Here in this post, we have narrowed down 8 best easy to use Elderly Care And Old Age WordPress Themes that you can install and grow your elderly and senior care business via online. The 8 wordpress themes selected here have been proven useful through user reviews on third party platform. Most if not all of them are best sellers in the elderly care and old age home niche category, so you are in good hands.

With the onslaught of the pandemic, elderly folks living alone would now be more open to exploring old age homes or spending more time at elderly care centers. For working adults who have to shuttle between taking care of their young children and maintaining their careers, yet staying safe from the coronavirus would find elderly care services for their aged parents a safer option. Hence being able to impress your potential clients online with your website would be a great first win. Being able to perform well in SEO, so that you are searchable by your clients is also another crucial factor. These 8 curated wordpress themes with niche in elderly care and old age are easy to use and would be of great convenience to you.

A cost effective way to move your elderly care business into an impressive online platform is by creating a professional website through easy to use content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, instead of hiring developers which can be extremely costly and hard to maintain. Whether you own or operate an elderly home care, a private or in-home senior care service, a senior nursing home, or an elderly medical assistance business, we have curated this list for you. With these easy-to-use WordPress themes, a professional elderly care website is literally just a few clicks away.

Before diving into this list, however, here’s a quick guide to finding the right WordPress Theme for your elderly care and old age business. Keep in mind that whether you plan to build your website or hire a professional, there are over thousands of WordPress Themes out there. Hence, finding the best one can be overwhelming. So, make sure to go over these questions—it never hurts to make informed decisions!

A Guide to the Right WordPress Theme for Elderly Care Website

1. Know what you need. There’s no such thing as a perfect WordPress theme. But there is one that will suit all your requirements. That said, you have to know your needs. Aside from the basic Homepage, About page, and Contact Us page, what else do you want clients to see in your website? A gallery of your elderly care services and amenities? A portfolio of your professional elderly caretakers? A Review and Testimonials page? An online shop? The options are endless. At this point, making a list of your needs will come in handy.

2. Know your budget. Cheap WordPress theme choices are dime a dozen. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to settle for one, especially if you require advanced website features. Similarly, a premium theme doesn’t always equate to a better theme. The downside to more advanced WordPress themes is that some tend to be “bloated” with features. And because such themes are not lightweight, website loading time tends to be slow. As such, it is best to find out the best and the worst about your chosen WordPress theme given your budget.

3. Make sure it’s customizable. One of the reasons that WordPress is among the most popular CMS platforms is its customizability. Not only do you have over a thousand themes to choose from—themes themselves are modifiable. A lot of them allows you to customize colors, fonts, background images, and other similar features with just a click. You can even add custom functionality to your site by using plugins. WordPress plugins work like apps for your website: they add advanced features such as online appointment scheduling systems and contact forms. That said, choose one that provides you with the most customizability right where you need it.

4. Make sure it’s responsive. Responsive themes used to be a perk for websites. Now, it’s a necessity. When your website is responsive, it means it adapts or responds to the behavior of its users regardless of his gadget and its platform. With the widespread use of mobile phones and tablets, responsiveness is simply not an option but a must.

5. Look for support and updates. Depending on what you choose, most premium themes offer support for up to six to 12 months. That usually comes with updates, too, with the added option of receiving continuous support as you renew your theme. Whether you intend to build your website or hire an expert, support from developers is important in helping configure and/or troubleshoot a theme. As for updates, there are no set rules, but it’s usually a good sign when your chosen theme has been updated within the past six months.

Now that the crucial stuff is out of the way, let us go to the fun part: the themes. We have rounded up the 8 best-selling and top-rated themes on ThemeForest—with careful consideration for budget and features, of course—so this might feel like walking-in on your favorite shop. This list of industry-specific WordPress themes for your elderly care services shall help narrow down your choices, hence lessening your decision fatigue. But remember, there is no one-size-fits-all theme. Be sure to read along with care and thoughtful consideration, because not all themes are created equal. 

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8 WordPress Themes for Your Elderly Care Business

1. Antidote

1. Antidote wordpress theme for elderly care business

The Antidote WordPress theme was custom-built for various sectors in the healthcare industry. It has over a hundred sales and a five out five user rating on Themeforest, one of the biggest markets for the world’s most reliable WordPress themes. With the right customization, it can easily turn into a professional website for your elderly care business. 

Features. Antidote is ideal for elderly care business owners or operators who are on a tight budget. Not only is it quite a steal at $29; it also allows you to make a website even without coding knowledge. How? With its easy-to-use drag-and-drop page builder feature. With this, you can add as many pages to your website as you like. 

Antidote is also optimized to take care of your business. It comes with an appointment booking system, which lets you take care of scheduling clients without the financial burden of paying for another plugin. It is WooCommerce ready and is fully compatible with WooCommerce plugins. To help widen your reach and assure customer satisfaction as they visit your website, it has SEO and Page Speed features. This ensures client stay on your website, which potentially leads to trust in your elderly care services.

Antidote also promises multi-browser support and mobile-friendly features, so browsing in different browsers and digital devices is sure to be a breeze.

Design. Clean and professional—these are the words that you want your clients to feel when visiting your elderly care website. And this is what Antidote’s design is with its medical-themed look. Want it to be eye-catching? Antidote also features a revolution slider, which lets you use vibrant animations anywhere on your website. It comes with hundreds of ready-made demos to choose from to make your site more appealing even to elderly clients.

Customization. Antidote is one page and multipage supported, which means you can add as many pages as you need on your website. It lets you control the elements of your pages such as logos, menus, colors, page layout, headers, footers, and sidebars. It also allows the unlimited use of Google Webfonts so you can mix and match the typography. Even social icons are customizable.


2. Lovecare

2. Lovecare wordpress theme for elderly care

Lovecare is a flexible senior care WordPress Theme ideal for managing elderly care, elder living, retirement care homes, senior citizen accommodation, and similar healthcare websites. It has over a hundred sales and a 4.5 user rating on Themeforest.

Features. If you are pressed for time or budget, Lovecare is worth the try. For $39, it includes a built-in drag-and-drop page builder. This means that you don’t have to be a webmaster to create your senior care or elderly living website as there is no coding knowledge required. 

To stay competitive with other businesses, Lovecare comes with an Event Calendar plugin, Donation plugin, and an Online Booking System plugin. The Events Calendar allows you to effortlessly create an event, add members, and set your event time and date—which you can then display on your site for the benefit of your clients. Meanwhile the Donation option gives you everything you need to start accepting donations from users without the added cost of purchasing another plugin. Lastly, the Online Booking System lets your clients fill out contact forms and book appointments or consultations with your business. These features can help you manage your clientele efficiently. 

Design. Lovecare’s design is professional yet welcoming with its mostly white background punctuated with colorful graphics and playful animations. If your elderly care service is the right balance of efficiency and hospitality, then Lovecare’s aesthetics might fit you.

Customization. Lovecare has five unique home pages to choose from, all of which are all high-quality and fully responsive. For further customization options, you may want to explore its dedicated support team as user reviews repeatedly praise and point out its incredible support.


3. Silver Care

3. Silver Care wordpress theme for elderly care

Custom-built for the healthcare industry, Silver Care is a premium WordPress theme that can cater to websites for senior care homes, assisted living, and elderly medical assistance providers. With over 200 hundred sales and a four-star user rating, this is what it has to offer.

Features. For a $45 premium WordPress theme, Silver Care carries a host of reliable features. It has an image and/or video gallery that you can use to showcase your services and/or amenities. It also has a services list or pricing table so you can have the option of displaying a consolidated price list of your facilities. Add to this its Testimonials, Awards, and Staff pages to let clients know of your wide-ranging and dependable services. It even comes with a contact form to help you manage those clients.

On the business side of things, Silver Care ensures a wider exposure for your business by being SEO friendly, responsive to all major browsers, and mobile friendly across almost all digital devices. It is also WPML compatible, which means that your website has a multilingual option. This way, you are confident of being inclusive and accessible to a wider range of users.

Silver Care has an infinite scroll feature to make browsing effortless. It is also compatible with Google features and as such allows for Google Maps and Google Fonts. 

Design. If you’re looking for a classic yet heartwarming feel to your website, Silver Care might be what you’re looking for. Classic doesn’t mean boring, though, as Silver Care has modern elements to it as well. Its masonry blog layout and carousel blog post template both lend fluid movement to it. And, with background video support, you are free to choose sliders that would speak to your older clientele.

Customization. There doesn’t seem much room for customization with Silver Care other than its homepage and header elements. But this may be because Silver Care was built and designed ready to go.


4. Saveo

4. Saveo wordpress theme for elderly care

As an elderly care WordPress theme, Saveo has more than 450 users and a five out of five-customer rating. For $59, it can be used for a variety of medical or healthcare services site. It also works perfectly though for elderly in-home care and private nursing websites.

Features. Saveo’s drag-and-drop page builder boasts of a fast and efficient way to manage your content, even without coding knowledge or skills. It is built for a high-performing website with its multi-page layout capability, so you know you’re getting a bang for your buck. Also, it is Mega Menu compatible, which means that it is custom-built for websites with a lot of content.

Business-wise, Saveo can be optimized to include a contact form as it is Contact Form 7 supported. You can also set up a newsletter for your company so clients are up-to-date with the latest news and information about your services. And, with MailChimp integration, you have the option to send your newsletter to your clients via your own streamlined mailing list.

Saveo also ensures inclusivity and accessibility to a broader audience with its multi-language support, cross-browser compatibility, and SEO integration.

Design. Polished and professional seems to be Saveo’s design motto. Its retina-ready images bring life to an otherwise mostly white background with its parallax background effect. 

Customization. There is a lot of room for tweaking Saveo. From fonts (via Google Web Fonts), icons, widgets, to blog styles and page layouts—you can customize Saveo to fit your vision of an elderly care services website.


5. Senior Security

5. Senior Security elderly care old age wordpress theme

Designed specifically for elderly medical and health services, Senior Security currently has more than 200 sales and a 4.5 user rating on Themeforest. It is a versatile WordPress theme that can be used by retirement care homes, senior citizen accommodation, senior care services, and elderly assisted living and sheltered accommodation.

Features. Priced at $49, Senior Security includes a fast and intuitive drag-and-drop page builder that easily saves you $34. It comes with a customizable contact form to help you stay in touch with your clients and keep track of inquiries from new visitors on your website. It is also SEO-ready, which means you can optimize your content based on what your clients and users are looking for. And, with WPML language support, you can be confident that your website is accessible to users with different ethnicities and backgrounds.

Senior Security is also fully responsive on popular digital devices and is compatible across major browsers.

Design. Because Senior Security has been tested on real devices, its fluid design can easily be appreciated. It stands out on this listicle because of its pixel perfect background images and its dynamic use of animation and vibrant colors. 

Customization. Animated sliders, post formats, and page templates are also adjustable in this theme. It also allows for a single or multipage format, with the option to use demo layouts or create visually unique pages. Its smart admin panel can also be tweaked according to your needs.


6. Etalon

6. Etalon elderly care wordpress theme

Etalon is a multi-concept professional theme for over twenty niche markets across a wide range of industries. But with over 2,000 sales and a 4.5 out of 5 user rating, it also works well as an elderly care service or retirement home care website.

Features. If you need a fully professional website with all the bells and whistles, Etalon is the perfect theme for you. At just $59, it already includes these additional sections on top of the usual website pages: Countdown, Counter, Event Session, Featured Content, Location via Google Maps, Pricing Table, Reviews, and Video Box. 

Don’t let these features fool you, though: Etalon boasts of a smooth user experience optimized to give your visitors the best UX/UI experience. Despite being packed with a number of impressive features, Etalon’s code is clean and lightweight. This makes it mobile-friendly and compatible with popular browsers—guaranteed to behave identically on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer across all major devices.

An added wow factor is Etalon’s support for all basic gestures—whether you flick to the next or previous image, spread to zoom in, drag to pan, pinch to zoom out or close, tap to toggle the controls, double-tap to zoom.

Lastly, Etalon comes ready with a contact form and has multilingual capability features.

Design. Etalon owes it sleek and straightforward design to its retina-ready images and effortless parallax scrolling. Its unique layout which uses both masonry and carousel styles further gives it an edge over similarly-priced themes in this category.

Customization. Theme options, sliders, icons, and typography can all be tweaked in this elderly care WordPress theme.


7. Senior

7. Senior elderly care wordpress theme

With 1,500 user sales and a 4.5 out of 5 rating on Themeforest, Senior is an elderly care WordPress theme that allows you to tell your company story through your website. It is custom-built for elderly care, senior living, assisted living, nursing home or health care sites, and this is what it has to offer.

Features. Senior’s default layout includes a Homepage and nine inner pages for your Contact, Blog, About Us, Services, News, Pricing Plans, Services—plus two blank pages. The latter you can use for FAQ, Reviews and Testimonials, or Staff page—whatever else your website needs, such as forums. These pages are supported by the WPBakery Page Builder (saves you a $45 value) and its add-ons ($18 value, for free), which lets you manage the content of these pages any way you like. If you don’t feel like tinkering, however, Senior has five ready-made page templates to choose from depending on the type of your content.

The WordPress Layer Slider is also thrown in for free, which saves you $18. A slider is an engaging way to share or display photos or videos that represent your business on your homepage. Its animations and transition effects lend movement to an otherwise plain-looking website.

Senior also has a fully responsive layout, ensuring that the theme works across popular digital devices.

Design. As mentioned, Senior provides you with five pre-built layouts depending on your niche. That said, all of these templates employ a clean design with a touch of modernity: its mainly white background is punctuated with light touches of color and fluid animations. Each template also has a distinct color palette and comes with free retina-ready images and crisp demo videos. This way, no matter how you style it, users will always find your website professional-looking yet welcoming.

Customization. Because of the WPBakery Page Builder and its add-ons, this theme has an intuitive page builder that allows you to easily rearrange your content any way you like. It also has customizable sidebars and widgets. But, if you have any coding experience, be our guest: this theme allows effortless adding of your own custom CSS.

Senior also includes more than 500 Google Web Fonts for text styling, as well as unlimited color schemes to choose from.


8. Kindly Care

8. Kindly Care elderly care wordpress theme

Last but not least on this list is the Kindly Care WordPress theme. With over 800 user sales and a 4.5 out of 5 rating, Kindly Care is a fit for modern healthcare and pharmaceutical websites. However, it works best for websites dedicated to senior care, senior living, assisted living, and nursing home services.

Features. Kindly Care’s combination of e-commerce functionalities makes it a standout on this list: Online Appointments Booking and Management System, Contact Forms, and full WooCommerce store (including check out) compatibility. With these, you can smoothly manage your clientele and have the sales of your senior care products taken care of. It also integrated with SEO and has language translation options. This way, you can be secure about your website’s inclusivity and accessibility to a wider audience. Clearly, Kindly Care works as an ideal shopfront for your elderly care business.

Lastly, Kindly Care’s amazing features works well with mobile devices as it has a fully responsive layout. 

Design. Design-wise, Kindly Care continues to impress, beginning with its beautiful blog and gallery layouts. Despite having a simple design, it doesn’t appear bland because of its stunning photo backgrounds and seamless animations. 

Customization. Kindly Care has a customizable Theme Options panel that makes styling your website a breeze. It also has the Visual Composer website builder, which allows for simple and fast creation of any website.


In Conclusion

Overall, any of these senior care websites is bound to fit your needs (as long you know your needs). If you ask us, though, we would most likely recommend these two: Antidote, for its affordability as a premium theme; and Kindly care, for being fully e-commerce ready. 

With Antidote, you can expect all the essential functionalities of an advanced website with its WooCommerce compatibility and SEO support. The only possible downside is its aesthetics, which is usually more associated with medical themes with its white, green, and blue color scheme. However, with the right customization, any elderly care niche website would be good to go. 

KindlyCare, on the other hand, can grab you with its powerful combination of e-commerce features. Design-wise, it is okay and has a similar style to Antidote. The only possible drawback would be its $59 price tag (which is actually a steal for all the e-commerce included features you are saving on).

Choosing any of these 8 wordpress themes would be a safe choice. That said, if you are still not convinced and can still evaluate more choices, you may want to hop over to colorlib, wpklik or sktthemes.

If you encounter decision paralysis after checking out so many wordpress themes, you might be better off checking out envato’s unlimited wordpress themes, plugins, logos etc downloads starting from $16.50/month for your website’s needs. You can stop your subscription anytime/ one year later and honestly its so much cheaper than getting a standalone wordpress theme or plugin, as you get logos, graphics and so much more.


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