If you want to create a website where you can easily promote your services as an architect then you need, among other things, a professional-looking website whose appearance, pages and contents will easily tell your visitors what you do, good functionality features, in addition to easy to navigate tools, allowing them to easily move from where they are to whatever part of your website they want to go.

More still, you need to be able to do the best for your visitors in creating a good looking, user friendly, easy to navigate and compatible website even when you have little or no coding skill. You want to be able to optimize your website with as little effort as possible.

In order to help you make the right choice and avoid unnecessary mistakes in choosing what WordPress themes that will work for you, we have curated the best 10 WordPress themes for architects. Curated in this list are WordPress themes that will provide you with as much option as you require to own a fully functional, user friendly website that peak your visitors’ interest and will have them spend more time checking you out, revisiting, want to do business with you, and the best part, you don’t have to be a programmer to achieve these.

While there are predominant features these WordPress themes have in common, they all still have distinctive features that are unique to each, and which will provide you with many options when it comes to customizing your website to your taste. Some of these options include but are not limited to eCommerce plugins to help you sell whatever you wish to and be able to easily handle inventories. Some other features allow for virtual tours —by allowing you to upload as much pictures as you wish, to create unlimited slides, so as to showcase what you do, even without having to worry about slowing down the functionality of your website.

To add to it, whether you’re into interior designs, landscape, or you’re a general purpose architecture firm, some of these websites allow you to represent your specifics, and some have changeable themes to fit just your niche.

Now, lets check out the 10 Best WordPress Themes for Architects.

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1. Contractor – Architecture & Construction Company WordPress Elementor Theme

Contractor - Architecture & Construction Company WordPress Elementor Theme

The Contractor WordPress theme is an excellent theme WordPress that helps you demonstrate yourself and also present your best projects as an architect.

A key feature of this WordPress theme rests on how it helps you attract potential customers and clients by helping you to beautifully present what you do for them to see. It comes with the “Our Industry” and “About Us” pages to help you promote and maintain the image of your architecture company. With these, and in addition to the project tabs, this WordPress theme helps you provide quality advertising on the internet for your projects in particular, and your company in general.

Another important feature that equally helps you attract new partners and suppliers, which you’ll find in this WordPress theme is the product categorization block. This section allows you to display whatever material you have to sell, while at the same time attracting suppliers by showcasing what you deal on. As an architect, a lot about what you do needs to be out there for people to see and take you seriously, and through some advantageous features this WordPress helps you in achieving this purpose, it emphasizes eye-catching homepages, offers clear and usable site navigation, contact and the request form.

Correct service provision is equally important in an architecture website, and helping you do this is an advantage of the Contractor WordPress theme. It has a well-designed homepage, with all additional blocks well fit to help you create a unique style for your building site. It has:

Services list – for showcasing your building services in preferred boxes with icons dedicated to your topic;

  • Special text blocks – for framing the main information about your company or your history;
  • Flipbox – demonstrate your projects categorization with animated boxes;
  • Circle Progress – showcase the increasing of company indexes;
  • Team Members – add a block with photos of team members, titles, positions or curriculum vitae;
  • Testimonials – display main reviews from your partners or grateful clients;
  • Posts – spice up your website with the fresh news or latest information;
  • Social sharing – let your visitors share your best projects on social media.

In addition, this WordPress theme comes with the WPML, for translating the contents on your website; it’s one click easy to install feature makes setting up your website a lot easier and less time consuming. It is also designed with Elementor, which helps you customize your website without having to write a line of code. At the same time, this theme is SEO optimized, and helps you top search engine queries.

If you need a WordPress theme specially designed for architects, with the right tools and features to better showcase what you do, the Contractor theme is for you.

2. BuildWall – Construction Company Multipurpose WordPress Theme

BuildWall - Construction Company Multipurpose WordPress Theme

BuildWall is a top construction WordPress theme specifically designed to suit the taste of architects, by having features of functionality, feel and appearance, this theme will appeal to architects.

This WordPress theme comes with 10+ very unique skins for a variety of construction topics, and each topic has a stylish design, which will help you in creating a nice basis for your architecture business. In addition, building a website with this WordPress themes requires as little effort as possible, with easy to use drag and drop options, and installation of the myriad of features can be carried out in a matter of clicks.

For how it feels, BuildWall allows you to tweak a lot of things, add a wide range of features for your customized branding, without you having to worry about the loading speed of your website. This is an important feature, as it will allow your visitors to be able to move around more, easily view images and watch embedded videos quickly, without the website having to slow them down and discourage them from further navigation. A key way this WordPress theme is able to do this is by providing compressed images with negligible effect on image quality, as large sized images will reduce working speed. As a result, your site will work fast across devices.

This is a fully functional WordPress theme, as it comes with many  built-in pages to help you promote your architecture works. This includes: the Homepage, the Our Service Page, the Pricing Page, the Portfolio and the News pages, and many others. These pages will make it easy to give more information on what your website is about, the services you offer, list prices of items marked for sale, showcase your skills and expertise, and keep your customers up to date with latest happenings concerning your business (special offers, new arrivals, and the likes). And as already mentioned, setting up these useful pages requires no knowledge of code, as they are easy to do. It is a perfect fit to quickly sell your architecture brand to your visitors.

In addition, there’s a range of other features that makes it suitable for you if you truly wish to build a website that will stand out. The deal is to provide you  optimum options, while still allowing you to keep your visitors amazed. Some of these features includes:

  • A mega menu that perform a variety of functions, aimed at showcasing all your pages;
  • a team member sections to introduce your amazing employees;
  • smart counters for displaying the number of your projects, happy clients or qualified staff;
  • blocks with testimonials to place clients’ reviews, so new visitor will get to know they’re at the right place;
  • price lists to show the price policy in your company;
  • subscription field for clients to receive newsletters, a good way to keep them updated;
  • attractive post section for blogs and news, organized on the news page and on the home page as well;
  • Google map block for people to find where your offices are located;
  • contact form to allow customers to leave you a message, add a review, or get for information.

Another notable feature of this awesome WordPress theme builder is its eCommerce compatibility. It comes with the WooCommerce plugin, which makes it easy for you to sell whatever selected materials you wish to sell on the website. It is indeed a total package.

If you desire elegance and style, this is the right WordPress theme for you. BuildWall allows you to do a lot of fantastic things to promote your brand, with little hassle. It is definitely a perfect WordPress theme builder you should try out.

3. Archi – Interior Design WordPress Theme

Archi - Interior Design WordPress Theme

Archi is also one of the best WordPress themes out there for building an architecture website.

If what you want is to create a beautiful and modern, yet easy to setup website, Archi is the option for you. It is a general purpose architecture website theme builder, but can be made to fit whatever architecture niche you’re into, interior design, exterior design, office design, construction, building materials, and landscape designs. More interestingly, it comes with plugins for two new niches: Archi Garden, and Archi Industry; there are no limits with how you can customize it to your taste, and in accordance with your niche. With the advanced theme options, you can easily tweak the look of your website till it looks just right.

This theme WordPress also comes with pre-built website contents to help you stitch together the different pages necessary for your website, so your visitors can easily find whatever information they’re looking for. This includes but not limited to, the About page, where you can explain to your potential customers what you do and what stands you out, and then there’s the Contact Us page, so visitors can easily hit you up for more information, or to book any of your services.

Another top feature of the Archi theme is the availability of 60+ stunning homepage features, which will allow you to change the look of your website’s homepage. Dynamism will allow you to continually peak customer’s interests, and this feature allows your website to do just that. But the multiple homepage feature is not the only multiple feature available, as it also has multiple landing pages and coming soon versions, a whole lot of things to choose from.

Other interesting features includes, the navigation layout —top, bottom, side, and auto show; it also have different layouts for displaying your portfolio —determining the amount of things you wish to display and how you wish to have them displayed; it is also compatible with WPML which can easily translate your website written contents from one language to another, for the benefits of customers from other parts of the globe who wish to have your website viewed in their native languages. On top of that, there is the dedicate customer support page for enquiries and helps, and the advanced theme options for changing every core elements of your website look, even without a knowledge of code.

This is a total package, and comes with WPBakery page builder, a drag and drop page builder with 50+ web elements. It equally comes with WooCommerce, the powerful extendable eCommerce plugin to help you sell anything. All this in addition to a resolution slide that helps you to create unlimited slides, Archi is the WordPress for you.

With its wide variety of pre-built, easy to install, easy to use WordPress, plugins and other features —providing a wide range of options, Archi WordPress theme will appeal to almost any demographic of architects looking to design a website for the craft.

4. Ratio – A Powerful Interior Design and Architecture Theme

Ratio - A Powerful Interior Design and Architecture Theme

Ratio is an advanced architecture WordPress theme designed with multiple tools to help you create a fitting website as an architect.

The responsiveness of websites built with this WordPress theme goes beyond fitting well enough into a wide range of screen sizes and resolution, as it’s equally responsive on a wide variety of browsers, Opera Mini, Chrome, Firefox, Explorer and more. With this feature, you have no need to manually test the responsiveness of your website on individual browsers so see if they work fine, no, it is designed to adapt across various browsers.

You can use this WordPress theme to better convince your customers and potential clients of your proven track record, as it comes with tones of portfolio layouts from gallery to masonry, to row and even pinterest list to port over your past architectural works posted on pinterest.

Another feature with which this WordPress theme is very useful is the premade 15 home pages and multiple templates that you can easily import and start your website immediately. With one click import feature, you just need to select the theme that meets your design needs and activate the theme. With 15 homepages to choose from, you may even be spoilt for choice, which is a good problem to have.

For editing the website, this WordPress theme comes with helpful, ready-to-use short codes that can help you place new contents, add some features ,tweak here and there on your website, without hassle. 

In a sense, one can say that this WordPress theme is designed with your online customers in perspective. It has features that will both catch their attention, keep it, and then move them to take further action. The provision of countless layout formats are fantastically designed, with good background images that will impress visitors.

There are also the Portfolio features, where you can have your unique works displayed, in addition to that, you can equally display a specialty, or a certification, to better win the trust of your clients. There’s also the Blog page, where you can create short, medium, or long posts about things like description of a product, new innovations in your office, major milestones, and the likes; anything to sell yourself good before your visitors.

With the latest updates of the Ratio WordPress theme, it has become fully compatible with WooCommerce. Should you be selling online products or hardware products from your website, now you can have the backend automated by WooCommerce.

It is search engine friendly, helping you in search engine optimization, and it has the parallax scrolling, that unique feature that enhances the feel of your website when images display across the screen.

The Ratio architecture WordPress theme has many unique features relevant to an architect who wants a website. With this and many other essential features, this WordPress theme should appeal to any architect and interior designers.

5. Prague | Architecture

Prague | Architecture

Prague | Architecture WordPress theme is among the best WordPress themes for architects and has some interesting features that you will definitely find useful. This theme is clean, minimal, and easy to customize WordPress, making it suitable for use for all your architecture needs, regardless of whether it’s your first time building or you already had experience with building websites.

One key feature of this theme WordPress is its usability across screen sizes and resolutions. Not all your visitors will visit your website with a PC, or with just a smartphone, so it is important you have a website that readily fits seamlessly into a wide variety of screens. This theme WordPress was designed with that in mind, as it comes with fully responsive layouts that will make your website usable on different screen sizes and resolutions.

Prague Architecture is a perfect theme for architects as it comes with specific plugins useful for the architecture profession, this includes the Parallax Architecture firm design. This allows for parallax scrolling, which is a feature that will allow you to bring finesse to how your website looks and feels, by causing images on the foreground of your to move less freely relative to the background of your site. It also comes with a portfolio design, which allows you to display a set of work samples or proofs of the necessary skills and talents unique to the profession. This is a marketing tool, allowing you to easily showcase what you do to your customers without having to do it through an intermediary or at any extra cost.

One of the key ways of winning with your website is finding a way to come out tops on search queries, and this theme gives you just that. Websites designed with this themes WordPress are search engine friendly, as it helps search engine crawlers to easily move through every page of your website, analyzing their contents and then indexing then in different databases, causing your website to visible on the web, by allowing you to reach the top of Google search results. It also allows your website to match ranking factors required by popular search engines.

This theme allows you to quickly maximize every feature required to easily paint yourself as a top professional in the architecture field. In addition to the already mentioned features, it equally comes with more than 29 homepages for you to choose from, so chances are very high you would find something you like. Powered by WPBakery page builder which allows website builders to easily design their websites via drag and drop, you don’t have to type a code to affect any change on your website, yet you are in full control.

If you want a mix of simplicity and sophistication, being able to optimize a wide variety of options without having to bother about your website being cumbersome, Prague Architecture is for you. With these features and a host of others, this WordPress theme should appeal to you.

6. Constructo – Construction WordPress Theme

Constructo - Construction WordPress Theme

Constructo is among the best WordPress themes for architects as it is focused on building pages relevant to architecture/construction company niches. Its page is designed to easily remind your visitors what you do.

This WordPress theme provides features such as installable demo, revolution slider, advanced admin panel and others. This theme builder also comes with an elegant vertical menu displaying a variety of options all at once for you and your visitors, and this gives a touch of beauty and uniqueness to your website, in addition to the fact that it is functional on all screen sizes.

You can set up your architecture website in seconds with constructo’s 10+ one-click installable demos, which allow you to set up what you want on the go. You can always return and customize everything to your taste, because with WPBakery page builder, getting to customize your website to be able to fully and efficiently showcase your expertise is so easy. It has the drag and drop builder feature, with which you can edit as many variables as you want without having to write a single line of code.

When it comes to being able to sell with your website, this WordPress also gets you covered, as it equally comes with the WooCommerce plugin. Another exquisite feature of Constructo is the Revolution Slider, which helps you to animate your slider as you desire and to equally add as many slides or sliders as you want and place them wherever you wish on your site.

Constructo is a simple WordPress theme specially designed for your architecture taste.

7. Construction WordPress Theme:

Construction WordPress Theme

This Construction architecture WordPress theme is the hallmark of simplicity and elegance and rightly passes as one of the best WordPress themes for architects.

First, it comes with a different built-in Homepage examples that you can quickly make use of, and each of these Homepage examples are beautifully designed, easy to navigate, and contains all important features (like architecture images, and navigation options) required to welcome users to your site and at the same time make a statement about the elegance of your architecture brand, while at the same time helping them to quickly find their way around your website.

The beautiful layout of the Construction theme extends to other pages of your website, causing it to have all-round beauty and elegance. The layouts of this WordPress theme, apart from being impressive, are designed to be compatible with any size of screens, bringing you before customers of different demographics. A customer with an iPhone can view your website easily and quickly navigate through it without having to worry it won’t load fast, or that the website will appear too small, or too large. But this is not just for iPhone users, a customer viewing with a PC, iPad, Android, or Tablets will equally experience the same ease in viewing your website.

There’s also the WPCharming demo importer. With it, you will be able to readily set up your website within minutes, in just one click. And when it comes to updating the theme, this too can be done in one click. In addition, this WordPress theme comes with a prepacked drag and drop page builder to ensure you can easily design your website to your taste, whenever you want to, without having to edit a line of code.

What’s more, this simple yet elegant WordPress themes comes with a handful of free features:

  • Free Essential Grid, which is an All-Purpose Grid Building Solution for WordPress which allows you to display a range of content formats all in a highly customizable grid.
  • Free Slider Resolution, an important feature for creating a responsive(mobile and PC friendly) or full width slider with must-see-effects. An architecture website usually has a lot to show its customers, and this feature helps you to do that seamlessly. Meanwhile, this feature equally helps build your SEO optimization.

There’s also the free visual page builder, which is a WordPress drag and drop frontend and backend page builder plugin that will save you tons of time working on the contents of your website. You may want to walk through the Construction WordPress theme live preview here.

8. MIES – An Avant-Garde Architecture WordPress Theme

MIES - An Avant-Garde Architecture WordPress Theme

This MIES Architecture WordPress theme ranks as one of the best as it has a rich design, outstanding graphics, and with the wonderful features will appeal to architects who wish to have their websites stand out.

More than 60% of global internet users access the web through mobile phones, and this WordPress theme is specifically designed to capture this demographic, as it is designed with a mobile first paradigm. With this feature in place, the website is made with fit perfectives for this wide demographic of internet users, while at the same time fitting on larger screens.

When the interest of users are captured, it will be of importance that they readily find the right amount of information on your website, regarding your product and services; with the built in portfolio page, embedded in a rich background, your customers can assess what you offer. To add to that it comes with the live chat feature, so customers can quickly communicate and then get answers to their burning questions.

In keeping up with its rich design, this WordPress builder has a professional looking theme, and it is equally retina ready. Retina ready screens help provide heightened picture density that causes  the outstanding excellence of the visual content of a website to be presentable on last generation gadgets. As a result, your website content will never lose its excellent quality even if it’s watched on the older generation devices.

MIES is a perfect theme for architects as it comes with parallax scrolling, which is a feature that will allow you to bring finesse to how your website looks and feels, by causing images on the foreground of your to move less freely relative to the background of your site. It also comes with a portfolio design, which allows you to display set of work samples or proofs of the necessary skills and talents unique to the profession. This is a marketing tool, allowing you to easily showcase what you do to your customers without having to do it through an intermediary or at any extra cost.

To further boost it appearance, this WordPress is designed with visual accents such as hero images, large readable titles, and then the blue graphic element which makes the website interesting.

If you want a combination of style and good aesthetic appearance for your architecture website, MIES is the right WordPress theme for you.

9. Wilmër – Construction Theme

Wilmër - Construction Theme

Wilmër Construction Theme is one of the best WordPress themes because it helps you put much details about what you do out there for people to see.

There’s a need for clients to review full project descriptions and find more information about your services. In this case you need a dedicated website with all the necessary information and data about your products and service made available to these customers. It is to this end that this construction company responsive WordPress theme was created.

Most notable of the features this WordPress theme have is the Subcontractor page, which is where you can put every necessary information about how to become your subcontractor. In addition, here are other page feature designed into this website theme to make your products and services well detailed for your website:

  • First is the portfolio widget to showcase your projects.
  • There’s the content sliders to show those eye catching photos one by one to your visitors
  • There’s buttons for simple page crossing
  • And there’s the blog widget to put your articles and give more information about the latest development for your customers.
  • There’s equally the testimonials where you can add the customers’ comments. With enough positive testimonials displayed on your website, you can easily win more customers
  • It has contact form so customers can easily get in touch with you
  • And there’s the counters, which  show the company growth; and a host of others.

Other key features of this WordPress builder is that it comes with a one-click installer, which makes installation easy, so with a single click you can install this WordPress theme and have your website built in no time. In addition, it is designed with Elementor and WPBakery, which makes editing and effecting changes on your website easy.

Wilmr is equally Multilingual ready, and equally have search engine optimization features. It is important to make your website to be SEO friendly, even while you’re putting requisite effort in making the website well detailed; your website well designed, optimizing it in search engines will make it be in the right place at the right time, and before the right online leads.

10. Grafik – Architecture and Design Portfolio Theme

Grafik - Architecture and Design Portfolio Theme

This Grafik – Architecture and Design Portfolio WordPress Theme is fitting for architects because of its modern design and its outstanding functionality feature. It is a tool you should try out for your architecture website.

Designing an architecture website with the Grafik wordpress theme will help you employ a wide range of features using the large collection of carefully designed portfolio & architect templates.

Grafik also comes with powerful elements and flexible options such as Portfolio Single projects Masonry layouts (3 types), SVG Icon in Box shortcode and Case Study page examples that will make your design process so much simpler with a host of examples to choose from.

It allows you to showcase your innovative projects with more than 10 stunning templates, shortcutting your design time. You have trendy portfolio lists, plenty for you to select from fitting into your past projects easily. If you have attractive videos, you can even tap on the video button shortcodes and quickly input your videos nicely into your website.

Designing your website to your taste is simple with the Grafik – Architecture and Design Portfolio Theme, its numerous easy-to-use and fantastic features makes it a perfect fit for an architect.

We hope this post has been useful to you in shortlisting your best WordPress themes for your architecture needs. You may also be keen on the best drag and drop page builders if you desire to be in full control of any frontend appearance on your architecture website.

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