Filmmaking and videography, like any creative field, requires you to put out and compile portfolios that feature your best work and unique creative flair. Thus,a good and professional website theme goes a long way in establishing you (or your brand’s) sense of identity. After all, if the site lacks a sense of creativity  Which is why pre-built WordPress themes tailored to the needs of those in the film or video industry are convenient. WordPress provides an intuitive drag-and-drop system when building webpages, leading to quick and easy website design.

The themes we’ve compiled here may be easily applied and edited according to your specifications, and even provide demos so you may see what best suits the purpose of your site. Most importantly, their video-friendly layouts make them ideal for hosting demo reels and samples of video work.

Furthermore, they come with a variety of features and plugins that offer additional functionality. These range from Visual Composers that allow you to edit your content live, to ecommerce functionality for sale of films and other merchandise.

Given the variety of options available, you’re sure to find a theme within this article that meets your needs whether you’re compiling a filmmaking or videography portfolio, or even featuring films from your production studio.

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1. Cinerama – A Theme for Movie Studios and Filmmakers

Cinerama - A Theme for Movie Studios and Filmmakers Screenshot

Cinerama, much like every theme in this article, brings focus to images and stills. This makes it ideal for for a producer who wants to feature their filmography first and foremost.

This theme contains a fair amount of visually distinct and stylish page layouts; providing you with plenty of choices to match whatever your preferences may be. You might choose a particularly compelling shot from a film, feature a recently successful movie you might have shot, or even allow visitors to look through a gallery of your work for them to freely peruse. If the site is meant to feature yourself or your creative team, the theme even has layouts tailored to for short and descriptive text blurbs.

Overall, visuals are the main priority of this theme; with most layouts favouring compositions that draw attention to whatever media is uploaded to the site. Text formatting is non intrusive and allows you to expound on the details of the featured films without distracting from your content. Cinerama also provides a variety of ways of presenting your media, be they videos or images. These include media carousels, an interactive showcase with a fullscreen slider, grid layout with hover effects as well as a horizontal timeline.

These very media layouts afford for various ways for you to present your videos. Media carousels and the horizontal timeline enable a means of presenting clips sequentially that may catalogue your growth in your filmmaking over time.

And if you wanted to host more than just film and videos on the site, Cinerama also boasts blog-capabilities for any film-related articles or discussions (also made possible through built-in comment sections) and even a storefront to sell your own movies and clips.

All in all, Cinerama works great for sites that heavily feature visual media like films and movie shots; which lends well to building portfolios or compiling films. Visit the page for more information, or see the live preview here. 

2. Formota – Movie Studios & Filmmakers WordPress theme

Formota - Movie Studios & Filmmakers WordPress theme

Formota markets itself as a theme suitable for any group or individual working in creative industries, though has a particular focus on those in film. Touting more than 12 homepages, you’re sure to be spoilt for choice between the available options. With the freedom to customise the theme’s colours, you can mix and match layout and colours to create a visually distinct page to your own creative tastes. And with the inclusion of over 600 Google Fonts and various icons to pair with ready made site headers and footers, Formota is sure to be the theme of choice for anyone looking for a them that prizes aesthetics and style above all else. Elements on the site also come with CSS3-coded animation, allowing them to seamlessly slide into frame as users scroll through pages to introduce interactivity and a sense of responsiveness

Additionally, the theme is functional on both tablets and smartphones, and is compatible with various browsers, making it incredibly accessible to site visitors. The inclusion of a newsletter popup function and a contact form also helps you to reach out to your potential audiences as well by giving them the option to be kept up to date on any updates posted to your website via email.

Ajax programming in site code also ensures that videos and films uploaded so not interfere with the viewing experience by ensuring that site assets are loaded in fairly quickly.

The inclusion of WooCommerce compatibility is a nice touch too, with shortcodes for beautiful shop layouts provided as part of the theme so you may sell products and services fairly easily. Blogging functionality and the theme’s abundance of inner page formats further add to the potential uses that Formota may have, thereby ensuring that the site not only looks good, but may also adopt a variety of function such as sales or writing. Visit the page for more information, or see the live preview here. 

3. Noxe – Movie Studios and Filmmakers Theme

Noxe - Movie Studios and Filmmakers Theme

Compared to the previous two themes, Noxe is a fair bit more reminiscent of video streaming sites. It contains more than 18 various simple and clean layouts that are all easily customised with drag-and-drop functionality and may be changed between a light and dark theme.

This theme has a particular focus on hosting videos and films, with templates that can arrange portrait images of your movie posters into grid layouts and a robust meta fields film database system that will allow visitors to search the films you upload to the site via a variety of criteria that you can add to each film uploaded through a tagging system. If you wish to put related videos together, you can do so through Noxe’s episode management system built to not only arrange series of clips into a chronological sequence, but also indicate the cast, crew and summary of the works contained within.

Interactivity with visitors is also made possible through the integration of a comment & review system for viewers to leave their thoughts on the featured work and ratings on a scale of 10 stars. Statistics on said reviews are even collated and can be viewed through the theme as well. Noxe even contains IMDb integration that can pull ratings on any of your work hosted on the platform and display them on your own website to showcase how well received your work is.

And if all this wasn’t enough, it comes with the typical blogging functionality that most WordPress themes are equipped with, opening room for reviews, articles and trailers for upcoming projects that you’d like to advertise on the site. Visit the page for more information, or see the live preview here. 

4. Silverscreen – A Theme for Movies, Filmmakers, and Production Companies

Silverscreen - A Theme for Movies, Filmmakers, and Production Companies

Silverscreen is tailored for filmmakers, production companies and anyone who wants to build a site around movies and videography.

Its design is distinct and clear with multiple landing pages and demos to sieve through. It’s pages are even tailored to specific needs that a production house might have. Pages made specifically for inhouse directors and actors’ video portfolios, movie trailer shortcodes for the homepage, and even award ceremony layouts are some of such specially made formats. Other shortcodes abound as well, with pricing tables from your studio, other video links and social media compatibility made possible through a Twitter feed shortcode. Furthermore, the various inner pages Silverscreen provides introduce more functionalities to the website and its possible pages. Blog posts may be made, and you can supplement more information for a production house through something like an FAQ page or a contact page.

Widgets built into the theme also provide greater accessibility to social media and a variety of other functions. The WooCommerce widget, for example, allows you to set up an online shop and visitors to keep track of their shopping cart. The other social media widgets also allow visitors to share content on your site to other social media platforms, encouraging engagement with any content you post to the site.

Editing the site with this theme is also fairly straight forward. With Visual Composer built in, you can very easily drag and drop the above mentioned widgets and page elements as you see fit. The visual editor even allows you to see how the site will turn out even as you edit it. So if you’re looking to make a website without fussing over layout and formatting, Silverscreen’s tailored design can help make that process easier. Visit the page for more information, or see the live preview here. 

5. Circle – Filmmakers & Movie Studios WordPress theme

Circle - Filmmakers & Movie Studios WordPress theme

Circle is rather versatile theme made for creatives to present their work; making it incredibly ideal for use in filmmaking and videography sites.

Should you choose to adopt Circle in your WordPress site, you’re sure to be able to host your films and videos in a site well structured to house them. With Ajax programming included to allow for smooth performance even with large video files, you can upload clips without having to compress them and have audiences miss out on viewing your work at high quality. Said films may also be arranged in a neat and sleek grid layout displaying previews posters to be perused by visitors for easy navigation.

Circle offers over seven different homepages, with some offering various grid layouts to put your video at the front of your site. You could even have masonry aligned images to feature the production crew of your studio, or images to showcase individuals like directors. The theme allows you to freely swap between these layouts as necessary in order to best suit the creative direction of your studio. There’s no need to worry over formatting for other devices such as tablets and smartphones as the theme is fully responsive and adjusts to the screen sizes of said devices.

And if you want to leverage on the website to market your filmmaking prowess or the services of your studio, an in-built contact form is provided for prospective individuals to call you up through the website. A newsletter popup also provides an alternative to this, giving you the choice to engage your audience by encouraging them to register for a mailing list for you to send updates through.

Visit the page for more information, or see the live preview here. 

6. Mato – Movie Studios and Filmmakers WordPress Theme

Mato - Movie Studios and Filmmakers WordPress Theme

Mato is another good theme useful to any activity a filmmaker or studio might set out to do.

This theme contains up to 10 different possible layouts and pages specifically designed for various film-related work. You could either develop a page featuring yourself and your crew, or choose from a variety of portfolio layouts to catalogue your videos. The theme even possesses a Film Festival page format for events that even accommodate previews of films and text with pleasant fonts. The theme also integrates text fairly well alongside the more predominant visual elements, something that is paramount to sites that feature visual media so prominently.

Should you require greater functionality out of your site, the theme also comes packaged with plugins such as Contact Form 7 and WooCommerce Shop so you can have users submit inquiries or purchase goods such as tickets to film festivals or feature events for your own films. With Visual Composer built into the theme as well, you’ll be saving on buying it separately and benefiting from the ease in which you’ll be able to arrange and adjust the content on your site. Coupled with the easy install of the demo through a one click setup, Meto gets you a quick start at developing your film website.

Visit the page for more information, or see the live preview here. 

7. Spool – Movie Studios and Filmmakers WordPress Theme

Spool - Movie Studios and Filmmakers WordPress Theme

Spool is a theme built with movie studios and filmmakers in mind, providing you with components and styles to suit your needs. If you’re looking to showcase a diverse range of filmmaking and videographical skills, this theme is sure to help you in that endeavour.

With a rather modest but solidly designed set of six different pages to utilise, Spool is a fairly simple theme. Every page provides room for images and videos to be uploaded, and their respective layouts give rise to different ways of arranging your content in order to achieve a variety of ways to present your portfolio. Spool’s Filmmaker page, for instance, features a layout that accommodates text and a portrait image that may be used as an introductory page. Movie Studio, on the other hand, might be used to go into further detail on a film project given how it allots equal amounts of space to text and media.

Despite the simple layout, however, the Visual Composer plugin included opens up the possibility of rearranging content fairly easily with its drag-and-drop system. Coupled with Contact Form 7 and WooCommerce Shop, you could even set up a storefront for items you’d like to sell such as stock footage you’ve filmed as downloadable packages.

Visit the page for more information, or see the live preview here. 

8. 9Studio – Director Movie Photography & Filmmaker WordPress Theme

9Studio - Director Movie Photography & Filmmaker WordPress Theme

One of the more recently updated of the themes in this list, 9Studio‘s current iteration features a new set of homepages to apply to your site. Its minimalist theme and subtle fonts help to contrast against the more important content which will be the videos and images you will want to post to the site. Said pages also cater to different needs as well. So whether you want to compile various blog posts at the front of your site or showcase your creative theme, there’s definitely a page layout available that will suit what you’re looking for.

This wordpress theme is also accompanied by premium plugins at no extra cost . Visual composer is a staple in many of these themes, and provides a great deal of customisability without any serious brainwork to figure it out due to its visual editor. Slider Revolution, the other available plugin, introduces more ways to develop image and video carousels that you have more control over. This way you’ll be able to ensure that your videos and films will be presented in the way that you want and not limited by a preset structure.

Of these features, the WordPress theme’s newest addition is a WooCommerce plugin. Should you wish to market products like demo reels or stock footage, this plugin provides the functionality needed to sell such products easily. WooCommerce helps to make managing any sale and purchases simpler to deal with so that you can set your mind to what is already a smooth sailing website building process. Visit the page for more information, or see the live preview here.

9. Dozir – Movie Studios & Filmmakers WordPress Theme

Dozir - Movie Studios & Filmmakers WordPress Theme

What Dozir lacks in variety it makes up for a solid and simple base to work off from to produce a site for film and video work without all the bells and whistles.

This WordPress theme has about four demos to choose from when developing the site. While not quite as targeted in function as other themes, it still demonstrates a pleasant aesthetic that may fit any particular kind of mood that the film shoots or videos you might feature may possess. All layouts can be simple navigated by reading straight from the top to the bottom, mostly only differing in whether the text present is centre or left aligned. Grid layouts are present to feature multiple videos in a gallery-style format so you can showcase all your work in one space.

With regard to plugins, Dozir has the Elementor Page Builder and the Slider Revolution plugin for developing custom sliders for visual media. Elementor is a drag-and-drop visual editor, and is fairly simple to learn due to its intuitive controls. If you’re new to web design, this may even be a good first step into visual editors as its simplicity, though limited in the extent to which you can stretch the editor, means that learning the foundations and basic functions most visual editors will be easy without all the harder functionalities confusing you as you look through the user interface.

Slider Revolution on its own, however, can be used to apply a fair amount of flair to your site. Using this to feature your videography and other shots means that you have a fair bit of leeway in deciding how to present said videos outside of what this WordPress theme currently provides. All in all, Dozir is a great beginner’s theme if you’re just dipping your toes into developing a fairly simple site to show off your film work. Visit the page for more information, or see the live preview here.

10. Movie Pro – TV Show and Production House HTML template

Movie Pro - TV Show and Production House HTML template

If you’re looking to develop a site for a production house or even a small theater, Movie Pro would definitely be a good candidate.

This WordPress theme is modeled much like a cinema site. It’s four demos provide layouts to display the most recently added movies to the site’s database through poster images. Said images can even link to pages that feature more information on said movies. If you’re looking to compile a database cataloguing film projects that you’ve done, this theme would work well in arranging them in a rather neat format. Film shots can even be put into a grid based gallery to feature favourite snippets that might exemplify some of your creative flourishes in previous works. A contact page is also provided so that potential employers could get in touch with you.

What differentiates this theme, however, is the fact that a seat booking system is available as a page option. Should you be part of a production house or film house that screens movies that you’ve shot yourself and have venues with seating for audiences, this booking page can actually streamline the process. Ticket booking is even possible, and kind of lends an air of professionalism by showing visitors that you’re able to manage independent screenings as well in a rather official looking manner. Visit the page for more information, or see the live preview here.

11. Ftage – Film Studio Movie Production HTML Template

 Ftage - Film Studio Movie Production HTML Template

Ftage is a great theme to use for a variety of creative video projects and compiling film portfolios as well.

With over fifteen different homepages, you can tailor your site for whatever purpose based on these pre-built layouts. Representing an agency or film studio? Or are you compiling portfolios for creatives? You could even post updates on a video project you’re working on through the Video & News page layout or Film Campaign one as well. Their pre-fabricated structure means that you can worry less about the composition and order of your content and focus more on marketing yourself and picking out the best examples of you or your production house’s work with film and movies. You won’t even have to worry about the formatting of your images as the theme’s responsive design scales all elements according to whatever device may open your website.

And should you need more pages to feature the abundance of work that you want to share, this WordPress theme even comes with the Slider Revolution plugin to periodically cycle through film stills or even vignettes from your movies. This way you can pace out how much of your work is viewed without cluttering the page full of stills. Ftage even offers plenty of inner pages so you can organise separate galleries for different projects. 2 service pages made for you to insert the kind of film and video services you offer are also part of this WordPress theme. Coupled with a contact page, you can easily use the site to help make the contact process smoother. Visit the page for more information, or see the live preview here.

12. Pixoo – Film Maker & Movie Studio Elementor Template Kit

Pixoo – Film Maker & Movie Studio Elementor Template Kit

Pixoo is a fairly simple WordPress theme that is ideal for a site with a more focused purpose in mind.

While its lack of multiple demo modes and alternate homepages may make Pixoo look less flashy than other entries in this list, that doesn’t mean that it’s the lesser choice in any way. Made with the free and accessible Elementor visual editor, Pixoo makes masterful used of that website builder’s simple features to produce a rather visually appealing and simple theme without all the extra cost of premium plugins like Visual Studio. The page is full of various animations that play in response to navigating and scrolling downwards, and arranges uploaded images in a unique way that not as many themes are able to do quite as well.

Its inner pages are also sufficient for any filmmaker or small-scale production house. This WordPress theme provides the quintessential contact, FAQ and Blog pages in addition to pricing and services pages if you’re also using the site to market yourself professionally. And if you want to put up latices or updates regarding your filmmaking or video work, the blog section that the theme offers helps to organise any articles you produce with the latest posts coming up first, perfect for keeping clients updated on whether you’re open for work or even compiling a timeline of your creative work. A blog can honestly play to your favour in the creative field, as it definitely helps you to show off more of your creative insights so you may be contacted by like-minded people. Visit the page for more information, or see the live preview here.

13. Graneon – Creative Artist Portfolio WordPress theme

Graneon - Creative Artist Portfolio WordPress theme

Graneon is a WordPress theme made for all manner of creatives, and has plenty of features that anyone working with film and videos will definitely find useful.

Where most themes developed for filmmakers and videographers have opted for more sleek and monochromatic styles, Graneon breaks the mold with layouts formatting that is more colourful and pop-inspired. If you want to avoid looking too high-brow on your website, this WordPress theme is sure to be a good fit. With over twelve demos to choose from and built-in pages made for compiling a visual portfolio, you’ll also have an abundance of choices for your home page and ordering your content. Furthermore, if you want to cover certain film projects in further detail, pages built for showcasing them with shortcode for various text blurbs to expound on them are present. Inner pages of a great variety are present as well, with service, profile and staff pages all included.

The site can also be a good launching point for your film services and businesses. The portfolio pages, especially, may be used in tandem with the premium plugin WooCommerce to help streamline the managing of said businesses, with said portfolios being turned into a storefront. If you have plenty of rejected footage or spare B-roll videos that you can’t quite find a good use for, why not consider selling them on your site?

Graneon can fill a variety of needs due to its being designed for creatives in general. However, the WPBakery Page Builder plugin that comes packed with this WordPress theme means that you can even change up the preset format to your needs. Its easy drag & drop page building format means that you can easily swap out any elements like text or images with other compatible widgets if you own them. Visit the page for more information, or see the live preview here.

14. Vidio – Video Manager WordPress theme

Vidio - Video Manager WordPress theme

For those of you looking to conduct a film and video business digitally, Vidio is among the best equipped WordPress themes for the job.

Vidio is a rather clean and light theme that is easy on the eyes and simple to browse through for visitors. It doesn’t lend itself well to developing unique and stylish portfolios, but looking at the pages available shows that its developers are catering more to your business management needs. It still offers a solid set of over five home pages, and has fully responsive formatting so the site is easily accessible to anyone through any device and web browser. The theme is also readily customisable with WPBakery Page Builder’s drag-and-drop visual editor.

However, its plugins are largely oriented towards business management. Paid Memberships Pro, for example, is a robust plugin that manages user subscriptions to any services you might have. Youzer adds to this by allowing customers to sign in so they can receive better updates through things like Vidio’s built in Newsletter Popup. And with WooCommerce powering your sales and myCred providing incentives and loyalty rewards to customers, you can make a killing off of a simple to master framework as you sell film and video merchandise.

Given the pandemic and the difficulty of setting up real-life film screening or sharing events and the rise in watch-parties, this WordPress theme’s assembly of film business plugins may prove useful to you. You may not be able to have people enter cinemas, but you can sell them your films through your site. Subscription services and subscriber incentives can help boost sales in this regard as well. So if you have the business acumen but lack the web design skills, Vidio is here to help you. Visit the page for more information, or see the live preview here.

15. Zico – Angular 10+ Video Production Template

Zico - Angular 10+ Video Production Template

Zico is a stylish and professional theme if you want to make a site for a production house developing and releasing films.

With three sleek demos and a great variety of other inner pages to pad out the site with things like testimonials from past clients and pricing lists for potential clients, Zico is a well-developed WordPress Theme. Said demos contain simple carousels that can cycle through recent works that may open to other pages on your site, and has neat grid layouts to feature any creatives and technical staff on your film crew.

However, this theme shines best when used to feature your team’s work. Its simple build means that the site loads fast, meaning videos can be streamed with higher quality. This means you can easily host a variety of film works for visitors to peruse, with a gallery page also available to arrange and order them by date. Its blog functionality and plugins to link to articles posted can also be leveraged on to put updates on recently completed film projects so that your page can be consistently kept up to date. With the simple Angular 10 page builder used to construct this theme, you’ll also be able to quickly update the site as your production house evolves over time, ensuring that any updates and images show the most recent work that your team puts out. Visit the page for more information, or see the live preview here.

Final words

With all these themes presented, we hope you’ve managed to get a better understanding of what to look for in a wordpress theme and how you’d like your film website to look like. Many of these themes work hard to identify and target the needs of filmmakers, videographers and production houses. However, you’ll need to decide for yourself whether they really do fit the bill.

Ideally, you’ll want a WordPress theme that offers high customisability and responsiveness so it works across all devices, and is still regularly updated with support from its developer. Plugins that are supported and compatible are good to watch for too.

The most salient thing, however, is that the theme’s appearance is something that you like. Overall, the site you came here to build is one that deals with creative work, and creative work often reflects said creator; be it an individual or a team. The site you’ll want to make should be an extension of that in order to put forth your creative vision.

Have any thoughts on the themes or questions? Feel free to comment below!

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