No SEO support
  • No payment support 
  • No GDPR certification 

Check out its live preview here.

Wibar | Wine and Vineyard WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Wibar | Wine and Vineyard WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Wibar WordPress theme is designed for wineries and retailers who want to sell their wines to a global audience. This theme is GDPR ready and in total compliance with European data-sharing laws. Also, it has powerful Ajax filters which will help to serve your website pages well in countries with slow or intermittent internet connectivity. The Wibar theme comes with WooCommerce support which provides a variety of e-commerce templates you can use for your wine displays and product offerings.

With this theme, you can easily create an online store that sells wine and wine-related products. Because of the variety of templates provided, this Wibar theme can serve to launch a site to promote your wine brand, vineyard, or other wine-related ventures you may have. Wibar comes with all the tools to support farmers, as well as wine and beverage retailers with national, regional, and global (as it provides RTL support too) aspirations for business expansion. 

Highlights of the wordpress theme

Elementor and WPBakery Page Builder

In this theme, you have both options of using either the Elementor or WPBakery Page Builder to build your site via simple drag-and-drop, with no coding required. The new block editor can be used to modify the templates, which make up the demo sites of this theme. Also, this theme offers you a fantastic selection of templates that will inspire the creative process for your wine website pages. Honestly, not many themes provide both page builders and elementor can be said to be one of the most easier user interface in the market.

Amazing Demos

Wibar offers wine entrepreneurs 12 pre-built wine-focused website demos that contain portfolio templates, ‘about’ page layouts, contact page designs, and much more. This means all you need to do is just prepare your text descriptions and images and upload them and your site is ready to go live. All the templates in the Wizard have been designed to a high standard to ensure your wine website appears modern and credible. All the features in Wibar are mobile-friendly, so you do not need to worry about the user experience of visitors accessing your site on their smartphones or other small screen devices.


  • Dokan Multivendor Marketplace
  • WC Marketplace
  • WC Vendors
  • Yoast SEO
  • Gutenberg optimized


  • No payment support 

Walk through the live demos before making your choice.

Villenoir – Vineyard, Winery & Wine Shop

Villenoir - Vineyard, Winery & Wine Shop

The Villenoir WordPress theme offers the most trusted theme for wineries, beverage retailers, and wine farmers who want to sell their wines on the internet. With well over a thousand buyers, Villenoir is tried, tested, and trusted for its unique combination of tools such as WooCommerce, a powerful event management suite, and beautiful templates for the ultimate experience of wine commerce online. For wine business owners who want to make more sales online, Villenoir is a good option to consider. 

Highlights of the wordpress theme

Beautiful Homepage Layouts

Villenoir offers a long-form homepage layout that provides your visitors with all the necessary information they require once they arrive at your site. The benefit of having a long-form homepage is that your visitors minimize the chances of dropping off your site as they navigate around the different pages. This theme also offers a full-screen homepage slider (also check out the best wordpress slider plugins) that can set the tone of your website by displaying several images from your winery, vineyard, or even the best bottles of wine on your shelf. Because aesthetics are so important for wine buyers, having access to these flexible and interactive homepages will help you create a dynamic and interactive website. 


The Villenoir theme offers templates for other essential pages that are related to its primary function of e-commerce. This theme comes pre-bundled with a WooCommerce plugin. This means that you can set up all the pages you need for your wine shop easily. Also, you can add persuasive descriptions and factors in tax and shipping costs right inside your website. Displaying product details in this way will ensure that your website visitors and customers have all the information they need to make a purchase decision.  These templates contain attractive designs for your image galleries, contact page, ‘about page, and so on. Including these pages helps you build trust with your website visitors by showing your story and in a concise and meaningful way

Event Tools

Villenoir offers event tools that you can utilize directly from your WordPress website to either manage or promote attendance for any wine or beverage-based events. With this theme, you can display information about upcoming events or sell tickets directly from your site. 

Attractive templates

Aesthetics play a key role in the gastronomic choices your customers make. As a result, the Villenoir theme comes with a modern suite of graphics and UI/UX designs that are simple and appealing to look at. 


  • Responsive design (Mobile, Tablet and Desktops supported)
  • SEO Optimized
  • Extensive theme options
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Robust tax settings for different regions


  • Not Gutenberg Optimized
  • No GDPR certification 

Take a look at its live demo here.

Vino – A Refined Winery, Wine Bar and Vineyard Theme

Vino - A Refined Winery, Wine Bar and Vineyard Theme

Vino comes with a stylish design that offers businesses wine-related experiences, products and services. The theme stands out from the others when you are presenting or introducing new wine products. It comes with a collection of customizable inner pages and 9 homepages. This theme displays a wine bar or wine shop neatly and beautifully. Also, due to the Vino page builder, setting up your website requires no technical knowledge. Vino can easily integrate with the WooCommerce WordPress plugin so you can create product offers and collect payments from your website sales. If you’re an up-start wine business or looking to launch a new wine series for a niche taste, Vino offers an inexpensive path to all the basic features you need to get your digital operation up in as little time as possible. 

Highlights of the wordpress theme

Product Filters

Product filters save your customers time as they navigate your wine inventories. For customers who know what they want to buy, displaying other products to them may be counter-productive. With wine websites, product filtering can help reduce time to cart and increase the probability of conversions from your website visitors. With Vino, enabling product filtering for your wines is a simple click away. The Vino theme also comes with high-quality presentation qualities so premium items look even better on your online wine store.

E-Commerce Widget

This theme comes complete with a variety of useful e-commerce widgets which can display your best products in the sidebars and footers of your site if needed. Having your products in the visual field of website visitors can help to improve the probability that they will click, read the product descriptions, and decide to buy. With the Vino theme, you’ll get the benefit of a one-click installation that ensures that there are no technical barriers to your digital success. 

Blog post templates and layouts. 

From wineries, vineyards to wine products and brands, or if you’re just looking for inspiration for your wine website, pre-built Vino designs and templates can give you ideas for your project or help you render your ideas in their basic form as quickly as possible. Bring your ideas to life quickly will provide the impetus to pursue them and this feature helps you achieve that.  


  • Easy to use – no coding knowledge required
  • Responsive and Retina Ready
  • Powerful Admin Panel
  • 9 homepage examples
  • Import demo site with One-Click


  • Full WPML support, plugin not included
  • Not Gutenberg Optimized

You can check out its live preview here.

Luxwine – Wine WordPress Theme

Luxwine - Wine WordPress Theme

Luxwine WordPress theme is suitable for winery farms that want to build out their retail infrastructure and sell directly to consumers. With features such as a newsletter widget, blog templates, and advanced form fields, this blog is built to serve and nurture your wine community. Luxwine is a beautifully designed wine WordPress theme for vineyard, winery, and wine websites. You have two types of templates setting; dark or light mode. Either mode template seems to bring out the elegance of the wine website.

In addition to its appealing visual scheme, it also features the full WooCommerce plugin, multiple languages, and a wide variety of wine templates for your consideration. You can display elements of your brand imagery, create a timeline of history and communicate the authenticity of your brand from farm to table. Luxwine WordPress theme is great for farms who want to build communities around their products and create great customer relationships over time. 

Highlights of the wordpress theme

Powerful Product Page Templates

Luxwine comes with a lovely selection of product page templates and also pre-built content for the other pages which your store will most likely need, such as the checkout pages, customer account area, and shopping cart. By using the templates that come with Luxwine, such as the about page with its timeline feature and the FAQ page, you can also tell the story of your brand.

Visual Composer Page Builder Plugin

The theme options panel provides the option to customize every aspect of your website. With this feature, you can create an online presence that matches the exact specifications of your branding and identity. Replicating the tone and color of your wines, packaging, and other elements of physical service on your website pages helps to convey the authenticity of your brand to your website visitors. The Visual Composer Page Builder Plugin helps you achieve this end easily. 


  • Responsive
  • SEO Optimized
  • Extensive theme options
  • Custom widgets
  • Translation Ready with a .pot file or WPML


  • Not Gutenberg Optimized

Run through the live demo to see if its a good fit for you.

Jardi | Winery, Online Delivery Vineyard & Wine Shop WordPress Theme

Jardi | Winery, Online Delivery Vineyard & Wine Shop WordPress Theme

The Jardi wine WordPress theme is suitable for any websites related to wine agritourism, agriculture, or winery business. If you’re building out a wine business for thousands of people who will pay to observe your novel processes and inventions, Jardi is the WordPress theme for you. Not only will you get instant compatibility with powerful third-party plugins including WooCommerce, Revolution Slider, Essential Grid (also check out the best grid layout plugins), WPBakery Page Builder. You’ll also get a lot of storage for images, videos, and other multimedia elements for a dynamic digital experience. 

Highlights of the wordpress theme

Advanced design capabilities

If you hope to offer a dynamic visual experience of your vineyards, and grapes to your community and paying customers, you’ll need videos, text, infographics, and a wide variety of digital assets to succeed. This theme offers you templates, layout features, navigation options, and slider options that make your task a lot easier to achieve. With this combination of tools, you can design unique web pages and captivate your website visitors in the process. 


  • Google web fonts
  • Modern and Functional design
  • Easy to install, run and update
  • Modern, Flexible, Customizable
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE11+
  • One-Click demo install


  • Not Gutenberg Optimized

If you like the features, run through the live preview to decide.

What is the best wine and vineyard wordpress theme?

It is quite hard to pin one as the best, due to the different functions offered per theme. However, if your needs are specific and you’re trying to find a theme that will solve a specific problem for your business, below are four outstanding themes for your consideration. While they all have quality, they excel more than others in specific aspects of use. Find below our best three WordPress wine website themes for Speed, SEO, and ease of installation. 

  • Fastest Wine WordPress website theme

In this age of lightning-fast technologies, you cannot afford to maintain a slow website. According to HubSpot, the speed of your page in the first five seconds will determine whether and to what degree your customers will patronize your business. With over 70% of your potential customers deciding to buy based on speed, the Wibar WordPress wine website theme is especially useful. Not only does it come with incredible features like Yoast SEO and the WooCommerce marketplace, but it’s also lightning fast. With a 98% page speed score, you are more likely to convert website visitors to paying customers.

  • Best Wine WordPress theme by features

As your wine business grows, you’ll need extra pages for your blogs, a mailing list, a booking platform, and even possibly, an online shop. To this end, buying a feature-rich WordPress theme will reduce costs as many of the features you will need in a few years are already pre-built and ready to use in your brand new website theme. While lots of WordPress themes are feature-rich, Saras wine WordPress theme has the most complete feature set for your wine business. When it comes to wine, your audience needs to experience the essence of your brew before they commit to a purchase. Saras offers a complete visual scheme and delivers all the basics such as product features, inventory management, and even advanced shipping settings. 

  • Best Wine WordPress themes for SEO 

Search engine optimization makes it possible for your web pages to be displayed to millions of customers all over the world. As you create a landing page, event booking pages, and a blog, it is important to do so in a way that makes it more likely that your offer will show up when your customers search for related terms. Concerning this, Villenoir offers features such as a fully optimized structure, cross-browser compatibility, an interactive design, and WPML translation-ready settings. If you’re looking to rank quickly, Villenoir is certainly one you should consider. 

  • Quick basic features and lightning-fast installation 

In the words of digital luminary and investor, Gary Vaynerchuk, speed is more important than anything else in business. If you’re looking to get your website up and running quickly with few hassles and all the basic features you need in a wine WordPress theme, the Vino wine WordPress theme offers everything you’re looking for. Not only do you get 9 prebuilt landing pages, but you also get one-click installation as well as a WPBakery page builder that’s simple and intuitive. 


There are a number of options to choose from if you’re looking into WordPress wine themes and they each offer a different value proposition to your business. To get the best value for your money, consider each theme carefully in light of your core business priorities. If you’re looking to launch a wine retail service, you’ll need a theme that’s WooCommerce compatible, if you want to rank your blog posts for organic traffic, you’ll need a different theme. Aligning your desired business outcomes to your themes will help you make the right decision. 

Getting an online presence for your business is what sets you up for a sustainable competitive advantage against other businesses in your niche. These themes are search engine friendly, and allow you to customize your titles and page metadata for better search engine ranking. You can enjoy a fully responsive and cross-browser compatible website if you make use of any of these themes. The customer service support of most of these theme developers is top-notch. 

Hope this post has been useful to you in helping you at least to shortlisting your top choices of your wine and vineyard wordpress theme. You may also be interested in the best drag and drop page builders plugins and the best newsletter wordpress plugins to help build up your newsletter subscriber base.

Should you frequently need access to a variety of premium plugins, themes, logos, video footage and audio files to power up your wordpress site, do also check out envato elements‘ unlimited subscription plan starting from just $16.50/month.


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