This carefully curated list of WordPress themes will make it simple to start your very own movie-themed website. Rest assured that we have made sure to include everything you may need if you want to build your own online movie database, share your reviews, or broadcast the latest news.

You’ll be able to quickly construct the foundations for your website owing to the pre-built website demos available within these movie WordPress themes. Additionally, you may utilize the theme settings to customize your website and make it look precisely how you want it, on top of replacing the example content with your own text, images, and other media. The possibilities of personalization for your movie website is endless.

Furthermore, many of these themes are equipped with a Drag and Drop page builder feature that’ll make it simple to create custom designs for your content and modify the demo material. Each of these WordPress movie themes also includes a number of additional handy tools and features to enhance your process of setting up a website.

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Without further ado, here are our 10 best WordPress themes for movies.

1. Formota – Movie Studios & Filmmakers WordPress theme

Formota - Movie Studios & Filmmakers WordPress theme

Formota is a WordPress cinema and movie theme designed for filmmakers and production companies. The theme package includes 12 homepage layouts that may be used for a variety of movie-related tasks, such as creating studio websites, film festivals, advertising individual movie releases, and more. Many of Formota’s demos have a design that will offer your website an unmistakable look, letting your visitors know right off the bat that they’ve arrived at a movie-related website upon loading into your homepage. 

Although the theme’s demos are all diverse in terms of design and appearance, they do have a few things in common. Features such as a full-screen image section, unique layouts, and sliders for providing animated presentations to your site are all traits found in each demo. Additionally, popular WordPress plugins such as WPBakery, Slider Revolution, and Contact Form 7 have been integrated.

Formota features fantastic support for adding video material to your website, as you’d expect from a popular WordPress movie theme, allowing you to easily add trailers and clips for your movies to your website’s pages. 

Logo carousels for showcasing achievements you’ve earned, testimonial sliders for publishing reviews of your work, and image gallery excerpts for sharing additional photographs from your flicks are just a few of the other components you may instantly incorporate into your website. Furthermore, this theme includes four alternative blog layouts and a few additional page layouts if you want to add a blog to your filmmaker website or establish your own movie blog.

Looking to sell? No concerns there. With the WooCommerce plugin, you can sell physical products and digital downloads directly from your website. Therefore, if you want to market your movies online, make profits, or sell anything at all, you may do so with this flexible theme. This WordPress template was unquestionably created with the goal of making movie websites.

Learn more information about Formota, or get a peek at its preview.

2. Cinerama – A Theme for Movie Studios and Filmmakers

Cinerama - A Theme for Movie Studios and Filmmakers

For movie studios and filmmakers, Cinerama is a modern versatile WordPress theme. As a multipurpose WordPress movie theme, Cinerama has a good selection of website demos. With this theme, easily establish a site for a variety of projects, including film festivals, movie studios, directors, and movie blogs, thanks to an extensive assortment of pre-built demonstrations. Cinerama also provides a demo for establishing a website to promote a new movie release.

Get access to a full selection of portfolio templates for presenting your videography work online regardless of which demo you choose. With this strong theme, you can effortlessly showcase your past catalog of work whether you’re establishing a website for a director, or actor. 

On top of being visually attractive, the templates and demos can all be readily customized. You can open up all of the pre-built material for editing thanks to the inclusion of the paid WPBakery Page Builder plugin, which has a modern drag and drop interface. The Slider Revolution plugin powers the Cinerama sliders and a few other interactive components, and this premium utility is also included at no extra cost. As a result, you may use this plugin to alter the built-in sliders or create your own designs. Many shortcodes have also been integrated to provide you a maximized personalization experience. 

Cinerama has some stylish and interactive templates to help you ensure that the design of your online showcase content is a good match for your movies. The showcase template and the full-screen slider are two examples of these capabilities, both of which may be viewed in action on the Cinerama demonstration pages. Additionally, a timeline element can also be readily added to your website, providing a straightforward way to communicate the specifics of your career or project with your audience. When it comes to constructing a movie website with WordPress, this theme should contain practically everything you’ll need. 

Check out more information about Cinerama, or preview it in your own time.

3. Noxe – Movie Studios and Filmmakers Theme

Noxe - Movie Studios and Filmmakers Theme

Noxe may have the largest library of templates in the collection, with 18 complete demos for developing cinema sites with WordPress. The theme’s demos include film studio websites, online movie databases, directors, actors, and a lot more for your consideration. There are generally multiple variations of each type of demo, so if you’re building a website for a movie studio, be spoilt for choice with several options to select from.

Because each of Noxe’s demo has its own set of templates, you’ll receive a lot of pre-made content to work with regardless of which one you choose. You can mix and match the templates from the other demos once you’ve made your pick, providing you with an easy option to add more layouts to your website. In addition, easily use templates from the movie listings demo on your site if you choose the director demo.

Noxe includes various essential features that your viewers will like in addition to making your movie website appear excellent. For example, a strong search tool integrated into the theme will assist them in locating information about the films they are interested in. If you’re releasing information about movies or TV shows, the episode management feature should prove to be useful. Furthermore, because users can choose which fields to include in your movie database, discovering similar content will be a breeze. This function will come in handy if you plan to develop an online movie database, or if you just have a large number of films to include on your website.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you may also make your very own template with the tools included with the theme. Integrated with WPBakery, you can not only easily edit the templates, but also create your own unique layouts for your movie website. Other features include a MailChimp, InstantClick, and Cookie Bar integration. Noxe is a WordPress theme that can be used to develop movie websites. 

Read up on more information about Noxe, or preview the theme if you wish.

4. JNews – WordPress Newspaper Magazine Blog AMP Theme

JNews - WordPress Newspaper Magazine Blog AMP Theme

JNews is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that’s perfect for building movie websites. The theme bundle includes over 120 homepage layouts, so you’re likely to find one that fits your needs. Integrated with a drag and drop page builder, you can easily tweak any of the pre-built designs to make them fit the nature of your project aptly. The JNews package also includes a header designer tool that gives you complete control over this essential section of your website via an intuitive interface.

You can choose from a variety of themes for each element of content you add when building up your website and publishing your content. It will also feasible to display adverts in your galleries to enhance your income choices, as well as enable social networking logins for your site’s optional community areas. Additionally, JNews comes with a multilingual plugin that enables you to publish your site and its content in multiple languages. Infinite scrolling, lazy image loading, and article view counts are all features that JNews can add to your movie website.

Another reason to think about the JNews theme is the functionality that automatically loads the next post on your site, guaranteeing that your visitors can get to your material right away. Other handy features include the option to add email newsletter subscription forms to your site, push notification support, and social follower buttons to expand your audience on popular social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

JNews comes with a number of configurable themes and essential features that will assist you in creating your own movie website.

Find out more information about JNews, or preview the theme whenever.

5. AmyMovie – Movie and Cinema WordPress Theme 

AmyMovie - Movie and Cinema WordPress Theme

AmyMovie is a WordPress theme that allows you to make movie and cinema websites. The two pre-built AmyMovie homepage designs provide you with a few options for your website’s most essential pages. Despite the nice styles of both designs, they are quite unique and distinct which can be utilized to accommodate a large audience. Depending on the style you pick, you may greet your visitors with a static picture header or a full-width slider that promotes a selection of your website’s most recent movies.

This WordPress movie theme comes with seven different category page designs in addition to the two homepage layouts. You have a wide range of possibilities for showing your videos in a variety of grid forms owing to these layouts. Additionally, many other important pages on your website, such as the about, contact, and blog sections, have content templates as well.

The AmyMovie theme includes a showtime template to assist visitors in finding the ideal movie or theatre for their needs. Your visitors can use the date selectors and checkboxes on this page to discover a suitable screening of the movie that they wish to view.

When it comes to customization, you can change the color palette after you’ve imported the demo content onto your website using the theme settings. If you’re feeling creative, you may also make your own color skin from scratch. The premium WPBakery Page has been integrated into the AmyMovie theme package for even more customization choices. The aforementioned application allows you to edit your pages using a drag and drop interface, allowing you to create your own personalized content designs without having to alter any code. This theme also comes with the premium Slider Revolution plugin, allowing you to build interactive and animated slideshows for your WordPress movie website.

AmyMovie is an excellent WordPress theme for movie-related websites, with full social network integration and a slew of other essential features. 

Access more information about AmyMovie, or pay the live preview a visit.

6. MagPlus – Blog, Magazine Elementor WordPress Theme

MagPlus - Blog, Magazine Elementor WordPress Theme

MagPlus includes over 40 styles for constructing WordPress-based news and magazine websites, as well as movie-focused sites. There are several movie-focused designs in the MagPlus website demo library, as well as many additional possibilities that would work just fine for a movie site. The reviews, news, directory, and blog design are some of the other website demos that you might find useful. Regardless of the sample you choose, you’ll have lots of alternatives for building your new website with the MagPlus theme thanks to this selection.

Despite all of the numerous components that make up this theme package, setting up your movie website with MagPlus is fairly simple. The one-click demo importer tool swiftly adds the pre-built content to your site, while the installation procedure takes care of installing and activating all of the recommended and essential plugins.

For example, the built-in cache tool optimizes loading speeds, the mega menu tool enhances your navigation areas, and ad spots help you monetise your website. These are all useful elements of MagPlus. Additionally, If you wish to sell products or services from your website, including digital files, MagPlus includes a full eCommerce capability.

The selections don’t end once you’ve chosen a demo. With over 25 alternative article layouts for posting your movie news and reviews, you’ll never run out of options with this theme. The 12 website header layouts, 26 slider designs, 20 special widgets, and 10 footer structures are among the other creative alternatives. What’s more, MagPlus also comes with a robust drag and drop page builder tool that gives you access to over 80 modules and blocks for creating your own custom content designs. MagPlus provides all the tools, features, and settings you’ll ever need if you value creative flexibility.

Examine more information about MagPlus, or preview the theme when you have the time.

7. Vodi – Video WordPress Theme for Movies & TV Shows

Vodi - Video WordPress Theme for Movies & TV Shows

Vodi is an excellent tool for building video streaming services in the style of YouTube and Netflix. This theme was built to make your idea practical, whether you want to broadcast your own video content on a website with a recognizable format or develop a platform where people can submit their own movies. Additionally, you can use Vodi to easily set up a video streaming site, or anything similar because this theme includes its own set of video-focused website samples.

In addition to choosing a demo, you can choose from the available header and footer layouts when building up your WordPress website to give your site a look that’s ideal for your audience. Other optional functionality of the Vodi theme includes making playlists, displaying video art in beautiful formats, and allowing video file uploads from your audience.

If you wish to change the layouts and templates that come with this theme, simply do so with the WordPress editor. Moreover, you can quickly drag and drop a variety of pre-made elements and content sections into your posts and pages with this theme’s 47 blocks for the current version of the WordPress editor. 

While the Vodi theme adds all of the essential layouts and templates to your WordPress website, there’s also a plugin from the same team that handles any video publishing features your site may require. Receive full control over how your video material is developed and disseminated for your audience by enabling the MAS Videos plugin. While WordPress by default supports video files, installing a special plugin like MAS Videos allows you a lot more control over how this element of your website functions. Vodi can assist you in distributing video content to your audience in a variety of ways. 

Get more information about Vodi, or go straight to the theme’s preview.

8. Blockter – Movie database WordPress Theme

Blockter is a WordPress theme with three homepage designs for a movie and TV show database website. You can immediately begin to populate your new film and TV site with material from different sources thanks to the integrated movie library plug-in. This not only speeds up the import process and ensures that it works smoother, but also allows you greater control over how these data are shown on your site.

Feeling extra creative? Although Blockter comes with three distinct homepage designs to pick from, you can also tweak existing layouts or create your own custom homepage designs from scratch using the integrated WPBakery tool. You’ll have a lot of alternatives for developing your own unique designs with this drag and drop page builder plugin because it is packed with content modules and other building blocks.

There are two basic design alternatives (the list style and the grid layout) to pick from when it comes to showing listings on your movie and TV program database website. For both styles, sidebars are optional, providing you with the choice of promoting additional material in the sidebar area or displaying your listings without any forms of distraction.

Additionally, you’ll have the option of allowing user reviews on your movie website to make it more engaging. If you enable this option, your website users will be able to log in using their social network accounts and begin offering comments on the movie and television listings. Furthermore, with the Blockter theme being entirely responsive, your visitors will have no trouble reading your material and providing feedback on their smartphones and tablets, just as they would on larger screen devices. Generally, Blockter was created with the goal of producing an interactive and content-rich movie and TV show database website.

Pique your interest by getting more information about Blockter, or preview it for yourself.

9. Peliculia – Video Production and Movie Theme 

Peliculia - Video Production and Movie Theme

Pelicula is another WordPress theme for video production and film. This theme comes with a large number of pre-built demos for film festivals, directors, and advertising new films to list a few. Pelicula is likely to be a good fit for your website if you want to showcase an artist’s work, a single film, or anything else relating to the film business. 

Pelicula includes 13 demos, all of which are well-designed. They are not only attractive but also have the appropriate design for a movie website. As a result, when your visitors come to your homepage or one of your internal pages, they will quickly recognize that they have arrived at a movie-related site. 

This theme’s inner page templates are a perfect compliment to the homepage designs. The gallery layouts, about pages, and team member templates are just a few of the templates you can utilize to add content to your site. Additionally, Pelicula provides all the blogging templates you’ll ever need, whether you’re using this section of your site to post your current news or starting a movie blog.

To add on, this particular theme also offers excellent support for adding video material to your site, as you might expect from a movie WordPress theme. Pelicula and its templates make it simple to share bits of your work or publish full-length movies on your website. This WordPress theme provides a one-click demo importer tool to assist you in getting started quickly, as well as superb social media integration to market your website.

Look up more information about Peliculia, or give the theme’s preview a look.

10. Silverscreen – A Theme for Movies, Filmmakers, and Production Companies

Silverscreen - A Theme for Movies, Filmmakers, and Production Companies

Last but not least, Silverscreen is a WordPress theme for directors, actors, or anyone involved in the film community to showcase their works, movies, and the likes. This theme has everything you need to create a flawless website whether you’re a filmmaker or a film production company. With its impressive capabilities, easily display your film projects and build in-depth presentations that are guaranteed to impress your audience.

Silverscreen has a selection of unique homepages as well as a large collection of portfolio themes to help you advertise your projects and showcase your work. Display your information through the impressive customization options integrated within this theme. 

Equipped with WPBakery and Slider Revolution, rest assured that you’ll be able to capture the essence of your movie website through the large collection of shortcodes made available to you. With these shortcodes on hand, simply explore elements relevant to your interests such as video links, Twitter feeds, pricing tables, and many more. 

Furthermore, apart from its impressive interface design, Silverscreen comes compatible with WooCommerce and Contact Form 7. These are essential plugins if you have the intention of setting up a virtual store or want a space for establishing contact. Various layouts for blog, portfolio and a wide range of widget areas will come in handy if you would like to determine the exact layout of your movie website. This WordPress theme provides an easy to use powerful admin interface and a one-click importer tool to get you started on the right foot.

Search for more information about Silverscreen, or head straight to its preview

In Closing

Whether you’ve already decided on a WordPress theme for your movie website or still need more time to think, we feel that the best theme for you would be one that not only looks good but and can satisfy all of your requirements with its integrated plugins. If there are plugins you need that some of these themes might not have included, we encourage you to reach out to the authors to see if your selected theme is compatible with them. Some authors will even go the extra mile and have it made compatible for you.   

All the themes listed above will get you started on having a fully responsive and reliable WordPress website for any movie or videography related projects. Do let us know in the comments below if any one of them have stood out to you.

Perhaps you’re looking for something more specific? We recommend checking out our listing for the best themes for filmmakers, videographers, and production houses.   

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