In the past year, there’s been quite a boom in business in the fitness industry. Fitness youtubers and online yoga instructors saw people sign up in droves, and fitness apps have also come into fairy common use. Given how the pandemic in the past year confined us in our homes, it really comes as no surprise as to why. Even then, online classes for fitness and exercise such as yoga and pilates are a good deal more convenient than having to take time out of your day to travel to a studio just to work out when you could just head home and do it in your living room.

If you’re a yoga teacher yourself, you can then see that a market has grown for virtual yoga classes. In fact, even as we compiled this list of 15 WordPress themes from ThemeForest, we found that they were very recently and frequently updated or developed in response to this rise in online yoga classes and the need to produce sites to conduct them. Our personal favourites from this list are Yoku for its modern design coupled with its design allowing you to link to wherever you may be livestreaming your classes, Kriya Yoga for its classic and traditional design aesthetic, and Jogasana for its beginner-friendly design for site building newbies. However, all these themes all boast the features you’ll need to get started on your yoga teaching website.

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1. Mandala | Yoga Studio and Wellness Center WordPress Theme

Mandala | Yoga Studio and Wellness Center WordPress Theme

Mandala is a nice and neat theme for anyone looking to get into the yoga instructor and health education business.

Built for any kind of yoga related business, this WordrPress theme comes with all the features you’ll need to market your services and manage the business side of things with great ease. The premade classes, for example, allows you to key in and share the variety of classes you have to offer from beginner level to more core focused exercises. This way you can go into detail about the timings and bookings for the various classes in their own dedicated pages. And if you have any special class packages or deals, these can be summarised in the services page for you to pitch a variety of programmes and even put in a link for prospective students to sign up and subscribe. And if you want to feature glowing reviews, Mandala lets you do so through the modules built in to feature testimonials under other team members you may be working with!

On the business side of things, the theme supports plugins for appointment booking and Contact Form 7 which aid in the cataloguing of signups from customers and tracking the attendance for any sessions you’ve posted to the site. Visitors can even do all of this from their mobile devices as the site is fully responsive and functions on all devices, making it very accessible.

The theme is highly customisable, using the Visual Composer page builder with its easy and intuitive drag-and-drop functions to move and insert modules and sections as you please. Installing the theme into your site is simple and fast too, with a one-click demo install available with the theme.


2. Kriya Yoga – Health, Meditation and Yoga WordPress Theme

Kriya Yoga - Health, Meditation and Yoga WordPress Theme

An intricate looking theme with design details that really fit the aesthetic of yoga, Kriya Yoga is a good fit for establishments building their brand around yoga

This WordPress theme’s visual design really shouts yoga. Even as you open the demo, you can see that the site’s loading screens reflect the spiritual nature of this exercise with a silhouette in meditation and chakra points all highlighted. The theme is easy on the eyes, and has a professional look that will make customers feel that your business deals with yoga very professionally.

Beyond its appearance, Kriya Yoga also allows you to not only display your classes in a consolidated page, but also provides a isotope filter for customers to sieve through the multitude of programmes and filter them out by price, hours, days and even ratings. Each of these classes can then link to individual pages where you can feature images and previews of previous classes and further details on the kind of programme that students will be run through. The Events Calendar plugin even helps with sorting out the scheduling of classes and compiling them into a calendar on the theme for you to manage and adjust your own schedule as needed.

If you want to have an educational section for prospective customers to sample some of the poses and exercises you teach, this WordPress theme even has pages to layout yoga pose details such as instructions and how they work different muscles. What’s more, you can change up these pages through the Visual Composer plugin that allows you to easily drag and drop elements on the page through its easy to understand visual editor.

Visual Composer isn’t even the only free premium plugin included, as WooCommerce, an ecommerce plugin, will help in building an online shop for you to sell any additional products you might be marketing like yoga paraphernalia and accessories.


3. Yoku – Yoga Studio & Ayurveda WordPress

Yoku - Yoga Studio & Ayurveda WordPress

Yoku is a beautiful theme custom built specifically for any business related to yoga.

Its abundance of high quality and well-designed demos that can all be imported with just a click is only one of the many great features that this WordPress Theme boasts. GoodlLayers, the developers of this theme, have even included their own specially designed and versatile page builder that is both fairly easy to use and even cuts down on the extra resources computers will need to run the site since you won’t have to worry about any third party page building plugins. Plus, you won’t even have to touch a line of code since it’s a visual editor.

Yoku even comes with functions to help with both online and offline Yoga classes, a definite boon during pandemic times. It boasts a learning management system for you to collate the various yoga courses your business offers together with their prices. The system can even allow for quizzes and questions to test your students as well. Want to demonstrate some of your work before customers sign up? Offline classes can be set up to host video demonstrations so they can see what they’re getting into. And for online sessions, the page layouts even have buttons for you to link to your livestream class on whatever platform you choose, be it Zoom or some other video call or live stream platform. Lessons can be easily kept track of using the built-in timetable function and the Event Calendar plugin that helps moderate them for you. Other premium plugins (all free with this package) like Contact Form 7 and Woocommerce can all help with the business management by helping you to create detailed sign-up sheets and managing the sales and purchases on your site respectively. So, if you want a theme that really goes above and beyond just making your site look nice, Yoku does a great job at it.


4. Hatha – Yoga WordPress Theme

Hatha - Yoga WordPress Theme

Hatha is a sleek and minimalist theme for all kinds of yoga studios.

Downloading it easy with its one click install for any of the 6 homepages designed for a variety purposes. The vanilla Main Home and education-focused Yoga Studio are great homepages if you’re running a page for a business. A blog styled demo is also available for educational pruposes if you’re generating articles about yoga education. Or, if you’re working with a small team or on your own, the vCard homepage is great for featuring you and team members together with information and details on teaching experience and the styles of yoga that they’re familiar with. The theme is also very modern in its use of responsive animations in various page elements that appear as you scroll through the site.

Scheduling and booking for classes is also available through the user-friendly Timetable Responsive plugin packaged with this WordPress theme. Coupled with WooCommerce to manage payments for your lessons or maybe even other additional products through a pre-built storefront and the theme’s compatibility with Contact Form 7, you can definitely and easily manage all these administrative details digitally.


5. Jhana – Yoga WordPress Theme

Jhana - Yoga WordPress Theme

If you’re still starting out in the yoga business and plan to extend the potential of your site down the line, Jhana is an incredibly versatile theme that can adapt to whatever future needs you may have.

Like all the others, this WordPress theme has a scheduling system that is easy to read through and organise. In fact, it uses the premium Yolo Class Timetable plugin which is bundled in for free. It even comes with plenty of pre-made home pages to import so you can work from a well-designed base for your home page to change as you see fit.

However, the best part of this theme is the sheer amount of bonus add-ons it provides for free. It integrates the Elementor Pro Package sull of custom elements that you can use and drop into the site instead of wondering and fussing about coding them or buying other plugins to do the job for you. The widgets and icons used to build the site are also available for use to generate novel arragnements and layouts if you feel that you want to make something even more visually distinct. And with all of these elements available to build and shape your yoga site as you please, you can use the free page builder Elementor with its intuitive visual editor to very easily interface and edit all of these elements. That way, while you do get a good amount of pre-fabricated inner pages, you can also change things up for a variety of pages and purposes later down the line as you grow your business.


6. Yoga Fit – Sports & Fitness WordPress Theme

Yoga Fit - Sports & Fitness WordPress Theme

A colourful and neat theme, Yoga Fit is a wonderful theme for all things fitness and yoga-related.

While this WordPress theme doesn’t have multiple demos to choose from and import, it makes up for that with the sheer variety of plugins and shortcodes packed within for you to build almost any page to suit all of your yoga instruction purposes. Depending on the model you want to approach with your teaching, you could easily swap elements on the home page as well with the built-in visual drag-and-drop editor. The hundreds of fonts and colour management system also means that you can really customise the appearance of your site to suit your brand identity.

With 90 over shortcodes, you won’t have to worry about any blind spots in the theme. If you ever find yourself needing to schedule your lessons on the sight, a premium timetable plugin is already available for you to use. Want to develop price sheets for a membership or subscription service to your educational resources on yoga? There’s layouts and shortcodes for you to update them as you go along. And if you want to bring in additional functions like commerce and listing upcoming events to remind students and customers, Events Calendar and WooCommerce are both fully compatible and capable of supporting the front-of-shop needs.


7. Jogasana – Yoga Oriented WordPress Theme

Jogasana - Yoga Oriented WordPress Theme

Jogasana is a great and simple theme for Yoga teachers who may not be as experienced with web design.

Each of this WordPress theme’s demos are all catered to various forms of yoga instruction so you won’t have to worry too much about designing your site for your model of education. There are themes for live studios, online classes, and even personal trainers if you want to work one on one. All of them can be imported with just one click too. It’s a very easy theme to work with for any beginner since integrating it into your site is basically plug-and-play.

However, if you really want to get into the nitty gritty details of site design, additional plugins (premium ones that can cost quite the pretty penny if purchased individually) provide a modest learning curve for you to scale. For example, the WPBakery Page Builder and Mega Main Menu plugins are visual editors that utilise easy drag-and-drop systems for you to pull in and pull out any necessary or redundant elements. That way, you can slowly and surely shift elements of your educational business onto the site as you get more familiar with the editing system, building more pages or moulding the pre-existing ones to your needs. If you’ve been forced to run online classes recently, make a page with buttons to lead to the relevant links to platforms on which you’ll host your virtual lessons. Want to make a price sheet for your different class packages? You can make a page for that and even include a digital form for applicants to fill out that will be sent to you to manage. So if you want to check out another beginner-friendly theme, why not try Jogasana?


8. Adhi Yoga – Wellness Center

Adhi Yoga - Wellness Center

Adhi Yoga is chock-full of dynamic and stylish layouts that you’ll need to make a modern and good-looking yoga teaching site.

A majority of the WordPress themes we’ve collated in this list are robust and well made, so sometimes it’s their visual design that really sets them apart much like this one. Adhi Yoga’s demo, in particular, shows of some of the most eye-catching graphics that might be what you’ll need to attract students. It showcases some of the icons you’ll get access to, offering visuals that will be good to have so you can better illustrate your services and programmes. The various animations for both text and visual elements also introduce a sense of interactivity to the site, and in communicates that if your own site is up to date with modern site design trends, then surely you must be as well. The sleek sliders built into the theme also help to organise any images and videos that you might want to include so you can really show off a portfolio of your work and past classes.

Adhi isn’t just a pretty theme too. It contains a bunch of useful plugins as add-ons that you might find useful as well. Contact Form 7 and MailChimp, for example, can assist in managing applications for your lessons and even mailing lists so you can keep past and current customers up to date on new packages and lesson programmes you might want to introduce in the future. You can even handle all transaction through your site with WooCommerce, meaning less working with physical paper and having all this data accessible at all times. The best bit is that even if you change up the layout of the preset demo, the theme is highly responsive and accessible through all devices so students can even apply from their smartphones! With all of these functionalities, Adhi Yoga is a future-proof site that can fulfil a variety of needs.


9. Fit Coach – Health, Yoga and Lifestyle WordPress Theme

Fit Coach - Health, Yoga and Lifestyle WordPress Theme

If you’re more of a generalist and teach more than just yoga, Fit Coach could be what you’re looking for.

This WordPress theme was designed for a wider variety of fitness businesses. It boasts different home pages for things like health, life and fitness coaching as well. Each of these demos can easily be plugged into your site with just one click. In fact, if you’re looking to branch out into these other businesses, you’ll practically be given an additional theme to work with for a different site if you so choose. Customisability is another good thing going for this theme too, with colours and google fonts being easily changed out at your whim.

The complementary Visual Composer plugin that comes for free also helps you adapt the pages you make. WooCommerce and Contact Form 7 also work in tandem to manage signups and subscriptions to your services on the site, be they yoga class programmes or even other fitness and health services. You can even market things like guidebooks and additional educational resources through these plugins, growing the scope of educational needs that your brand services. And even with all these functions and features, the site’s design stays constant even on smartphones and tablets. With that level of responsiveness, anyone can access it on the go. So try out Fit Coach if you want to build a site that you can extend the kind of teaching that you want to do!


10. Handstand – Yoga WordPress Theme

Handstand - Yoga WordPress Theme

Handstand is a fairly simple and responsive theme made for all manner of things related to yoga.

With 2 different home pages to choose from and a standard array of inner pages for image galleries, classes and even blog posts, this WordPress theme fulfils the bare necessities for your ideal yoga site. While it doesn’t come with much in the way of variety with regard to alternate pre built layouts, it is supported by the simple and easy-to-learn Elementor Page Builder plugin. Elementor is a free page builder as well, meaning that it’s freely accessible and comes with a fair amount of support that can be found on the Elementor site’s forums should you have any queries. 

Want to really mix up the look of the site? Elementor makes it easier to move elements around so that you can really personalise it and make it look unique. Site colours can even be changed as necessary to add a bit of personality to your yoga teaching site. Elements for class listings and pricing tables come pre-built into the theme. And with plugins such as MailChimp and WP forms provided for free, you can have students who manage to find your SEO optimised site through Google easily sign up virtually without having to contact you so you can manage them with a less hands-on approach. The only caveat is that you may need to pick out a timetable plugin yourself if you want to add that function to the site. So if you really want a site that gives you room to be creative without relying on additional page layouts, Handstand is a good starting base for this.


11. Pranayama – Yoga Studio and Meditation Template

Pranayama - Yoga Studio and Meditation Template

Pranayama is another simple but highly functional theme for anyone who wants to keep a minimalist look to their site.

This is one of the most affordable WordPress themes in the list, coming in at a very affordable $18 for the pack. While its shop page on ThemeForest is fairly bare, in truth it has a great scope of features that are vital in any site for a yoga teacher. The theme comes with 3 easy to download demos to choose from, and a vast collection of inner pages for you to use in class pages, blog posts and pricing sheets. Social network widgets are available as well for visitors to click on so you may be contacted in any way you wish. Shortcode for forms and schedules are all part of the theme as well so that visitors may easily sign up for your various yoga lessons and refer to your schedule that can be easily edited as necessary. You can even generate multiple different time tables if you’re running multiple yoga lesson programmes that cater to different students’ needs as well.

The site is also filled with coded animations for you to use in its various elements. This keeps it visually engaging and draws site visitors in. Various shortcodes for image blocks and sliders for image galleries also allow you to feature clips and snippets of your own classes to demonstrate how you do your work too.


12. GymLife – Gym, Yoga & Fitness WordPress Theme

GymLife - Gym, Yoga & Fitness WordPress Theme

If you want to get a theme with a different look from the previous two, GymLife is another simple one that caters to a variety of fitness needs beyond yoga instruction.

While not specifically designed for yoga, this and many other fitness and lifestyle WordPress themes all fill the same functions you’ll want for your site. While having a rather neutral appearance, this theme can be worked on and changed to suit whatever aesthetic sensibilities you may have. Layout and formatting is a simple matter given the fact that it comes packaged with WPBakery Page Builder (saving you $46) with its visual and intuitive editing system. Plus, the theme gives you the option to focus more on the media you want to feature on the site if you’re looking to advertise your yoga teaching services through photos taken of you at work.

The premium Slider Revolution plugin lets you set previews on a periodically rotating carousel. Shortcode for a variety of galleries and photo albums are also available so that those pages don’t just look like flat photo walls, but interactive grids with the integrated lightbox coded in. The premium plugins WooCommerce and Contact Form 7 are also part of this deal. With these two plugins active on your site, you may easily set up forms that users can fill in to subscribe to your yoga lesson plans and courses and even pay through the site directly without having to even set foot in a physical establishment. This opens the door to even teaching fully online through livestreams or video packages that they can purchase from an online storefront. If you’re in the business of selling additional items with your services, said storefront can accommodate that as well. Thus, GymLife is an excellent theme with plenty of features to leverage on and a simple layout that you can develop to your own needs.


13. Hermosa – Health Beauty & Yoga WordPress Theme

Hermosa - Health Beauty & Yoga WordPress Theme

Hermosa is a very stylish site tailor made for a variety of yoga related purposes.

From its demo’s showing off a well done and animated slider to its class listings responding to mouse movements, this WordPress theme’s developers really demonstrated how up to date they are with modern website design trends. Even the shop item carousel they have on their home page responds to mousing over them by changing their display images to feature different shots of the same product, and incredibly convenient feature for site visitors looking to purchase your yoga related products. It even comes with the Noo Timetable plugin ($14 when bought on its own) that displays your yoga class schedule in a clear and organised manner on a weekly basis.

It even comes with 6 different demos to look through, and plenty of portfolio variations that arrange images and class entries in a variety of gallery formats such as masonry, packery and the classic grid layout. You have free reign to decide the kind of visual experience you want the site to have so you can attract clientele. Visual Composer will also help in adjusting and interfacing with all these elements, and WooCommerce and MailChimp will ensure that marketing and business sales are all managed well and with little hassle. Hermosa was first released in 2016, but has received consistent updates since then. NooTheme, its developers, have stayed faithful to those who’ve purchased the theme by ensuring that it stays up to date and answering customer queries since its release. Their tenure also really shows that this theme was developed based on their experience with what customers have requested for in the past, so you can trust Hermosa to support you for as long as you need the yoga site up.


14. Be Fit – WordPress Theme for Gym, Yoga & Fitness Centers

Be Fit - WordPress Theme for Gym, Yoga & Fitness Centers

For yoga teachers who want a site that’s more than a platform to sell their training programmes, BeFit is an adaptable theme that can help with that.

This WordPress theme has a pretty modern and trendy design compared to others on this list. Where something like Kriya Yoga postures itself as a very traditional yoga site, using BeFit might appeal more to younger crowds looking to try out and experiment with new exercises like yoga. Its design is impactful, with sleek animated sliders and a full screen spreads that are eye catching. You can expect all the standard features of the other themes, with additional features like the BMI calculator to offer extra functions for visitors so that the site isn’t just a place for business, but education as well.

This WordPress theme also has plenty of custom post types to choose from so you can develop a variety of pages as well. Want to make an intro article for yoga beginners? The blog pages can serve to host videos and sliders to put them on so they can view free instructional trials in sequence. If you’re on other social media sites and sharing yoga related content there as well, the added widgets allow you to link to those and even show some of your posts on your site as well. All these additional features can all be accommodated on mobile devices that access the site too due to responsive design as part of theme. BeFit has a great collection of shortcodes and plugins that really supplement any yoga endeavour you may be undertaking, making it great if you have bigger plans for your yoga instruction career.


15. Health Coach – Personal Trainer WordPress theme

Health Coach - Personal Trainer WordPress theme

Health Coach is a responsive theme that built to be gadget ready for any site dealing with health and fitness.

This one is more general in its application. The demo is rather simple in its layout, and features fewer visual flairs like animations. However, this is all in support of its focus towards being a responsive and mobile-accessible site. Most of the other themes have great designs that lend themselves to being used on desktops, but clean and neat layouts like in this WordPress theme are preferred so that the site doesn’t necessitate more computing power than necessary to be opened on smaller mobile devices. Even then, you can still expect a good variety of inner pages that can be easily worked on with the bundled Visual Composer to build the pages you might need on your yoga website. You can still sell your different classes and programmes through a price list page, but schedule management is something you’ll have to handle without a plugin here (which isn’t too bad if you can do without it anyways).


Some observations…

Looking through the themes, you can see some common themes. A lot of them try to keep your business details accessible to visitors through contact forms and time table plugins. They all offer multiple page layouts that can be feasibly used to host multiple yoga instruction programmes and showcase multiple yoga teachers and training staff. Most of all, a lot of them offer business and commerce features so you can take your work fully online; definitely something you want to be able to pivot towards in response to the pandemic.

Another thing to consider is the theme’s look, as not all clientele may be endeared to the same visuals. For example, Kriya Yoga can appeal to the crowd that wants to get into the cultural roots of yoga but might not draw in customers who just want to get into the exercise and meet new people. The reverse may be said for Yoku too. As a yoga teacher planning to start up your own platform, you’ll want to first consider the functions that the theme offers and whether you plan to make use of them, and then the visual identity of the site. Features are built into the themes, so choosing one with the right tool set is fairly straight forward. However, deciding on the appearance of your site will affect how customers think of you and the kind of programmes you might offer. And that’s likely the key factor you’ll need to consider as you develop your site.

Should you frequently need access to a variety of premium plugins, themes, logos, video footage and audio files to power up your WordPress site, do also check out envato elements‘ unlimited subscription plan starting from just $16.50/month.


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