The pandemic has generated considerable growth in bicycle sales in what is termed a “bike boom” by the BBC. Increasingly, people worldwide are choosing to partake in one of the most basic forms of mobility; biking. As a result, the future of the bicycle industry seems promising and the acceleration in transactions has given rise to high levels of attention. But, how does all this translate digitally?

When businesses go digital, establishing a website should be the first priority for many. Having a website establishes a presence that can be rapidly felt by hundreds, if not thousands, online. If you happen to be in the biking business offering rental services or products and looking into setting up a website for your company, you have visited the right page. We have curated a list of the best WordPress themes if you are in this thriving bike industry, or have plans of being in it.         

These themes were carefully selected adhering to the following criteria: high appeal, user-friendliness, simple navigation, and compatibility. We made sure you do not have to touch a single line of code, allowing you to optimise your website with as little effort as possible through a drag and drop process. All you have to do is fill in the information and you could have your very own website up and running in just a few minutes. 

We highly encourage you to keep the nature of your biking business at the forefront of your mind. Some of these WordPress themes may lean towards specific objectives and it is important that they satisfy your purpose. For example, perhaps you are looking to establish a blog providing information on all things bicycle. Then, having a theme that supports community exchanges, newsletters, and forums should be a priority for you to get more views and clicks.    

If your bike business is in retail, you might want to look out for themes compatible or integrated with eCommerce plugins. Keep your eyes peeled for terms like WooCommerce, which might be included in the title or description. 

For those wanting to offer bike rentals, booking features and contact form plugins are your way to go in ensuring excellent client support and smooth communication. Themes with seamless social media integration could also be of interest to you if you intend to create profiles for your brand. 

The possibilities in bicycle shopping, bike rentals, and community-building are endless, and we have taken the extra mile to make sure these WordPress themes keep you on top of the digital competition so that you may achieve your corporate or personal goals with minimal labour. Additionally, we understand that you may have some concerns or doubt about investing in a website but rest assured that we have your best interest in mind and would like to help you surpass your expectations regarding engagement levels and profits for your bike shop, service or projects.              

Whether you aim to sell biking products, equipment, or accessories, offer rental services, advise people or build a community, you are sure to find a theme you’d like from this list.

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Pressed for time and would like our recommendation? We definitely find ourselves drawn towards 3 themes: Strollik, Komo, and Spatina. These themes top our expectations in terms of interface design, features and possibilities, and overall usability.  

1. “Bikey” in Strollik – Single Product WooCommerce WordPress Theme

“Bikey” in Strollik - Single Product WooCommerce WordPress Theme

“Bikey” is a unique demo template from Strollik, a theme dedicated to helping you start an eCommerce project. Being 1 of 29 stunning demos, “Bikey” can help you set up your bike store in mere minutes. 

Highly customisable, this WordPress theme also comes with powerful in-built tools and plugins such as WooCommerce to help you save time, money and effort. WooComerce is an open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress, allowing you to set up a new digital store quickly. Leave the planning and coding to them and simply add your information to manage your new site. Furthermore, even if you have second thoughts about selling bicycles, the variety of demos available could effortlessly help you change your bike business to a potential drone business if desired.

Strollik retails for $99, giving you access to future updates and customer support from the team for a duration of 6 months. If you have the funds, consider getting this theme to integrate your business using the demo seamlessly. 

“Bikey” in Strollik - Single Product WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Visit the page for more information, or see the live preview here. 

2. Bikeway – Sport Shop WooCommerce Theme

Bikeway - Sport Shop WooCommerce Theme

Now, perhaps you are looking for something easier on your wallet? We have that too.

Bikeway is a clean and modern theme that is easy to configure for your sports shop. Apart from WooCommerce, this theme comes with everything you need to get started with your bike business including sample data and documentation videos on setting up the theme on your hosting. The process of setting up and configuring has never been more straightforward. 

Additionally, the theme’s customiser options give you the opportunity to set any layout, colour, and font to your heart’s content. Premium plugins have also been in-built to extend the default WordPress and WooCommerce functionality for an extra taste of uniqueness.

We highly recommend anyone who might require more customer and visual help to consider this WordPress theme. Priced at $55 for a regular license, one-on-one premium support and installation services are additional benefits that may help you in your business process. Many customer reviews from past purchasers have also commended this service.

Bikeway - Sport Shop WooCommerce Theme

Check out the page for more information, or see the live preview for yourself.

3. Onzo – Single Product & Bike Shop eCommerce Theme

Onzo - Single Product & Bike Shop eCommerce Theme

Onzo is a full-featured WordPress theme for bike shops seeking to make a statement. With its modern and striking colours, the theme is easily customisable and managed by a Drag and Drop Page builder. The ability to simply drag elements around to your liking shows that no unnecessary coding is needed, so rest assured. Upon purchase, you will also receive a detailed help file that will aid you in your site-building process should you feel lost.       

This theme also comes equipped with the necessary features for customisation and personalisation. Its responsive layout ensures that your website will look good and comprehensible on any device from mobile to desktop with retina support. If you are looking to make a bolder impression on your eCommerce brand, this theme is definitely one to consider.

Retailing at $59, this theme has received an average rating of 4.20 out of 5, a ranking worthy of attention. Queries can be taken to the comments whereby the authors will try their best to answer and provide support. 

Onzo - Single Product & Bike Shop eCommerce Theme

Access more information, or observe the live preview.

4. Komo – Bike Rental Shop WordPress

Komo - Bike Rental Shop WordPress

Having scrolled all the above themes for eCommerce, we believe some of you might offer a different biking service, one that is in renting. We have just the theme for that, too.

Komo prides itself in being the “ultimate niche WordPress theme” for bike shop store rentals. This unique theme is explicitly crafted for any company operating in the bike rental sector. Anyone with or without programming skills will find it a breeze in editing the site to their imagination. Apart from their niche design concept, other features include the timely support provided to buyers, an extensive setup guide, video tutorials for beginners, and a one-click demo installer. 

Save at least $197 with the plugins integrated within the theme. Renowned plugins such as Elementor, WooCommerce and WPBakery Builder ensure you stay on top of the competition.   

Receiving an impressive 4.91 rating out of 5, you may obtain this WordPress theme for $79. Despite it being pricier, we believe your money will be well spent if you consider investing in this website for your bike rental company.    

Komo - Bike Rental Shop WordPress

Check out the page for more information, or view the preview.

5. Klippe – Adventure Tours and Extreme Sports Theme

Klippe - Adventure Tours and Extreme Sports Theme

If you find that your biking brand inclines toward a more adventurous side, Klippe may be the best theme for you. This theme will allow you to present adventure sports, adventure tours and extreme sports events through a vibrant and heroic interface. 

Equipped with 3 homepage examples, choices have been provided for you to pick the most alluring demo through a simple one-click import. Highly customisable and responsive, various layouts for displaying events, portfolios, and galleries will have you spoilt for choice. Parallax selections and shortcodes will ensure your website remains aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Two plugins have also been included: Slider Revolution and WPBakery Page Builder. Other plugins are also compatible with this WordPress theme so fret not. 

Priced at $69, good customer support and customisability were common praises highlighted by buyers in their reviews. Definitely consider getting this theme if your business falls in line with such a zesty spirit. 

Klippe - Adventure Tours and Extreme Sports Theme

View more information, or see the theme’s live preview.

6. Sportbikes – Sports and Fitness Store WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Sportbikes - Sports and Fitness Store WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Sportbike is a professional WooCommerce WordPress theme designed specifically for sporty equipment store, sports accessories, and sportswear. Built with Boostrap and powered by WPBakery Builder, this theme comes with 5 elegant homepage demos and an unlimited colour scheme. 

Being visually pleasing, the theme also boasts a focus on user experience and usability owing to features like having a responsive layout, grid and list view, and RTL (Right-To-Left) language. It is responsive and supports a one-click installation for ease and access. Are you intending to sell more than just bicycles? This theme offers you a space to sell accessories, clothes and bike components. Social network integration also ensures you have a place to reach out to your digital audience.    

You will likely find a demo to your suiting, which can then be customised through unique headers for your eCommerce store. Do not miss out on this theme retailing at $59 for a free supply of lifetime updates, six months support system, and online documentation.

Sportbikes - Sports and Fitness Store WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Read more information, or observe the live preview.

7. Yokoo – Bike Shop & Bicycle Rental WordPress Theme

Yokoo - Bike Shop & Bicycle Rental WordPress Theme

Yokoo is a modern and stylish WordPress theme built for bike shops, bike repair, bike-sharing and bike rental services. If you have been looking for a theme to promote your bike repair services, we highly recommend you this theme.

On the commercial end, this theme can also double as an online store selling sportswear, accessories, and pieces of equipment owing to its compatibility with WooCommerce. Moreover, many popular plugins such as Essential Grid and Contact Form 7 are supported by this theme. Using Elementor, a powerful set of shortcodes and widgets will enable you to showcase your skills, portfolio, job experience and achievements, missions and priorities, as well as provide testimonials. The possibilities are almost endless. 

There are also multiple variations of blog layouts should you find yourself wanting to establish a close-knit community with similar interests. Social media is supported, allowing you to connect with your audience regardless of the platform of choice. Do consider this WordPress theme going for $59.  

Yokoo - Bike Shop & Bicycle Rental WordPress Theme

Get more information, or go straight to the live preview.

8. “Rent a Bicycle” in TanTum | Car, Scooter, Boat & Bike Rental Services WordPress Theme

“Rent a Bicycle” in TanTum | Car, Scooter, Boat & Bike Rental Services WordPress Theme

“Rent a Bicycle” is 1 of 7 demos providing rental services in the TanTum theme. With its ready-made pages, everything you may need for your bike rental service has been covered. Simply add your information and utilise the one-click installation to have your website up and running smoothly. 

This modern, flexible and customisable theme allows for a flexible layout, advanced blog setting, and a robust theme framework consisting of widgets and shortcodes. Choose this theme if you would like to portray a softer image of your brand that is neither too adventurous nor too dated. 

With its compatibility with popular plugins such as Elementor, Essential Grid and Mailchimp, rest assured that this theme will keep your business competitive. Its perfect 5.0 rating is also deserving of looks if you own a rental service in the bicycle sector. 

Retailing for $59, the variety of this WordPress theme’s demos allow you to manoeuvre between bicycle, car, scooter, and boat rentals should you also dabble in these areas.         

“Rent a Bicycle” in TanTum | Car, Scooter, Boat & Bike Rental Services WordPress Theme

Check out more information or jump straight into the live preview.

9. Renroll – Scooter & Bike Rental Theme

Renroll - Scooter & Bike Rental Theme

No matter what type of two-wheeled vehicles you rent out, from bikes to luxury motorcycles, the Renroll WordPress theme will be able to help you come up with a professional-looking rental website that is sure to appeal to your audience.

With a modern and clean homepage design, your visitors will be able to access everything they need, all on one page. Easy to navigate, the theme allows the sleek showcasing of your inventory online. Additionally, the carefully crafted landing page ensures your visitors will be able to make a rental booking effortlessly.

This theme is also eCommerce ready with services that support any popular means of payment. Its easy-to-use booking features offer a range of options when it comes to customising prices, requests, and orders. You may consider getting a copy of this theme at $59 to represent your brand in bike rentals and possibly, other vehicles.

Renroll - Scooter & Bike Rental Theme

Check out more information, or preview the demos live.

10. Gaion – Sport Accessories Shop WordPress WooComerce Theme (Mobile Layout Ready)

Gaion - Sport Accessories Shop WordPress WooComerce Theme (Mobile Layout Ready)

Gaion is a WordPress theme specially designed for any online market, especially ones selling sports accessories, protective gear, power sports, safety equipment, cruisers, helmets, sport motor, motorcycle, bike club, auto parts, and more. If you are selling bicycle equipment, this theme would be best suited for you. 

With multi-home pages, mobile layout ready, multi-vendor support and smart eCommerce features, this theme takes mere minutes to set up. Being WooComerce ready, jump straight into your website as you kickstart your bike business. Multiple layouts and styles allow a customisation process telling of your brand image. 

Its mobile-specific web designs are also worthy of looks as it functions to bring customers a great mobile shopping experience, unlike many other WordPress themes. If having a fully functional responsive mobile display is one of your priority, you can consider buying this theme for $59. 

Gaion - Sport Accessories Shop WordPress WooComerce Theme (Mobile Layout Ready)

View more information regarding the theme or check the live preview.

11. GoShop – Multipurpose Ecommerce WordPress Theme

GoShop - Multipurpose Ecommerce WordPress Theme

GoShop is a uniquely designed multipurpose theme catered especially for WordPress-based eCommerce websites. It offers a host of features that will enable you to create an attractive, simple, yet elegant retail website for your online bike shop.

Equipped with three homepage styles, this theme is integrated with Slider Revolution, Bootstrap Framework, and RTL (Right-To-Left) language. Additionally, it houses unlimited widget and sidebar setup options and the capability to build pages using the drag and drop facility.

Cherry-pick from more than 350 icons, unlimited colours, and integrated Google Web Fonts to set up your website. If an air of hospitality is what you look for, then this theme’s demo may be of interest to you. Tailored for eCommerce, time and effort will be conserved should you choose to purchase this WordPress theme at $25. This theme is also priced the lowest amongst others and may be suited for people who do not wish to invest too much in a website. 

GoShop - Multipurpose Ecommerce WordPress Theme

Browse more information, or choose to see the live preview.

12. Ridestyle -Bike Sport Store WooCommerce Theme

Ridestyle -Bike Sport Store WooCommerce Theme

Ridestyle is a creative, modern and responsive theme that is suitable for any kind of biking projects, particularly in the eCommerce sector. With 6 demos to select from, showcase your listing of products through an interface that can be customised according to your preferences. If professionalism is what you are striving for, we will definitely recommend checking out this theme’s demos.

Fully compatible with other popular plugins such as Slider Revolution, WPML, Redux Framework, and Contact Form 7, this WordPress theme also provides the necessary online documentation and a helpful support centre for purchasers. Pre-purchase enquiries will also be promptly answered by the team, giving you peace of mind.

Priced a little higher at $110, we recommend getting this theme if you like the overall aesthetic and layout, and if you have the funds for it. The theme’s high rating is a clear indication of quality and may serve to do you well for your bicycle business.

Ridestyle -Bike Sport Store WooCommerce Theme

Read more information on the theme, or preview it live.

13. Spatina – Sports Store WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Spatina – Sports Store WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Spatina is an eCommerce-centric sports theme with 5 demos available for a one-click installation. Do you intend to sell apparels and sports equipment alongside your bike store? Look no further, for this may be an option for you. The theme’s impressive bicycle demo is trendy, educative and valuable to all types of customers with varying degrees of knowledge. 

The theme’s in-built Slider Revolution allows for unlimited retina sliders to amp up your interface. Additionally, indulge in over 10+ blog layouts should you wish to establish a segment with informative reading materials. This WordPress theme also features Visual Composer, Live Customiser and is RTL (Right-To-Left) language supported for an enjoyable experience.         

Priced at $59, this rather new and flexible theme is a fresh design with established customer support. You may choose to ask the author questions if you feel that the lack of reviews does not provide a holistic overview in your deliberation. 

Spatina – Sports Store WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Get more information on this theme, or visit the live preview.

14. Zapedah – Cycling Club WordPress Theme

Zapedah - Cycling Club WordPress Theme

Zapedah is a responsive cycling club WordPress theme that is clean, modern and elegant in design. Specially designed for clubs, biking communities can use this theme to introduce their organisation or sell their services. Its simple drag and drop feature allows everyone a chance to edit in a way that is fuss-free and convenient.  

This stunning theme comes with 4 demo homepages and the relevant pages needed to set up your biking club; a page for “blogging”, “club events”, “contact”, an “about”, and “our team” page. It is visually appealing and highly customisable with an inline editor for easy content alteration. However, do note that external plugins supporting eCommerce might have to be purchased.  

Do consider getting this theme for $59 if you run a cycling or biking club. Translating your club online will reap a host of benefits if you are looking to foster relationships, sponsorships, or liaise with various stakeholders. Furthermore, this is a unique WordPress theme catering to a niche interest that should not be missed if you have plans to establish your club digitally.   

Zapedah - Cycling Club WordPress Theme

Access more information, or preview it now.

15. Trialem – Bike Rental Multipurpose Modern WordPress Elementor Theme

Trialem - Bike Rental Multipurpose Modern WordPress Elementor Theme

Present your bike rental services stylishly and engagingly with the Trialem theme. Pre-made pages, such as Home, About, Bicycles, Services and Contacts, have been carefully designed for you to display your information. 

The theme provides powerful functionality, which is presented by Jet plugins for Elementor page builder. For example, the JetThemeCore plugin allows the creating of custom headers, footers, and special pages easily. Furthermore, the inclusion of JetTabs plugin will also organise your content into compact, well-structured tabs and accordion blocks without the need for any coding knowledge. 

An integrated set of useful widgets will help you in creating and presenting various kinds of content in an attractive manner. In addition, its convenient interface is equipped with a contact form for your clients to leave relevant data with your business. 

Consider getting this responsive and user-friendly WordPress theme for $59, a good investment for boosting the popularity of your bike rental company.

Trialem - Bike Rental Multipurpose Modern WordPress Elementor Theme

Check out more information here.

16. Drokva – Bike Rental and Shop WordPress Theme

Drokva - Bike Rental and Shop WordPress Theme

Last but not least, Drokva is a bike shop and rental service WordPress Theme designed and developed with WPBakery, Revolution Slider, Contact Form 7 and other plugins. 

Packed with a beautiful design full of various eCommerce and service features, this WordPress theme offers a 2-in-1 use consisting of 4 homepage variants, Google Maps, services, shop, rentals and many others. Built on the latest version of Bootstrap, the theme is fully responsive and mobile-friendly with pages and layouts created specifically to be responsive to the visual environments common in the market today. 

Retailing at $49, we highly recommend that you consider this theme if your business offers both an eCommerce store and a rental service. Maximise the use of your website by combining both retail and services efficiently in the palm of your hands.    

Drokva - Bike Rental and Shop WordPress Theme

View more information about the theme.

Some final words from us

Having observed our list of bicycle WordPress themes, we hope you have managed to get a better understanding of how your website should look like, should you need one. The perfect website should not only look good, but also convey the purpose of your brand to your targeted audience.

Before making a financial investment, do make sure that the theme you have shortlisted is well-equipped with the features you require for your business. Ideally, it should include the plugins (or are at least compatible with them) to save you time and additional effort. Generally, we would recommend a theme that is highly customisable, responsive across various devices, and provide great support from the author. 

Most importantly, your bicycle website should look appealing to you and achieve the intended goals you may have set. This could come in the form of increased sales, website engagement, and digital presence. We believe that establishing a website is vital in keeping up with the current trends of the digital age, more so in the flourishing bike industry.    

Let us know if you agree with us in the comments below.

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