Looking at wordpress theme options to build your wellness center and spa website? Here we have curated 12 Popular Wellness Center and Spa WordPress Themes that you can install and take your business to new heights, post-pandemic.

Beauty spas, massage salons, and wellness centers are beginning to reopen. Despite the pandemic, people are looking to pamper themselves for self-care. Clients continue to book treatments in their local spas despite safety precautions of temperature-checking and mask-wearing. Clearly, it’s high time to bring your wellness center and spa business online. A great way to kickstart that? Create a website with any of these affordable and easy-to-use popular WordPress Themes.

Whether you plan to do it yourself or hire a professional, there is a sea of options for your  beauty and wellness business. Start with this collection of WordPress Themes—whether for your beauty spa, massage salon, wellness center, or yoga and fitness studio. 

These themes can deliver basic website functions to more advanced e-commerce features depending on your needs. They also come in a wide range of designs that go from clean and minimal to fun and feminine to elegant and sophisticated. Helpful and friendly customer support is included, too, to help you with quick installation or troubleshooting. From providing online visibility for your business to turning your website into a one-stop wellness shop, these WordPress themes can do the hard work for you.

12 Popular Wellness Center and Spa WordPress Themes

1. Spa

1. Spa Wellness Center WordPress Theme

Price: $39

Rating: 5 stars

Sales: 158

The Spa theme can provide all the website needs of a beauty & wellness center with its Page Builder. If you are a WordPress newbie, the Page Builder is a plug-in that allows you to easily create and design pages similar to Elementor’s Page Builder. Meanwhile, a plug-in is a tool that adds new functionality or extends the existing functions of your website. Simply put, plug-ins can make your website do more work for you.

Other main features of the Spa theme also include a booking form to allow clients to book their appointments online and ahead of time; a ‘Special Offers’ tab to entice new or regular customers; and an easy-to-use admin panel that allows business owners to manage their site with a breeze.

Design-wise, Spa gives off a modern yet professional vibe that is favored by most beauty and wellness hubs nowadays. It comes in light and dark versions, with five different color schemes to choose from. It is also 100% responsive, which means it can be viewed seamlessly on various devices. That said, you can easily customize this popular theme and turn it into a website that embodies your business.


2. BeautySpot

2. BeautySpot Wellness Center WordPress Theme

Price: $44

Rating: 5 stars

Sales: 1.7k

BeautySpot is a go-to for beauty salon websites. But with its versatility, you can turn its fun and feminine design into a website for your spa business.

BeautySpot’s homepage features an online appointment scheduling system. This provides a simple yet straightforward solution to managing client bookings. There’s a blog section, too, which allows you to share useful tips and information with customers about your brand. There is also a gallery section that lets you showcase photos of your services, amenities, or your team at work. A testimonial section can be utilized as well to show the trust and support of your regular clients. These sections, presented in modular-type posts, add to the overall clean and organized layout. If you do need a newsletter integration, you can always consider Mailchimp plugins later on.

To boot, this WordPress theme is retina-ready and has a mobile-friendly design, so you can rest assured that it performs seamlessly across major devices. Its version has also been updated just March of this year so you can expect it to work up-to-date and up-to-speed.


3. Wellness Center

3. Wellness WordPress Theme

Price: $49

Rating: 4.5 star

Sales: 2.1k

If the words clean, modern, and bold resonate with you, then the Wellness Center WordPress theme is worth checking out.

The Wellness Center theme comes with an appointment scheduling system. This makes it easy for clients to book their sessions ahead of time. It also has a contact form builder so you can keep track of regular clients as well as new ones. More importantly, it is WooCommerce integrated. This means you have the option to turn your website into an online store in case your spa business has a line of products to offer. As a bonus, you can start a newsletter for your brand because this theme comes MailChimp-ready.

Wellness Center’s toolkit works well for professionals and beginners alike. It has a full drag-and-drop option for creating a single page or multiple pages, depending on your needs. You can modify its header and footer, or build customized content for your menu with its Mega Menu Builder. Moreover, it’s compatible with different web browsers and is fully responsive on various devices.

Design-wise, this WordPress theme works well, too. It is bold yet clean, providing the perfect backdrop for its movement-filled visuals. Its parallax effect also gives its images depth and movement. Its multifunctional gallery can display videos—not just photos—so scrolling through the website never gets boring. And, with its unlimited color scheme, Google font combinations, and retina-ready images that catch the eye, it is quite impressive.


4. Somnus

4. Somnus Wellness Center WordPress Theme

Price: $49

Rating: 5 stars

Sales: 892

Somnus’ stark minimalist aesthetic of mostly neutral tones stands out in this curated collection of WordPress themes. It is purpose-built for yoga, Pilates, and similar fitness studio businesses. However, because it conveys balance and refinement with its natural palette and spacious typography, it is welcoming even for your massage salon, beauty spa, or wellness center.

In terms of capabilities, this theme is not one to compromise. Its intuitive features allow you to easily build a website with a simple drag-and-drop option. It can go beyond the usual customization, too, as you can edit even its headers, footers, and sidebars. It is MailChimp integrated, so you can start a newsletter subscription to share information with your clients or to build a community centered around your brand. Its website performance is fast and responsive, and can transition well to almost any other digital device. It is also translation-ready, so you can tweak it to become available in other languages in your area.

As a bonus, this WordPress theme comes with a high-quality copy, so instead of the standard “Lorem ipsum” placeholder, you can jumpstart your brand’s website with ease. 

If your personal care brand identifies with the holistic beauty & well-being movement, then the Somnus WordPress theme deserves your attention.


5. Luxury Spa

5. Luxury Spa Wellness Center WordPress Theme

Price: $49

Rating: 4 stars

Sales: 652

If your spa and wellness center exudes elegance and sophistication, then the Luxury Spa WordPress theme is a good match for you.

Luxury Spa offers different templates for brands such as massage salons, wellness centers, beauty resorts, and similar hubs. These templates can be tweaked to your liking, with a drag-and-drop content composer that allows you to build a single-page or multi-page website. It also has content templates that you can save and use anywhere on your website; section options that let you group similar sections or content; and custom page options that let you manage the appearance of individual pages. Finally, its Mega Menu Builder has flexible options that let you organize all this content into one stunning website.

Visually-speaking, Luxury Spa’s default design gives off an elegant yet contemporary vibe. But you can alter this sophisticated black and white palette to fit the feel of your brand. Custom color schemes, Google font customization, and animations are just some of the features that you can modify to make your website tailored and more interactive.  

As a bonus, this WordPress theme comes built-in with SEO features. Hence, you can expect your spa and wellness business’ online exposure to increase.


6. Lemon 

6. Lemon WordPress Theme

Price: $59

Rating: 4.5 stars

Sales: 771

If there’s one thing to be said about Lemon, it’s this: it’s all about options. Its professional yet welcoming design is versatile enough for a beauty spa, massage salon, yoga or fitness studio, wellness center, and more.

With this comes flexible customization options, too. Lemon is stunning yet light enough to allow for seamless website performance, interactive visuals, cross-browser compatibility, and a fully responsive design that allows site access to virtually any browser and device. For its clientele, Lemon is WooCommerce-integrated with its own online booking and reservation system.

Lemon has custom colors, too, along with numerous icons and widgets to choose from so you can fully personalize your website according to your style. It is also built-in with SEO features to help increase your brand exposure. If versatility in design and function is what you’re after then you might want to consider this WordPress theme.


7. Spa Lab

7. Spa Lab WordPress Theme

Price: $59

Rating: 5 stars

Sales: 4.8k

With a traditional and friendly design, Spa Lab is easily a go-to theme for websites in the beauty & well-being industry. Built for massage parlors, beauty spas, and other wellness hubs, this WordPress theme relies on classic fonts and colors for its appeal. 

Spa Lab offers plenty of attractive layouts to choose from, with numerous color schemes and fully customizable pages. Its drag-and-drop builder can modify even icons, buttons, and widgets to help tailor your website better. To help manage your clientele, Spa Lab has an online reservation and appointment scheduling system; a catalog page listing your services, an optional shop page powered by WooCommerce; and SEO to help increase your brand reach.


8. Spa Treats

8. Spa Treats WordPress Theme

Price: $59

Rating: 4.5 stars

Sales: 2k

Spa Treats is a simple yet functional WordPress theme for your spa and massage services website. 

This theme is available in two variations. The default comes in a green-and-brown color, but depending on your needs, you can easily switch between these two. Both variations feature responsive sliders that allow you to create lively 2D or 3D slides that could showcase your content and list of services. Its easy-to-build menu includes a gallery or portfolio page and a catalog page for displaying the treatments and amenities of your spa business. Similarly, its template pages and custom widgets make for easy posting, and its contact form can help you build and maintain your client database. 

Spa Treats is also MailChimp integrated, allowing for the possibility of creating a newsletter for your brand. That said, a WordPress theme as basic as Spa Treats can still be worth a try.


9. Aqua

9. Aqua WordPress Theme

Price: $59

Rating: 4.5 stars

Sales: 1.5k

Young, fresh, and vibrant—if these words define your spa and wellness business, then Aqua is the perfect theme for you.

Aqua has a great selection of pre-built homepage layouts and templates. These templates are ideal for different types of websites—from health spas and massage salons to wellness centers and even yoga and Pilates studios. This gives you plenty of flexibility when it comes to building your website. Its ready-made templates and layouts can work for a single page or a multi-page website. If you opt for the latter, Aqua has templates for individual pages and custom post layouts, too. Its booking and management system also makes it a powerful theme, along with its WooCommerce integration with PayPal as its payment processor. 

Lastly, this WordPress theme is mobile-friendly and works seamlessly in popular browsers and most devices. And, with its SEO features, you can rest assured that your business will get maximum exposure.


10. Skin Beauty

10. Skin Beauty WordPress Theme

Price: $59

Rating: 4.5 stars

Sales: 1k

Skin Beauty’s feminine and contemporary vibe is what makes it stand out in this collection of curated WordPress themes. Pre-built for beauty & spa centers, massage salons, or yoga and fitness studios, it is highly customizable to suit your brand.

Skin Beauty offers great flexibility to both WordPress beginners and experts because of its modifiable features. Its themes, homepage, landing page (you can remove the header and the footer or both, or keep them) can all be tweaked. There is also an array of blog and portfolio styles that can display the services and amenities of your spa business. And, with its built-in Mega Menu, you don’t need to purchase plug-ins anymore.

This theme is fully responsive and works flawlessly across major phones and tablets. It is also retina-ready. As a bonus, it has SEO features and is powered by WooCommerce.


11. Aviana

11. Aviana WordPress Theme

Price: $69

Rating: 4.5 stars

Sales: 1.6k

Aviana is an impressive website for your beauty spa, wellness center, or massage salon. Not only does it use gorgeous elements and crisp, retina-ready images—it also performs well as an e-commerce website.

With highly customizable menus and pages that require no coding, anyone can turn Aviana’s pre-designed templates into standout personalized websites. Its features include modifiable layouts for your website’s portfolio, blog, posts, product info, and similar components. It uses animations and video backgrounds to make the website more appealing while still maintaining smooth page transitions. You can choose from a wide variety of homepage layouts and numerous Google Fonts to further tailor fit it.

To top it all off, this theme comes with a contact form and is WooCommerce compatible. If stylish and elegant sounds like your style, then Aviana is the WordPress theme for your beauty & wellness brand.


12. Jacqueline

12. Jacqueline WordPress Theme

Price: $75

Rating: 5 stars

Sales: 3.5k

Jacqueline’s light and soft feminine aesthetics make for a really breathtaking WordPress theme. And its features are equally impressive, too.

If you need a WordPress theme for your spa business—one that has advanced functionality and responsive design—Jacqueline is the right solution. It has the tools to take care of your business: a booking and appointment management system, a pre-designed pricing table template, and a ready-made blog and newsletter. And, with its WooCommerce compatibility, you can turn your website into an e-commerce platform with just a few clicks.

Customizing the appearance of this WordPress theme is easy-peasy, too. Just be sure to use its pre-built pages that offer several unique layouts and custom posts. You can also try different header styles, animate images using parallax effects, and change the color scheme and fonts. Of course, an advanced website is never without cross-browser compatibility and full responsiveness to all major devices, so you can expect those from the Jacqueline theme, too.


In Conclusion

Can’t pick the right one for your beauty spa? Having trouble deciding for your massage salon? Unsure of what is best for your health and wellness center? Here’s a quick take:

If you are on a tight budget, go for the Spa WordPress theme. It looks professional enough and it has the basic functionalities of a business website. For $39, it is a steal. 

If you want something visually impressive without breaking the bank, the Wellness Center theme is your best bet. Its clean and bold aesthetic together with its smart use of animation will never leave clients bored as they scroll through your website. Its functionalities are a step-up compared to themes with the same price: it is WooCommerce compatible and MailChimp integrated.

If there are no restrictions, budget-wise, then you should give the Aqua theme a try. It is one of the most versatile in this collection of beauty & spa business themes. It also has all the bells and whistles of an advanced website: not only stunning but can also easily transform into an e-commerce website.

These affordable and popular WordPress themes are just the tip of the iceberg. Overall, any of these can work well for your spa and beauty business. It’s all just a matter of finding the one that best suits your brand. Should you like to look through more wellness spa wordpress themes, you can hop over to colorlib, nexusthemes and rarathemes.

If you find analyzing so many wordpress themes just to make a purchase to be too time consuming, you might be better off checking out envato’s unlimited wordpress themes, plugins, logos etc downloads starting from $16.50/month for your website. You can stop your subscription anytime and honestly its many times cheaper than getting a standalone wordpress theme or plugin.


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