If you’re here, you’ve probably had some difficulty finding WordPress themes specifically made for UI/UX designers such as yourself. You probably know why yourself. UI/UX has begun to trend in recent years, but much like any special technical term or jargon, plenty of people don’t quite know what working in the field entails. It’s not quite as simple as searching up lifestyle or film related themes. This makes it harder for theme developers to figure out what you might need to showcase your work or build a site around UI/UX. In fact, some of the themes we have featured here even have WooCommerce plugins despite the fact that you may be a freelancer who already knows how to manage the business side of things on your own without a plugin.

But, portfolios are a simpler matter. Whether you’re a graphic designer, yoga teacher or UI/UX designer, portfolios have to feature work relevant to your field and who you are as a professional worker. In UI/UX, your selling points are your experience and your thinking process. Experience can be shown through app screenshots for UI design, and UX can be seen in product design or even event planning that you may have photographs of. Your thinking and design process is harder to show off, but it is doable if you have the notes and plans documented for you to share and summarise on your portfolio.

With that being said, that means that most design-oriented portfolios can definitely suit your needs. The 15 WordPress themes are built for exactly that, with all the functions and layouts necessary to catalogue your past projects and any case studies you want to feature. If you want variety, Uncode is great for all the layouts it has to offer that can accommodate any number of ways you want to present your project. If you want something with a more distinct visual style, you could even look at Anders and Sekko. You’re sure to find a theme that’s your speed in this list!

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1. Uncode – Creative Multiuse & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Uncode - Creative Multiuse & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Uncode is an amazingly versatile theme capable of creating unique portfolios and layouts for you to present the best of your UI/UX work.

This WordPress theme almost single-handedly trumps all the others in this list due to the insane amount of layouts and pre-made assets that it provides. It has 410 wireframe layouts for portfolios, content pages, galleries and more, meaning that whatever projects you end up choosing to feature may be presented in a variety of unique ways. Whether you’re looking to feature more imagery of UI work that you’ve done or present brief snippets and testimonials of your best UX projects, this theme has plenty of layouts for you to make use of and present your work in the best possible light. The are 70 demos available in total for you to install at the single click of a mouse, and the Frontend (Visual Composer) website editor even allows you to make your own.

This theme comes integrated with Slide Scroll as well, a plugin that allows you to turn your design portfolio into a single page website composed of multiple sections that are presented like a slideshow presentation. This turns your portfolio into an engaging visual experience that demonstrates your knack of understanding UI/UX by drawing viewers in with dynamic imagery.


2. Anders – Design Portfolio Theme

Anders - Design Portfolio Theme

What better theme to showcase your UI/UX design portfolio than a design portfolio theme like Anders?

Whether you executed UX projects focused on physical products or UI projects on digital apps, this WordPress theme can easily handle whatever cases you’ve worked on in anyway that you wish to do. The Centred Portfolio demo is great if you want to describe a project in a chronological manner as you break down the steps taken from the planning process to the execution of your work. You could even present multiple case studies through a Masonry Portfolio gallery or a portrait styled Portfolio Carousel that can set them on a chronological order with text added to indicate the year you worked on the relevant project. The Split Screen Showcase is a great demo to use as well if you want a sliding screen effect that has the reader scroll down to move to the next part of a given project as one side displays imagery and the other shows text to explain and contextualise it. The host of portfolio lists and single project feature pages really offers a great variety of layouts to make use of so that you can really have fun with how you want to display your work.

Even with the solid set of pre-built layouts, you can also change up the order of presentation by making use of the WPBakery Page Builder included with this theme. Meaning that you could re arrange and alter the size of certain elements like text and image blocks should you want to focus more on the textual description of your past works.


3. Sekko – Designer Portfolio Theme

Sekko - Designer Portfolio Theme

Sekko is another great theme for any UI/UX designer (or any kind of designer really) to feature their work in a visually engaging manner.

This WordPress theme works incredibly well for all kinds of visual portfolios with all its different layouts and gallery shortcodes included to host a myriad of both images and videos. That makes it ideal should you want to showcase all the visual documentation for your projects. If you want to collate a portfolio like the ones on this careerfoundry article, you’d be able to showcase images of your planning phase to really show potential employers what your thinking process is like. The inclusion of the premium plugin Slider Revolution also allows you to make beautiful media carousels that can be used to arrange projects or case studies in chronological order. Video shortcodes may even allow you to feature recordings of an app whose UI that you worked with or an event or business establishment where you optimised UX design for attendees and customers. As an added bonus, the WPBakery page builder ensures that you can easily drag-and-drop page elements in order to shape the page according to how you need it to be presented.

Sekko’s preview is very nice to look through, and its pleasant appearance is due in part to the multiple packs of fonts and icons that the theme utilises and even provides for free for buyers to use. That way, you could also switch out the theme’s fonts if you want to add a bit more personal flair to the portfolio to really make it stand out and more representative of your own design preferences.


4. Niro – Creative Agency & Portfolio WordPress Theme

Niro - Creative Agency & Portfolio WordPress Theme

A stylish and modern theme, Niro ensures that you portfolio will be able to exude creativity and trendiness.

Upon purchase, you get to choose from over 20 different distinct and sleek demos to install into your site. From slide screens to masonry and even text blocks to link readers to other single project inner pages, you will be spoilt for choice when building your portfolio. The various blog layouts even provide more text-focused layouts to utilise if your case studies don’t focus quite as much on work that can be visually documented; in addition to allowing you to demonstrate your planning process in a detailed manner. And, vital to any UI/UX designer, UI elements like the header and footer of your site comes in multiple beautiful variations to suit your portfolio needs.

With Elementor compatibility, you can be sure that any site you build can be updated very intuitively and easily on your own without even touching a single line of code. Your site will be future-proof as you keep up to date with design trends and really keep its elements updated for whatever design trends may come in vogue in the future. Niro offers a great deal of versatility on its own with the packaged layouts and plugins, but can be stretched even further if you put your design knowhow to use with the creative freedom that it offers as well.


5. CVIT | Multipurpose Personal Portfolio / vCard / CV / Resume WordPress Theme

CVIT | Multipurpose Personal Portfolio / vCard / CV / Resume WordPress Theme

Built as a multipurpose portfolio theme that can be used to host a CV or resume, CVIT has the tools necessary to build a stellar portfolio for any UI/UX designer worth their salt.

A lot of the previous WordPress themes discussed all had really good visual appearances. However, the colours and layouts they come in might not fit your particular design ethos. Maybe you might even feel that they showcase an aesthetic sense that clashes with your own. If that’s the case and you want a solid and neutral theme to innovate upon much like any case or project assigned you as a UI/UX designer, CVIT is the clay that you might want to shape yourself. Bearing a monochromatic theme with largely neutral images, it really fills the role of a multipurpose theme in how it presents itself as a blank canvas. The theme is also fully customisable, with the unlimited colours to choose from.

The demos all have multiple page elements that can be moved around at will, with things like pricing lists for freelancers and even testimonial carousels for reviews from past happy clients. Sliders and masonry galleries are also included for any media you want to upload, and the MailChimp and Contact Form 7 plugins make the hiring or contact process easier through forms for them to email you. The theme is even responsive, meaning that you could even show off your portfolio on the go on a smartphone or tablet if you happen to ever have to pitch your UI/UX design work to someone on the go.


6. Penumbra – Multi-Concept Design Portfolio Theme

Penumbra - Multi-Concept Design Portfolio Theme

Penumbra is another great portfolio theme for all UI/UX designers with plenty of visual documentation of their work.

Being a designer yourself, you know how to optimise user experience than most people. And in modern times, everyone knows that the incredibly visual nature of the world we live in full of social media and digital content means that good impressions are first made based on sight alone. This WordPress theme ensures that you make that good first impression. Full of dynamic animations and interactive page elements such as parallax and responsive image grids, Penumbra is able to make a visually exciting page without distracting from the content you feature on the site. While you won’t be able to change the page colouring, with only the black or white demos available for a one click install, all the additional layouts and shortcodes provided to organise your portfolio ensures that the theme supplements and uplifts the appearance of your work instead of overshadowing it.

You can choose from a variety of pre-made gallery layouts to feature case studies, and can make use of the shortcodes for things like testimonials and split sections to generate novel pages that don’t just tell your readers what you’ve done and what your skills are, but also shows how you can do so even within your own portfolio website. WPBakery even lets you shake things up too so you can really shift elements around to make the site in whatever format that you want.


7. Bridge – Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Bridge - Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Looking for inspiration and want to see what you can work with from other themes beyond design-oriented ones? Bridge has you covered.

This WordPress theme rivals Uncode in the value it offers for its price. Bridge boasts a whopping 500 different demos for almost any kind of site you can think of, and even comes with its own import module for you to sort through the demos very quickly and easily. Not to mention the fact that its portfolio layouts aren’t even included in that number, and the over 200 site elements that this theme offers. Each and every single layout is designed for modern sites, and boasts animations and element transitions that all provide a interactive and engaging visual experience for your visitors.

The best part about using this multipurpose theme is that you have a great variety of choices to consider for your portfolio site. Sure, all the other themes may be designed specifically for design portfolios, but may lack the elements that their developers thought might not fit those themes. Elements that you might be able to figure out a use for. UI/UX requirements are versatile and change from project to project, and one solution or process that works for one job may not work in another. Much like how you keep an open mind to stay creative and generate novel solutions to the projects you work on, Bridge keeps your options open so that you can make your site work well and keep up to date to whatever employer or client might be looking for in a UI/UX professional.


8. Adios – Portfolio Elementor WordPress Theme

Adios - Portfolio Elementor WordPress Theme

If the other themes were too flashy and you want a solid and clean layout to organise your content well, Adios can get the job done.

This WordPress theme hits a nice balance between being clean yet visually stunning. The 16 over demos, all easily imported with only one click, all feature organised and neat layouts in a variety of formats. From split screens to side scrolling carousels that link to different projects, if you have a greater focus on the content of your portfolio or are applying for jobs that prefer minimalism and professionalism over snazzy animations, Adios is ideal. If you’re the type to do sleek video compilations of past work, a video demo that links to YouTube is even available for you as well; shortcode for Vimeo is also included if you want to consider other sites to host your footage.

From our point of view, the demos don’t quite have the same amount of personality that the other themes have demonstrated in their previews. The very ordered and almost grid-like pages make for a non-obtrusive and easy-to-read experience for site visitors, which is a great UI design choice. But a portfolio needs to show some level of creative flair; how else can you persuade employers that you are the best candidate for the case they want you to solve and develop plans for? That’s why we recommend that you also get to work on work on the theme itself with either Elementor or WPBakery (both compatible with Adios). Their simple and easy to master interfaces allow anyone, even site-building beginners, to make the most out of their website. Adios even provides plenty of elements that may be moved, deleted or added in order to really personalise the portfolio to you as a UI/UX designer. So if you want a clean theme with plenty of leg room to show off some of your creativity, try Adios out.


9. Oshine – Multipurpose Creative WordPress Theme

Oshine - Multipurpose Creative WordPress Theme

Back to more design focused themes, Oshine has a great variety of portfolios to choose from for showcasing your UI/UX work.

With 52 different demos and hundreds of pre-built sample pages, getting this theme lands a great starter pack for all your design portfolio needs. They’re incredibly easy to import as well, only requiring a single click to apply them to your UI/UX portfolio website. This particular WordPress theme even comes with its own custom-made front end page builder called Tatsu, built to handle the abundance of modules and sections that come packaged with Oshine. 50 over styling modules allow to make your portfolio pages appear unique, and the various sections help you to work faster by simply dragging them into your site before adding the actual content like project details and case study briefs within.

Even the text on the site is highly variable with the Typehub plugin giving you more intricate control over the fonts and text; definitely a plus if you have some font design and typographical background. And if you have a preferred colour palette as part of your personal brand or are maybe looking into developing one to make your portfolio really stand out, the Colorhub plugin supports this with UI gradients, colour swatches and even colour pallettes.

Oshine truly lets designers run free with how much they want to work on and change their site. You could even look to theme’s dedicated website for inspiration from all the other sites built with Oshine showcased. Your imagination is the limit here, and we think that this Oshine gives you what you need to really make a distinct site of your own.


10. Brooklyn | Creative Multi-Purpose Responsive WordPress Theme

Brooklyn | Creative Multi-Purpose Responsive WordPress Theme

For site-building novices looking for a cool and stylish theme, Brooklyn might be the theme you want for your UI/UX portfolio.

The UI/UX field is a fairly new one, and not all too well understood by many. What people do know, however, is that it’s modern and that all the big and trendy names in tech and other fields have begun developing working teams dedicated to UI/UX. Because of that, you’ll want your own portfolio to communicate that you’re forward-looking yourself, and a WordPress theme with a modern and trendy look goes a long way in helping to communicate this. Brooklyn’s stylish templates made for creative professionals such as UI/UX designers are also professional, and contain a good range of features and layouts to really present your work and experience in a very interesting and eye-catching way. They give new site builders a good base to work on, and can be easily installed with the integrated and automated installer with just one click. It also boasts the premium page builder WPBakery with plenty of modules to edit and alter the look of various site elements.

Want to showcase your work through a dynamic slider? Try out Slider Revolution with its ability to take images and videos, added text and content layering and even animations and timelines to really make an engaging visual experience for your clients. Brooklyn doesn’t just give you a leg up over the hurdle that is site design, it gives you the tools you need to scale higher and really show off what you can do with your UI/UX skills and training.


11. Artrium | Creative Agency & Web Studio WordPress Theme

Artrium | Creative Agency & Web Studio WordPress Theme

Artrium is a neat and simple theme to build a UI/UX portfolio.

Primarily built for creative agencies, this WordPress theme is a solid base to work from that even offers compatibility with a great range of other plugins. The pre-built pages all bear layouts that are not quite as flashy as the rest, mostly lending to a single-page style portfolio that viewers can scroll down fairly easily. However, if you intend to have the site primarily accessible to mobile devices, this does help in that endeavour given the low processing power required to load the site quickly. ThemRex Addons plugin is also available for you to develop custom pages and link things like social media, further lending the site to mobile users. Even then, you may adapt the website to your needs through the free page builder Elementor which is compatible with this WordPress theme.

And if you want to host more visual media or make a more engaging interesting on your site, Essential Grid and Slider Revolution are both packaged into the theme for you to throw in some creative flair with all their various features allowing you to really make some interesting grids and sliders. With plenty of shortcodes like price tables for freelance UI/UX designers to list your rates and even a Google Maps if you have a creative studio that you work from, Artrium offers some pretty critical features that you’ll definitely want to have handy that you may not even know you might want. This theme also stands out in the way ith which it also uses its own preview as a portfolio for the theme, with pages that catalogue shortcodes and galleries that you may even take some inspiration from when you build your site with Artrium.


12. Arshia – Bootstrap 4 Personal, portfolio and resume template + RTL

Arshia - Bootstrap 4 Personal, portfolio and resume template + RTL

Marketing itself as a more general theme for any kind of resume and portfolio, Arshia makes use of trending Neomorphism design elements to generate a very visually interesting theme.

Almost every element you mouse over on this WordPress theme is interactive and responsive, and utilises a higher contrast colour theme that breaks away from the majority of muted digital portfolios. The design for this particular theme was meant to emulate Apple’s own change in aesthetic in recent years, one that tries to find a better middle ground between realism and minimalist iconography; an aesthetic that has been dubbed ‘Neomorphism’. The interactive elements on the site emulates this by conveying a sense of liveliness in each element, making any portfolio you compile here less drab to slog through and more interesting as you pace out static content like images and text with novel animations.

In fact, aside from all this, Arshia doesn’t feature as many other functions. The website’s theme only alternates between light or dark, and the navigation bar comes in 9 presets without any functionality to change them outside of those set colours. It does have a fair number of layouts for resume, portfolios and blogs that can present content in grids and neat blocks that are easy to read through that are ideal for case study features or project descriptions and photo albums of your work. Aside from that, it’s a simple and solid WordPress theme for any kind of UI/UX portfolio if you want to build a site fast without having to worry about 100 different layouts or what plugins to include.


13. Denzel – Creative Minimal Portfolio WordPress Theme

Denzel - Creative Minimal Portfolio WordPress Theme

Denzel is a rather new theme on Themeforest, but features a great set of features and a modern look.

This WordPress theme is fighting a rather uphill battle against all the others given the grand host of functions they boast and big-name theme designers already dominating the market. However, we would be remiss if we failed to mention Denzel given its lower price sitting at $29 and how beginner-friendly it is despite the all the bonuses it comes with.

Elementor is fully compatible, which you can get for free for easy drag-and-drop styled editing of the site after importing the one page and multiple page layout variants for the theme. The scroll slide effect in the one page theme is also a popular feature among other portfolio sites made by UI/UX designers that you may want to have for your own site which may not even be available in some of the others. And you don’t even need to fuss over how the site might look on mobile devices, as Elementor allows you to take a peek at the mobile layout so you can see how responsive the theme is to various devices, allowing you to even present your portfolio on the go.


14. Opipi – UX/UI Agency Portfolio HTML Template

Opipi - UX/UI Agency Portfolio HTML Template

Opipi is a great theme that’s custom made for UI/UX agencies and portfolios.

On another list, we would be hesitant to suggest HTML templates given how it requires some coding competency to know how to use them. However, if you’re the kind of designer who has worked with code before and want to get into the guts of your theme to really experiment and do what you want, this WordPress theme might be a good fit. You get to choose from 8 different demos that feature things like parallax and carousels supported by Revolution Slider. Plugins like MailChimp also allow you to encourage clients to sign up for mailing lists so you can update them on your work schedule if you’re handling freelance projects.

The theme already comes with a fair number of shortcodes for animations and site elements so you could easily copy and paste them around to simply rearrange the site. But if you’re a Bootstrap savant, you could make use of that to make the design process even easier for yourself to generate new elements as you wish.


15. Grafik – Architecture and Design Portfolio Theme

Grafik - Architecture and Design Portfolio Theme

Grafik is another good theme for any kind of portfolio, with a great UI that you’ll be able to use to make a site that’s easy on the eyes.

You might think that this WordPress theme is a weird fit given that it was built for architecture and product design. However, as we’ve seen from this list, there’s a lot too learn from other fields about presenting portfolios in novel and interesting ways. Plus, anyone who’s worked in architecture and product design themselves has had to undergo a fair bit of training in UX design relevant to their own fields of work.

Grafik has a good selection of layouts for project presentation, elements to build pricelists for clients and trendy portfolio arrangements from masonry style galleries to horizontal sliders. All of this is easily accessible through a one click installer and can easily be edited without any coding knowledge.

The best bit about using an architecture focused theme is that the design work put into the theme is highly innovative [as well. Plenty of the pages pre-built in this WordPress theme have novel layouts that you can’t find in other sites, with one featuring project images in the background and their descriptions in a smaller text blurb at the corner. Another features a magazine style layout with images surrounded by bits of text. Sometimes, it’s best to draw design inspiration from other sources outside of your field of expertise, and Grafik has plenty of interesting bits that can spark your imagination when working on your site.


In Conclusion,

So, let’s run through the article from a UI/UX perspective. You’re here to create a website, and thus want to get a WordPress theme that will really make your portfolio shine among all the other UI/UX portfolios. And maybe you may have had a fair bit of trouble given the dearth of choices and UI/UX being a fairly obscure field to the average person. But you’re a designer, and you know what a designer’s portfolio will need, answers to a client’s or employer’s problems. Answers that you want to prove you have the competency to solve, which is something that you’ll need to figure out how best to do. All the themes here are tools that will hopefully make that portion easier to figure out.

All the themes here are built to help kickstart digital portfolios for you to really show off what you’re all about and what your thinking and design process is like. This means that personality is another important thing to consider and include in your portfolio. Even if you have the same set of skills as another applicant or freelancer, you might be able to appeal to the right users by virtue of your personality. So do make consider working with the themes we’ve listed and really make them distinct and unique to who you are as a UI/UX designer.

Have any favourites or suggestions for fellow UI/UX designers? Comment down below!

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