Drones have been all the rage since technology has allowed for them. Whether you possess a drone or know someone with one, we are sure you have at least heard of them. If you are in this incredibly lucrative business, it is highly important that you have a profession-looking website to showcase the array of products or services you can offer. By providing potential clients with relevant information, knowledge and choices– all in one website, the transaction process will definitely be smoother. So, where and how should you begin your search for such a specific template catering to your vocation amid all the variety? Fret not, for we have collected the best WordPress themes for drones and aerial footage to help you make a well-informed choice, giving you access to everything you seek or need.

First, it is good to consider some points when browsing for a website that is drone-themed. An online chat system, the ability to collect online payments, or the website features desired for your business should be kept at the forefront of your mind.

If you wish to supply drones to potential consumers, an eCommerce feature is a must-have for your website. An ideal theme for you would be one compatible with WooCommerce or other plugins supporting transaction services. Similarly, if setting up a drone-centric blog or guide business is your intention, you may want to look out for features allowing the recording of emails from visitors to facilitate your subscription services. Having a general idea of how your website will function will make your entire site-building process easier and faster. 

One more thing you might find useful when selecting the best WordPress theme for your drone business would be a community forum feature. Visitors drawn to your website might feel compelled to stick around, generating high levels of interaction as they pull in new members to patronise your site. With the inclusion of forums, user interaction will be generally self-sustained and might bring up sales in your business if they happen to come across your listings. These are the little things you can integrate to make the most of your website and achieve your financial goals. 

Do note that while all of these themes will work with the best plugins, some templates may have already included these functionalities as a standard, giving you ease when implementing any systems on your WordPress website. 

Other aspects to look out for will be the homepage layouts that offer a selection of options for your website’s overall look and feel. Being in the technology field, you may want your website giving off a digital air of sleekness, or the impression of being refined and informed. There are many ways to display your company and information that is both user-friendly and visually appealing to your readers. Homepages set the basis of first impressions and you may want to take some time exploring multiple options fitting to your brand.

With that said, the ability to change and alter colours or fonts should be made easily accessible. The themes we have picked allow for that flexibility through a built-in and easy-to-use drag and drop page builder feature where not a single line of code needs to be amended.   

We understand that picking and committing to a template takes time and money, and the best way to shortlist them efficiently is to utilise the live preview function that offers an engaging model of how your website would potentially look and feel. As you scroll through these themes curated for the drone and technology industry, remember to use a set of criteria applicable to you in helping you make your final decision. Whatever type of website you want to build for your brand, we believe you are sure to find a suitable theme here.

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1. “Drone” in 907 – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

907 - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme "Drone"

“Drone” in 907’s Parallax WordPress theme is 1 of 27 demos available for import. This very versatile theme is equipped with a good set of demo options and features ideal for various uses that are not limited to drones and aerial. With this theme, you are definitely not left to your own devices when it comes to building your website. Its impressive series of pre-built theme blocks allows for the assembling of different pages that your website will need. 

Besides the allowance of unlimited pages, these pages can have their own logos, colours, fonts, menus and more. WPBakery Page Builder plugin, usually priced at $45, is also a preset deal that lets you build any layout according to your imagination with an intuitive drag and drop builder. As of its 2021 April update, parallax and mobile video backgrounds are now supported on mobile devices, complete with a coloured overlay option. This theme should appeal to those new to creating websites, as well as more experienced site builders who are looking for a theme that can help them to quickly launch a new site with as little effort as possible.

Many of the theme’s features are limitless which grants you the unrestrained freedom of personalisation as you go about designing. Currently retailing at $53, customers get to enjoy its future updates and 6-month support from the author. For another $15.38, support can be extended to a year. Having an easily accessible contact is undoubtedly important, especially if you are rather novice at web building and require a community of support. 

Still have doubts? That’s totally fine. The author has created two forums for users who require answers to their questions before purchase, and a forum for post-purchase discussions. Responses take no longer than a day and are answered “as quickly and as honestly as (they) can”. This is to provide you with a better support experience and needed features should you have any queries. Remember to use the right forum!

No visible downsides have been identified besides a small amount of complaints regarding slow responses in the wrong forum. Please ensure you are posting in the right forum for a faster response from the team.  

With a wealth of pre-built content, even if you decide to opt-out of creating a website for your drone business, its appeal is boundless and can be adapted to an array of audiences.  


2. “Dronik” in Strollik – Single Product WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Strollik - Single Product WooCommerce WordPress Theme "Dronik"

Strollik is a dedicated eCommerce WordPress theme selling one product based on WooCommerce with 29 unique pre-built homepages. WooCommerce is a customisable, open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress which allows you to set up a new store in mere minutes. The demo theme “Dronik” is perfect for you if you are looking to do any eCommerce projects with drones, aerial photography, or videography. Decided to start another business for an unrelated product, say, in the skincare sector? This theme offers the homepage for that too. The bottom line is, the world is at your fingertips when it comes to building your site. 

Apart from its series of carefully crafted demos, this theme is compatible with Widgets for Google Reviews, a stunning tool that allows you to manage and control your WordPress widgets easily. Having been built with Elementor, users like you can create and edit websites by employing the drag and drop technique. Stollik also boasts its advanced tools and plugin support which helps you save a lot of time, money and effort. Your favourite plugins are sure to work well with the theme. 

Retailing at $99, this theme is priced a little higher to provide you with the tools you need. Having won Envato’s Most Wanted competition for Single Product Theme and being made by a Power Elite Author, the price is definitely worth every cent if you have the funds for it. Refunds are also an option if you decide this theme isn’t the one for you at a later stage.   

The only downside to this theme is its “reliance on two popular products Slider Revolution and Elementor”, if this poses an issue, this theme might not be the best one for you. If you have the financial means, do not miss out on giving this theme a try for your drone and tech business. 

With a wealth of pre-built content, even if you decide to opt-out of creating a website for your drone business, its appeal is boundless and can be adapted to an array of audiences. 


3. Drone Media | Aerial Photography & Videography WordPress Theme + Elementor

Drone Media | Aerial Photography & Videography WordPress Theme + Elementor

Now, demos are great and very flexible but what if you wanted a theme dedicated to all things drone and aerial? We hear you. 

Drone Media is a fresh and trendy WordPress theme focusing on aerial photography and videography. The design has a modern touch and feel, and it offers a full pack of options to describe your services and showcase all your projects. If you find yourself dealing with photo shooting, video recording, events, or camera operator services, this theme may be the best fit for you. Furthermore, its smart layout works for both corporate business and private organisations. 

On the other hand, if you lean towards the eCommerce side of drones, the theme is fully integrated with WooCommerce for building and investing in your online business. Homepages consisting of brand logos, featured products, user log in and shopping carts are just one of many features offered by the theme. Do consider taking a look for yourself.

The drag and drop page builder also grants you ease in designing your drone-themed website. It is easily customisable and supports the essential plugins needed for you to kickstart your projects. This theme retails for $59 encased with receiving future updates and theme hosting offers. Inform, sell and blog to your heart’s content as you are given access to 7 pre-built demos supporting a variety of activities. For an additional $17.63, you may choose to extend your support upon purchase to a year, which will save you up to $23. Better safe than sorry! 

No alarming downsides have been observed but if you do find yourself having questions pre or post-purchase, allow the author 1 business day to get back to you in the comments. Its impressive rating of 4.98 out of 5 is also worthy of a few looks. 


4. SquaDrone – Drone & UAV Business

SquaDrone - Drone & UAV Business

SquaDrone is a WordPress theme exclusively built for all kinds of drone and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) business services. It is fully responsive, retina-ready and easy to customise. Similar to the theme before, SquaDrone will make contacting your clients and viewing information about your services and products effortless. With an easy layout customisation, the theme also responds elegantly to various screen sizes and is built for retina displays that are both fully responsive and mobile-friendly. Not only will your website look good, but the information conveyed will also feel good and be comprehensible to your readers. 

Additionally, this theme comes with free updates and free post-sales support by a highly acclaimed support team. Having been designed especially for drones and aerial vehicles, its impressive demo pages are contemporary and emit an air of professionalism. If you do prefer a more colourful website design, perhaps the cool blue coloured theme would fit your palate. 

Whatever the case, the allowances for personalisation is limitless and with a one-click demo content importer tool, you would have a fully featured startup website in a few minutes. Just remember to replace the demo content with your own, though. Plugins such as Bold Builder have also been included in the theme for a drag and drop experience that saves you time and energy without the need for any coding.

WPML and WooCommerce support are just one of many features listed and a set of business-oriented icon sets have been provided for your convenience. You may get this theme at $69 for a regular license, or extend it to a year for an additional $21.38. 

No visual downsides can be identified and it ranks at an impressive 4.95 out of 5 with happy buyers praising its customer support and theme design.  


5. Dronza – Drone Aerial Photography WordPress Theme

Dronza – Drone Aerial Photography WordPress Theme

Dronza is a template marketing themselves as the perfect solution for creating any kind of drone, photography, WooCommerce, blog, creative, gallery, media, and video production website that features a rich and beautiful presence online with flexible design. This is a perfect theme for leaving a positive impression on your customers.

When it comes to promoting aerial photography and videography services, a videographer would come across the need to share the quality of work in an appealing manner. That’s where this theme pack can offer much-needed support and assistance. However, if you find yourself needing an eCommerce feature, this theme allows for just that as well.

Dronza is equipped with Advanced Custom Fields, Elementor Page Builder, WooCommerce and Slider Revolution plugins. It comes with 4 unique pre-made homepages and its well-structured code and easy-to-use documentation helps you set up a great business website.

Other theme features that may impress you would be the fully responsive design, the inclusivity of Google Web Fonts, custom widgets and its cross-browser compatibility. The theme’s demos provide an exciting first impression through the use of red. Or, if you would much rather prefer a tamer version, appealing black and white designs. The promise of more features is also something you should not miss out on.

Currently retailing at $29, you may choose to pay an additional $6.38 for extended support up to a year. Despite its relative newness, reviews have been favourable towards the theme’s customer support and design quality. This theme fits best if you dabble, or are in the drone business aiming to promote an arrangement of visual pieces for portfolio building. Deciding to turn it to into a website supporting eCommerce services at a later time will also be an easy adjustment.   


6. Drone – Single Product WordPress Theme

Drone - Single Product WordPress Theme

The theme Drone comes with 3 visually appealing demos. It has an easy installation and configuration process for first-time users who might struggle with setting up a website. Powered by a Redux framework, you are given an unlimited choice of colour and Google Font options that are WPML supported. Additionally, WooCommerce is also an in-built feature if you have aspirations of starting an online business in the drone and tech industry.

The theme’s update history is also displayed for transparency along with the month and year of update. You have the privilege to see how often the theme has been updated and the feature it has improved on. We will recommend this theme for anyone wanting to start up an eCommerce in the drone business as it is designed with an intention of selling products. It is also a fully responsive interface so you do not have to worry about your website being viewed across various devices.   

For $59, you may obtain this theme that markets its customisability in terms of colours, icons and fonts. Paying an additional $17.63 will provide you with a year’s support for any future queries you may have. Support includes getting responses from the author, answers to technical questions about the item’s feature, assistance with reported bugs and issues, and help with included 3rd party assets. 

The only downside to this may be the bugs included in the theme, but do note that complaints were recorded over a year ago and may have been outdated since.


7. Quadron – UAV Drone WordPress Theme

Quadron - UAV Drone WordPress Theme

Quadron has been designed as a multipurpose creative photography package that includes Elementor blocks, pages, and unique items for use in all areas such as WordPress Product Landing Page, Single Product Showcase, Drone Services, Aerial Photography, Aerial Videography, Pilot Training, and UAV Business, etc.

This theme is a great kick starter for your WordPress Based web project with drones. You have the ability to build many unique pages owing to the thousands of options that come with the 80+ pre-made shortcodes. With the flexibility of their structure compatible with WordPress plugins, users can easily build pages such as forms, videos, single products by using the drag and drop feature.

Additionally, this theme runs flawlessly with WordPress’s most important plugins such as the Contact Form 7, WPML, Gravity Forms, and Slider Revolution. Concerns about such issues may thus be alleviated. Customer support is also promised, with refunds stated as a possible solution if there are any unresolvable issues (which has never happened so far, according to the author!). 

Quadron retails at $49 for a 6-month support which can be extended to a year for another $13.88. Customer satisfaction is a top priority of the author and if you feel that you may need heavier support and help in your journey, this may be the best theme for you. Overall, the team behind this theme (a 10th level Elite Author) prides themselves in having a 5-star ranking from almost all of their customers’ reviews since the last 3 years. 

Having a strong customer support is vital in ensuring your website runs smoothly now and in the long run. You may consider getting this theme for just that, coupled with an attractive interface design that is modern and clean for the business you seek to venture into.      


8. Skylon – Drone Aerial Photography & Videography WordPress Theme

Skylon - Drone Aerial Photography & Videography WordPress Theme

Skylon is a WordPress theme built for all kinds of drone and UAV business services. Its clean, modern, multi-purpose design is best suited for aerial photography and videography. With the one-click demo importer, your site can be up and running in mere minutes if desired. Additionally, much like the other themes, the drag and drop page builder has made it easy for you to customise and personalise wherever applicable. 

With 5 full website demos, simply replace images and text through the theme customiser to change the visual style of the theme to your liking. These changes can be previewed immediately. Plugins have also been included within the theme to save you money from having to purchase them individually. Popular premium plugins such as WPBakery Page Builder, Slider Revolution and Booked Appointment are such examples. 

Additionally, it is also compatible with WooCommerce should you find yourself needing to include or transform your portfolio into an online business. No coding is required for adjustments so feel free to explore the endless possibilities offered by this theme. 

Retailing at $59, you may choose to pay an extra $17.63 for an extended support of 1 year. The only catch that has been expressed by past buyers is the quality of design so do take a deeper look to ensure the aesthetic is suitable and fitting to your interest before making a decision. 

Overall, if you seek to set up a business or service in the drone and UAV sector, do consider this theme to be an option along with the other recommended ones.        


9. Altaframe – Drone Aerial Videography and Photo School WordPress Theme

Altaframe - Drone Aerial Videography and Photo School WordPress Theme

Altaframe is a modern Multipurpose Photography WordPress theme created especially for drone aerial photography and videography, video production companies, and creative photo and video agencies. Altaframe includes all the necessary pages of the online store that is WooCommerce-ready so that you can easily sell your drone, photo camera, video camera, and other products.

Containing everything you may need to build a website, Altaframe offers 3+ professional design homepages, 20+ unique shortcodes, galleries, blog, testimonials, products catalogue, product page, about, shopping cart, order and more. If you happen to be more inclined towards a great design and want to adjust details to your liking, typography, headers, icons, lists, tabs, sliders, 404 page, and many others elements have been included in the additional pages.

The theme is also highly compatible with a bundle of premium plugins. Visual Composer allows you to drag and drop elements that will aid you in your creation of a website layout without the need for any coding. Additionally, it is compatible with different browsers and is fully responsive to various devices. 

Priced at $39, this theme may be a cheaper consideration for readers who do not wish to invest too much on a website. Pay an additional $10.13 and you will receive support for a year. Reviews are also generally favourable when it comes to customer support. Do consider this theme as one of your choices if you are looking to showcase your drone work or sell certain products related to this sector.  


10. DroneX | Aerial Photography & Videography WordPress Theme

DroneX | Aerial Photography & Videography WordPress Theme

DroneX is a rather trendy WordPress theme focused on aerial photography and videography. The interface design has a modern touch of professionalism with a one-click demo installation of 3 layouts in different calming colours: blue, green and yellow. Built with HTML5 and CSS3 code, it supports retina images and can be used across different browsers and mobile devices while maintaining its appeal. 

Prioritising the idea of blogging, this theme offers multiple blog styles with flexible layout options and allowances for views, likes and sharing. You may consider this theme if you lean towards a blogging style that provides informative knowledge to your readers regarding drones and other UAVs. If at a later point you wish to include eCommerce elements, you may do so easily with an addition of plugins. 

Additionally, popular plugins such as ThemeREX Addons, Elementor, Essential Grid, Slider Revolution, WooCommerce and Contact Form 7 are also compatible with DroneX. Customisation options regarding post types, widget sets and shortcodes are also included in a powerful theme framework. 

You may obtain this theme for $59 with the promise of receiving future updates and support from the author. Add another $17.63 and have your support extended to last a year. Having a 5 out of 5 ratings, it is definitely a theme worthy of consideration if design quality and customer support are important factors that you seek. Furthermore, advice is promptly provided to those who seek clarification and additional help.     


11. Helicom – drone and copter WordPress Theme

Helicom - drone and copter WordPress Theme

Helicom is a clean and crispy WordPress theme for drones and copters with minimal design and a great set of features. Specifically designed for drones stores, manufactures, copter software developers, drone delivery services and military/security drones, Helicom can also double as a great starting point for video production companies capturing video footage using drones. The backend page builder and a wide array of shortcodes provide you with the tools to create layouts of any complexity without touching a single line of code. 

This theme is built around a powerful and free Unyson framework using Bootstrap 4 frameworks as a backbone to ensure the theme looks and performs great on any screen of any device. A demo has also been included to display the layout of this theme. An exact copy may be replicated for your usage in a few clicks.

Upon purchase, the theme also comes with detailed documentation and a support team to answer any queries. The only downside to this theme is the lack of reviews, given its rather new and niche design. However, the team fares well with a rating of 90 over 100 and an average users’ rating of 93 on all products. If the lack of review does hinder you from making a purchase, we suggest reaching out to the authors should you have any questions regarding the theme.     


Your Next Steps

Choosing the right website for your brand is vital in portraying the right first impression to your potential readers and clients. Whether you are looking into starting a drone eCommerce business or creating a website to host your projects and footage, the aesthetic and visual design should be enticing but more importantly, comprehensible. 

Demos are definitely useful in helping you make an informed decision and we recommend spending some time on the previews of the websites that you like. During the process of elimination, do consider the features built into these themes to ensure you are equipped with the plugins that would be of interest to you. Purchasing themes relevant to your business will also save you some money from having to buy additional plugins. 

Customisation is also a good factor to be aware of. Ideally, a template with elements you can easily manoeuvre around would be best for personalising your website with distinctive ideas and thoughts. On the other hand, too many allowances may also confuse you if you are new to website editing. A balance is very much needed to ensure you rightfully display the image of your brand without being drowned in possibilities.   

Lastly, knowing you are provided with good customer support will also provide a sense of security. If you are a novice with limited website building experience, we suggest selecting a theme with strong consumer support in the event you need someone to turn to. As you make your choice, be assured that the themes mentioned above are some of the best when it comes to design, customisation, customer support, and value for money.   

Being an increasingly flourishing industry, drones and UAV technologies are more prominent now than ever and to have a website regarding that in this digital age would be the cherry on top of your business, service or portfolio.     

Our top 3 favourites are definitely the “Drone” in 907, Drone Media, and Quadron. These themes achieve the aforementioned criteria in the making of a good website and we feel that investing in them may reap a host of benefits for whoever needs a drone-themed website.   

Did any theme on this list catch your eye? Do let us know in the comments below.

Should you frequently need access to a variety of premium plugins, themes, logos, video footage and audio files to power up your WordPress site, do also check out envato elements‘ unlimited subscription plan starting from just $16.50/month.


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