If you’re an individual writer selling your works or an ebook publisher distributing large groups of books, you’re sure to find a theme that’ll work great for your site.  On top of offering very beautiful storefronts to sell ebooks, the 11 WordPress themes we’ve collated in this article also feature a whole variety of functions to help manage the sales and marketing of your products.

All kinds of features for promoting your writing and linking them to other platforms (if they’re sold elsewhere) are provided in most of these themes. And if you’re planning to be more hands on with sales, integration with eCommerce plugins is also provided for sales to be done straight from your very own website!

The themes here are freely customisable too, meaning you get the chance to improve on what are already some of the best designs on the market. Keep an eye out for page builder tools in these ebook WordPress themes as you read through the article (or even as you search for more on your own), so you can have a little more control over the look of your site. Having that extra bit of creative direction over your theme is especially good for helping you to establish a visual identity for your site; something that goes a long way in making your identity as a writer or brand as a publisher really stand out.

So, get started on designing your site and selling your ebooks by reading through these themes!

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1. Novela – Book Landing & Reading Theme

Novela - Book Landing & Reading Theme

Novela is a WordPress theme that offers a stylish home page to show off all your ebooks.

This WordPress theme makes designing a site to increase sales and exposure for your book will be as easy as possible whether you’ll be selling physical copies in bookstores or marketing digital versions through the site itself.

Sure, they say not to judge a book by its cover. But any good author will want their work to be honoured by an appropriately well designed cover that’ll grab readers’ attention! You’ll be able to feature just that with the theme’s accommodation of book cover image features with matching background images and illustrations. You can even display them alongside call to action buttons that link to the places your book may be purchased from. And with this ebook WordPress theme’s integration with the very useful as well as free Easy Digital Downloads plugin, you can easily sell or distribute your eBooks directly from your website.

To help encourage site visitors to purchase and enjoy your books, the Novela theme includes a preview tool with plenty of features that’ll optimise the user experience of peeking into a segment of your writings. The tool ensures that you can limit the number of pages from your book available to read online, even coming with a very cool and magical page turning animation that makes it even more visually engaging.

The WordPress theme’s development on the Bootstrap framework ensures that your ebook webpage will be fully responsive. This allows smartphone and tablet users to browse your content with ease and perhaps, more importantly, purchase your eBook from almost anywhere with their mobile devices!

Other features of this theme that that are great for writers include the ability to publish dedicated character profiles, spaces to put up your author bio, and an attractive blog template for sharing news and all kinds of updates with fans. Where most themes have opted to cater to sales specifically, this one has taken an interesting direction by offering plenty of features that really market the contents of your writing too.

Take a look at the theme’s features on its product page and live preview!

2. Divi – Theme and Visual Builder

Divi – Theme and Visual Builder

Divi is a combination of a multipurpose WordPress theme and custom made page builder that’ll help you build great themes to sell eBooks.

Getting Divi doesn’t just give you a great page builder and theme, but a whole library of free and premium themes as well that you can access through the Elegant Themes website. You’ll be able to go through the various themes on offer or sale from other users, or even make one to suit your own visual preferences. This library is consistently being updated, so you’ll always be able to check if there’s new themes for you to make use of later should you want to improve on your site later.

Aside from the constantly updating theme, Divi is very attractive due to its built-in page building tool. The Divi Builder is among one of the most fleshed out and feature-rich WordPress page builders on the market right now. It offers the free creative reign over your site’s overall design. It has a drag & drop page building interface, so you can use the elements and modules bundled in Divi by just inserting them freely into your pages. Some of the things you can add through this builder include call to action buttons to link straight to product pages and video players that add a little more visual flair to your website, all easily added into the site with this intuitive tool!

Interestingly enough, Divi even comes with a very useful marketing tool to test out different page layouts or ways of marketing your content to see if either of them present higher conversion rates. Divi tests these different formats between different site visitors then presents the conversion statistics for you to see which layout works best, allowing you to publish the better performing one. Features like these that help optimise things like sales are incredibly useful for anyone dealing with business on their site, making Divi a great choice for just that too.

Check out this incredibly powerful theme on ElegantThemes’s website and try out the demo!

3. Cognio – Modern E-book Promo WordPress Theme

Cognio - Modern E-book Promo WordPress Theme

Cognio is a WordPress theme that offers you a modern and sleek look to draw ebook enthusiasts to your site.

This WordPress theme is especially good for a marketing approach that focuses on a particular ebook, spotlighting them in a stylishly made home page with plenty of call to action links and buttons. It’s of no surprise with it being structured and built as a landing page theme, typically being made with the express purpose of inciting visitors to take action. This ‘action isn’t always necessarily one that directs them to specifically buy a single book, however. Those of you familiar with Patreon and Kickstarter models of marketing might find that this structure also lends well to them, allowing you to sell things like subscription services or teasers that offer free chapters or video presentations about the book.

The video player included with the theme also ensures you can make use of multimodal strategies to sell your ebooks. Coupled with newsletter sign up prompts, and you even get to keep in touch with your visitors even after they’ve left your site. Keeping in close contact with fans has grown increasingly important with the more parasocial nature of interactions online, and what better way to do this than to completely bypass social media algorithms and slip straight into fans’ inboxes? The Cognio templates include optional online forms as well, making it possible for your visitors to send you fanmail or any other type of mail as and when they wish.

The stylish set of blog post templates is nothing to scoff at either, as they’ll make sure that any promotional blog posts or general writing pieces to boost site SEO and exposure will all look good. You could do just about anything with your blog too, from sharing updates on current writing projects, share samples of your writing, and publishing anything else you think your audience will be interested in. As the blog post templates include support for displaying videos and sliders, you can add plenty of visual media to keep viewers engaged too!

Check out what else Cognio has to offer on the theme page and its live demo now!

4. Exponent – Modern Multi-Purpose Business WordPress Theme

Exponent - Modern Multi-Purpose Business WordPress Theme

Exponent is a multi-purpose WordPress with plenty of features that’ll help you sell ebooks

Like most multipurpose WordPress themes, this one ships with over 22 different pre-made layouts to get you started. Best of all, there’s one specifically catered to ebooks and selling them within this package. Like the rest of the multipurpose themes we’ve covered, however, we advise taking a look through the rest of the demos because you might also find layouts with elements you might also want in your ebook site. The theme actually makes it rather simple to transplant these elements from the different demos to curate the ideal ebook sale website just for you.

Of course, don’t feel to overwhelmed or pressured to do so, as starting from the base version that this theme offers might be the more time efficient choice for your ebook business. For example, the book demo has a homepage that’s great for generating sales. The segment at the very top of your home page is a good place to display images of your book alongside a call-to-action ‘Buy Now’ button.

Plenty of features to help supplement promoting your book are provided too. Make use of icons and text, bullet points, author profiles and even short attention-grabbing synopses that’ll spur the hearts of bibliophiles. The default eBook homepage template showcases a module that can even display testimonials and reviews, letting potential readers know more about what others have to say about the books they’ve gotten from this site. The final call to action button at the very bottom of the demo also displays how you’ll want to do something similar to encourage conversions and eventual future purchases.

The best of the best ecommerce plugins ship with this theme too. WooCommerce makes sure that managing your sales and business is simple and intuitive. Thanks to this, you get full control over how your eBooks are sold, such as which methods of payment are approved on the site, how taxes and discounts are applied, and much more.

Learn all about how this theme will raise your ebook sales exponentially here and by checking out its live demo.

5. Leona – WordPress Theme for Book Writers and Authors

Leona - WordPress Theme for Book Writers and Authors

Leona is an incredibly elegant WordPress theme that’s sure to have whatever you’ll need or want out of your ebook website.

The key concern many have when building a site is making sure it looks nice; don’t want visitors turned off by bad or even confusing design. However, with a theme like Leona, all worries can be cast away. Thanks to the templates that come with this book author WordPress theme, you can very easily find all the pages you need already pre-made and ready to go without having to worry about layouts and structuring them yourself.

Some examples of the ready-go-to templates that you get access to with Leona include pages for showcasing all your past or even future works and their covers, putting up announcement for project updates and upcoming talks and tours you’ll be attending or hosting, and even offering samples book samples as a teaser for what a reader might get to see if they decide to purchase the full book. Publishing an author biography is also easy with the custom made template that lets you do just that!

Thanks to the very handy WooCommerce online store builder plugin, you can easily list your products for sale and then either deliver them automatically after purchase in a downloadable digital format or manage the distribution of your printed books on your own. While a lot of these themes offer many ways to help you manage your sales, there’s also no problem linking other platforms that help distribute your work through the call to action buttons provided with the theme.

Set up is a very smooth and simple process with this theme too. All you need to do is upload the theme package to your WordPress dashboard and then import its demo. If you need any assistance with creating your author website, you can consult the documentation provided or even shoot a query over to the theme developers who are ready to offer any help with their very well made WordPress Theme.

Why not start your website building journey now by checking out this theme’s page and demo?

6. Cosonix – One-Page Theme for eBook, App and Agency

Cosonix - One-Page Theme for eBook, App and Agency

Cosonix is a wonderful WordPress theme that comes with 8 distinct homepage demos that make it easy to get your site up and running without fussing over extraneous features and details.

Of the 8 very versatile demos to choose from, you may find that the ones specifically made for ebooks and sales might be the best suited for the purposes of this article. Although any of the other prebuilt demos can be easily tweaked to meet your needs, a niche-specific demo ensures that the start up to designing a site is a lot more manageable; you can alays come back to pick another theme once you get a better handle on the theme editing process. The homepage can accommodate an animated homepage slider promote your book in style, or an email subscription form to help collate a list of eager fans just waiting for your next set of books to be released for their reading pleasure.

As the Cosonix theme has been built with customization in mind, you can also simply review the previews and alter them to your own wants and needs. With the premium and highly functional Visual Composer drag and drop page builder plugin, you can very quickly change up the pre-made page layouts or maybe even develop your own straight from scratch without knowing a single line of code! Plus, each of them can be very easily installed with only a few clicks

Check out the theme page for more info as well as its demo!

7. AeroLand – App Landing Software Website WordPress Theme

AeroLand - App Landing Software Website WordPress Theme

AeroLand is a very modern and minimalist WordPress theme that’s a good fit for your WordPress site.

Of its multiple demos, the ebook specific one features a wide layout with an image slider featuring high quality visuals, perfect for showcasing your book and any calls to action right on the very front page the moment anyone opens the site. As the slider can include text, images, and video content, you can really get creative with how you present your products.

A book preview option is even provided for in this theme and is easy to use. Simply upload the content you want to share at any portion of the page you select and this WordPress theme will help you settle the rest.

Highlight and feature the best parts of your ebook too. The theme lets you feature chapters, general book themes and any other detail you think would make for great breadcrumbs that intrigue site visitors. Review features can even be included in that list. Another notable element of this theme is a newsletter subscription form that takes contact details. And with the theme’s packaging of some of the very best email marketing services, you can connect your website to your preferred option.

Do also take the time to look through the other demos on the theme, because you might also find them to be great candidates for your site layout, you’ll just need to get creative with how you should use their various features. This WordPress theme’s designers even have a YouTube channel as featuring videos showcasing their themes; a great way to collect ideas for when you make your own ebooks site!

Take some time to read through the product page and the preview!

8. Leadinjection – Landing Page Theme

Leadinjection - Landing Page Theme

Leadinjection is another WordPress theme that’s oriented towards a high-quality landing page style of presentation with a ebook sale focused demo.

This theme was made to help site designers get more exposure for their business through digital means. It does so bthrough features like collecting email subscribers for your eBook pre-launch marketing campaign or convincing site visitors to make purchases. Leadinjection is a conversion-focused WordPress theme. Simply get the eBook website demo for your website installed, and this WordPress theme will help you quickly set up a site that will enable you to promote your ebooks online and even draw in returning customers.

Exploring the Leadinjection eBook demo shows the standard landing page format of featuring large product showcase images alongside the easily accessible call to action button. Even if that call-to-action button doesn’t get an instant click, the rest of the home page is made to continue pitching your ebook in a fluid and organic manner that will lead to another call to action button upon further scrolling. There’s even a form to sign up for an email service, providing the option for visitors to sign up and subscribe to your newsletter. It’s a great way to keep fans updated on your current writing projects or upcoming events like release dates or even book tours.

As Leadinjection has many pre-built website demos, you won’t need to just limit yourself to the eBook templates. The other demos are all conversion-focused as well as very easily customized. Find one that looks like a good fit for your site? Quickly alter it to help you promote your eBook. Visual Composer drag-and-drop page builder is packaged in the theme to ensure that everyone will be able to customize any of the demos without much effort.

Take a gander at the theme page and demo today and get to work on your ebook website!

9. Odrin – Book Selling WordPress Theme for Writers

Odrin - Book Selling WordPress Theme for Writers

Elegant and almost ethereal, Odrin is a solid WordPress theme for writers and authors looking to sell their ebooks and digital works.

You won’t want to always focus on the sales side of things in a site. Sometimes, you’ll also want to add a bit of an experience to your site that’ll make it memorable even after a customer has bought a book; encouraging them to return for future patronage in the future. If you want to share some of the content of your eBook, such as through characters profiles, offering book excerpts and previews, or pretty much anything you want to do to promote your work, Odrin could be a good match for you.

The demos that ship with this WordPress theme contain images and content that suggest a better fit for fantasy authors and the like, but you could also very simply change out these images for more genre appropriate content based on your writing repertoire. You’ll also be able to make use of and edit the various features that Odrin can offer such as reader reviews and author excerpts and bios.

Feel free to make use of the events display feature that can accommodate and share details of book signings and online events like question and answer sessions. Or maybe even just indicate when you’ll be updating or releasing certain books for sale or even just simple previews.

The WooCommerce plugin is supported by this theme too so you can manage ebook sales all on your own! As this plugin supports digital downloads, you’ll be able to manage an almost fully digital business to distribute ebook in any digital format as well as settle payments online too. If you want to add more ecommerce features to your site, then there are countless extensions for WooCommerce that cover pretty much any type of online store.

A page flipping animation for the onsite reader is the cherry on top that makes the site look especially neat.

Take a closer look here and browse demo!

10. Landkit – WordPress Landing Page Theme

Landkit - WordPress Landing Page Theme

Landkit is a WordPress landing page theme that really helps you to promote eBooks online.

Right out the gate, you get 9 different homepage layouts to look through and pick out, including one tailor made to sell eBooks. We would, however, also like to encourage you to take a look through the rest of their layouts too because you never know if they might appeal to your own visual needs.

On to the ebook-specific home page, you’ll find that its most prominent feature is the large area at the very top that showcases both a high definition image of a book cover and its call to action button that redirects to anywhere you want it to lead. The default buy button text is set to encourage the visitor to buy the eBook from Gumroad, a great platform to sell things like pdf files and other self-made products from a self-managed storefront that can also easily be customized.

The rest of the features you get to access with this WordPress theme is a section to list out the best features of your book, a slider tool to share preview pages, and an opt-in form that enables your visitors to keep in contact with you and subscribe to an email newsletter. You can also publish reviews of your books using the feedback slider tool. You could also make use of the integrated page builder tool to personalize this theme to suit your audience and the eBooks you’re selling down to genre and general mood of your works.

Landkit has more to offer if you check out the theme page and live preview!

11. Auteur – WordPress Theme for Authors and Publishers

Auteur – WordPress Theme for Authors and Publishers

Auteur is a general-purpose eBook WordPress theme that’s a good fit for authors and publishers.

This theme can be used plenty of ways very easily, like making a site for an up and coming author to promote a book of theirs, showcasing a more experienced writer’s catalogue and repertoire of works, or even giving a publishing company with multiple authors and books a platform to publish a directory of ebooks online. Although, as this is a flexible theme, any type of book-related website can be developed with this solid WordPress theme.

The four homepage layouts in the Auteur package do a good job of demonstrating exactly what you’ll be getting with this quality WordPress theme. The author-focused option could be a suitable choice if your personal brand is currently stronger than your portfolio, helping you to use your profile to promote your eBook online.  You might even want to use the demo that spotlights your eBook as the main focus of your website, with sections for showing off its cover art and snippets from the actual book.

Publishers will like the bookstore layout that takes on a more storefront-focused direction with site design. Creating a book reviews blog, which also offers readers the opportunity to purchase eBooks directly from the site is also possible and works great for increasing site exposure. The 10 blog templates will make sure you can do that in style. If you find that there are any templates that you need that aren’t included, then the premium WP Bakery Page Builder plugin that this Wordrpess theme comes packaged with ensure that you are able to make any layout that your site might require. Slider Revolution, a premium slideshow builder plugin, will let you add some interactive content to your site as an added bonus.

Learn more about this theme here and through the preview!

If you need frequent access to a variety of premium plugins, themes, logos, video footage and audio files to power up your WordPress site, do also check out envato elements‘ unlimited subscription plan starting from just $16.50/month.


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