Nowadays, setting up a good website is just as important as any part of planning an event. With this digital age, if people can’t find information about your event online, then it’s going to be harder for them to recall and look it up later closer to the date itself. A good site is both a good resource and a good marketing tool to really make sure that attendance is high. By choosing the right events WordPress theme you’ll be sure to do a good job of both advertising your event as well as managing registrations in a timely manner.

We’ve got a solid spread of some of 15 of the very best WordPress events theme in this here article. Each of them is equipped with all the right features to build up the hype and anticipation for the day the even happens. Some of these features ensure that you’ll be able to disseminate useful information to attendees and potential registrants alike, such as location, schedules, profiles for bands or speakers, and a whole lot more.

The best events themes also allow you to manage registrations from your site. It’s a great alternative to having to manage sales through some other third party service that might charge a commission on your sales. Other things to watch for is responsive designs to accommodate mobile users, social media integration to help with outreach, and a selection of layouts for all the different pages you need to make.

The themes here are also geared towards either promoting single events or even multiple ones, providing a fair amount of variance in the kinds of events that can be presented with these themes. Do watch out for what kind of theme presents what manner of events as you read through this article! Regardless of whether you’re organising conferences, workshops, meetups, parties, concerts, or festivals, the themes here will make sure you can really kick-start your website designing process.

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1. Grand Conference | Event WordPress

Grand Conference | Event WordPress

Grand Conference is a professional yet stylish event WordPress theme that works well all kinds of events and conference websites.

This theme is a little more limited in its layout selection compared to the rest of the themes in this article, but that isn’t to say that’s a bad thing. In fact, it could be said that their demos show how much attention to detail they put to developing them into the best demos for their niches. Installing any one of them is easy and fast with only one click required to port over all the layouts, images, sliders, menus, and settings into your WordPress dashboard so you can get to work on your site at the drop of a dime.

The demos are all great in their own right, and can accommodate the addition and editing of modules such as registration, schedule, and speaker pages to give plenty of details about your event. And with Google Maps, you’ll also be able to direct attendees to the venue’s address. If The pricing table page is also a must have for those of you selling different ticket packages; good for offering front row seat to concerts and even backstage passes or merch. Plenty of additional features like an option to filter topics to find the sessions at the event that visitors are more interested in are available. You can also organize sessions by day so registrants may look through your programme easily. While Grand Conference looks great right out of the box, it can also be heavily customized to suit your requirements.

So get Grand Conference to build your grand event website here, or check out the demo!

2. ConferPress – Multipurpose Event Tickets WordPress Theme

ConferPress - Multipurpose Event Tickets WordPress Theme

ConferPress is superb choice of WordPress theme for an events site that needs ticket sale options as well.

With this WordPress theme, you’ll get plenty of different and modern-looking demos to choose for your events site. No matter the nature of the event, there’s sure to be at least one demo that can help you with your website. Given the extended scope of this theme towards ticketing sales on top of event promotion, there are a few demos that may not be as optimised for promoting your event but will help with selling tickets and various packages for them; great for giving fans merchandise before conventions and concerts or even toolkits and stationery for more academic events.

The theme is also good regardless of whether you’re doing a single day event or a series like a tour programme across multiple locations and dates. It doesn’t really matter how you want to use this theme, because with the huge abundance of pre-made content and wealth of useful features, you can configure your site in almost any way you want. Event Calendar Pro is integrated with the theme to indicate schedules and dates of the event, plus WooCommerce ensures that you’re able to sell the tickets to those events yourself so you can get started and easily manage the whole event planning process with your site at your side to make things easier.

You may easily alter the appearance of all the different page elements to ensure they’re right for your content and target attendants. This package also includes a mobile showcase plugin for free so that your content is accessible to all audiences both on PC and on mobile. Do check out the theme demo as well, as the developers have been kind enough to even offer a glimpse into what other live sites have done with the theme. You might be inspired to do similar things with your event site too!

So learn more about Confer Press here and navigate the demo!

3. Event Champ – Multiple Event & Conference

Event Champ - Multiple Event & Conference

Event Champ is a very stylish WordPress theme that presents you with different ways of producing novel event websites.

This WordPress theme works great for events of all types, either focusing on promoting one single event or featuring a directory of multiple ones as well. The theme works incredibly well regardless of the type of event you’re setting up for due to both its rather neutral and unobtrusive style as well as the 14 different and unique demos that’ll be sure to match what you need out of this theme.

Simply pick out one of those demos and install them with but a single click so you can quickly get to work on your site. Some of the pre-built demos fill niches that include things like education, gaming, travel, and fashion events, as well as a wedding option to show off your pictures with friends after. You can also use the more generic designs and adjust them to suit your website if the others don’t quite fit.

A theme panel is also provided with options and settings that control multiple visual elements and can be very simply interfaced with to switch things up on the current demos. Other useful features of this stylish events WordPress theme include a varied selection of layouts for displaying multiple events, a number of different search tools to help your visitors find the type of events they are looking for, and facilities for selling tickets online yourself or integrating with third-party services.

Get in the know of what else this theme has to offer here and through its demo!

4. Evenex – Event Conference WordPress Theme

Evenex - Event Conference WordPress Theme

Evenex is a robust WordPress theme for promoting and marketing your events.

This theme comes with a plethora of demos built for events like conferences, meetups, in-person, and even the more recently common online events. The demos are not just flashy, but very informational with all the tools and modules provided to key in things like venues, speaker profiles and whatever else attendants need to take note of. Registrants can also easily access this information on their smartphones due to the WordPress theme’s responsiveness.

You can also integrate your site with all the best ticket sales platforms so you don’t need to worry about managing the sales on your own. Alternatively, you could install any of the supported ticketing plugins handle them if you feel up to the task. Evenex even ships with a crowdfunding plugin for WordPress to accept things like donations too.

This events WordPress theme ensures a quick start with the one-click demo importer tool to easily install and start work on your chosen demo. Elementor page builder helps in that regard too by letting you edit the page elements and add in all the necessary details. And the cherry on top is the WordPress Customizer that’ll quickly implement site-wide visual changes.

Start work on your events site today by checking out the theme page and all its demos!

5. Eventerra – Event / Conference WordPress Theme

Eventerra - Event / Conference WordPress Theme

Eventerra gets you all the tools you need to get your event website off the ground with a solid WordPress theme package.

This WordPress theme offers two different ways to settle registrations to your event. The first is an online form to register and reserve a place, while the other utilises the Tickera WordPress event ticketing system plugin to sell tickets straight from the site. While both are typically easily managed by other platforms like Google Forms or third-party ticket sellers, features like these are great if you want to manage all this data more securely in a self-made site.

The standard demo selection and installation is provided here, and you’ll be getting plenty of page elements to display conference schedules, speakers, news, and more as per usual. These aren’t the only options you get to have, though. You also get to pick out six colour presets among other customisable settings afforded through WordPress Customizer.

Visual Composer is the plugin of choice for this theme so you can have endless creative possibilities to structure and design the site in the way that you want to. The premium Slider Revolution and LayerSlider plugins are a few other additions that’ll make for some cool looking media carousels for after the event so people get to reminisce through fun photos and videos.

Start work on your site with Eventerra here and check out the demo!

6. Infinite – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Infinite - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Infinite lives up to its name being a multipurpose WordPress theme that’ll give you nigh infinite options and tools to build the best events website.

Made for event promotion and keeping attendants up to date and informed, this Infinite website demo does its job well. Depending on how you choose to set up your events website, one option you have is to feature a wide background video or even just put up a static image. You’ll also get the standard array of countdowns, guest highlights and timetable functions.

You’ll also get a good selection of website headers. The WordPress Customizer that’s packaged within also lets you personalize many aspects of your website in real time. A drag and drop page builder adds more versatility and freedom to the theme for you to change things up as you go along too.

With Infinite, you get all the features and functionality of a solid multi-purpose theme that any events site needs.

Learn more here and from the demo!

7. Eventr – One Page Event WordPress Theme

Eventr - One Page Event WordPress Theme

Eventr is a WordPress event theme featuring a more simple single page layout while still meeting all the requirements an events website has.

One page websites are pretty solid layouts for modern sites. They’re great for summarising all your content into more simplified configurations that ensure that visitors get all the pertinent information without having to dive into page after page of additional info. That manner of navigation might be how we used to do it in the early internet days, but the mobile and digital future demands a more seamless user experience.

And even as a one page WordPress theme, you can still fit all kinds of content that’ll make you r site look nice while keeping viewers in the know. You can add a large content slideshow, countdown timers leading up to the event debut date and time, speaker profiles, event timetables, venue information, sponsor details, and all your ticketing options that might come with extra goodies or backstage passes to meet bands.

Eventr also nets you the premium Visual Composer plugin. Use it to very easily tweak any of the existing designs and layouts that the theme offers, or maybe even make one from scratch. The page builder is entirely visual and drag & drop, so you won’t have to fuss over even a single line of code; making the theme especially user friendly to web design beginners.

So get more info on what Eventr can do to boost your event website through its product page and live preview!

98Exhibz | Event Conference WordPress Theme

98Exhibz | Event Conference WordPress Theme

Exhibz is an event and conference WordPress theme featuring 10 different vibrant and modern homepage layouts.

With a selection like that, you’re sure to be able to use this WordPress theme to make the site that you need to put your event on the map. This theme’s layouts even come custom-built for events like food festivals, marketing events and education conferences. There’s a fair number of multipurpose layouts too for almost any type of website. As well as the homepage layouts, there are also multiple templates for the inner pages of your site. This makes it easy to quickly add other essential content to your events website, especially with the bundled Elementor page builder plugin that’ll let you alter all these layouts as much as you need.

The theme isn’t just stylish, but functional too. Speaker profile sections, countdown timers, schedules, and pricing tables for various ticket packages are all great features that you’ll want for your site. Something like a functional Google Map module to share the location of the event is easy is offered by this WordPress theme too.

Learn more about what this theme can do for you here and through its live demo.

9. TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

TheGem - Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

TheGem is an incredibly versatile and flexible WordPress theme with plenty of functions and layouts suited for even websites.

In fact, this WordPress theme has 2 demos in particular that are a good fit for events; one for music and band type events and another for IT and tech related ones. Both demos share a very sleek and modern looks, with great features like event countdown timers, image sliders and schedules. Sections for hosting media can also be used to showcase video footage from previous events and other promotional material. Regardless, the theme ensures that whatever the event is, you’re sure to have all the tool you need to match the theme closer to the events you need to get access to.

If those aren’t enough, import whatever other templates you need to your site. Install them from the packaged library of over 400 templates or make them yourself using the integrated drag & drop page builder plugin.

Learn more about what TheGem has to offer here and check out the demo!

10. Confera – Conference & Event

Confera - Conference & Event

Confera is a great WordPress theme to build webpages for online conferences and virtual events.

This WordPress theme is built with some very high quality templates for various business needs. However, the Online Conference demo is the most relevant for the purpose of this article’s focus. Looking through this demo, you’ll see that the homepage leaves plenty of space to feature details of your conference. You’ll be able to indicate titles, dates, and number of speakers; and can be very quickly altered to add more info. A registration link is also presented as a bold “Register Now” button so that signing up is easily accessible.

The homepage features plenty of additional and very helpful modules and segments. Scrolling down the landing page, visitors will see a countdown timer that ticks down to the event, a carousel that might be used to house speakers’ photos and profiles, and tabbed timetables provided by a scheduling widget for the event. The pricing table widget will also help with sharing details on different ticketing programmes if you’re selling different packages too.

And while this homepage on its own is great, this WordPress theme also comes with other additional templates that might be good for other sites like tech start-ups or even other organisations like non-profits.

Learn more about this theme here and from its live preview!

11. Exponent – Modern Multi-Purpose Business WordPress theme

Exponent - Modern Multi-Purpose Business WordPress theme

Exponent is an incredibly adaptable multi-use WordPress theme with demos that work well for events too.

Just get the Events & Conferencing demo installed to your site and get access to a sleek homepage design full of useful elements to promote your event. Other elements include a timer that counts down to any particular date and time, icons for sharing information, and a speaker feature panel.

Some other helpful features this WordPress theme offers is a timetable publisher to show the schedule of your event, slots to display event sponsors’ logo, and pricing tables to compare multiple ticketing options. If you’re running a recurring event with a bit of history, you could also collate testimonials to feature past event reviews or even put up an FAQ.

You won’t even have to be confined to these great templates too. Innovate on them with the integrated visual builder and its intuitive drag & drop interface so you get free reign over how your site ends up looking. Some other nice addons are the GDPR compliance features, WooCommerce support for onsite payments for tickets or merchandise, and plenty of customisation. Another benefit of choosing this multi-purpose WordPress theme is that you could even use the page builder to adapt the other themes packaged inside if you find a non-event layout might actually fit the type of event you’re doing – the Charity option might be a good one for non-profit charity events, for example.

So why not try this theme out by checking out its page and demo?

12. WellExpo – Event & Conference Theme

WellExpo - Event & Conference Theme

WellExpo is an event WordPress theme that will guarantee you a professional and stylish site.

This WordPress theme has a layout for a huge variety of events like tech summits, business forums, and music events. You’ll also be able to get to work on them fast by installing them with a few clicks. You could even alter the pre-made content to whatever layout you want with WP Bakery Page Builder on deck to make the page editing process seamless and easy. Simply move around page elements and key in the relevant information into all the provided modules like registration pages and venue information and directions.

Running a convention over multiple days? The timetable publisher makes it easy to generate multiple and easy-to-read schedules for each day! The plugin WellExpo also helps with things like online ticketing. Generate passes for conference attendees from the site for them to print and present upon registration. With a good mix of style and solid features, WellExpo is a good fit for an event website.

Take the time to read up more on its product page and live demo!

13. EvenTalk – Event Conference WordPress Theme

EvenTalk - Event Conference WordPress Theme

EvenTalk is very functional WordPress theme for designing conference and event websites.

For event management companies, a WordPress theme that’s versatile and flexible to a host of different events will be ideal for all the different events you expect to be managing. I that case, this one’s especially goo due to how well it can handle events that are one-off, recurring and even occurring over the pan of multiple days. The 10 homepage layouts give you some flexibility in layout and look as well, with some built as one page demos and others working as the standard multi page format you see in most sites. Each of them look modern and trendy too, so don’t worry about your site looking tacky.

The load out of features provided isn’t too bad too. You’ve probably come to expect the typical even countdown, speaker and main event features, and nicely formatted schedules to give attendants the lowdown on what’s going on. If this is a paid event, you can use the pricing table builder for comparing different ticket packages, sponsor logo banners, and call to action buttons to make it easy for visitors to quickly sign up!

Managing ticket sales to avoid paying some other platform to handle it for you is possible with WooCommerce integration offered in this WordPress theme. But if you appreciate the convenience they provide, you may easily connect the site to your third-party ticket vendors. EvenTalk has been created around the Elementor page builder so you can easily crack the theme open and get to work on changing things up to either edit the current layouts or make new ones entirely from scratch.

EvenTalk gives you all the website building tools necessary for your events website.

Take a gander here to learn more and even browse the demo!

14. Uptime – Responsive Elementor WordPress Theme for Business

Uptime is a multipurpose business WordPress theme with plenty of event-friendly features to boot.

While marketed for businesses, you’ll find that this WordPress theme is fairly attractive with all its minimalist charm and versatile demos that may be used for all kinds of niches. You’ll get access to a stylish set of templates that boast homepages full of great features. The standard sponsor logo block, speaker information panels, tabbed schedules and event subjects and details are all provided.

Each of those aforementioned features are mobile-ready too with the template’s responsive design keeping things accessible to mobile users.

Plus, the Elementor page builder plugin bundled within ensures that you can move and add those elements at will and according to your preferences. You can also make other changes to the appearance of your site through the theme options and settings to alter colours, switch headers and adjust plenty of other visual aspects of the site in a very seamless and simple process.

Get a closer look at this theme here and browse the demo!

15. Evently – Conference & Meetup Theme

Evently - Conference & Meetup Theme

With 9 different demos to pick from, the WordPress theme Evently can be adapted for whatever event you’re building a site for.

The pre-built content and templates included in the Evently theme cover a range of events, including conferences, summits, meetups, and even festivals. In fact, a demo for event organisers is also provided in this events WordPress theme. So, if you’re an organiser yourself, you’ll even be able to use the theme to build a resume/portfolio type site to market your skills!

You’ll also receive the standard event theme features like countdown timers, feature profiles of guests of honour and special attendants like performers or speakers, timetables, and pricing tables. Pre-made segments for sponsor logos, image galleries, and contact forms are included too.

All these features and layouts aren’t fixed in their spots with the packaged WP Bakery Page Builder plugin. Shifting page elements into new layouts will be made incredibly easy with this visual site editor.

So check out Evently’s page and all its different demos!

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