If you’re shopping for a WordPress Theme for a Fashion website then two things are most likely true. You’re not going to waste time reinventing the wheel and you’re not going to get stuck in the weeds doing a lot of unnecessary coding. Why would you when someone else has already sweated through that process?

Instead, you are going to use your time more productively and focus on the UI/UX that will deliver truly exceptional sites customers will love coming to shop at. That where the real money is to be made so that is where you are going to focus your attention.

There is one challenge with the approach though. You have to be able to weave your way through a whole forest of WordPress Themes for Fashion sites to find one that will set you off on the right foot while providing a foundation worth building your shop on.

Going Niche or Going for Width?

Consider a few things before you set off on this journey and by consider, I mean ask a few important questions. The first and most important is, will you be building a shop for fashion and accessories only or do you foresee branching out into other product categories. Depending on how you answer this question you may find yourself looking at fashion-centric themes or you might need to look at multi-purpose themes instead.

Product Selection Consideration

Then consider how big your product selection is going to be. If you are building a boutique shop with a few select items in a collection or two, your choice may not be the same as what you may want for a large and diverse selection of fashion and accessory items.

5 Tips to take note of

There are 5 keys to selecting a wordpress theme that will help you reach your goals in creating a fashion clothing online store:

  1. Find a theme that helps you keep things simple. The days of busy/over-crowded designs have passed. Today’s consumers prefer clean designs that are intuitive, fast, and are devoid of distractions.
  2. Find a theme that is developed by a team that has a great reputation for support. Even the best themes can get a bit finicky, especially as you begin to add other plugins for things like newsletter marketing. You’ll want a support team you can count on to get you past these bumps in the road.
  3. Make sure the theme you select is responsive. Depending on what statistics you look at, mobile traffic can represent as much as 80% so be sure your theme will look great on their pocket devices and on their desktops too.
  4. I’ve already mentioned plugins and how they can get a bit messy. One of the ways around this is to select themes that either bundle in some key plugin additions or that are compatible with some of the most important, like WooCommerce.
  5. Finally, select a theme that has been successfully tested across a wide range of browsers. They all have their unique characteristics and not everything you build will work the same way on each of them. Sometimes it’s just a slight layout difference and sometimes it’s more significant.

In this round up review, we are going to focus on Fashion-specific themes and along the way, we will point out those that we think will be better choices for large shops rather than small boutiques. We’ll also identify those that support all of the leading browsers and that support key plugins like WooCommerce.

These are all fashion-specific rather than broader multi-purpose themes. They are ordered from the bottom up.

Here are our 10 Best WordPress Themes for Fashion.

10. Shopwise – Fashion Store WooCommerce Theme
  9. Sovereign – Minimal Fashion & Clothing Store Theme
  8. StyleShop – Responsive Clothing/ Fashion Store WordPress WooCommerce Theme
  7. Shella – Fashion Store WooCommerce Theme
  6. Merino | Modern WooCommerce shop theme for fashion store
  5. La Comète – Fashion and Clothing Store Theme
  4. Umbala – Fashion & Clothing Store WooCommerce Theme
  3. Molly – Fashion Store WooCommerce WordPress Theme
  2. Ubit – Fashion Store WooCommerce Theme
  1. Alice’s | Lingerie Store and Fashion Boutique WordPress Theme

10. Shopwise – Fashion Store WooCommerce Theme

10. Shopwise - Fashion Store WooCommerce Theme

4.5-Star – 174 Sales – 30 Comments

With a minimalist styling approach, the WordPress Theme is specially designed for an online fashion shop. This is accomplished with a clean design approach that is product-focused so what you are selling is always the center of attention. This is true for every page and every section within a page.

The theme is highly customizable and comes complete with Elementor page builder, Revolution Slider, and Mega Menu, three key plugins. It also comes with and is kept up to date with WooCommerce. That will be your shop platform when you select this theme.

You can start from scratch with this theme or install any of their pre-built theme designs as your jumping-off point.

It is mobile-ready, supports a full range of Google Web Fonts, and is compatible with WPML for multi-language shops. This theme also supports Right-to-Left Arabic.

Form creation and processing are handled by Contact Form 7 (included) and the theme includes a full range of fashion-related filters like price, size, and color.

This theme will even support multi-vendor shops using Dokan Multi Vendor Plugin so if your building an affiliate shop you’ll be set to bring in a range of products from different suppliers.

This theme is compatible with the latest versions of all of the leading web browsers and equally compatible with the latest releases of WordPress and WooCommerce. The Theme Forest version is current and future updates will be automatically made available through the standard WordPress update process.

A single license is required for each site and costs $49. This one-time payment includes 6 months of support that can be double to 12 months for an additional $13.88. Support is provided both through the Theme Forest support forum and through their customer portal.

Check out their Live Preview and have a play with their demos to get a good feel for how this theme will work for you.


9. Sovereign – Minimal Fashion & Clothing Store Theme

9. Sovereign - Minimal Fashion & Clothing Store Theme

5-Star – 195 Sales – 46 Comments

The WordPress Theme for Fashion comes from a leading theme author, Edge Themes, who takes black and white and lets that help your products stand out in this shop. They also keep the pages light so they deliver a smooth and fully responsive experience for your shop visitors.

The theme comes packaged WP Bakery – a top-rated page builder, Revolution Slider, and Contact Form 7. It also installs the latest version of WooCommerce as your shop’s foundation. It’s also compatible with WPML so if you want to run your shop in multiple languages you can.

This theme also includes an admin panel that is accessed without having to sign in to your WordPress Admin account. You reach it through a secured page on your website instead and that means you can easily assign admins to help keeps things running and help ensure customers are getting great service.

It comes with access to a wide range of demo pages and content as well and that’s easily loaded with a single click. That means there is no need to start from scratch designing your site. Just refine their content to fit your specific design requirements.

This is a fully responsive theme that works consistently across all of the major browsers. It’s fully up to date with the latest versions of WordPress, WooCommerce, WP Bakery, and WPML. The latest version on Theme Forest was uploaded at the end of January 2021 and will be continually updated directly through WordPress. It’s also supported on Theme Forest and on the developer’s support forum.

A single site license for this theme costs a bit more than the others at $75. Extended support for 6 months is also a bit pricier at $23.63. Based on the reviews, this price doesn’t seem too out of line though.

Take some time to work through their Live Demos, with a wide range of shop types and designs, and see what you think.


8. StyleShop – Responsive Clothing/ Fashion Store WordPress WooCommerce Theme

4.5-Star – 228 Sales – 123 Comments

This award-winning theme is both a WordPress Theme for Fashion and a multi-purpose theme for just about anything else you might want to sell and for that reason alone, I was tempted to skip this one. But after looking through their demo and the reviews, it seems that they do fashion best so it’s here.

This theme starts with 4 different homepage layouts and then a wide range of whop and product page designs that make it easy to pull your site together quickly. You’ll just need to focus on your product, product images, and descriptions to complete the picture.

The other thing I like about this theme is the attention they’ve paid to make it truly responsive. It works very well across a variety of device types, including desktops but it is especially nice when it comes to all of the leading Android and iOS smartphones.

It comes packaged with Visual Composer as the page builder and WooCommerce to provide your shop platform. The theme is also Right-to-Left compatible for Arabic and other similar languages can be supported.

The other feature I like with this theme is the multi-vendor support that can be added with Dokan and WCvendors plugins. You can easily manage a large affiliate marketing scheme as a result of this theme/plugin combination.

You’ll have the ability to install a range of predefined websites built on this theme and if needed, support is available 24/7. This theme also includes a range of blog designs so you can do more than just selling. You can engage your customers with your best content too.

The cost of this theme is $64. It comes with 6 months of support that can be doubled for an additional $19.50. The latest version of the theme was added to Theme Forest on March 5, 2021, and the license includes lifetime updates even beyond your support period. They maintain a support platform and direct ticketing system.

Walk through their extensive Live Preview and start imagining what you could accomplish with this theme.


7. Shella – Fashion Store WooCommerce Theme

7. Shella - Fashion Store WooCommerce Theme

5-Star – 258 Sales – 82 Comments

The developer of this theme clearly focused on delivering a Theme for Fashion. From the very start, that focus comes through in its product-centric design features and that means the design is uncluttered. All your eye is drawn to are the models and the clothing.

This is principally a WooCommerce theme so that will be your store platform. This ensures a wide range of tools and support that goes well beyond the theme so you will be fully covered. It’s also designed to be light and fast and that helps keep customers engaged in the shopping experience.

The theme comes with WP Bakery, with more than 15 Home Page designs to get you started. Just use the page builder with any of these to create a customized shop and begin adding products.

When it comes to products, the theme also includes more than 10 shop pages you can begin with. Once again, use WP Bakery and customize them to create your unique online shop.

The real highlight though is the UI.UX design for filters and product variations. It makes the shopping experience feel much more like a custom experience than just buying stuff “off the rack”. Add to this their advanced search features and you have the key tools you need so customers can find exactly what they’re after.

The theme has been tested with all of the latest browsers with the exception of IE but in fairness, even Microsoft stopped supporting that browser. It’s also fully responsive. It was last updated in the middle of January 2021 and continues to be kept up to date within the standard WordPress update process.

A single-site license costs $59 and that includes 6 months of direct support. That can be extended to 12 months for an additional fee of $17.63.

They offer a Live Preview that lets you walk through a fully functional sample site with multiple design options.


6. Merino | Modern WooCommerce shop theme for fashion store

6. Merino | Modern WooCommerce shop theme for fashion store

5-Star – 258 Sales – 83 Comments

This well-crafted WordPress Theme for Fashion is clean and simple while also being light and fast so customers won’t lose focus waiting for page and image loads that can have a negative impact on conversions. This theme knows what it’s all about and what it’s all about if selling clothing and accessories.

This is a WooCommerce powered theme so, beyond all of the well-crafted pages that are a part of this theme, you can employ any of the many plugins that expand WooCommerce too.

This Merino theme is fully responsive and fully compatible with all of the leading browsers, including the older versions Of IE. It is up to date with WordPress and WooCommerce, WPML and it includes the latest version of WP Bakery as its page builder.

The theme supports an innovative floating menu design and a wide range of search filters that make it easy for customers to find exactly what they are shopping for. You’ll also find a wide range of supported fonts including Typekit Fonts, Google Fonts, and most any other custom font you may have.

A single site license costs $49 and the latest version is available for direct download. The license includes 6 months of support that can be extended to 12 months for an additional $13.88. Support is offered both through the Theme Forest support forum and through a direct ticketing support system offered by the author.

For a full demo of Merino theme, you can check out their Live Demo.


5. La Comète – Fashion and Clothing Store Theme

5. La Comète - Fashion and Clothing Store Theme

4-Star – 286 Sales – 66 Comments

With layouts that span design themes that are minimal, modern, and even awe-inspiring, this Fashion WordPress Theme is chock-full of design options. You can even mix and match designs to create your own unique combination for your unique online shop.

This set of variations also make this theme great for boutique shops with limited collections and large fashion store with a wide variety of options crossing multiple departments, for example, Men, Women, Children, Casual, and Formal, and all of the accessories that go with them.

You can start by easily importing fully fleshed-out demos so you’ll have a great head-start on your final design.  These include 8 different home page designs and as many product page designs, all built on the WooCommerce platform. The theme also includes a long list of useful shortcodes that add functionality to your product displays as well as helping to ensure connectivity to social media platforms.

This theme has been tested and is compatible with all the leading browsers including IE10 and IE11. It comes packaged with WP Bakery for drag-and-drop page building and WPML for multi-language support.

The version currently available on Theme Forest dates to October of 2020 but it has been updated since then directly within WordPress so it is fully up to date with that and with WooCommerce.

A site license for this theme is priced at $75, another pricing one among this group. It includes the standard 6 months of service with the option to extend by six months for an additional $23.83.

Support is available through the Theme Forest forum and they do appear to be very responsive.

You can get a good feel for this theme La comete through their Live Preview.


4. Umbala – Fashion & Clothing Store WooCommerce Theme

4. Umbala - Fashion & Clothing Store WooCommerce Theme

5-Star – 308 Sales – 96 Comments

This WordPress Theme for Fashion is full of options but it is its responsiveness and unique mobile-friendly layouts that make this one particularly interesting. It still looks great and is chock full of options for desktops too so this one theme will have you fully covered.

This is a minimalist design that is built on the WooCommerce foundation. It also supports multi-vendor shops with compatibility built in for Dolkan and WC Vendor.

This theme does include a drag-and-drop page builder but it does not state which page builder that is so it’s impossible to say how functional it is. Still, it should be better than building page variations from scratch.

Like many others, this theme is child-ready, meaning you can set up a child copy of the theme where you can add custom code without having to worry about that getting wiped away when the main theme is updated by the author.

There are several pre-built demo sites that are available for quick download once you install the theme. These can be used essentially as is just by adding your own art and products so you can be up and running with your shop in no time at all.

The theme is a bit dated on Theme Forest with the current version dating back to July 2020 but it is being kept up to date with the latest releases of WordPress and WooCommerce. These updates will happen once the initial install is done and then automatically through the WordPress update process.

The author provides support through AluraStudios for 6 months once you buy a single site license for $35. Support can be extended to 12 months at an additional cost of $8.35.

You’ll find their live preview here.


3. Molly – Fashion Store WooCommerce WordPress Theme

3. Molly - Fashion Store WooCommerce WordPress Theme

5-Star – 314 Sales – 87 Comments

If you want a minimalist WordPress Theme for Fashion, Molly delivers. If you want a theme that is bold and colorful, with hero images and more, Molly delivers that too. Basically, this WooCommerce theme can present a number of diverse personalities that can easily match your fashion offerings.

They accomplish this with more premade designs than you’ll find in most any other theme, along with a long list of supported building elements that help create a unique and hopefully compelling shopping experience for your customers. In fact, these design elements have been nominated for their design features.

These design features extend to desktops, tablets, and smartphones so no matter where your customer comes from, they will enjoy an equally engaging shopping experience that includes dynamic filtering options, variation choices with imagery, and more.

This theme also includes a blog design structure that allows you the chance to communicate more and deepens your relationship with your customers. Bring them news and fashion advice. Engage them in conversation. Make friends and let those new friendships start ringing up sales.

The version of this theme is current on Theme Forest and future updates will follow as WordPress and WooCommerce continue to grow and evolve. It does support all of the latest browsers (excluding IE10 & IE11). Both direct support and support through the Theme Forest forum are included.

A single site license will cost you $59 and that includes your first 6 months of service. You can extend that to 12 months for $17.63 more.

Check out their Live Preview and see if this fits your style.


2. Ubit – Fashion Store WooCommerce Theme

2. Ubit - Fashion Store WooCommerce Theme

5-Star – 314 Sales – 87 Comments

The first thing most folks notice when they look at the WordPress Theme for Fashion is the use of bold color splashes that help sections, products, and features stand out. Your eye is drawn to exactly where it needs to be to stir interest and trigger healthy emotions.

This is another multi-purpose theme but it very definitely leans toward fashion and for that reason, it makes it onto our list. It also means you can grow with this theme into a wide range of product categories so if you start with fashion, and for example, decide to expand into home decor, this one theme will grow with you.

Under the covers, this theme is designed to be lightweight on resources, optimized for search, fully responsive, and built on the industry-standard WooCommerce so it’s exceptionally functional.

The theme includes Elementor, an industry-leading page builder, so customizing designs, and adjusting features is reasonably quick and simple. It’s also cross-browser capable, including IE11, and it works well with WPML so you can run in multiple languages. It also includes Variation Swatches for WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, Instagram Feed, Orbit Fox, Yoast for SEO, and Buddy Press so you can easily add a customer support forum.

The last version loaded on Theme Forest is from September of 2020 but it has had updates since then that have kept it up to date with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce.

A single site license for this theme costs $39 and that comes with 6 months of support. Extend that to 12 months for an extra $10.13.

For a live preview click here.


1. Alice’s | Lingerie Store and Fashion Boutique WordPress Theme

1. Alice's | Lingerie Store and Fashion Boutique WordPress Theme

4.5-Star – 396 Sales – 58 Comments

This WordPress Theme for Fashion has been built specifically to support boutique shops, with design samples that are focused on Lingerie but this theme does a great job highlighting and type of boutique fashion or accessory collection. The key is in the collection.

The shop support comes from WooCommerce and building custom designs is accomplished with WP Bakery. They’ve used these to develop a range of predesigned pages that you can start from so add your products, include your art, present your content, and in no time at all, your shop can be up and running.

This theme has been fully optimized so it isn’t just responsive. It is lightweight and includes all of the swipe and scroll capabilities any mobile page is expected to support. The theme also includes mobile-friendly sliders so you can still make the most of this presentation style no matter what device is being used.

The theme is SEO optimized and offers one-click sample site installations so in all of about 5 minutes you can have the theme fully installed and you can be working on your customizations that will make the site uniquely your.

The license for this theme is priced at $59. That includes 6 months of direct support. Extend that at the time of purchase to 12 months for an additional $17.63.

Dig into the Live Preview and see how this theme may work for your boutique online store.



I am often building a wide range of sites so I rarely look for purposeful Fashion focused WordPress Themes or any other specific category. I will more commonly lean toward a multi-purpose theme to meet my needs. But if I were this focused I would probably lean toward the design approach of Ubit and the functionality of Molly.

The bottom line though is that every one of these WordPress Themes should result in your fashion site that is responsive, fast, and that look great so there really are no bad choices on this list.


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